Marrying for Money


Leanna leaned forward in her chair, anxious to convince him of the merits of her plan. In her eagerness, she was unaware of what a delightful view she presented of her well-rounded breasts, but Trevor was inclined to scan that same view surreptitiously while she talked.

"I assure you, Mr. Grayson, my brother is a very good businessman. He would have made my father much more successful, if he had only been given the chance."

Trevor nodded slowly. "Yes, I can see that you have great confidence in your brother's abilities. However, I hope you can understand that I cannot rely simply on the doting allegiance of a man's sister to ensure that my money would be returned."

Leanna bristled at his comment, but she bit back an angry reply. However, the effort to hold her tongue caused twin spots of color to appear on her cheeks, and Trevor suppressed a grin knowing that she was incensed.

"Well, would you accept the deed to our home as collateral?" she asked quietly. "We could make regular payments to you, as my brother is able until we have paid you back with interest. I assure you, we would be able to pay you back, given some time."

Trevor cocked his head to one side, carefully considering her. "No, I'm afraid I have no use for the deed to a home in London. As it is, I am anxious to return to my home in Virginia, and I don't think I will be returning to England, at least not in the foreseeable future. I would need something more for reassurance." He patiently waited for her next volley.

Leanna's eyes darted around nervously before she gave him her answer. "But I am afraid I don't have anything else to offer you," she mumbled dejectedly staring down at her hands in her lap.

Trevor's laugh was low and smooth as he watched her, and he moved in for the kill. "I would not agree with that, Miss Bradley. I think you have a great deal to offer."

Leanna looked up in time to see his eyes flickering over her breasts, and she colored brightly. "What exactly do you mean, sir?" she asked indignantly.

"I mean that I am much more interested in you than in any deed to a house or a share in a business venture," he responded with a lazy grin.

Leanna leaped up from her chair, her eyes flashing green fire. "How dare you! I should never have come here today!" She would have stalked to the door, but he stood up, firmly blocking her path.

"Don't you wish to hear my proposal?" he needled her.

Leanna faced him with a grim set to her jaw, placing her hands on her hips in vexation. "I don't think I do. I have already been propositioned to become someone's mistress, and I turned him down flat, so I really don't understand why you assume I would accept your offer, when I don't even know you!"

Trevor looked down at her heaving chest and her flashing eyes. This woman had spirit, and he knew he needed that in a wife. He liked a good challenge. A submissive woman would bore him to tears. "I'm not offering for you become my mistress. I'm offering for you to become my wife."

Leanna's jaw dropped open in utter surprise, and she sank weakly back down into the chair as her knees buckled beneath her. When she spoke, her voice was breathless with shock. "You want to marry me?" she croaked. When he nodded, she shook her head in confusion. "Why on earth would you want to do that when you don't know anything about me?"

Trevor slanted his head to one side as he considered her carefully again. "I have my reasons. Besides, I know several very important things about you already."

Leanna frowned in disbelief. "Really? Like what?" she challenged him.

His smile was devastatingly charming. "You are certainly beautiful enough for my taste, on top of which you are brave and very intelligent. You have demonstrated that you have a fiery nature, which is what I need in a wife, someone who isn't afraid to stand up to me. Most important of all, you've shown that you are loyal and honest, and I find those qualities to be crucial in a marriage." His eyes clouded slightly as he said the last, but he blinked and the faraway look was gone. "I think we would be extremely compatible, and I know of several successful marriages that have been built on less than that. After all, it's not uncommon in arranged marriages for the man and woman to be virtual strangers to each other."

Leanna shook her head slightly as if she were trying to clear the cobwebs from her brain. "I cannot believe I am hearing this. Don't you want to marry someone that you love?"

"I have no interest in love, Miss Bradley," he said flatly. "I much prefer to marry a woman that I am compatible with. I am not offering you love. I'm offering you a position of security and honor. As my wife, you would want for nothing."

"And what makes you think we would be compatible based on one meeting?"

Trevor again cocked his head to one side, his narrowed eyes assessing her carefully. "Believe me, Miss Bradley, we would suit each other quite well. In the past few years, I've learned to be an excellent judge of character. I need a wife, and due to reasons which I don't wish to discuss right now, I want my marriage to be more along the lines of a mutually agreeable companionship. While I would expect my wife to share my bed and provide me with children, I would not expect her to be my soul mate."

Leanna rose from the chair and went to stare out the large window that overlooked the fetid water of the Thames. "Mr. Grayson, there is no way I can agree to marry you based on one meeting," she said shakily. "You may be able to make snap decisions about things that will affect the rest of your life, but I cannot. As much as I am desperate to help my family, I will have to refuse your offer."

Trevor came to stand directly behind her, and when he spoke, he startled her by his nearness, and she turned to face him. "I can understand your hesitancy. But perhaps a demonstration of just how compatible we are would help you decide."

Before Leanna could guess his intentions, Trevor wrapped his arms around her and drew her tightly against his chest. Leanna gasped as her hands came in contact with solid muscles, and her nostrils were assailed by his clean, masculine smell. He smiled devilishly down at her and hesitated only a second before he swooped to claim her lips. He felt warm and firm, and Leanna gave in to the urge to return his kiss, as she slanted her mouth underneath his. She felt his tongue probing her lips, and she gasped, giving him the opportunity to slip inside and taste the warm cavity of her mouth.

She had never been kissed so intimately before, and while it was shockingly scandalous, it was also thrilling. Leanna felt warmth spreading through her belly, and her knees were slightly wobbly. She wound her arms around his neck, and a soft moan escaped her as his hands pressed her more fully against him. She felt his hands roaming her backside, and she gasped again when he skimmed one hand up her ribs to cup the fullness of her breast.

Leanna's eyes flew open and locked with his, as he stroked his thumb over her hardened nipple. She wanted to protest, but could only manage a strangled moan of pleasure, and Trevor took that as a sign of encouragement to deepen the caress. He slipped his hand inside the neckline of her undergarment to cup her breast in his palm, skin to naked skin. All the while, he watched her expression change from concern to confusion to blatant excitement.

He unfastened several buttons and opened her bodice, finally breaking eye contact with her to look over her exposed flesh. Her breasts were perfect, full and luscious, and tipped with pink perky nipples. His cocked throbbed painfully, but he ignored it for now. He rolled one nipple between his fingers while he suckled the other, causing Leanna to moan and arch her back.

He was consumed with a nearly overwhelming urge to carry her to his bunk and bury his cock in her sweet pussy there and then, but he knew that he would have to wait for that. He wanted more than just a single bout of sex with this woman. He would have to handle her perfectly if he was going to win her as his wife. He reluctantly released her breast and watched as her lids fluttered open.

Leanna noticed that his breath was coming as fast as her own and his eyes were smoldering with intensity.

When he spoke, his voice was husky with suppressed passion. "Do you believe in fate, Miss Bradley?"

"Yes," she answered breathlessly, without thinking. She felt both weak and invigorated, and for the first time in her life, her pussy was wet, throbbing and needy.

He gave her a knowing smile. "So do I. We were destined to meet, I'm sure of it. I can make you no promises save this one." His eyes dropped to her naked breasts, and he caressed them with bold possession as he continued. "If you accept my proposal, you will never have to wonder where I spend my nights."

Leanna looked up at him through wide, confused eyes. This man's bluntness was both unnerving and strangely comforting. At least she would never have to guess at what he was thinking. Leanna gave him a small nod to acknowledge she had heard him, and then she pressed gently against his chest.

He consented to release her, and as she turned her back to him to refasten her bodice, Trevor decided on a plan.

"I can give you three days to consider my proposal, and then, I must sail for Virginia. Why don't I take you to dinner tonight and we can get to know each other a bit better? Maybe then, you will feel more inclined to accept my offer. Shall I pick you up at say, seven o'clock?"

Leanna's head was still spinning, but she managed to nod her acceptance of his suggestion. She dug one of her calling cards out of her purse and gave it to him. "My address is on the card." She took a shaky breath and briefly met his eye. "I really must be going. I'll think about . . . everything." She blushed and her eyes darted away. After what had just passed between them, she would be hard pressed to think about anything but his lips and hands on her!

He followed her to the door and swept her cloak from its hook to hold it for her. She quickly donned it and fastened the clasp beneath her chin before turning back to him. "I will see you this evening." Their gazes met and held for several seconds before she turned to leave.

He followed her back up the narrow stairs to the deck. "Until tonight then," he murmured, giving her a wicked smile. She nodded slightly and he watched as she disembarked from his ship and picked her way daintily down the gangplank to the nearby waiting hackney. She stepped gracefully inside, and the coach rolled away.

Trevor released the breath that he had been holding. He closed his eyes and savored the remembered feeling of her soft curves pressed against him. She was delectable enough to tempt the saints. A lustful smile split his lips, and he turned to seek out his first mate, whistling a cheerful tune. He knew with sudden certainty that she was the right wife for him. Now, he had to convince her of that in the next three days!

Leanna sat in the coach on the way home, and a heated blush rose in her cheeks as she remembered what she had allowed Trevor to do with her body. Even now, there was a moist heat between her thighs, and her breathing had not yet returned to normal. Surely no proper lady would have allowed a man, a total stranger no less, to make love to her like that. She should be feeling like a shameless slut, but instead, an undeniable shiver of excitement went up her spine. The prospect of being Trevor Grayson's bride and experiencing even more of his lovemaking was unbelievably tempting. She couldn't deny that she was looking forward to seeing him again, and if he pressed her for further liberties, she doubted she would deny him.

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by Anonymous05/10/18

More of the same

This is the fourth character of yours (the other three were the McKenzies) where the man's first interaction with the woman he's to end up with, he goes straight for a breast. Usually there's a kiss andmore...

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One of the top authors on this site - somewhat forgotten....Write more please...

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Very enjoyable...

A relaxing and pleasant read. For what it's worth, it's
- bated breath, not baited breath (we're not fishing).
- "could care less"? So, couldn't care more? I think you meant to say "couldn't care less"?more...

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by Anonymous11/06/17

Very nice start!

Very interesting start and I am enjoying your writing style a lot Haremgirl, im looking forward to reading more of your work.

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