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Married Life


Amber was standing in front of the bathroom mirror, brushing her hair. She was wearing a sleeveless nightgown Greg had given her for their one year anniversary. She was just about to go into the bedroom, when Greg came up behind her, still fully clothed. She smiled at him in the mirror as he put his left hand against her stomach and let his right hand drift down to her hip, then down to her thigh.

He kissed her neck gently and whispered, “Tired?”

Felling his warm breath on her neck, she trembled slightly. “I’m never too tired to make love to you,” she said softly. She reached her hand up to Greg’s cheek and the side of his neck, stroking him with feather light touches.

Greg allowed his left hand to come upwards, eventually cupping one of her breasts. “No bra tonight?” he asked when he felt the hard nipple beneath his hand.

She closed her eyes. “No, not with Amanda in bed early and you so...available.” She turned around to face him and pressed her body close to his. “Of course, you’ll be even more available when I get these clothes off you.” She immediately grabbed his belt buckled and began forcibly ripping it open.

“Mmm,” he moaned. “Feisty, are we?”

Amber answered him with a kiss, at first flicking her tongue over his lips only slightly, and then covering his mouth with hers, he tongue rubbing up against his. At the same time she expertly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and dropped them to his ankles. Greg broke away from her to bend over and remove his pants. He danced around the bathroom floor for a second, trying to get his jeans off, nearly falling over several times. Amber laughed at his clumsiness and then fell into his arms again when he was finally free of his pants. She pushed him into their bedroom, kissing him frantically. They stood next to their bed, their bodies wrapped around each other. Greg pulled up her nightgown slightly and was running his hands over her breasts, allowing his thumbs to linger over her nipples. Amber sighed in pleasure and put her hands underneath his t-shirt on his lower back. She felt his spine with her fingertips and traced it up to his shoulders. She loved the way his tight muscles melted beneath her hands. Then she pulled his shirt off over his head and, tossing it aside, placed her hands on his chest. Greg followed her lead and pulled off her nightgown as well.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he whispered. He ran his hands over the front of her lacy panties, and the reached behind her and grabbed her butt with both hands. Then, he slid off her underwear, and she kicked them off her feet.

Now she was reaching underneath his boxers and sliding them to the floor. He was incredibly hard. She grabbed his dick in her hand and liked how hot and throbbing it felt. Now completely naked, Greg lay back on their bed and gestured for her to come to him. She crawled on top of him, her breasts gently brushing against him. She kissed him again deeply, and then began kissing her way down his body. She lingered at the lowest part of his abdomen. Amber ran her tongue across his stomach in a line and then blew lightly on the wet spot, causing a moan to escape his lips.

“Oh please...please...” he said, putting his hand on the top of her head and guiding her down. She ran her lips along the sides of his dick first, and then took it in her mouth. Covering her teeth carefully with her lips, moved her mouth up and down the shaft, slowly at first and then a little faster. Greg’s hands were digging into the bedspread and he was moaning uncontrollably. Amber backed off and looked up at him.

“You like?” she asked.

“Very much. Please don’t stop,” he said.

She looked back down at his cock and noticed a little pre-come on the tip. She touched the tip of her tongue to it ever so slightly and then licked her lips. Greg nearly came just watching her do this. She handled his dick a little with her hands then, licking it occasionally.

He was very ready to be inside her. “Come here,” he said softly.

She eased up his body slowly and lowered her hips onto him, guiding his penetration with the slow careful manner she liked. Once insider her, he grabbed her hips and guided her movements, slow at first and then faster and more exaggerated.

“Oh baby, I can’t hold back any longer. I’m going to come,” he said, through clenched teeth.

Afterwards, she lay in his arms, feeling his body shaking with the force and intensity of his orgasm. He sighed and laid his head against her shoulder. “That was great, honey. But I’m afraid it didn’t do much for you.”

Amber smiled sweetly. “It’s ok. You can always make it up to me.”

Greg leaned up and kissed her. “I think I’ll start now.” He began by kissing her neck and worked his way down to the soft skin between her breasts. He moved his left hand up to her left breast and traced a line with his tongue to the nipple of her right breast. He circled her hard nipple with his tongue and then paused to watch her shivering with excitement. He then took her nipple into his mouth and sucked it gently, and then nibbled ever so softly. Now Amber was squirming under his touch, whimpering softly. Still licking and sucking her, he reached down with his free hand to stroke her enticing wet pussy. He parted it open gently with his fingers and then used his middle finger to stroke her clit.

It was like a small electric shock going up and down her entire body. The two sensations at once seemed to create ten times the effect. “Oh Greg,” she moaned. “I need you.”

Not wasting any time, Greg kissed a trail of wet kisses down her stomach, briefly putting his tongue in her belly button.

Amber shrieked. “That tickles!”

He laughed. “You know you like it.”

He proceeded to lick the entire length of her pussy, applying slight pressure with his tongue. Then, he spread her apart with his hands and found her clit with his tongue. She gasped and urged him to continue. He rubbed the sensitive bump with his tongue for a few moments and then sucked on it a little. Knowing what she liked best, he dropped his head a bit so he could stick his tongue inside her. Moving it in and out slowly, he then used the palm of his hand to rub the top half of her pussy in a circular motion. He continued like this for several minutes, watching for her signals. When she started moaning louder than ever and moving her hips in the same rhythm as his stimulation, he knew she was ready. Seconds later she came, her back arching away from the bed and her breathing coming in little gasps. Greg carefully licked up her juices with his tongue before it could run down to the bed. Seeing her in such ecstasy had made him hard again. Inching up, he kissed her face, drawing her shaking body into his arms.

Feeling his hard cock against her thigh, Amber giggled. “I see that somebody had risen to the occasion!”

Greg nodded. “I think Pete’s more than ready for round two. That is, if Charity’s ready?” he asked her.

She smiled at the inside joke. When they were younger that is what they had named their respective body parts. It was sort of a code. “She’s ready and willing. Do what you want with me.”

He sat back on the bed and turned her limp, relaxed form over onto her stomach. Getting to his feet, he then pulled her body to the edge of the bed so that her knees were touching the floor. Positioning himself behind her, Greg put his hands on her butt and spread her apart so he could enter her easily from behind. Enjoying the deeper penetration, Amber relaxed against him and allowed him to control the movement. He took his time, sliding slowly in and out of the warmth of her pussy. He put one hand forward to touch her hair and then her breasts. It took him considerably longer to come this time, but when he was finally spent, they crawled up onto their bed and snuggled under the covers together.

“I love you,” he murmured into her hair, stroking her arm.

“I love you,” she replied, smiling. “Do you think we made a baby this time?”

Greg laid his hand on Amber’s lower stomach. “I sure hope so, honey.”


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