tagLoving WivesMarried Couples Play a Teen Kissing

Married Couples Play a Teen Kissing


The majority of this story is true. Some or part of the conversations has been added to compensate for the lack of recollection. This story is centered on the old teenage party game called Post Office. They may still play this game for all I know. It starts off with a male and female going to a private area, to neck. They get a few minutes of undisturbed necking. Just for the sake of explanation I'll call the first players Jane, Bill and Bob. Once Jane and Bill stop smooching. Jane sends Bill out to contact Bob. Bob comes in to spend a few minutes necking with Jane and then Bob sends Jane out for the female of his choice. This boy girl chain goes on until everyone grows tired of the game.

The action described here is all about married couples playing this adolescent game. This all happened in the late 1990's. For a few years my Wife and I were involved with a group of other married couples. We got together on weekends for parties at one of the couples homes. It might be a Super Bowl watch party, some special occasion or just a weekend get together. Any given weekend eight to twelve couples would attend. The Summer Saturday night here was a keg party in one couples back yard.

At some point someone said, "Why don't we play a game." Lots of suggestion was then voiced. None seemed to raise any interest.

Then one of the females said, "Post Office." This was followed by lots of laughs and giggles. For the next 20 to 30 minutes this is the subject of many jokes.

As the keg continued being drained one lady said. What would we use for the kissing spot? No one is taking my husband into that bedroom.

There was a sliding glass door right off the patio that leads to a spare bedroom.

Debra the host spoke up with a bit of slur. That's not really a bedroom. That's my office /sewing room and the room has a couch. This put a serious note to the situation.

Debra then took the hand of another husband named Todd. Come on Todd, let's get this party started. They then entered the room through the sliding glass doors.

While the rest of the party continued working on the Keg. Debra and Todd remained in the necking room for a short time.

Debra emerged a short time later announcing. Todd would like to see Karen.

Todd was one of the youngest spouses and very good looking. That may be the reason Karen didn't seem to hesitate in the least.

At this point my wife became very uneasy and intimidated. I wasn't sure what was happening. She is not a prude. Normally she is a good sport for teasing, flirting and dancing with other guys.

Here I should describe my wife, Kay. It's not the usual lit erotica description. In those the wife is always a knockout. Kay has a lovely face, but she is a size twelve. She is not obese and has no disgusting bulges or cellulite. She is just a bit larger version of sexy female. After all Marilyn Monroe was a size twelve. She has a beautiful pair of real "DD" breasts. Her boobs I'm sure are the envy of many babes with implants. Her skin is perfect. I'm talking about all over. Not a single blemish and it's very soft. She is really quite sexy nude or in panties and bra. Even though as I stated, she looks great and I tell her regularly. She is very self-conscious about her weight. She is always calling herself fat.

I asked her if she wanted to leave, only to find out that she was torn. She was worried that the others would think her a prude, if we left. While she was going to be embarrassed. If none of the Guys called her into the kissing room. I tried hiding my amusement at her feelings. I saw an opportunity. If a few of the guys called her name it might boost her self-admiration. Also it was a turn-on thinking of other guys holding and kissing her.

I walked over to the keg to get a refill. I spotted Dennis headed for the keg as well. Dennis was a member of our group who had always shown an eye for Kay. He loved to flirt with her and anytime there was dancing he never failed to get in one or two with my wife. Thinking of what I could say to him to get him to call on Kay. He beat me to the punch.

Dennis was thrilled over the activity. He said. This is fantastic; I haven't played Post Office in years. You won't be upset if I call on Kay?

No, not at all, in fact I hope you do. I then filled him in on her feelings. His eyes were starting light up.

He then asked. What if I get fresh and feel her up a bit?

I don't care man have fun. Kay she might tell you to behave yourself. It would be out of character for her to get irate and slap you. After all you have danced with her dozens of times.

Didn't have long to wait until one of the ladies called Dennis into the kissing room. Sure enough when she came out she walked directly over to tap Kay.

Kay looked at me with this face that said. What do I do now look?

I said. You had to expect this; Dennis is always flirting with you. Don't forget you were concerned about the others thinking of you as a prude. I think she wanted me to put up a stop sign and be the bad guy.

She said you are going to get upset.

No I am not. I quickly answered. If you don't want to go there you will have to be the one to say no. She then looked a bit shocked, so I added. We are all friend and why is this any different than kissing the bride at a wedding. Once she realized I wouldn't save her. She slowly headed for the sliding glass door.

I didn't time how long they were in there, but they had time to do a lot of necking. It was at the very least 10 minutes. When Dennis emerged he walked directly to his friend Jeff. He and Jeff were golf buddies. They spoke for much longer than it would take for him to only say, Kay wants to see you. I was already curious, but this chat between Dennis and Jeff caused my curiosity to intensify. I knew his next stop would be the keg. With a fresh cup in hand I saved him the trip. He saw me coming with a worried look until I handed him the beer.

I said. Stop looking so worried. I wanted you to boost her self-esteem. He began to relax. So I asked him to tell me what happened. He seemed to hesitate not wanting to kiss and tell, I guess. Then I said, tell me as much as you told Jeff at the least. He laughed and opened up then.

This is what he told me. She walked into the room and said. You wanted to see me.

I said I want to do much more than just see you baby. We just put our lips together slightly parted. It was just a friendly little kiss. I was moving my hand up and down her spine. Everything got heated up after about 20 or 30 seconds. She melted into me and I pushed my tongue into her mouth.

As He told the story He kept check my expression. I had to keep reassuring him that it was fine.

He went on. I was running my hand up and down her back. I kept going lower and lower to see if she would stop me. The kiss got more and more intense. I'm holding her really tight with my left arm and before I know my right hand is on her ass. When she didn't resist I move both hands down to enjoy that great ass. He then stopped and studied my face.

I said. It's ok man stop with the worry.

He went on with his account. Now I'm getting a massive erection and I'm pulling her right into it as I massage her ass. Now she blows my mind when she is hugging me really tight and feels my hard on. She starts rubbing her cunt against my hard cock. Well I knew this wasn't going to last long and I didn't want to miss my chance to checkout those tits. I take my right hand off her ass and move up and put it right on her left boob. She didn't say a word. Man her boobs are fantastic! I'm going out of my mind. One hand on her ass the other on her boob. She's rubbing her clit on my hard cock. I'm about to cum in my pants and she was really pushing vigorously. We both then decide we better break it off and get out of there. Out of fear that you and my wife are going to notice how long we have been in here.

I then asked what he told Jeff. I knew he couldn't have told Jeff the whole story.

I just told Jeff that she was a great kisser and if he went slowly she might let him feel her up, but not to get too fresh with her.

Dennis was afraid Jeff would get too fresh and turn her against the game. I asked, so you are hoping for more?

Well yes, I am and I hope you aren't going to get mad.

I told him I wasn't going to get mad at him and to have fun. I just asked that he tell me everything. By this time Kay was coming out of the room after her meeting with Jeff. I grabbed a fresh cup of beer for her and walked over to meet her. She was looking very guilty.

I asked. What's wrong sweetie? She moved right into me for me to hold her. Handing her the cup of beer she took a big gulp. Trying not to pressure her to talk I just kept my arm around her waist and pretended to be oblivious. She apparently felt the need to confess, but wanted me to ask.

She asked. Aren't you going to ask what happened?

No but you can tell me if you want sweetie. She was holding me tight and pushing her body into my side. I knew she was aroused. So I asked, Were you a bad girl?

Yes, she answered. I got all turned on and I let both those guy feel me in places that I shouldn't have. Are you mad at me?

No sweetheart, why would I be mad at you. I'm glad those Guys wanted to touch you. You need to realize that you are very desirable. Maybe now you will believe me when I tell you you're sexy. Wanting to see if I could get anything out of her plus put her at ease. I said. We both know Dennis has always been hot for you. What did he do to you?

She said. He had his hands all over me and you know what. He had an erection. He rubbed it up against it me. He must have a huge cock. It felt like a big piece of sausage.

She was getting turned on and so was I. As she pushed herself up against my side, it suddenly occurred to me. She was wearing this short, full sun dress. The length was 3 or 4 inches above the knee. While her and Dennis were doing their dry hump. He had to be getting close to her panties.

Then I wanted to know about Jeff. So I asked. Was Jeff as zealous as Dennis?

He gave me a butt massage and he is a good kisser, but I didn't feel his cock. She asked if I wanted to leave.

We can go home if you want sweetie but I'm fine.

Dennis told me the next chance; he will call me back there again. You are going to be mad.

No I am not going to get mad sweetheart. I will not mind if you go back in there. He rubs that big thing on you. Gets you all turned on. Then I take you home to enjoy the results.

One of the other guys came up at some point to let me know that Debra the host was requesting me. Well I was delighted to finally join the fun. Debra was a great kisser. We had a few moments of hot necking. Once we stopped, I requested Betty, thinking she would be fun. What a mistake. She came in gave me a little peck and bitched.

She said. Married couples should not be playing this adolescent game.

I was only too happy to head out of the room asking if she wanted me to send anyone.

She said. Yeah, just send anybody I don't care. I just want to get this over and done.

Well I thought I may as well give Dennis another shot. I saw him as soon as I walked out. I said.

Dennis, Betty is in there and does not care who I send in, so go for it man.

Oh really He asked?

Yes, I said, but you're going to be disappointed. She doesn't think married people should be playing this game.

Dennis said, Well I hope you will not be disappointed in who I call.

I'm thinking. What do I have to say to this guy to get him to relax? I said. Dennis I could have grabbed any of these guys. Of course I know who you are going to call. Go for it, have fun and you better get in there before Betty changes her mind and leaves.

He went in and it only took a minute. Betty came out to tap Kay. They again were in the room for a good while. Just as before Dennis came out to tap Jeff. They had a short chat and a laugh before Jeff headed in for his session with Kay. I was not going to press Dennis for information, decided to wait for him to come to me. After a few minute I realized he was avoiding me. Now I was annoyed. I cornered him. Look Dennis I said. I set you up so that you could call her in there. You and Jeff are having a private party with my wife. I told you to have fun I only asked that you tell me what was happening.

He replied. I'm sorry man I just feel uneasy about playing around with a lady and then talking about it with her husband.

Well if you and Jeff can laugh about what's happening. I don't see why you can't share it with me. After all I have done plenty to help you.

Then Dennis made me stop and think when he asked. You keep telling me to have fun with her. What is the limit on having fun? How much fun is too much fun? This caused me to have to stop and think.

Dennis saw that I was soul searching and decided to pile on more information. Jeff got into her panties you know.

That statement got my attention in several ways. I asked. What do you mean in her panties?

He said. Jeff put his hand in her panties. The first time I came out the room. I told him what happened to me and that she was all fired up. Jeff said that he was going under her dress or get slapped. That is why I told him not to get her turned off to the game. Well he didn't get slapped. He went in got your wife in a lip lock and reach under her dress put his hand in her panties and started squeezing her ass.

I said cool to try and put him at ease. She told me he massaged her ass, but never said it was bare skin. We both chuckled a little at that. I then said. Ok look, as long as it stays between us and I'm counting on you to get Jeff onboard. We let her set the limit, in other words you don't force her into anytime. If she says stop the party is over. Dennis still wasn't convinced,

He asked. You are going to be ok if she never say stop.

I was getting frustrated. What do I have to say to put his mind at ease? So I said, Look Dennis if you can get her to give you a blow job in that room, I'll be happy for you. Happy for you because she is the best cocksucker ever. You have not had a BJ until you have had one from Kay. In my own mind I never for a second expected that to happen. His eyes light up and he gasps. I'm thinking I finally got through to him.

He says. Man I wish had known that a few minutes ago.

I said, what do you mean?

He said. You know my wife will not even touch my dick and no way will she put it in her mouth.

I said, Well you can't have mine. My offer is only good for tonight. What about a few minutes ago?

He replied. The last time when I sent sour puss Betty out for Kay. As soon as she walked in I grabbed her and put my tongue in her mouth. Then I went to follow in Jeff's footsteps. I reached under her dress and put my right hand inside her panties. I'm running my hand around in there checking things out and she pulls her mouth away from mine. Right away I think, oh shit I fucked up now, but no. She says two can play that game and she reaches into my shorts takes hold of my cock. I pushed my short down to my knees out of her way. Then I go under the dress with both hands and push her pants out of my way. We are each trying to get the other off by hand. If I had known what you just told me I would have tried to get her to blow me.

By this time she is coming out of the room. Jeff has had plenty of time to do whatever to her. I head over to the keg to get her a fresh cup of beer and meet up with her as she tells a lady that Jeff wants to see her.

Kay puts her arms around me and we embrace. She holds on and asks are you upset with me?

No baby why do you keep saying that.

She said. For spending so much time with those guys. They had their hands all over me and I didn't try to stop them.

I told you before sweetie. I'm very glad that you are seeing that other guys desire you. You are a very sexy lady. Answer this question for me. Were you afraid to stop them or were you enjoying them touching you? That put her on the spot. She just stood there like a bashful child. I had to answer for her.

I said. You enjoyed their hands on you.

She just gave me this guilty smile and asked. Do you want to go home?

I said. Whenever you are ready we'll leave. If you want to stay a bit longer that's ok too. We decided to stay, went back to mingling and I lost track of her for a short time.

Dennis brought Jeff over to talk to me. Jeff wanted to hear the ground rules from me. I repeated the same thing I had told Dennis. Jeff was really delighted. He was making me a bit uncomfortable. It was as if I was giving Kay to him for a weekend to do as he pleased.

I had to ask, Jeff, tell me how far you have gone with her up to now.

With a huge arrogant smile he said. I have had my hands all in her panties and her bra. I think I got her off at least once; man she has very sensitive clit.

That statement confirmed that he was telling the truth. She has an extremely sensitive clitoris. It's very easy to give her an orgasm. That's what it was all about earlier when she was rubbing Dennis' erection.

I added once more. Just remember our agreement. This all stays with us. I told them. You don't go bragging about this to anyone else. They both agreed.

The party was slowing down and a few people left. Others were getting drunk. I stopped drinking because I had to drive home. Jeff's wife had passed out on one of the chase lounges, leaving him to do as he pleased. Ron another one of our friends came up to me after a short time.

He said. Hey man you might want to take your wife home. I think she's getting a little tipsy.

I asked. Why Ron what's up?

He said. I got called into the back room and I requested Kay. She came in, we were having a nice kiss and she reaches down to takes hold of my penis. He gave me a weird look when I laughed.

Ok Ron thanks for telling me, but one more thing. Who did she ask you to send in for her? When he told me Jeff. I was really surprised, because I expected him to say Dennis. So she prefers Jeff over Dennis. I kept seeing Jeff's arrogant smirk in my mind. I wanted to know what was going on in that room. Casually moving around the patio trying to see inside, but that was hopeless. There was traffic in and out of the house for the restrooms. So I walked inside and moved down the hall to the bedrooms. I knew which door had to be Debra's sewing room. Putting my ear up to the door I heard the unmistakable sound of my wife having sex. Now I know why Jeff was so delighted. He knew he was close to fucking her and I unknowingly gave him the go ahead. I opened the door slowly, trying to be quiet and moved inside. My ears had not deceived me they were laying on the couch. Jeff's bare ass was moving like crazy between my wife's legs. There really was no need to be quiet. They were so into what they were doing; they may not have heard or felt an earthquake. She kept saying yes yes yes between breaths and kept holding up her legs while pulling on Jeff's ass. It was as if she was trying to get him deeper. He was talking nasty and trying to set himself up for future sex.

You like my cock in you pussy don't you slut? I have wanted to fuck you for a long time. I knew you were a hot little whore that wanted some fresh dick. You're going to be getting plenty of my cock in the future. Right bitch? Not only in your pussy, in your ass and mouth. You want to suck on my cock don't you whore? She wasn't talk enough for him so he had to press her. Come on slut if you don't like my cock. I'll just pull it out of your whore pussy. I'm going to stop fucking you if you don't like my cock. That's all it took get her talking.

Yes I love your cock. Don't stop fucking me, fuck me harder.

Does my cock feel good in your slutty pussy?

Yes it feels so good, keep fucking me, don't stop.

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