Married to My Son


That evening when everything finished, Ramesh showed me how tiresome a night can be with him in the bedroom. Ramesh fucked me four time before he found that my vagina and his dick were sore and red! We were exhausted by the time we slept.

As the tenth day rites were done, I stressed the I need to get back to my home. People wanted me to be with them a few more days as it was only two weeks since Rao died. But my worries are different and I need to leave that place before I get caught fucking with my son. Ramesh also supported my idea as it will give us more privacy. So finally after two days we managed to come back to our home in the city.

That night, I finally accepted Ramesh garland of flowers only to find them crumpled up and scattered all over our bed after our hot incestuous sex. I told Ramesh those scattered flowers resembled my present state of my life as my motherhood is being ravished by my dear own son.

But flower garlands never stopped coming, they never stopped Ramesh to adorn his widowed mother, and they never stopped them becoming a victim of Ramesh's incestuous escapades with his mother. They were always ravished along with me on our bed.

Another two weeks passed by while we performed monthly rite for my late husband as his son is treating me like his wife. It was not until then, Ramesh's and my relationship has grown to new hieghts than we imagined. For 23 years, I have been having no contraceptive sex and I realised Ramesh was not Venkat. When Venkat used to fuck me he used to wear a condom as we were only interested in sex. But Ramesh never bothered about it. All he wanted was to fuck his mother and he did it. And all my lustful unprotected sex wiped off my protection thoughts. Until Now!

But then it was too late! I was mensturating when Ramesh's dad died and his monthly service is 35 days after his death. So by then I was already a week late. The thought of me being that stupid sent my senses all over the place. So I had to turn to the only person I know! Ramesh! Ramesh calmed me down saying all the things I need to hear. But I sent him to get us a pregnancy test.

As he got it, I was in a hurry to test myself. The ten minutes we wited to check the test was like ten days to me. But as I checked, I was shivering and handed it over to Ramesh to do it for me. Ramesh saw the stick as I watched him glow of excitement but immediately changed his feelings. I knew the result but I asked him to be sure. He showed the stick with a clear blue line on it. I almost collapsed.

From then on until that evening Ramesh kept consoling me. It took me three hours to grasp the real truth: I am pregnant with my son's baby!

We cannot even go to our doctor! A widow who got pregnant within a month after her husband's death! Worst still the father is her own son! My whole life flashed before me! Everyone would know about this! They will start murmuring all kinds of things. They will say 'She was mourning in the morning but getting her cunt filled by her son in the evening!' or even 'As soon as her husband died, she got knockup buy her own son! Such a slut'

Then Ramesh suggested we should move elsewhere. He said he still got a month to go to go back to US and we should use that time to make arrangements to go with him. So we sold off the house and many unwanted belongings within a week and moved to Madras. Then one day Ramesh took me to restaurant and proposed to me. I was shocked and didnot accept it. We came home and talked. Ramesh said he loves me and he wants to be close to me. I told him, I will get old soon and he need a real young wife. He said I am carrying his child and she should be my wife. I said I might be carrying his child but I am still his mother! He said if he marries somebody and she doesn't like me, he will be doomed. I said even so he should marry someone. Then he said he cannot live with me and wants me all the time. No matter what he kept pressuring me. Finally I had to accept his proposal only on condition that he should marry me with some witnesses and get the marriage registered. I was sure that would not happen as they will find out I am his mother!

But then I was wrong! Ramesh got a purohit to set us an auspicious date and he hired some people to be our witnesses of our registered marriage. Finally on the 20th of August, the same day Rao married me, me and Ramesh registered our marriage. The authorities questioned us a bit seeing Ramesh's mother and his wife have the same name but I registered for the marriage with my maiden name. Still they were not happy and wanted more details. They did ask where is Ramesh's mother and he told them she didin't wanted to come. After a long bargaining and answering questions by Ramesh, finally Ramesh took those people to another room. I kept quite watching all the proceedings. After sometime, Ramesh came back and asked for 10000 rupees. I expected him to bribe them and gave the money from my handbag. He went back to the room and came back with smiling officials. Few minutes later they finally agreed to registered our marriage and give us the certificate.

I do not know if any mother son did it but for me, I felt I am the first mother who is about to be legally married my own son. Initially they asked me to perform marriage before the witnesses. As we exchanged our garlands in front of everybody, my body shook too see that money can make people clap as a son is wedding his mother and a mother is accepting her son to be her husband. Worst of all, I almost cried as my son took out the mangala sutra to tie it around his mother neck. I thought if a thing like that happen, it would happen in private. Here is my son whos is openly marrying his mother among witnesses. I felt guilt and I wanted to let them know in case they didnot know it. So I spilled "I am Ramesh's mother" with a shaken voice. Ramesh stopped and looked at me in surprise as I looked at him. Then one of them said "We know!" I was shocked hearing that as I turned to them. Somebody continued " We can marry you! And he will keep you happy in bed too!" Everybody laughed at that remark as Ramesh resumed to marry his mother. I was ashamed as I saw people around me blessing as my son tied his knot around my neck. A moment later I officially became Mrs. Ramesh. A son has become a husband to his mother, and a mother has become a wife of his own son.

It was very uneasy for me as they everybody clapped as Ramesh tied the last knot around my neck. After that one of the officials said "Now you can the register Mr. and Mrs. Ramesh." I was shocked to here me being addressed Mrs. Ramesh. I used to be Ramesh's mother but now I bacame a wife to him in the community of strangers. I was in a mixed mood and didn't know what to feel of the incident. As everything is unfolede before me, they all signed the wedding registry as witnesses to a marriage between a mother and her son. They then wished us good luck as they got a payment from Ramesh and went away. We collected our certificate and left them.

I got married again at my age of 42 to my own son on the same day I got married to his father. I was a bride to his father and I am now a bride to his son, our son! I fulfilled his father's lust and gave him Ramesh and now I am starting my life to fulfil my son's lust as his wife. As we got into the car, Ramesh held my hand and said "I am for the first time holding your hand as your husband mother!" That remark sent shivers to my spine as my own part of my body which took shape in me is now holding my hand as a husband.

I wanted to say he will always be my son but for his satisfaction I said "Yes, my beloved husband!"

As we were driving home, my thought were taking me into my changed world. I used to Ramesh's mother until now but now I am also his lawfully wedded wife. I used to carry Ramesh in my womb and now I am carrying his baby in my womb. I used to suckle him with my breast when he is hungry and now he will suckle the same breast as a husband. I used to be the wife of his father when he was born and now he is fathering his baby in me.

Within two months of my husband's death my whole life changed. My own son had made me his slut while we were performing our last rites. He then got me pregnant with his baby, and now he finally married me. Now he has two relationships with me. One as a son whom I gave birth and raised him to be a man and another as a husband whom I married among a lot of witnesses. I kept thinking but came to this world as we reached our flat.

That evening Ramesh took me to an exotic dinner and we went back home with lots of flowers. Ramesh prepared our first night bed as I prepared myself. He scattered all the flowers on the bed and hung some around the room while I wore a silk saree and a big bindi on my forehead. He then took me to the bed and closed the door. It was time for Ramesh to fuck his mother as his wedding bride. An hour later none of the embellishments looked the same as Ramesh got up from me. My saree, blouse and pettycoat were lying on the floor along with Ramesh's sarong. On the bed, I was lying naked and exhausted. My cunt is dribbling with Ramesh's fresh semen combined with my juices. My breasts were spreadout one to each side showing the signs of being caressed and molested. My bindi is not round anymore and ashamed displayed the signs of the woman being enjoyed. The whole room is filled with combination of flower scents and our sex juices.

A moment later Ramesh came back with a camera. I was shamed but he made me pose. So he took the photoes of me looking like a bride that has been deflowered after marriage. But he said he will cherish them as pictures of his mother after her firstnight as his wife.

A week after our marriage, I completely forgot I am married to my son. It was like a second marriage to me after my husband's death. Ramesh treats me as his wife and I treat him as my husband. Sometimes my motherly instincts takeover but quickly I am brought back to my wife status with a fresh molestation of his mother.

Six weeks after our marriage, Ramesh finally managed to get a visa for me. Ramesh had to extend his leave by another three weeks. We went back to our village to bid everyone goodbye. I had to takeoff my sutras and bindi to visit them. I was over twelve weeks pregnant so my tummy wasn't that big. As its common to have big tummies for mature women nobody suspected anything. A week after that we came to US.

I came to US as Ramesh's wife. We still behave like mother and son among the people who knew us before. But with strangers, we do say we are husband and wife. It would have been puzzling though about the baby for the people who think we are only mother and son. Possibly they might have expected some incest thing going on between us. We didnot bother. Nineteen months ago, I gave birth to our baby daughter. She totally resembled me. Perhaps my genes in Ramesh are predominant than my previous husband's. In any case I gave birth to my own grand-daughter. So she is my daughter and grand daughter. Ramesh though, hasn't decided what he would like to be to his daughter. So I trained her to say both Daddy and Brother. She probably thinks they both mean the same! She will have to grow a bit to know her brother is infact her father and her mother is infact her grand-mother!

Meanwhile, she constantly witnesses her brother bonking her mother everynight. Infact, her brother has got her mother pregnant again!

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