tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMarried, Loving Stacy

Married, Loving Stacy

byblack saphire©

"Oh yes! That's it! Don't stop, Fuck me, fuck me. Cum hard in my pussy. Cum for me baby!" Tracy screamed out as she squeezed her pussy muscles and milked Bob. Her mouth was agape as she gasped with each thrust of her husbands cock. She thrust her hips upwards to meet each of his thrusts as her hand clenched his buttocks, urging more of him into her.

"Oaahhhh Baby, Cum with me. Shoot your cum inside me. I want to feel it flooding me. Oh cum, cum, cum! Just fuck me and cum!"

Bob grunted as he thrust deeply into Stacy's clenching pussy. He felt his balls swell and then his cock started to twitch and spasm as his cum boiled up and squirted deep into Stacy's pussy.

"Unnnh...Oh yes, I can feel you squirting in me, Awww, yesssss, sooo good. Oh baaaby!" Stacy moaned as a mini orgasm rippled through her. She had already cum twice while Bob was fucking her hard. She lightly scratched his back as he lay on top of her, his cock slowly shrinking inside her pussy.

"Baby, you were great!" Bob smiled at her. "But why did you have to go clenching your pussy on me? I could have fucked you longer"

"I wanted your cum in me lover. You know how much I love my pussy being filled with cum. And anyway, its getting late. I've got a big meeting tomorrow" Stacy replied.

"Maybe I'll fuck you again in the morning." Bob smiled down at her as his cock slipped out of her fuckhole and he rolled off her and on to his side.

Bob cuddled his wife and lightly stroked her brown hair. Stacy could feel the cum slowly dripping out of her and she loved how sexy it was. She knew that some women hated cum in them but she loved it. She loved swallowing cum and she loved cum in her pussy. The only thing she hated was when Bob tried to cum on her face – like in all those porno movies that they watched. She could never understand how women could let cum shoot all over their faces and hair.

Stacy cuddled closer to Bob as she thought of the conversation they had had a few months ago.

"You ever fantasise about someone else?" Bob asked gently.

"No! Of course not." Stacy replied, almost angrily. "Why? Do you?"

"Yeah, I guess most guys do. But mostly I fantasise about you and someone else."

"You're sick!" Stacy chided. "You can't love me very much if you want someone else to fuck me."

"On the contrary." Replied Bob. "Its because I love you so much that I want to see you completely satisfied."

"But I'm satisfied with you." Stacy retorted, coming closer to snuggle up to Bob.

"I know, but I keep thinking you could get much more. You just haven't tried it."

"Look, I've got no regrets staying a virgin till we got married. I mean, sex is supposed to be special, between husband and wife. And I'm happy with the sex we have, okay?"

"It doesn't have to be that way. Lots of people have extra partners." Bob countered. "I just think it'll be hot watching you get fucked and screaming your way to orgasm."

"You do that to me just fine!" Stacy said pouting although her mind started to wander at the possibilities.

Stacy had been thinking about Bob's fantasy very frequently since that conversation. More so after a hot night of sex. Tonight was no different.

Stacy closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. It was true that she was satisfied with Bob but deep in her inner self, she always wondered what other cocks were like. She sometimes regretted not fucking around in University where so many men were dying to poke her. She had held out until she married Bob. Looking back to 6 years ago, when they had first got married, the sex wasn't as great as it was now. It had improved year on year and now that she was hitting 32, she felt like she was in her sexual peak. She was thankful that Bob was a great fuck. Then again, she didn't know any better and Bob's 'fantasy' was making her wonder.

Bob was awake too. He had tried to convince Stacy about fucking someone else and he could see the more her brought it up, the more she seemed to get interested. But that was Stacy. She was averse to trying anything new and always held out, making all sorts of excuses. He had to be gentle, patient and persistent till she finally relented. The first year of marriage she wouldn't even swallow his cum. She didn't like it doggy style and only enjoyed it missionary. Now of course she swallowed, she took it doggy, she took it every which way – except anal – something he had tried hard to get her to do.

His cock stirred again at the thought of his wife getting fucked by someone else. He really wanted his wife to get fucked by someone else. He would like to be there to watch it and maybe take part too, but mostly he wanted her to know what different cocks were like. He wanted her to be so completely fucked out that she viewed sex differently.


Stacy woke as the early morning light shined through the window. She bolted upright and swore silently as she looked at the clock. She was supposed to wake up half an hour ago! She glanced over at the naked form of Bob sleeping peacefully.

"What happened to my morning fuck?" She said half aloud as she smiled to herself. She went to the bathroom and jumped into the shower. As she scrubbed herself, she noticed the dried cum on her pussy hairs and a tingle of lust went through her. She towelled herself dry and then slipped on a pair of black, lacy panties with a matching bra. The bra pushed up and held out her already firm 36C breasts. Stacy put on a dark brown camisole with a lacy border around the top that kind off framed her beautiful breasts. She then pulled on a short, flared white and black floral skirt and an off white jacket to complete the look. She brushed her wavy, shoulder length hair and then applied some lipstick and mascara. She stood back and admired herself in the mirror, admitting to herself that she looked quite good.

"Woo Hoo!" Bob whistled as he walked in to the bathroom, scratching his crotch. "If I didn't know you any better, I'd swear you were fucking around in your office!"

"You wish." Stacy purred as Bob circled his arms around her. "I've got a meeting today, with this guy who keeps talking to my tits."

"Well, with tits as nice as yours, its kinda hard not to look!" Bob said. "And anyway, what you wear doesn't discourage them either."

"You think I should change?" Stacy asked.

"No!" Ben replied. "Men are going to look anyway, and you've got nice jugs so they are bound to look, whatever you wear."

Stacy smiled as she pressed her ass back against Bob's semi-erect cock. "If you were working with me," she said, "I'd fuck you."

Bob pulled her harder against him. "I was serious about what I said last night. If there's someone you'd like to fuck, tell me. I'd much prefer you fucked him with me knowing than secretly"

"Yeah, but only if you can watch right?" Stacy replied, smiling.

"Preferably, but not necessarily" Bob replied. "Just as long as you told me all about it."

He lifted her skirt and looked at her panties underneath. "Damn, sexy panties as well!"

Stacy laughed and did a small curtsey. "I gotta go, but I'll see you later!"


The drive to the customer's office was fairly long and Stacy thought again about Bob's fantasy. She couldn't really understand why he would want her to fuck someone else but at the same time she realised that not many husbands would be this open with their. She wondered if perhaps he was unsatisfied with her and if he was using this as an excuse to let him fuck another woman. She dismissed that thought by figuring out that he could still fuck other women if her wanted to without letting her fuck other men.

Her wandering, lustful mind had caused the slit between her legs to get wet and she could smell herself in the air-conditioned enclosure of the car. The smell of her turned on pussy always produced the same result. She would get light headed and her nipples would harden and elongate. Then her pussy would secrete more juices. It was a vicious circle and the fact that she was in an enclosed car didn't help. Quickly dismissing all sexual thought from her mind, she opened the windows to air the car.

Not long after, she pulled into the customer's car park. Stacy, checked her makeup in the rear view mirror and then rolled the windows up. She could still smell her pussy juices and so she sprayed herself with some perfume she always kept handy in her purse. As she swung her legs out of the car, she realised how wet she really was as she could feel moisture on her thighs.

"Good grief! I hope no one else can smell me" She muttered to herself. She wasn't in the right frame of mind to carry on this meeting but she really didn't have a choice. She walked in to the main office and a short while later she was greeted by Mr Boob-Watcher himself, Jim Shelton.

"Stacy!" Said Jim as he shook her hand warmly but stared at her tits. "Always good to see you" "You mean see my tits!" Stacy wanted to reply but instead smiled and said "And you too Jim. Hope you are well." "Yes, yes. Come on in, we're waiting for you in Conference One."

Stacy walked into Conference Room One with Jim leading the way. There were 4 other men in the room and introductions were made all round. Stacy noticed them all glancing at her tits and then looking her up and down. She realised that this had probably been going on all along and she was just more tuned in to it now that Bob had told her that all men stare.

Stacy turned on her laptop and gave a presentation on her company's supply chain and her customers request for additional parts. She practically got through the presentation on remote control as in her mind she looked each guy over and mentally undressed them and imagined their different cocks. She had never, ever behaved this way again and realised it was all Bob's fault for planting the seed of desire in her. She finally finished the presentation and asked "Any questions?"

No one had any questions and they all thanked Stacy for her great presentation.

"Is something wrong Stacy?" David Jacobs asked. "You look kinda flushed" David was the Vice-President of the company. He was also tall, well built and very, very black! From a very young age, Stacy had had a fascination for black men. She loved how their skin seemed to glisten and their hair was always neatly cropped. She loved their muscular, toned bodies and she imagined they had steel tools in their pants. As a matter of fact, she had been ogling David as she gave her presentation and dreaming about the size of his black cock.

"N-No. I'm fine" Stacy mumbled. "Well, get her a glass of water will you Jim? And while your out, get maintenance to check on the air-conditioning. " David said. "There's a faint fishy smell in here" Stacy flushed and looked down at the floor as she saw David smile thinly at her as he said the words 'faint fishy smell'.

As soon as Jim left, David walked up to Stacy. David had known Stacy now for about two years and they were practically friends although they didn't socialise outside of office. "I don't usually do this, and I'm taking a big risk." He said. "But life is about taking risks, that's what made me VP of this place." He slid his hand quickly under her skirt to lightly brush her thighs and then up to cup the mound of her panties.

Stacy gasped and retreated slightly. "D-David! What are you....?" David interrupted. "Just as I thought. There's nothing wrong with the air-conditioning. It was you all along. I noticed you squirming up there during your presentation and when I got that smell, I watched your nips poking against your blouse!" He quickly removed his hand from under her skirt and sniffed at it. "Oh God!" Stacy exclaimed. "I-Im sorry David, this shouldn't be happening." Stacy smoothed down her skirt and grimaced as she realised the air was strong with the scent of her juices. "Care to tell me what's bothered you so much?" David asked gently as he placed a hand on her shoulder. "Umm...Maybe over lunch?" Stacy smiled weakly. "I"ll order in some sandwiches to my office." David said as he gently led Stacy out of the room and into his office.


Stacy spilled the beans over lunch with David. She told him about the conversations with Bob and how that had got her thinking. She told him everything, all except the part about lusting after Black Cock. She felt a sense of relief after talking about it. She had so wanted to discuss it with someone independent but she realised she didn't have that many close friends. Even the close friends she had, she didn't feel comfortable sharing her sexual secrets with. With David however, the fact that he had brazenly touched her soaking panties and had smelt her lusty scent, it had just seemed to bring them closer in that special moment.

"So the question is," David said. "What do you plan to do?" "There's nothing to do really is there?" Stacy replied, holding her face in her hands. "That's what I don't understand." David pursued. "The idea certainly turns you on - the whole conference room probably knows it! So why wont you act on it?" "I'm married! And I shouldn't be sleeping around!" Stacy rebutted. "Listen babe," David said as he placed a hand over Stacy's. "It's only sleeping around if your husband doesn't know about it. He's given you his blessings. It's clear he wants you to experience something different."

Stacy felt a tremor go through her at the touch of David's hand. "But its wrong. Hell, I feel guilty having these lusty thoughts about other men too. Its just wrong!" Stacy mumbled.

"You know David, no matter how much the idea turns me on, I can't understand why David would want me to sleep with someone else." She continued.

"I do." David said as he squeezed her hand lightly. "Some men get a thrill out of watching their wives being screwed by someone else. I know I would."

"B-but why? Whatever for?" Stacy asked, a little intrigued that David had a similar fantasy.

"Well, it's kinda like a porn movie in real life. You can't really see your cock ploughing in and out of the woman you are screwing. You can't focus on her and see the passion building and then exploding on her face. You can't watch her mouth scream out obscenities. These are all huge turn on's for a man and from what I gather, Bob is like me. He likes to get you off more than he gets off." David explained. His thick black cock was already stretching in his pants as he thought of sticking it into Stacy.

"I think I understand." Stacy said softly. "You've been a great help David. I don't know if I can go through with it, but as I said earlier, I've certainly been thinking about it a lot."

"You just need the right person. Someone you feel comfortable with." David said with a broad smile. "You know, someone like me"

"Think you can satisfy me?" Stacy said sultrily and then added light-heartedly, "Your such a tease." as she quickly avoided David's stare and looked down at her hands.

David laughed loudly. "You're the one telling me all these sexual fantasies and you call me a tease? Hell, maybe I should just lock the door and rape you right here in my office!"

Stacy blushed at David's words and gulped hard. Her pussy was still dripping its juices and David's confession that he had wanted to rape her got her stomach fluttering inside. David felt her hand stiffen under his and he didn't miss her quickening breath. She didn't even make an effort to move her hand.

"Look, maybe I should go" Stacy said weekly. It was more a question rather than a statement and David didn't miss that either. His Degree in Psychology was paying big dividends as he looked at her, sitting in front of him. Her breasts were heaving with her quick breaths.

David held her hand down hard on the table. "Maybe you should just sit down until I say you can go!" David said bluntly and a little viciously. He knew the signs of a turned on woman and Stacy was displaying all of them!

"I- I ..." Stacy stammered. "I'm not sure what you mean?"

"Maybe this will help you understand." David said as he pressed a button on his table. The transparent glass at the entrance to his office changed to opaque as his door locked. Stacy heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper being pulled down. A sound which seemed to fill the room. She looked up at him as he came around from behind his desk, his semi erect cock sticking out from his pants.

"N-No! David, No." Stacy protested, holding out her hands. "This is not what I want. Not like this. Please!"

"Oh I think you want it alright. You're so juiced up my office smells like a fish market."

"I'll scream! I'll scream rape!" Stacy said.

"Not when I taped everything" Sniggered David as he rewound the tape and pressed play. "Think you can satisfy me?" Stacy's voice asked from the tape recorder. She flinched as she realised how sexy she sounded and that no one would believe it was rape when she had practically invited him to fuck her with that comment.

Stacy groaned and sunk into the chair as David came round to her. "We both know you've been fantasising about this for a long time. Bob will be so happy when you tell him!" David said sarcastically. He slipped his hands under her jacket and gripped the thin straps of her camisole. He pulled on the straps, forcing Stacy to rise up to avoid her top being torn. David moved his hands and slipped the jacket off her. Stacy's ripe melons filled out her camisole. Her breasts were creamy and silky smooth with not a single blemish on them.

"Oh yeah! Look at those tits!" David said as he began to gently massage them. "David, Please! Don't do this. At least not here. Please!" Stacy begged. Her mind was in turmoil. Her wifely loyalties and common sense told her this was wrong and she had to object to it. Her pussy and breasts however were giving her mind other signals. That together with her age old fantasy for black cock made her protests sound half hearted and meaningless.

"We can do it somewhere else. Another time!" David said as his fingers moved under her bra and pinched her nipples. "For now, I'm going to fuck you here!"

"OohhAwww." Stacy hissed as her nipples were pinched, sending jolts to her pussy. "We're friends David. Don't do this. Don't ruin our friendship. You can't!" Stacy pleaded as her mouth gasped for air as David continued teasing her hard nipples.

"No reason why we can't still be friends," David insisted with a laugh.

He pulled her by her nipples to the table and pushed her gently so her upper body lay on the table top. With one had still tweaking her nipples, his other hand lifted her flared skirt over her hips and onto her back. He reached down to grab her panties and paused to finger the crotch area. It was saturated with her juices.

"Just wanted to make sure you're as turned on as I thought you were." David said as he eased the panties off her. He stood back to admire the sight of her laying on his table with her skirt lifted up, showing off her ample but taught butt. Her long legs cascaded down ending in high heels that gave her butt a nice lift. "I hope you enjoy this as much as I'm going too!" David said as he unbuckled his pants and stepped out of them. He had considered making Stacy suck his cock but he figured her pussy was hungrier. He prised her ass cheeks apart and then bent down and gave her pussy a long sweeping lick, tasting her citrus like juices.

"Ooohhhhh" Stacy moaned as her thighs quivered from the feeling of David's rough tongue. "Please David, please! Don't! Please!" She pleaded although her body was greatly defying her mind.

David ignored her pleading and placed the tip of his cock against her well greased slit. She felt the pressure at her opening and tensed herself, still trying to deny what her body was craving. She sobbed quietly as she realised she was going to be fucked. She sobbed with the realisation that her marital vows of being faithful were being snatched away from her. Deep inside her heart she felt a thrill knowing that she was going to get fucked by a black cock. She only wished she had been able to see it before getting penetrated.

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