tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMarried, Loving Stacy Ch. 02

Married, Loving Stacy Ch. 02

byblack saphire©

Stacy's heart was racing as she drove away from David's office. She couldn't believe she had just fucked him! She had been a caring and faithful wife all these years and now suddenly she was a whore. She grimaced as she thought about that word. Whore. She tried to rationalise that she hadn't been paid for anything. Hell, she had only done what Bob had wanted her to do all these months. It was all his fault for planting the seed of desire in her mind. It was all his fault!

Yet, she still felt guilty that she had acted so fast, so impulsively. She felt even more guilty that she had acted on her own, without Bob to watch her as he had wanted to. That was what made her feel like a whore. The wanton need to be fucked had totally consumed her and mad her into a brazen little hussy. Now as she drove home, she wondered to herself how she would tell Bob. Did she really have to tell him?

Stacy squeezed her thighs, unable to deny the aching buzz still emanating from her soaked pussy. Although she had stopped at the bathroom to wipe up most of David's cum, it still leaked out of her and soaked her panties. A tremor ran through her as she pictured David's thick black cock. She visualised herself, lying face down and gripping the edge of the table, getting herself fucked hard and fast by David.

She shook her head to clear her mind as she got of the expressway and nearly ran a traffic light. Not far to go now before she got home. She wondered if Bob would be home yet. Her heart thumped loudly as she passed the shopping mall, then took the two side streets that led to her very own street – Emerald Drive. She slowed her car as she silently counted down the houses. 21, 23, 25 until she reached 41. She spotted Bob's car in the driveway long before she finished counting to 41. Her heart lurched again in her chest.

Her mind was in turmoil, tossing up her options. She knew she needed to get fucked again. She had to tell him. She couldn't let him fuck her when she was still leaking with David's cum. He would know and then she would really be a whore. Maybe she could run upstairs and shower first? No! He would suspect something, he would know she was trying to hide something.

Oh! What was she feeling so worried about? She would just tell him and that would be that. He should be happy. He had no reason not to be. She had only acted on his wishes. She had ….

"Hi babe!" Bob's greeting brought her wandering mind back to reality.

"Bob!" Stacy answered back absent mindedly.

"Who'd you think?" Bob laughed. "Hoping it was someone else?" He pulled her to him and kissed her hard. "You look great honey."

Stacy kissed Bob back as she felt his hands grabbing her ass and pulling her toward him. His tongue snaked into hers and flicked against the upper palate in her mouth. She groaned into his mouth as he worked his magic, knowing just how to touch her and kiss her to turn her on.

Stacy pushed Bob away as his hands moved under her skirt and up her thighs.

"Bob! Wait!" Stacy almost shouted. "I need to tell you something!"

Bob looked at his wife with a sense of alarm. She looked worried. Almost like a guilty child. "What is it hon?" Bob asked, moving closer to her. He could almost make out a tear in her eye.

"I did it Bob" Stacy mumbled. "I finally did what you wanted."

"Did what baby?" Bob asked, a little confused. "What did you do?"

"I got fucked! By someone else!" Stacy cried out, her head hanging low. "I don't know what came over me but I did it!"

Bob felt like a knife had pierced his heart. This was an unexpected emotion. He hadn't thought that he would feel anger and a sense of betrayal. Yet at the same time, he felt his cock throb with lust at the thought of his wife moaning as someone elses cock plugged her hole.

He walked up to her and held her. "Don't cry baby." He comforted her. "Sit down and tell me all about it. There's nothing to cry about – unless you didn't enjoy it" Bob added, trying a feeble attempt at lightening the situation. "Who was it?"

"It was David." Stacy said.

"David?" Bob queried. "David from Iradion Tech? The big, black guy?" Bob's mouth was still open as he waited for Stacy to answer him.

"Y-yes" Stacy said. "That David. My presentation today was with Iradion."

Bob let out a soft hiss. He knew David casually from University and although they hadn't really kept in touch, Bob knew that David had made it big as Vice President of Iradion Tech. He had just never put two and two together whenever Stacy had mentioned Iradion. His cock lurched harder in his pants as he remembered David's reputation in University. His frat house used to call him 'Stallion' and that was apparently in relation to the size of his manhood. He imagined David's large, black cock splitting his wifes pussy and his whole body became inflamed with lust.

"Tell me all about it" Bob said as he pulled Stacy closer to him.

Stacy told Bob everything. How his suggestion of her fucking someone else had been playing in her mind the last few weeks. How her panties were so soaked when she got to Iradion. How she had made the presentation and she was so hot and filled with lust that the whole room could smell her. How David had taken her back to his office and then fucked her hard from behind. How she had cum so hard and how thick his cock had been in her.

Bob listened to everything, noticing how Stacy's nipples were erect and poking hard out of her blouse. As she finished her story, she looked hard at Bob and could see the lust in his eyes. She looked down at his pants and saw that it was tented up with a slight wet patch at the crotch. Bob spread her legs apart and reached for her panties. With one swipe he tore them off her, baring her pussy.

He could see how wet she was and he also noticed white globs of man cum still leaking out of her.

"His cum's still leaking out of you!" Bob cried out, surprising even himself that it turned him on more than anything. He pulled his cock out of his pants and roughly pulled Stacy toward him.

With one hard thrust he buried himself into her sloppy pussy, feeling the wetness caused both by her juices and the jism of another man.

"Unnnhhh!" Stacy cried out as his cock thrust into her. Bob started thrusting hard into her. His buttocks clenched as he hammered hard into her well lubed hole.

"Oh yess, yessss, yessssss. Give it to me. More. Oh Fuck me. Fuck me!" Stacy cried.

Her wanton cries spurred Bob on. He pulled her legs up and spread them wide. He thrust hard into her with wet slapping sounds. He felt her body tense and then her pussy started to spasm.

"God I'm cumming, OH yess, Oh fuck, fuck….fuck meeee!" Her body arched off the sofa and her head rolled from side to side. He felt her pussy clasping on his cock, milking it as he felt his balls swell and his hot spunk rush up his shaft.

"Take it!" Bob cried as he buried himself deep into her convulsing pussy. "Take my cum!"

His cock spurted deep inside her, flooding her womb with his seed. She moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck as her pussy continued to throb.

"Ohhhhh Bob…ohhhh." She moaned softly. "That was goood"

Bob withdrew his cock and watched as his semen oozed out of her. His deflated cock hung limply and he offered it to Stacy who licked it clean.

Bob smiled down at his wife. He playfully pinched her nipple as he said "Well, I think its time we invited David over for dinner!"

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