tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMarry The Knight Ch. 23

Marry The Knight Ch. 23


Dick walked through the hallways of the Clocktower. He could think only of Barbara Gordon. Not just the Oracle or Batgirl or even Babs. The redhaired goddess he had grown up with, already a vision of beauty when he first met her, only gaining loveliness and a temptingly withdrawn sexuality as she matured. Her sparkling green eyes seemed to constantly dare something to sate the sensual appetites just barely hidden in the quirk of her full lips and the blooming blush of her low-cut tops. He was going to take that dare.

Barbara had joked once that she slept in her perfume. Maybe nothing else? Dick shivered at the potential. There was something breathtakingly lascivious at the thought of having her, not as she presented herself, in all her seductive primness and propriety, but raw, bare, in the unvarnished innocence of her sleep. More than anything, he just wanted to see her glowing beauty, without the pinned-up hair and crisp eyeglasses that made her look so reserved.

And yet, if he woke her, she might be angry, might summon up the intimidating sexuality he was for once trying to avoid. She might even turn him away. But he needed this. After working his way through Donna, and Kory, and Komand'r, he still needed more. He needed Barbara.

When Dick eased the bedroom door open, its soft whisper on the rug sent a chill to pinprick his every nerve. He had forgotten the giveaway sound of the deep pile carpet. He waited, holding his breath. On the bed, a thin sheet draped over Barbara, showcasing the voluptuousness of her nudity. Burgeoning breasts, womanly hips, the kinky tangling of the sheets around her body drawing them nearly taut save for a few knotted folds. Dick thought he might be able to see through the semitranslucent concealment to the pink bareness of her body, but the filtering moonlight from outside the room's sash window covered her body in a pattern of light and shadow, concealing her as adroitly as any of Starfire's costumes.

Tempted out of his nervy anxiety by the half-temptation she offered, obscured even in sleep, Dick neared the edge of the bed. He stared at the red hair that emerged from the white sheets to surrounded her pale face like flame around a matchhead, a duller orange than Kory's fiery red, but fitting Barbara's more subtle beauty. A simmering flame, a low-burning one, but no less warm than Kory's raging inferno. His eyes moved to Barbara's sweetly winsome face, seeming much younger without her glasses, though he couldn't say she looked any sexier. Those glasses made her practically a dominatrix, all by themselves. He could look at her face for hours, but what mattered now was that there was no flickering eyelash or forming expression to hint she was anything but unconscious.

And yet, Barbara Gordon was wide awake.

It was the soft noise of the door rolling over the carpeting that had brought Barbara fully out of her waking dream. She'd been missing Dick, and the thought of him had needled her from the moment she first laid down. Through squinting eyes she watched quietly as he came to her, like her lustful dreams had summoned him. And yet, she could see from his erection that it was his own lust that had brought him here.

As Barbara watched, he reached her side, paused, and indulged in the sight of her. She could feel his gaze as he desired every feature of her face and every curve of his body. The sound of his breathing was even and slow as he watched how the sheet, drawn tightly across her chest, billowed out with each heaving breath. He didn't have the air of a panicky voyeur any longer. Now he seemed to take pride in the sight of her, a sense of ownership, a masculine urge to accept the challenge of pleasing her.

He kissed her forehead lightly, then quickly straightened. He remained motionless for long minutes, his knees touching the edge of the bed. No way she could steal a glance below his waist without a giveaway movement of her eyelashes, but the heat of his eyes upon her grew and grew. Barbara felt herself becoming flustered as his yearning gaze became a calculation of how to satisfy her; making her take pleasure in having herself be gorged upon by him. She breathed deeper than she had to, thrusting her breasts out so that her nipples pushed against their censoring veil.

In a flashing movement, he threw off the robe. Just like that, all of Barbara's fond recollections of his naked body proved true. Able to look freely as Dick backed a step from the bed, she drank in the taut muscles, the powerful chest, the rippling strength of his abs, and there—that bold overdevelopment of masculinity, seeming almost too much for his lithe body to bear.

A smothered sound of agony slipped from his lips and even as she heard it, Barbara saw his hand circle the base of his cock. He moved knees tight to the side of the bed and his pelvis thrust forward so that his prick actually jutted across her face, not more than a foot above her eyes. She could see the power trembling in his shaft, smell the potent treasure sealed in his testicles.

Certain he was going to masturbate and leave, Barbara watched from under long lashes. His stroking started... intensified... then stopped! There, stark white on bloody purple in the moonlight, his bared cock shot out from his own dwarfed hand, gripped by a young man trying to fight the impulses sweeping him. Now he stood there, brandishing his manhood indecisively, almost unable to contain the wanton cries trying to break from his lips.

It was time to force his hand.

Dick gaped at Barbara's slight movement under the sheet. She seemed to be shifting her leg. Heart-stopping fear swept through him, nearly driving him into retreat. Then the even movement under the sheet near her chest slowed his terror. She was breathing evenly again, unaware of his presence, lost in slumber, he assured himself. Breathless from his buildup to near orgasm, Dick was unable to go on masturbating. His curiosity outweighed his lust, merged with it to become something even more potent.

Did she wear pajamas or a nightie? Her shoulder showed bare. She could be naked underneath the sheet!

And that quirky turn of her leg. Looked like she had bent her calf up under her thigh as she slept. Looked like the thighs were slightly separated!

He reached very gently to the sheet, not daring to breathe, and tugged the edge carefully away from her chin. Slowly exposing her nudity, his chest thundering to his boldness, Dick slid the white sheet downward.

The tease of the blanket moving against her breasts sent the nipples to rock-hard points and sensual electricity rifled to every erogenous tip of Barbara's body. He saw one arm move, then the other, but now he was unafraid. She had to be in a deep sleep and he was lost in total worship of the phenomenal body he was exposing.

The luscious breasts leaped from their hiding place under the sheet and that startled him, for breasts, he thought, always lay in repose when a woman lay relaxed. But like every other stunning thing about Barbara, her cleavage jutted full and firm and hard-tipped. God, to kiss those sweet dark aureoles... to suck and lick there... and there... and down there!

His hand drew the sheet rapidly now, down over the indentation of her navel, across the flat smoothness of her belly to the hot embers of her pubic hair. The provocative lift of her mons stopped the sheet's movement and he straightened, gawking at the partially uncovered vee.

A fringe of red flame showed. Clearly and undeniably he could see the rise and fall of the hillock there. A pulsing urgency made the edge of the sheet ripple and impetuously he dragged the cover down the full length of her perfectly tapered legs. All that wonderful flesh now lay exposed. Her center was shadowed by the half-light and the torture of seeing her thighs parted, one leg turned under at the knee, was almost too much.

Dick dropped to one knee and leaned brazenly across her thigh and stared, his eyes trying to penetrate the dark valley of her crotch. All he got for his trouble was a hint of lightly fragrant perfume. Strange, he was almost sure he caught the suggestion of feminine lust mingled with her deodorant, or whatever it was, but that was impossible. Quiet, studious Barbara was far too reserved to allow her subconscious to get out from under her, give her a wet dream.

A sweeping headiness took him for an instant and he fought the frenzy to burrow into that shadowed cleft and kiss and love the need that must be there. Then... all unexpected, totally terrifying, he felt the brush of her fingers across his hair as her arm drifted down her body just as his eyes had dragged down it a moment ago. Her hand lay cupped across the curve of her pubic mound!

Stunned and enchanted in the same frightening second, knowing it was an unconscious act in her sleep, he didn't dare move. The back of her hand actually touched the side of his head and any movement could wake her. He was trapped within inches of her most intimate place.


A low, inarticulate moan slipped from her lips and he saw the movement of her fingers as her hand slipped further down between her legs. The fingers must be touching there, must've been inside her, even as he watched. Damn the darkness! A once-in-a-lifetime chance to see what a girl did in her sleep... how she pleased herself without recrimination or modesty... and he couldn't see! Dick stared feverishly at the red triangle and felt the mattress under his elbows quiver in a kind of electric pulsing.

Now Barbara's lower arm was moving in a kind of urgency and he could see the hand ply more dramatically at her vulva. His cock was impossibly rigid as he began to masturbate in quick, urgent strokes, letting the want mount in himself and seeing it even more pronounced in Barbara's curvaceous nudity, writhing and straining now against the mattress as she strummed herself.

"Uh... uh... uhhhh!" Little cries flew half-muffled from her lips and as he gawked at her passion, Dick was driven to pump in frantic need, trying to match her climax with his own. And with lightning swiftness, her hand shot to his cock. Fierce fingers circled the shaft, clutching possessively... taking over the rhythm... dragging demandingly even as her other hand continued to grind at her own sex.

The heady thrill of imminent orgasm stormed Dick. He couldn't restrain a cry of disbelief as her pretty little fist beat his prick up and down madly. Barbara's shapeliness was on full display, every curve straining, breasts jiggling explosively with her wanton movements. She writhed against the happiness her fingers were giving her pussy and as she wriggled against the sheets, her head turned and the light of the moon was full on her face.

Her eyes were shut. Dick, sure till that instant that she had awakened, gawked at the closed eyelids that disproved it, even as they reminded him of dark-lashed eyes closed in ecstasy. She was doing it all in her sleep!

A certainty took Dick. Barbara was acting on instinct. Anyone that stacked was built for cock. It came naturally. And she must starve for it with her damned work. But it still called to her, psyched her for sex maybe, especially when she slept.

"Oh... guh... God!" His cry rasped low in his throat. Her fist, clenched around his prick, pistoned furiously now, keeping time to the frenzy of the fingers she had driven into her cunt. He tried to angle himself away as he felt his climax soaring, but she gripped him even more possessively as his cock throbbed orgasmically.

His cum sprayed out in a shower, leaping from his tortured glans and squirting into Barbara's face and across her spasm-whipped body. It was unbelievable ecstasy to Dick to gape openly at his beloved as his sperm shot freely at the lovely inviting flesh. The seed hit Barbara on her vee, sparkling into the dark pubic triangle. It splashed across the contours of her brazen breasts and a few drops went directly into her parted lips. Some of his semen had gotten into that pretty mouth!

Even as her hand drifted from his emptied prick to fall limply to her side, Dick was swept by the magic of what had happened. She had masturbated both of them! Never known it! Didn't know even now as the milk-white residue of his orgasm puddled at the low points of her gorgeously curved body. He saw it glisten at her navel and in the cleft of her tits... even one droplet sparkled in the corner of a closed eyelid.

Staring down at his unrelenting erection, stiffened again almost immediately after a momentary sag when his climax ended, he was driven by a new thought. She was deep in sleep, but still so psyched that her body quivered in light, involuntary spasms. It was time for more.

And something much more daring dogged his possessed thoughts. Why not give her the ultimate wet dream? Fuck that torrid, desire-ridden body of hers even as she slept!

The impulse took over Dick, driving him over the edge of the bed and between her legs before logic could stop him. Suddenly he was there, on his knees between her parted thighs, one palm resting his weight as the other hand steered his formidable cock into the shadow between her legs, refusing to let it hide her arousal any longer.

Barbara felt the delicious pressure of the determined prick nudging her open in a bold intrusion. With a barely perceptible thrust of her pelvis she urged upward at what she hungered for and drove herself onto its darkly swollen head just as Dick's courage began to fail.

He was mounted before he knew it. Inside the most gorgeous girl in the world. Fucking into her tight snatch. Feeling the grabbing muscles clutch at his cock as he ground himself deeper and deeper into her, into Barbara—his wife!

Every raw nerve in his body was part of their copulation. He stared into the beauty of her face, clearly visible as she twisted under his thrusts. Still her eyelids never fluttered to hint she was awake. Though the fact that she was going wild for his plunging prick was plain to see from the ecstasy in her expression. Even asleep, her eyebrows arched and her nostrils dilated and cute crinkles marked a furrow in her brow as climax neared.

Her lips were the giveaway her orgasm was close. At first they formed a pretty pucker as she tried to contain the emotion she felt far down. Then all at once the lips parted prettily... a little... then a little more, gulping more and more air in to feed the fire Dick was building inside her, until they were almost wide enough to take a cockhead, thought Dick, feeling a weird momentary detachment as he watched Barbara's assertive personality completely subsumed by orgasm.

Her head strained back, going deep into the pillow. One lock of her hair tumbled over her left eye, sticking to a clot of cum, and the rest was in disarray across the pillow behind her. Parted lips were letting little cries of desperation through and the sound grabbed and tore what self-control Dick had managed at the beginning of their sex.

"Ooohhh... yess!" moaned Barbara in a husky whisper that pierced directly to the lustful animal inside Dick. "Oh, fuck me... fuck me! It's... beautiffuhlh... oh, DICK!"

Her inner folds were a sizzling, writhing assault on his phallus... siphoning... clutching... dragging... taking full command of everything he offered, even in her sleep.

"Wuh... wait!" The useless plea was from a paralyzed sex slave to a goddess. His head was spinning happily and a blinding euphoria blasted all his senses, spinning his thoughts into a blurred oblivion. Abruptly, everything around him was bright colors—then black and formless. He was in another world... another time... everything tightness and release.

"Ahhh... yeah... ha!" His body was jerking in frenzied reflex when unconsciousness finally took him and as she felt his body start to fold, Barbara ground herself against his ejaculating cock, giving vent to the convulsions of her own coming.

"Dick?" she whispered to the figure lying inert across her front. "Dick... do you hear?"

No answer.

Carefully she extricated herself from under the body enveloping hers, catching her breath at the unrelenting determination of the glistening cock that snaked from her pussy. A moment later she had him lying on his back and she crouched across his hip, staring in admiration at the source of all her enjoyment.

Even with its hardness flagging, his cock was a heroic weapon. Barbara fingered it thoughtfully, watching his face for any hint of his return to consciousness out of a well-deserved rest. There was none. His expression was happily bemused, taunting Barbara to stricken it with pleasure once more.

She bent to the swollen darkness of the glans and began to lick. Slowly, deliberately, savoring the tarty sweet mingling of her flow with his residue, she tongued Dick's impressive member. Then she felt the quiver. A slight tremor at first, but only at first. Without any apparent intermediary, there was a ramrodding leap of stiffness that forced an impressed gasp from Barbara. There in the moonlight, unknown to its owner, was a superior work of manliness quivering and fully hardened.

Barbara was almost casual in her consumption of it. It was as though she knew just how much to suck while Dick's consciousness gathered. Kissing the wide crown, licking under its protruding glans, then guiding the cap to her nipple to wipe off a drop that oozed into view, she played joyfully.

Mouth open, she directed the cockhead inside her mouth, seeming to be undecided as she felt its electricity between her lips. Impulsively changing her mind, she swung astride the hips of her unaware lover and lowered herself onto his perfectly fitted cock, letting herself be spread open. She kept going even as it grew painful, allowing the corresponding thrill of it fill her to capacity.

As his growing arousal rammed to what felt deliciously more than her sex could ever take, Barbara was whipped with the uncontrollable urge to impale herself totally on the maddening organ. She drove downward, feeling climax rip her apart in return. For wild pleasure-ridden seconds she swayed in a paroxysm of need and satiation, neither conscious nor unconscious. If only Dick were still looking, he could see her in heaven.

Her lush, straining body arched in a deep crescent as the semen charged into her. It seemed to blast all the way to the back of her throat, its phantom taste filling her tongue, dizzying her beyond all sanity as it pungently reached her nostrils as well.

Then the frenzy passed and as she slid from the statue-like stillness beneath her, the erection began to topple. By the time she was quiet at his side, drawing deeply for air and settling to the same position as when he passed out, his member was a limp coil at his crotch.

Almost an hour passed before the silence in the room was broken by Dick's groan. He stirred, registering with dazed confusion the naked sweatiness of his body and another's. Comprehension came suddenly and he slid quickly from the side of the bed, feeling shock ripple his spine as the awareness of what he'd done and where he was filled him.

Stumbling away from the bed, trembling uncontrollably, he grabbed up his terrycloth robe.

A second later Barbara heard the door swish softly over the carpet, followed by a light click as he shut it behind himself. "Thank you," she whispered.

She almost would've gone to sleep, leaving it as a magical act in the half-life of the moon and the dark, but her desires needled her even harder now that they'd been partially sated. The door had barely even shut behind him before she got up and followed him out.

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