tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMarsha Works Overtime

Marsha Works Overtime


At 18 years of age, unmarried, with a one year old baby and nothing but a high school GED certificate, Marsha thought she already had three strikes against her. Therefore, she was very pleasantly surprised to be offered a position in the office of a large insurance company. Mr. Stone, the office manager, who had interviewed her, smiled in a friendly way as he offered her the job at the conclusion of their meeting. She would start at a much higher salary than she had even hoped for and the promise of occasional overtime work, for additional money, made her even happier.

“Yes,” she replied. “I can start tomorrow. And, I really appreciate your giving me a chance, Mr. Stone. I know you will be satisfied with what I can do for you.”

“I’m sure we will.” Her new boss was positive he would be more than just satisfied with what he expected Marsha to do for him. During the interview he had hardly been able to keep his eyes off Marsha’s big, lush tits and he was really looking forward to when she would be working overtime and he would have them in his mouth or wrapped around his cock. As she walked out of his office, he eyed her plump, sexy ass and thought how great it would be when she would be bouncing under him on the sofa in his office.

“She’s the perfect employee,” he thought. Sexy, bright enough to do the simple tasks he would assign her, and dumb enough and desperate enough to do the kind of overtime work he would want her to do. Smiling to himself, he patted his cock, already figuring that the following Wednesday evening would be the first time he would have it in Marsha’s hot young pussy, and there would be many more times after that..

On Wednesday morning, Mr. Stone approached Marsha at her desk where she was doing the simple tasks he had assigned her. “Marsha, I’m going to need you to work overtime this evening. Come into my officer at 5:00 o’clock and I will have some things for you to do. Don’t tell any of the others because they will be jealous since you are new here and already getting a chance to earn extra money.”

“Yes, Mr. Stone. I will come to your office at 5:00 o’clock.”

“Hopefully, you’ll be cumming after that too, and so will I,” he thought, and smiled as he pictured his new employee naked.

Promptly at five o’clock Marsha entered Mr. Stone’s office to see what she would need to do. “File these letters in that cabinet over there,” were his instructions to her. By the time Marsha had sorted the letters into alphabetical order, she and the lecherous office manager were the only persons in the office.

The insurance company was very conservative and had a strict dress code for employees and part of the code was to disallow blue jeans for anybody or any kind of pants for the female clerical staff. Mr. Stone was one of the strongest advocates of the policy, ostensibly because it promoted professionalism. Actually, he knew it was so much more fun to come up behind a woman like Marsha and lift a skirt or dress to fondle her ass or pussy, or whatever through panties or, better yet, when they were bare than it was to do the fondling through a layer of outer clothing. Marsha was wearing a knee-length skirt that day, tight enough for her ass to fill it out nicely but loose enough that her boss would be able to suddenly get his hands under it and do what he wanted. As he saw Marsha bending over the file drawer, her skirt riding up her legs he grinned lecherously and decided, “This is the time.”

Softly, he crept up behind her; Marsha didn’t know he was there until his arms were under her skirt, lifting it to hug her panty-clad hips. “What are you doing?” she yelped.

“Seeing to it that you earn your salary,” he responded, his right hand reaching around and gently squeezing Marsha’s pussy through her nylon panties, while his left arm held her tightly around the waist.

Marsha had no luck pushing her attacker away or removing the offending hand or arm and he was trying to work his right hand under the legs of her panties, already touching her pubic hair, his fingers just a fraction of an inch from her most private parts. Swinging her fists back at him was also useless as they bounced harmlessly off his legs and he was holding her off the floor so she had no leverage to stamp on his feet. “Please stop! Let me go! I do earn my salary. You said so yourself today.”

“I meant you would get a chance to earn it tonight. On that sofa over there is where you’ll earn it.”

As she struggled futilely, Marsha was almost crying, from outrage at the liberties being taken with her person, from fear that she was going to be raped and from frustration that she couldn’t break loose. “Let me go! Let me go!” she pleaded. “I’ll scream!”

“Nobody will hear you with the door shut. Why are you fighting me anyhow? You’re not some innocent virgin; I know you’ve been around.” By that time he had given up on reaching her pussy through the legs of her panties. While his left arm still held her tightly around her waist, his other hand was down the waistband, reveling in the feel of her soft pubic hair and in the knowledge that his fingers could reach her pussy.

Marsha was almost crying as she pleaded. “Please, Mr. Stone. I’m trying to be a good girl. Please take your hands off me. I don’t want to do what you want.”

“Marsha, what I want is to eat your pussy until you cum and then fuck you. If you don’t let me, I’ll rape you and fire you, and where will you go then? You can never get a job that pays as well as this one, especially after I blackball you with everyone in town. Where will you get the medical insurance I know you need for your baby?”

That gave Marsha something else to fear. On the strength of her new job she had signed up for day care for her son, and would not be able to even come close to paying for it without the job. Her struggles slackened slightly and Mr. Stone took advantage of the opportunity to thrust his hand farther into her panties until his fingers were massaging Marsha just above her clit, which he knew to be an extremely erogenous area.

“Please let me go, Mr. Stone. I don’t want you to rape me and I don’t want you to fire me and I don’t want to do those things.” Marsha was crying out of fear and frustration. “If you let me go I won’t tell anybody.”

“I don’t want to rape you and I don’t want to fire you either. I want to go over to that sofa and have some good, hot sex, and I know you’ll like it too. But if you don’t go willingly, I will rape you and I will fire you. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll just relax and enjoy it.” By that time, his fingers were beside Marsha’s clit, gently caressing her there, the first time a man had done anything like that for a long time, and his fingers were having a surprising effect on her.

As her assailant had said, Marsha was not an innocent virgin and hadn’t been one since she was 14 years old. She had lost her virginity to an 18 year old who had professed undying love, but they had broken up shortly after her deflowering. After that, there had been a series of boyfriends, always older, who had profusely claimed to love her but they had all dumped her after having sex a few times, especially the young man who had knocked her up at the age of 17 and then left town. There had been nobody else since then, for the last five months of her pregnancy or for the year since she had given birth. The fingers fondling her clit, although unwelcome, were actually quite gentle, and Marsha was beginning to feel a certain amount of arousal.

“I don’t want to get pregnant,” she protested.

Once she stopped objecting to being sexually assaulted and started talking about that kind of possibility, Mr. Stone knew she would soon give in. Besides that, he could feel moisture starting to collect on her pussy and knew Marsha was feeling at least a little bit sexually excited. “I don’t want you to get pregnant either so I’ll use a condom,” he responded.”

Marsha’s struggles became more perfunctory as she thought about the possibilities. Fighting back was probably useless and she would end up being raped and fired. If she let the man have his way with her she would keep her job and no real harm would be done. Besides that, the hand inside her panties, which she now thought of as caressing her, had Marsha thinking that it might not be too bad to go along. Then she had another thought, of something her mother had warned her about.

“Mr. Stone, if I go over to the sofa with you and let you do what you want, will you tell anybody?”

“Of course not, Marsha. You and I will be the only ones who will ever know. If the other women in the office ever found out they would be envious of you and make trouble for you.”

Marsha didn’t know why the other women would be envious or make trouble for her but she thought it might be because she would be paid for overtime without doing much work. She decided that, since nobody would ever find out, it didn’t really matter anyhow. Still somewhat reluctantly, she let her boss push her to where she stood in front of the sofa. “What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“Take off your blouse and your bra.”

She was able to unbutton her blouse and, after Mr. Stone slightly relaxed his grip on her waist, to pull it off herself and toss it on the arm of the sofa. “I have to reach behind myself to unhook my bra.”

Cautiously, he relaxed his arm from her waist, while his other hand continued to play with her clit. He could definitely feel her pussy getting wetter. Marsha reached up between her shoulder blades and unhooked her bra, letting her lovely breasts bounce free. The bra joined her blouse on the sofa arm. Positive now, of his victory, the lecherous office manager no longer held her prisoner but cupped one of the luscious globes in his hand. “You have beautiful breasts,” he told her, while his other hand was getting wetter while caressing Marsha’s plump, young pussy.

“Thank you,” she replied. It was rare for her to receive a compliment, even though she was really beautiful. “What do you want me to do now?”

“Take off your skirt and shoes.” Marsha complied and she was wearing only her wet panties and stockings.

“Now, my dear, sit down right here and be comfortable and we will both have some fun.” Mr. Stone had hung up his sport coat and tie at the end of the regular workday and he had removed his shoes just before sneaking up on his now-acquiescent victim. After removing and unwrapping the condom from his pocket and setting it by the sofa leg, he quickly removed his shirt and pants and dropped them near Marsha’s clothing. Wearing only his socks and boxer shorts, he crouched before the nervous young woman.

“Really beautiful,” he said, “big and so firm,” as he held one of her jutting breasts in either hand. He leaned forward and started licking one of her nipples, which quickly became erect under his ministrations. Mr. Stone has his faults but he is not a cruel or brutal man, just one who enjoys sex with attractive young women such as Marsha, and has no scruples against taking advantage of them. Like virtually all men, he finds sex to be much more pleasurable for him when he is also giving pleasure to his partner, which was how he had been thinking about Marsha ever since hiring her.

“That feels good. Mr. Stone.”

“While we are making love here, Marsha, please call me Ronald. When we are back in the office tomorrow, I will be Mr. Stone again.”

“Okay, Ronald. That feels good. Mmmm, really good.” What felt good was Ronald still gently massaging both breasts, as he started licking her other nipple.

“I’m glad you like what I’m doing, Marsha. I’m enjoying it too and we are both going to have a lot of fun tonight.” Her panties were soaked and the aroma was delighting Ronald; his erect cock was poking through the fly of his boxer shorts. He drew one of her succulent mounds into his mouth and continued licking the nipple. Marsha murmured her increased pleasure. She murmured louder and more breathlessly as he sucked on her other lovely globe, and switched his mouth back and forth between the beautiful twins.

“Oooo, Ronald, that feels wonderful,” she sighed and her pussy started involuntarily humping into the air as her back and shoulders squirmed against the back of the sofa. Although he was really enjoying himself with her breasts, Ronald knew it was time to go lower on Marsha’s body.

He hooked his fingers under the waistband of her panties and started to pull them off her. It was gratifying to him the way Marsha lifted her ass off the sofa to let him remove her panties. He much preferred her to be compliant because it would be so much more fun for him and for her also. Ronald intended to leave her stockings in place because he knew he would like the feel of them rubbing against his face, and later against his hips.

After Marsha’s panties had joined her other clothing on the sofa arm, Ronald gave her more instructions. Slide forward on your seat and put your legs over my shoulders. Yes, like that,” he said when she complied, and he curled his arms around her thighs, placing his fingers in her pubic hair so he could pull open her pussy lips if he needed to. “Has anybody ever done this for you before?”

“No. I don’t even know what you are doing.” Although not an innocent virgin, Marsha’s sex life had actually been quite limited. Her typical sex partner had been a horny boy who thought sex was sticking his cock into her pussy and pumping it rapidly in and out until he ejaculated, either into a condom or not, basically masturbating, using her vagina rather than his own hand.

“You are really in for a treat then, my dear. And, so am I.” The next part of his treat, after the visual part, was breathing in the heavenly aroma of her marvelous young pussy, dripping by that time with her fragrant juices. An even better part of the treat was licking the juices from her pouting lips and the insides of her thighs.

This really was a treat for Marsha and a new experience for her. “Oh! Oh!” She cried. “That is so good!” I’ve never felt anything so good; it’s wonderful.” Her long period of abstinence, her youth and good health and, especially, the skillful ministrations of Ronald’s tongue and lips had gotten her highly aroused, probably more than she had ever been. None of her previous sex partners had even had any concept of foreplay and neither had she. Marsha’s pussy was fucking into Ronald’s face and her back and shoulders were writhing against the seat and back of the sofa from the pleasure he was already giving her.

His treat continued and so did hers as Ronald skillfully licked all over, relishing the feel of Marsha’s pussy bouncing on the sofa and thrusting against his face and her fresh juices dripping onto his chin. “This is the nicest pussy I have ever eaten,” he thought. “I’d better make sure she stays happy here.”

On that night, he was making her very happy, and making himself happy as well. Ronald’s fingers gently pulled open Marsha’s swollen inner pussy lips so he could lick her vagina and under the lips. As Ronald’s tongue gently caressed her most private and sensitive parts, Marsha squealed with joy and put her hands affectionately on Ronald’s head. He was glad to feel her hands there because he knew she was getting closer to cumming. “Ronald,” she crooned. “That feels just wonderful. I’ve never felt anything as good as what you’re doing to me.”

Marsha changed her mind when her swollen clit was the object of Ronald’s probing tongue. “My God! What are you doing? It keeps getting better and better.” It was getting better and better for him too, as Marsha’s pussy slammed into his face. She was on the brink of cumming and Ronald decided to bring her to her climax. His mouth had been enjoying itself for a long time and Ronald’s cock was complaining and insisting that it was his turn with Marsha’s pussy.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! What are you doing to me? It’s so wonderful. I feel so weak!” What he was doing was swirling his tongue around on her swollen clit, applying enough pressure that he knew she would be cumming in a few minutes. “About time,” his cock seemed to say but Ronald didn’t care. He was enjoying Marsha’s pussy being pressed against his mouth as she pushed on the back of his head and her legs drumming against his shoulders as she started cumming.

Marsha hadn’t cum for a long time, maybe never, but she made up for it with Ronald that night. “Oh!” she cried. “What’s happening?” A powerful wave of pleasure swept through her body, starting from her clit where Ronald kept his mouth busy, and spreading all over, to all her extremities and back to her pussy. Marsha was ecstatic; her legs squeezed his head and she pressed his face into her pussy. Ronald’s tongue and lips on Marsha’s clit continued sending wave after wave of pleasure through her until she climaxed, her body giving a great spasm, thrusting her pussy against the face of the man who was both giving and getting so much pleasure. As Marsha lay, totally relaxed against the back of the sofa, juices ran from her pussy onto the face and hands of the man who had evoked them.

After he licked all the juices off Marsha’s pussy and everywhere else, only leaving enough in her vagina for lubrication, Ronald stood up, dropped his shorts, thought about it for a second, and took off his socks too. He didn’t usually bother removing them, but Marsha had been so much fun, and would be so much more fun that he considered the gesture to be a small mark of respect. She probably didn’t notice. After he was completely naked, Ronald looked at Marsha, still slumped against the back of the sofa from the tremendous orgasm she had just enjoyed. As he watched, he opened her eyes and smiled.

“Ronald, that was wonderful. It was just wonderful. I’ve never felt anything like that, it was so wonderful.”

“It was wonderful for me too Marsha. I’m really glad you liked it so much but now I really need you to do something.”

Marsha looked at his erect cock, in territory more familiar now, and knew what he wanted to do. Still weak, she moved slowly to the middle of the sofa and swung her legs up onto the part where she had been sitting. After lying back with her legs spread, she smiled and said “I’m ready. I hope this is as good as the first part was.”

Ronald wanted it to be as good also, for both of them. He knelt on the sofa and directed her. “Open your inner lips for me. Yes, like that; now hold them open. With one hand leaning on the back of the sofa for support and the other hand guiding his cock, he penetrated Marsha’s tight and juicy pussy.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured as the tip of his cock entered. Marsha continued to hold her lips open. With another gentle thrust, another inch of Ronald’s cock entered. “Ooooo,” she said. Your cock feels good.”

It did feel good to her. Men had often taken advantage of Marsha sexually but Ronald was the first one to actually be gentle and considerate and want her to enjoy what he was doing to her. With a few more thrusts, Ronald’s cock was all the way in Marsha’s pussy and he leaned forward on top of her with his arms curled under her and her arms around his shoulders.

“Oh, Ronald, your cock really feels good,” Marsha whispered as she spread her legs more to wrap them around his hips. Another fraction of an inch entered her pussy and she expressed her appreciation again.

“I’m glad you like it because your pussy feels really good to me. I’m really glad you changed your mind and decided to have some fun too.” He slowly drew his cock out and thrust it back into Marsha. She cooed happily.

Over and over, Ronald pulled his cock almost all the way out of Marsha’s pussy and drove it all the way back in. His movements were slow; he wanted the maximum pleasure for both Marsha and himself. After the first few strokes, she fucked her pussy back to meet him, truly enjoying the feel of his deep penetrations. At every thrust, she cooed happily and clenched her arms on his shoulders while her legs squeezed his hips. As they continued to fuck, Marsha also became more and more glad she had decided to stop resisting and have fun.

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