tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMarried Women Fuck Harder

Married Women Fuck Harder


The headlights of Annie's car shone through the bushes outside the window, throwing spidery shadows onto the bedroom wall. I glanced at the bedside clock – 1.05am. Later than usual but not unprecedented. Annie worked long hours and when the opportunity came up to socialise and network with colleagues she usually made the most of it. It was helpful to her job.

I wasn't meant to be home yet from a fishing trip with a couple of buddies but our plans got bounced around and I got home a day early. That didn't present any special problem here. Annie and I had formed an understanding about sex. She loved it and I loved it and I loved watching her loving it - and it didn't take away from our feelings for each other. If anything, it made our love life hotter too.

A second car in the driveway. Now that was unusual. Either she'd brought home some friends or she'd had a few drinks and someone had run her home rather than let her drive. I peered through the darkened window and could see someone getting out of Annie's car.

I wondered how drunk Annie was and went to another window to get a better view. The driver of the second car got out and walked forward in the car's lights.

As he opened the back door of Annie's car the interior light came on and glowed on a white arse as it lifted up between two white knees before backing out of the open door. I could see Annie on her back panting, her legs still half apart and her dress pushed up to her white tits.

The owner of the arse, an Asian guy called Yew, pulled his trousers up from his ankles and buckled them up.

"Ah fuck Tim," gasped Yew excitedly, "she's a fuckin' great fuck! Really tight. And loves it!"

Tim, the second driver whom I didn't know, had already dropped his pants and climbed in through the open door. Annie's knees spread wide again and without fumble or hesitation Tim rammed his cock easily into her gaping, wet cunt. He planted his tongue firmly into her open mouth and they began the grinding, passionate kiss that only hard fucking brings. She wrapped her legs around him as his arse began to pump rapidly in and out.

The guy who had driven Annie's car home – Brad, a guy from the organisation that had hosted the day's conference, leaned back into the car and came out with some cans of beer. He and Yew stood drinking and watching as Tim and Annie fucked.

"I've always thought she'd be a good fuck but I never thought it would happen," chuckled Brad. "She's a fuckin' flirt and often gives you the come-on but has always backed away from anything physical before."

"Yeah," said Yew. "I guess tonight she musta been a bit hotter. She did mention her ol' man was away. Maybe she let go a bit."

"Hey; it wasn't that easy," protested Brad. "I've been feeding her champagne since the meeting finished and she skipped the meal. That used to get my missus off her face and I reckoned it would for Annie too. About 10 o'clock she asked where the rest room was and I knew she'd already been there earlier so I figured either she was out of it already or she was trying to get me outside. I took her hand and lead her to where the 'Ladies' was and as she came back out her shoe came off and she fell against me."

Tim's arse kept driving into Annie, her legs bouncing up and down as they fucked in the back seat.

Brad continued. "I caught her as she fell and when I lifted her up I thought it was as good a time as any to try my luck again. I gave her a little kiss on the cheek and then another little one on the lips. She didn't pull away as I expected so I kissed her again – a little longer. When her mouth opened my pulse thumped. As she sucked my tongue I pushed my knee between her legs and when she ground her cunt against me I thought, "Fuck – at last! She's gonna do it!"

"I walked her backwards around a corner and into a broom closet. I decided to go straight for it, pulled her dress up and shoved my hand down her pantyhose."

"Ah shit!" said Yew. "I'm getting' horny again just listening!"

Tim was grunting loudly and Annie was hissing as he rammed into her.

Brad went on. "She opened her legs and I slipped my fingers past her panties and as I shoved first one then two fingers up her cunt she stuck her tongue into my ear. Well that was it! By the time I dragged her pantyhose off her feet and hoisted her onto a bench she had undone my pants, pulled her panties aside and was feeding my cock into her cunt. I've never known a woman to fuck so hard. By the time she came she had kicked all the brooms off the wall hooks and stuff from the bench was all over the floor!"

They popped another beer each and Yew lit a cigarette. The car creaked as Annie and Tim fucked furiously.

"Her ol' man's a lucky bastard," said Yew.

"Maybe," said Brad, "but married women fuck harder."

"Whadya mean?" asked Yew. 'She's married to him isn't she?"

"Yeah,'" replied Brad "and that makes her his wife. There's a difference you know. To him she's a wife; to everyone else she's a married woman. With someone else she can fuck however she wants; yell, scream, bite, scratch, maybe even take it up the arse, and not worry about inhibitions borne of years of trying to please someone you know too well. She's unaccountable and can be as wild as she wants."

'Hm," said Yew. "Makes you wonder what your own wife gets up to doesn't it?"

They watched again in silence as Tim chewed greedily on Annie's nipple. After a moment Yew said, "Do you suppose she realises there is more than one of us fucking her. She's pretty drunk and really fired up."

"Well, let's find out," said Brad. "Hold my beer."

Undoing his pants he walked around to the other back door, opened it and trawled his cock across Annie's face. As soon as it touched her cheek, her mouth opened, searching for his cock. Brad dropped it in and she swallowed it whole. Bringing one hand up she took hold and worked it in and out and round and round, sucking and gurgling.

'Well, if she .. Uh! ..didn't know before, she .. Ahh! .. sure does now," grunted Brad.

"Unless her ol' man's got two dicks she's probably never done that before," laughed Yew. They couldn't know it but this was far from Annie's first double-ender.

Seeing Brad fucking Annie's mouth was too much for Tim. He arched his back and shoved his cock even harder into Annie's cunt. He grunted and his arse winked tightly as he pumped her full of his cum.

"Let's get her inside for the floor show," said Brad, pulling his cock from Annie's gaping mouth.

I watched for a moment as they half carried a tottering Annie to the back door and into the large sunroom at the back of the house. I carefully slipped out through the laundry into the back garden from where I could see everything without being seen.

Once inside, Brad embraced Annie, kissing her neck and shoulders before easing the straps of her dress down to kiss her tits.

While Tim searched the fridge for a beer, Yew got behind Annie and ran his hand up her thigh and under her dress. She bent one knee and lifted her other leg to tip-toe. A few fumbling moments were followed by the rhythmic flexing of Yew's forearm and I could almost hear his fingers sloshing in her wet cunt. She worked her hips round and round, grinding her cunt hard against his fingers. After a few minutes, Brad kicked a couple of cushions off the lounge and began to ease Annie down onto the floor.

At first she sat on the cushions but Brad turned her face down with the cushions under her hips. He dropped his pants again and pushed her dress up to her waist. It was then that I noticed she still had her panties on. They must have been on the whole time. They looked pretty wet and stretched and the sight made my aching cock jump.

Brad pushed her knees apart, and slid a finger past her panties and into her willing cunt. Then he hooked her panties and pulled them aside as he guided his cock into her. Annie arched her hips up as she felt him enter her and she spread her arms out, face forward – bear rug style. She lay almost motionless as Brad fucked her, grunting each time he thrust into her.

Yew sat on the floor and edged toward's Annie's face, his cock at the ready. As he reached her, Annie's mouth opened mechanically and she took him all in. Brad's vigorous thrusting rocked her backwards and forwards, giving Yew a great blow job.

An hour later, after Yew and Tim had both fucked Annie both ends again, the three guys left, well pleased with themselves. As they got into their car, I heard Tim say, 'Jesus, she's a fantastic fuck! Pity her ol' man's coming home tomorrow!"

Bloody glad I came home tonight - I thought.

I slipped quietly in the door and sat down next to Annie, still lying face down on the floor. She was half asleep, her dress up her back, soaked panties around one knee and face down across two very wet cushions.

"Hi honey. I'm home," I said, betting she didn't even know what day it was. "How was the meeting?"


"D'ja have a few drinks?"


"Didja make any new contacts?"

... pause ... "Mm."

"Anything interesting happen?"

... another pause ... "S'm guys brou' me home."

... "and?" I said.

... a longer pause " ... "ngot fu'".

"whadya say?"

...... "th' fu't me."

"They fucked you?"

... "Mm."

"and did you fuck them too?"

... she nodded.

"What, all of them?"

..... she shrugged.

"How many of them?"

.... She shrugged again. "D'no. Thr' ... m'four ... D'no."

... "Was it good?"


I rubbed my hand slowly up the inside of her thigh and ran my fingertip around the lips of her sticky, swollen cunt. Instinctively, she raised her hips up and pushed her knees out.

"Got room for a cold and lonely fisherman?" I said, undoing my belt.

"Mm," she nodded, and as I knelt between her knees she spread her arms across the floor and submissively opened her mouth.

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by Anonymous02/12/18


My take:
Yes, married women are better in bed.
This story is pornographic. I believe it was meant to be a short jack-off fantasy.
The wife's character was intentionally overstated; however the wife's &more...

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by Anonymous05/20/17

again a great story

5* - a sequel to the story, please. Thank you !

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