tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMarry The Knight Ch. 21

Marry The Knight Ch. 21


Ivy nearly passed out the moment she laid her head down. Her brain was too tired of absorbing all that it had taken in. Plot and counterplot and revelation, all demanding to be made sense of. It was too much for her. Too much for anyone.

And resolving to be Batman's—Bruce's—it was like a ten-ton load off her back. No more frenetic scheming and then preemptive worries of if she'd gotten away with it and then the even further flung concerns of whether she could hold onto Harley. Now she had something of an ally. Bruce was, in a fucked up way only Harley could be, like a therapist who could keep Harley in line while Ivy reaped the benefits. Let him worry about Quinn going back to the Joker, or any of a million other annoying things she did. He could be the dom to the world's worst sub, while Ivy would just be her girlfriend.

As well, a part of her liked the thought of being on the Bat's side. She'd never taken too kindly to being grouped in with the Rogues—particularly barbaric mammals motivated by cruelty and greed, not at all different from the developers and industrialists who had done so much to devastate the planet. There would be schadenfreude in Ivy getting to enjoy their downfall from her own privileged position on the winning team. And it would be a secret, too, a tasty little chocolate that only she would get to enjoy.

She was almost asleep, practically dreaming, when she thought of her. Catwoman. As Selina Kyle, she'd dated Bruce Wayne. As Catwoman, she'd had a thing with Batman. Everyone knew about it. Was it the slightest bit possible that she hadn't known they were one and the same? No. Ivy had always thought Selina knew who the Batman really was, but when she and Harley had pressed the issue, the cat had thrown them off the scent by lying, to her face, that Batman was no one man, but a legion of highly trained, highly motivated volunteers. Harvey Dent and Jim Gordon and Slam Bradley, of all people! But it was Bruce Wayne. It had always only ever been Bruce Wayne.

Of course, it hardly mattered now, with her and the Bat on the same side. But Selina had lied to her. Cost her who knew how much and derailed countless plans by denying her useful knowledge, then cohabitated with her and pretended to be her friend and... all those games of strip poker...

Selina would just have to die. It was the principle of the thing. Bruce she could forgive, he was the Bat, it was his thing, but Selina had been one of them. She should've known better. Ivy couldn't tolerate her betrayal.

She dressed rapidly in some of the clothes that Bruce had stocked her room with, then took out one of the cars from the garage. An electric one, thankfully.

Selina was at present staying in the Hiltshire Waldorf, one of the most luxurious hotels in Gotham. She liked to come and go, never staying in one place too long, and the way the hotel drained her funds had to be made up for in how she indulged herself. That was, if Selina was even paying for her room. She had many ways around that.

Ivy went in through the lobby and... charmed her way by the concierge. She took a master key off a similarly charmed hotel maid, then let herself into Selina's room.

It was too bad. Selina wasn't too bad, for a mammal—more tolerable than Harley, in a lot of ways, even if lacking a certain frisson that made her more than just fun. But—

Ivy was still planning out Selina's murder—quick but emphatic—when a whip curled around her neck. It jerked her to the side, slamming her against the wall, and Ivy just twisted to absorb the impact with her arm. She reached for the whip, but Selina yanked on it again, driving Ivy down to the ground.

"And you always act like Harley's such an idiot." Selina slunk out of the shadows, lazily pulling herself along the whip to add a tang of tension to its grip on Ivy's neck. "But at least she knew better than to try to break into a master thief's hide-out."

Ivy rolled away from Selina, gagging herself, but getting an arm around the whip as she came to her feet. Now the pressure was off her throat and she was in a tug of war with the Catwoman. "At least I'm not insane. Like you are, lying to my face and thinking you could get away with it..."

Selina let go of the whip with one hand, the muscles in her remaining arm bulging as she virtually dared Ivy to make a further move. "Think about where you are, flower petal. We're eighty stories up, and I've taken the trouble to swap out every plant for ten stories down with plastic. So how are you going to kill me? Bore me to death with your Greenpeace rhetoric?"

Ivy bared her teeth. "I'll use my bare hands!"

"Hee! No wonder Harley likes you. That great sense of humor."

With one sharp tug, Selina reclaimed the whip from Ivy, pulling it so that it sent Ivy into a spin as it let her go. Just as Ivy regained her footing, Selina cracked the whip repeatedly in rapid succession. It moved like it was even more alive than one of Ivy's vines, making deafening sonic booms to either side of Ivy's face. Ivy felt peals of heat on her cheeks and realized Selina had slashed her face, but too lightly to do any real harm. That incensed her even more.

She rushed forward, burying her fear of the whip, but Selina moved like lightning. She circled the whip above her like a lasso before lashing it down, cracking it between the two of them as she moved in with a sultry strut. Ivy was driven back, hating Selina all the more for how cockily she walked, the sheer aggravation of her untroubled confidence.

Ivy gave ground, trying to create some distance to give herself time to think, but the whip snagged around her ankle and she tripped herself on it, going down on her ass in a fall that came as a crippling blow to her pride. Selina stepped on her, high-heeled boot between Ivy's breasts, and she leaned on it, resting either forearm on her thigh as she drove the toe of her boot down with her weight. Ivy found it hard to breathe as she worriedly eyed the stiletto heel of Selina's boot. That could do a lot more damage than just Selina's paltry weight.

"Mmmmm," Selina purred. "You're cute when you're angry. Maybe Harley's smarter than I thought... of course, that would make you the dumb one on the team. Maybe you should switch hair colors..."

"Dumb slattern!" Ivy cursed as she batted Selina's foot away. Selina smoothly raised her boot out of the way of Ivy's blow, which was frustrating, but allowed Ivy to shuffle away from Selina. "I was just going to kill you, but now I think I'll make you my slave! How dare you mar my perfect face!"

"Perfect's going a little far," Selina observed, stepping on Ivy's skirt. The redhead was jerked to a stop. "And you couldn't even 'enslave' Bruce Wayne—something I've never had that much trouble with."

"Because you wander around in skintight leather with the zipper halfway down! Heterosexual trollop!"

"Like your Adam and Eve getup leaves any more to the imagination."

"At least it's vegan!" Ivy gritted her teeth, channeling all of her rage into her pheromones. She was pumping them out like smoke from a fireplace, filling the room up to the brim. "You will obey me, Selina." The words came out gnarled and hissing, not the seductive cadence she usually used to lure her targets into submission, but with all the pheromones she was using, the subtle approach was pointless. "I am your master, Selina. And since you love cocks so much, I have all sorts of thoughts on what you can get up to before your tragic suicide..."

Selina took a step forward, putting her off-foot on Ivy's crotch and sinking the toe down. Ivy had actually felt a fission of arousal, having Selina in her power, thinking of the revenge she would take, and that had swelled and sensitized her clit just in time for Selina's leather boot to bluntly pressure it. A yowling moan came to Ivy's lips.

"I'm not the one who's married," Selina smirked. "Funny how you decide to take me out now that you know Batman is Bruce Wayne. Could it be that man-hating plantsbian Poison Ivy is jealous a boy likes someone else more?" Selina raised a hand to her cheek, mock-scandalized. "Your pheromones won't work on me, Ivy. After the last time, I got Harley to share a little of that concoction you gave her so the two of you could play together. So the only way you're going to seduce me is with your charm and wit." Selina's grin widened. "Lucky for you you have D-cups."

"Bitch!" Ivy snarled.

"Oh, what a feminist you are." Selina wiggled her boot around like she was grinding a cigarette underfoot, and Ivy moaned in aroused agony. It felt too good on her clit not to hurt. "I have to admit, those pheromones of yours are turning me on. Maybe I should let you make it up to me for all those nasty things you said."

"Don't you dare!"

With a flick of Selina's wrist, her whip was looped around Ivy's neck. She turned on her heel and strutted away, and Ivy was forced to crawl after her to keep the whip from tightening enough to choke her.

Selina led her to a king-sized bed, which she sat down on. The slack in the line gave Ivy an opportunity to free herself of her noose, but before she could, Selina grabbed her by the arm to pull her face down over her lap. Ivy's short skirt rode up to reveal attractive legs sheathed in nylon.

"How dare you!" Ivy shrieked, swinging her legs and squirming prettily as Selina twisted her right arm behind her back to hold her in position. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Showing you who's boss!" Selina told her as she raked her claws lightly over the backs of Ivy's thighs.

"You're not the boss of me!" Ivy replied, looking back over her shoulder to reveal a flushed, excited face. She struggled mildly but it was quite apparent that Selina was the stronger of the two. There was nothing she could do to free herself.

"Tonight I am." Taking her time about it, Selina pulled the redheaded woman's skirt back to reveal full, shapely thighs and nicely rounded buttocks attired in sheer pantyhose and tiny panties.

Ivy forced herself to calm down, figuring there was no way Selina would go through with it—Catwoman just wanted to humiliate her some. Ivy told herself that if she gave in now, she'd get her revenge ten times over the next time they met.

"Let me go?" Ivy asked, making it a request rather than a demand.

"Are you kidding?" Selina teased, licking her lips with anticipation as she gazed at Ivy's charming ass and pretty legs. Slipping one hand into the waistband of the pantyhose, she began working the garment downward.

"What do you think you're doing?" Ivy demanded in a shocked voice. "Hey, let me go! Don't!"

She began to struggle, but Selina held her arm firmly twisted in the small of her back. "I told you I was going to show you who was boss!" Selina reminded her. "Now, hold still!" She continued working the pantyhose down, revealing the milk-white flesh of Ivy's ass.

"Don't, please, this is embarrassing!" Ivy protested. She tried to struggle but only in a half-hearted manner. She didn't want another fight with the athletic cat burglar.

Selina slowly rolled the pantyhose and panties further downward, the white flesh of her ass making a vivid contrast with the dark nylon covering her legs. Selina was eager to get started, but held herself back to prolong the excitement.

"Please, let me go!" Ivy said. "This has gone far enough!"

"Not till you've been warmed up a little!" Selina told her. "When you're nice and pink down there, you won't forget who's boss!"

"Please, don't spank me!" Ivy pleaded, looking back anxiously over her shoulder. "You can't! You mustn't!"

Selina smiled as she watched the other woman apprehensively flexing and tightening her pretty buttocks in anticipation of the spanking to come. She wished that she had thought to get herself a paddle. Instead, her hand would have to do. Pausing for a moment, she raised her right hand in the air.


Selina's hand landed noisily at the base of Ivy's satiny ass cheeks, descending right on target and extending across the crevice.

"Oh!" Ivy squealed, bucking up and snapping her head back. "Damn you! Let me go!"

Selina laughed as the seductress tried to escape from her grasp. It was apparent to both of them that she could not get away.

"You baby, it didn't hurt that much!" Selina told her victim. "Now try to hold still while I heat you up a little!"


This time Selina's hand landed squarely upon Ivy's tight ass cheek, momentarily flattening the resilient flesh.

"Eeek!" Ivy shrieked, jerking reflexively and swinging her pretty legs back in protest. "That hurts! Let me go this instant!"


Selina's hand descended against the left cheek.

"Oh! Stop, please!"




Selina began spanking the Ivy's bare ass with her open hand, spreading the spanks around to even up the color scheme. Each crisp spank produced a cry of pain from Ivy, who continually wriggled and struggled in a vain effort to evade the embarrassing and uncomfortable punishment. In a few moments, her cute ass was a vivid shade of pink all over.

"Ouch, please, let me go! It hurts!" Ivy protested. "How can you do this to me? I'm a woman!" Tears of humiliation welled in her eyes as she looked back over her shoulder.

"Oh, now you're all about female solidarity? Funny how that works." Selina teased her squirming victim. "I've barely gotten started yet!"



Selina's hand continued to descend on the attractive target. Wriggling and protesting furiously, Ivy swung her stockinged legs merrily back and forth and continually tried to reach back to protect her tingling and prickling ass. Both cheeks quickly became an appealing shade of crimson, and it was apparent that the squirming young woman was feeling thoroughly warm and uncomfortable.

"Please, that's enough!" Ivy protested in a miserable voice. "Please, it hurts! It's so humiliating!"

"Your bottom's getting nice and red!" Selina tormented her, watching with satisfaction as her hapless victim burst into tears. In her opinion, there was something indescribably appealing about an attractive young woman crying and swinging her pretty legs while her nicely rounded ass turned bright red from the effects of a well-administered spanking.

"This is awful!" Ivy tearfully exclaimed. "Please, Selina! That's enough! I can't stand it anymore!"



Selina could feel the heat radiating from Ivy's ass as she continued applying her hand to the girl's butt. Ivy's shapely legs jerked wide, revealing her cunt with appealing effect. By this time, her buttocks were a bright crimson, and the comely young woman was crying quite hard.

"Please, I'm burning up!" Ivy sobbed. "Please! Please, Selina, please!"

Selina paused to examine her shapely victim's scarlet ass checks. She would liked to have spanked her a little harder, but decided that that was enough for the first time. After all, it was quite apparent that the crying and squirming Poison Ivy had been completely conquered.

"I think that's enough for a while!" Selina announced. "Now it's time you thank me for the lesson I just taught you..."

Crying and quite breathless, Ivy lay meekly across Selina's lap as the latter finished pulling off her panties and pantyhose. Her unmarred white legs made a vivid contrast with her scarlet and quivering ass cheeks.

"Now, let me get your sweater off," Selina told her.

Ivy permitted the dominant brunette to pull her sweater off over her head, slightly mussing her crimson hair. Selina quickly unsnapped Ivy's bra and pulled the straps free from her shoulders.

"Stretch out on the bed," Selina instructed. "Face down!"

"Please, don't smack me anymore!" Ivy pleaded as she tearfully stretched out on the bed. Instinctively, she reached back to rub her smarting ass with one hand.

"Take your hand away!" Selina told her, grabbing her hand to pull it out of the way. "You earned that soreness!"


"Ow!" Ivy exclaimed in a loud voice. Sniffling, she lay meekly on the bed with her prettily reddened bottom on prominent display.

Standing beside the bed and keeping a close eye on her would-be killer, Selina quickly peeled off her clothes. She could see the anticipation in Ivy's eyes as she gazed at her full tits and the triangle of rich brown hair on her cunt. Selina quickly knelt on the bed at her side.

"Now that I've dominated you so much," she said. "Perhaps this will help make up for it!"

Leaning forward, she planted a moist kiss on Ivy's right ass cheek.

"Ooh!" Ivy squirmed prettily at the pleasant contact, with its stinging landing on her pained skin.

Brushing her long brunette hair back out of the way, Selina began kissing Ivy's freshly spanked ass all over. She kept her mouth open, letting her moist tongue brush against the satiny flesh.

"Oh, that feels good!" Ivy exclaimed, wriggling her bottom cutely as she felt the other woman's lips and tongue caressing her buttocks. Arching her back, she glanced back over her shoulder to watch.

Placing both hands down lightly on the two white globes, Selina gently but firmly separated them as much as possible. Her tongue extended as far as she could, she promptly lowered her face to the crevice and went to work with quick flicks of her tongue.

"Oh!" Ivy gasped as she felt Selina's probing tongue busily at work. Without realizing what she was doing, she lifted her hips from the bed to give her partner more territory to work in.

Holding Ivy's ass cheeks apart as far as possible, Selina began working farther downward. In a moment, her tongue found the little pink opening of the girl's asshole and promptly began caressing it.

"Oh, you're driving me wild!" Ivy cried out.

In a few moments, Ivy was nicely reamed, and the submissive was thrusting her hips back and forth with a mixture of excitement and expectation. Keeping her face buried against Ivy's ass, Selina worked toward the girl's inviting pink cunt with her tongue. She could feel her conquest's pussy becoming creamy with arousal.

"Was a spanking worth this?" Selina asked in a teasing voice.

"Yes!" Ivy admitted excitedly. "Am I going to get to please you too?"

"You'll get your turn!" Selina assured her, though she half-suspected it was another ploy of Ivy's. Oh well, if Ivy wanted to play bottom, even for a little while, Selina would let her. The cat burglar's tongue flicked against the pink lips of Ivy's cunt. "Spread your legs farther apart, honey," Selina suggested.

Ivy eagerly complied, spreading her thighs as far apart as she could and leaving her pink silt prettily on display. Slipping her fingers into the moist outer folds, Selina brought the pink feminine interior into view. Extending her tongue, Selina began caressing the girl's wet cunt.

"Oh, that feels delicious!" Ivy exclaimed, twisting her hips sensuously.

"Mmmmm, and to think I used to hate eating my greens!" Selina told her, pressing her face tightly against her moist pussy.

As Selina's probing tongue explored her cunt, Ivy squirmed and wriggled prettily on the bed. Gasping for breath and occasionally biting her lip with excitement, she continually looked back over her shoulder to see Selina's face buried against her ass. The seductress felt delightfully warm and wet between the legs, and could hear the slurping sounds as the long-legged brunette drank up her arousal.

"Oh, I can't wait to do this for you, Selina!" Ivy said in a breathless voice.

Her hands and fingers exploring Ivy's sensitive flesh, Selina kept her tongue buried in the femme fatale's moist pussy. Ivy jerked spasmodically each time Selina's tongue stabbed against her clitoris, and it was apparent that she could not restrain herself much longer.

"Christ, I'm hot!" the redhead gasped. "My pussy feels like an oven!"

Her face plastered against the wet delta, Selina repeatedly flicked and stabbed her tongue against the tiny button of the girl's clit. Ivy's well-spanked ass cheeks trembled violently as the young woman thrust her pelvis back and forth like a piston.

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