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Marrying for Money Ch. 03


Note to readers: You really will get more out of this story if you read the first two chapters. The first installment doesn't have much sex, but it lays the foundation for the rest of the story and defines the main characters. Chapters 2 and 3 are alot more steamy. If any of you are like me, you like some good plot twists mixed in with the mating :)

I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy writing it. There's still lots more to tell about the budding romance between Leanna and Trevor so on to our story...

The next several days began to run together, as the newlyweds settled into married life with ease. They shared a healthy sense of humor about the multitude of adjustments they each had to make in order for their separate lives to blend into one.

Trevor learned that his wife was definitely not an early riser. However, she never minded when he woke her with steamy kisses and bold caresses in the wee hours before dawn. He would usually start out by teasing her breasts, gradually increasing the pressure of his fingers squeezing her nipples until she was fully awake. By the time his fingers wandered into her crotch, it would already be swollen, wet and throbbing. He loved making her so needy, and he couldn't help but grin as he worked himself into her tight sheath.

Leanna was always eager to accommodate him, stretching her legs over his shoulders or wrapping them around his waist to open herself wider for him as she moaned with pleasure. Unlike other wives he had heard about, she never pleaded a headache or exhaustion. In fact, she begged him to take her, whispering naughty words of encouragement in his ear as he thrust into her, harder, faster, deeper.

Her husky voice always sent him over the edge, then he would unload ropes of his hot, sticky seed into her, groaning as she convulsed around him with her own orgasm. Then, he would leave her peacefully slumbering while he went about the business of running his ship. He had to admit that being married definitely had its advantages. Being able to enjoy his beautiful wife whenever he wanted made this sea crossing more relaxing than he could have ever imagined.

Leanna was becoming so well trained that on the few mornings when Trevor didn't wake her up early, she would rouse on her own. He loved those times, when he would wake to feel her hand firmly stroking him while she whispered needy pleas into his ear. He would lay relaxed on his pillows, letting his wife have her way with his body, as she moaned and bounced herself up and down on his throbbing erection. He loved the feeling of her juices spilling down onto his groin while he squeezed her tender nipples into hard little nubs.

The funny part to him was that no one else would have ever guessed her true nature. She was as proper and ladylike as any woman he had ever known. She would smile or nod demurely to the men in his crew, always polite and friendly but never inappropriate. His men respected her and treated her like royalty. They had no idea that behind the closed door of their captain's cabin, his wife was an insatiable little whore, always ready to satisfy her husband's lust.

Trevor learned other things about his young wife, like what foods she liked, her taste in clothing, and that she had a keen mind and healthy curiosity. Leanna never bored him, as they discussed any number of topics, and he found more often than not, their opinions were similar on important issues. He learned that Leanna especially treasured her bath. Even though she had only a small washtub on board the ship and had to make do with seawater rather than fresh, her bath became a daily ritual.

One evening, he sat watching her while she bathed, his eyes following the water as it dribbled down her breasts and over her creamy thighs. Leanna looked up and caught him watching her with fiery passion smoldering in the sapphire depths of his eyes, and she rose from the tub, not even bothering to towel herself dry.

Her body was wet and glistening in the candlelight, and he felt the blood pounding into his groin as he watched her. She walked toward him with slow, seductive strides and straddled his outstretched legs. She stood over him, her firm breasts jutting out proudly and her delicious pink petals peeking out from beneath the fiery thatch of hair between her thighs. She could clearly see his erect penis straining beneath his pants, and she gave him a seductive smile.

"Did you want something, my husband?" she inquired sweetly.

Trevor raked his eyes over her body, so flagrantly on display for him. He pulled her closer and ran the pads of his fingers lightly over her slick folds. When he looked up at her, he raised one eyebrow and gave her a rakish grin.

"I think my little wife wants something even more than I do. Her little pussy lips are swollen and dripping with something besides water." When she blushed delicately, he chuckled. "Take whatever you like, my sweet."

Leanna needed no further encouragement, and she eagerly freed his erection from his pants, pulling them down around his hips. She sank to her knees and stroked his member reverently in both of her tiny hands, smiling when Trevor released a pained groan. His beautiful cock glistened with oozing fluid, and she bent down to lick the drops from the broad head. His skin was softer than rose petals beneath her tongue, and she moaned with delight.

She used her hot little mouth to pleasure him, licking, sucking and squeezing his throbbing cock as she gradually worked it deep into her throat until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. She moaned in encouragement when he gripped her head and flexed his hips, thrusting into her exquisite mouth. When Trevor was about to cum, he tried to lift her head, but Leanna squealed in protest and sucked him even harder, using one hand to caress his balls as she massaged him with her tongue. Trevor could only watch in amazement as his beautiful little wife sucked every drop of his seed down her throat, sighing with appreciation after she had swallowed.

"Ummm, you taste good," she said with a grin.

Leanna perched on Trevor's lap, straddling his hips with her thighs. Ignoring the fact that she had completely dampened his clothes, she smiled at him with sultry eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck, as she gave him a slow, deep kiss. Their kisses became sweltering, and Trevor wasn't surprised to feel his cock growing hard once more. Trevor cupped the globes of her bottom with his hands and pulled her down onto his erection until he was buried to the hilt inside her.

As she began to move on him, her breasts bounced invitingly at his eye level, and Trevor didn't waste the chance to seize them. This only drove Leanna into a wilder pace, and she impaled herself on him with increasing force as she arched her back to take him deeper still. Trevor finally carried her, her legs locked around him, to the bed, and he spilled himself inside her once more before they both collapsed in satiated exhaustion.

As the days stretched into weeks and then months, Leanna realized that she had fallen hopelessly in love with her husband, and she was immensely thankful that she had taken the leap of faith of agreeing to marry him. Trevor was more than she had ever dreamed of for a husband, and she knew that she would never be able to deny him anything that he asked of her.

It hadn't escaped her notice that her husband had never spoken of love to her. Although he pampered her as his wife and strove continually to make her happy, he had never even hinted that he loved her. One night, caught in the throes of passion, Leanna had whispered that she loved him, and Trevor had gone totally still. He stared intently into her eyes for a long moment, before he resumed his movements, thrusting into her with powerful strokes until he drove her mindless with pleasure. That night, their lovemaking had been even sweeter than usual, as her husband took her to new heights of pleasure, but he hadn't answered her words of love.

Thinking back on it the next morning, Leanna frowned at the memory, wondering if Trevor would ever return her love. She sensed from things he said, or failed to say, that his former fiancée had hurt him deeply, and Leanna could only hope that, given enough time, he would learn to trust her with his heart. In the meantime, she was determined to shower him with enough love to convince him.


Trevor stood on the deck of his ship, looking out on the horizon with a frown. It had been over two months since they left port in London, and he knew they would reach Virginia in another week or so. His thoughts were centered on his wife, as he mused on the changes she had brought about in his life. He had wanted to settle down and start a family, but he had planned to remain emotionally unattached to the woman he married. He wasn't going to give another woman the power to hurt him as Eliza had. He had planned to marry someone suitable, but not to let his heart get involved.

He smiled grimly as he thought about how miserably his plan was failing. His heart was succumbing to the charms of his beautiful and passionate wife, and he was helpless to resist. His thoughts returned to a few nights earlier, when she had declared her love for him. He had felt as if she pierced his heart with the words. He desperately wanted to believe her, but he had been a fool once before. Eliza had declared her love for him and given her body to him, and then she had betrayed him without a second thought. He had known Eliza his entire life, so if she could fool him so easily, how could he trust Leanna? She was, in large part, still a stranger to him.

Trevor thought about the incredible risk Leanna had taken, agreeing to become his wife and sailing away to a foreign country. He could interpret that to mean that she truly cared for him, except there was always the possibility that her actions were motivated by money. A niggling voice in his mind reminded him once again that he had given her the option to back out and still get the money she needed, but she hadn't taken it. How much weight could he place on her decision to go ahead with their marriage?

He wanted to trust in her, but after so many years of hurt, anger and bitterness, he found it hard to change his thinking. He frowned as he looked out over the waves. No, he wasn't going to give Leanna the same power to hurt him that Eliza had used. It was far better not to admit what he was feeling. If Leanna didn't know the power she had over him, then she couldn't use it against him.

Trevor was surprised to realize that the depth of feeling he had for Leanna far surpassed anything he had ever felt for his former fiancée. While Eliza's betrayal had hurt him deeply, he knew that if Leanna ever chose another man over him, it would completely devastate him. It really was pointless to debate whether he could trust her or not when his heart already belonged to her.

Still, Trevor was determined to take things slowly. He would see what the next few months brought, and if he and Leanna were still as happy as they were now, perhaps he would trust her enough to tell her how much he loved her. Until he was ready to speak the words, he would continue to cherish her with his actions.

Feeling some relief from his decision, Trevor suddenly felt a strong desire to return to his wife, and he turned over command of the ship to his first mate before making his way to their cabin. He entered to find Leanna bent over trying to make the bed. She was dressed only in her filmy chemise, and his eyes devoured her trim back and long shapely legs as he closed the door and threw the bolt in place. She smiled over her shoulder at him then turned back toward the bed, not pausing in her activity.

"Good morning," she bubbled brightly, not hearing his approach.

Trevor bent over her and enfolded her in a warm embrace as his hands began to wander over her ripe curves. His lips nuzzled at her neck, and he slipped a hand into the top of her chemise letting her breast fill his palm.

"Yes, it is a good morning. You look even more beautiful than on our wedding day, when I came in to find you in this exact same position."

As he spoke, his other hand unerringly found its way into the soft flesh between her thighs, and a moan of pleasure escaped her as she leaned back against him, encouraging his exploration.

Leanna smiled up at him from over her shoulder. "I thought you had work to do! What are you doing back so soon?"

"Are you complaining, my sweet?" he inquired, tweaking her nipple until shards of pleasure shot through to her belly.

"Never," she moaned, her head lolling onto his shoulder in delighted surrender. "You know when you touch me, I can't help myself, I become your little whore."

Trevor caught the hem of her chemise and whisked it off over her head before dropping it on the bed. Pulling her back against him, his hands roamed over her body feverishly, exploring each familiar curve and valley while bringing muted moans to her lips.

"And what a sweet little whore you are, Leanna. I must be equally weak where you're concerned. It seems I can't get enough of you."

He lifted her hips until she was kneeling on all fours on the edge of the bed as he unbuttoned his pants. He grasped her hips and thrust into her powerfully from behind without preamble, eliciting a gasp of surprise as he filled her. His eyes closed with satisfaction as he felt her close lovingly around him, and he sucked in a breath. He withdrew to plunge again into her velvety heat. Bracing herself on her arms, Leanna spread her knees wide, giving him better access.

Trevor cupped her breasts in his hands and firmly tweaked her nipples just the way she liked it, until they were tingling and hard. His hand drifted down to fondle her throbbing clit, and all the while, he possessed her with powerful strokes that lifted her knees off the bed.

He felt a tightening in his chest as he watched her responding to his lovemaking. She was so eager to please him, opening herself totally to his desire, and her unselfish lovemaking tugged at his heartstrings. He wanted so much to believe in her commitment and to dispense with these nagging doubts that plagued him.

When Trevor abruptly withdrew from her, Leanna mewled in disappointment before squealing with surprise when he flipped her over onto her back and knelt between her thighs. Her hips were almost hanging off the edge of the bed, and her pussy was fully displayed for her husband. He gazed at her, stroking her slick flesh for several moments before placing a gentle kiss on her engorged clit. Her head lolled on the mattress as she arched her hips up to his mouth, stroking her fingers though his hair in encouragement.

With one strong arm across her belly, kneading her sensitized nipple, Trevor devoured her. Her world careened out of control, as he slipped his hot tongue inside of her, branding her with his greedy mouth. He slid two fingers inside her, opening her vulnerable flesh for him to plunder as he growled his approval. He made love to her with his tongue, gently nibbling and probing. He gradually grew more aggressive nipping and suckling as she writhed upon the bed.

Leanna came with a hoarse scream, and as her juices flowed freely out of her pussy he lapped them up like the sweetest nectar. He worshipped her lush womanly body, wanting to give her as much pleasure as she gave him. When her thighs finally eased their trembling, Trevor kissed his way up her body until his lips could reach hers.

Leanna moaned, tasting her own muskiness on his mouth. She could feel the course fabric of his clothes chafing against her naked skin, and she rubbed her breasts against his chest in clear invitation. He grasped her knees, spreading her legs wide once more and looping them over his shoulders before he plunged into her. He suddenly seemed possessed with his own urgency as if he couldn't get enough of her, he couldn't get deep enough inside her. Leanna clung to him, opening her legs as much as she could as he possessed her with powerful thrusts.

Looking down at her, her nipples taut and bouncing, her alabaster skin turned rosy from his touch, her fiery hair spread in waves upon the quilt, Trevor knew without a doubt that he loved her completely, but he closed his eyes to hide his emotions. Coming together with one final, deep thrust, they rode the waves of passion together, clinging to one another as they floated back to earth.

Leanna could feel the sticky heat of him pouring inside her, and she tightened around him welcoming his seed. Trevor lowered her legs and slumped onto her chest, his face buried in the crook of her neck as his breathing gradually slowed. She smiled as she clasped his face against her shoulder and stroked his sweaty cheek. She felt her love welling up to surround them both, and she closed her eyes and drifted with him, feeling the reassuringly steady beat of his heart against her own.

When Trevor finally withdrew from her and stood up to button his pants, she remained still, not trying to hide her body from him as she lay spread before him, her pussy pouting enticingly. His eyes freely roamed over her curves, and he couldn't resist the urge to plunge his fingers into her once more. He felt his love for her welling up inside him, and he was tempted to admit how he felt, but thoughts of Eliza's betrayal suddenly rose up to haunt him. Instead, he spoke with the bitterness of years of hurt and anger.

"You are mine, Leanna, always remember that. You belong to me. No other man will have you!"

As Trevor said the words, his eyes burned into hers. His vulnerability was evident in his clear blue eyes, and she felt her heart wrench with pain. It was as if he was speaking to someone else, and she knew with sudden certainty that he was thinking of the woman who had hurt him before. Without another word, he turned and strode from the room, closing the door with a definite click behind him.

Leanna curled into a miserable knot upon the bed and pulled a sheet up to cover her nakedness. It broke her heart to think that he could make such tender, passionate love to her while thinking of another woman, and she suddenly felt very dirty. After a long time, she rose, washed and dressed. She smoothed the covers on the bed, blinking back the tears that were stinging her eyes, and she went to the window where she could stare out over the waves. She had been hopeful until now that, given enough time, her husband would forget his former fiancée, but she wasn't so sure anymore. Although the day was bright and sunny, she had never felt more gloomy, and she released a deep sigh.

Trevor had never promised to love her, and she had married him knowing that he had been hurt in the past. If only she could make him understand that she was different from his precious Eliza. She didn't want any other man besides him. Trevor had aroused a passionate nature that she never knew she had before. Leanna knew that he was the only man she needed to satisfy her hunger, since he was the one who stirred that hunger in the first place.

Leanna gave a pensive sigh. Their lovemaking had been sweeter than ever, and she closed her eyes as she remembered the things he had done to bring her pleasure. Trevor's tenderness during their lovemaking didn't fit with the idea that he had been thinking of another while he held her. Leanna had to believe, for the sake of her own sanity, that she had somehow misunderstood his motives.

She turned from the window with determination to think positively, and she set about the business of tidying their cabin. She carefully folded her nightgown and put it away, before hanging up her husband's discarded shirt from the day before. She cleared away their breakfast dishes, placing them on a tray for the cabin boy to retrieve.

Looking around for something else to occupy her, she began tidying the papers on her husband's desk, a task she had never tackled before. She opened a drawer to put away his ship's log, and her eyes fell on a stack of letters, bound by a red ribbon. Her brow puckered in curiosity. She had never seen the letters before, and she had to take a closer look at them.

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