tagGroup SexMarte's New Set of Challenges 07

Marte's New Set of Challenges 07


This story is a little long, but I hope you will read it in its entirety and enjoy the journey the 4 people take. I hope you enjoy the story all the way through. If you enjoy it, please vote. Any opinions, suggestions, critiques or praises are appreciated so please leave comments at the end.


A few days after the latest challenge, the clan reconvened at Marte's lodge in the mountains. The girls had rested up and allowed their sore bodies to heal after the last challenge. Terra and Cindy arrived before Ryan.

The girls were teasing each other about who enjoyed it the most. Marte and Cindy were in agreement that the last challenge was best suited for Terra and her wild ways. Terra could not hold back the wide grin she that was painted on her face. Cindy could see the glow in her eyes. The girls were also in agreement that Marte enjoyed it the least, at least in the beginning. Cindy commented on how Marte was really getting into the whole event, by the end.

The girls also agreed that the challenge was the most risque of all the previous challenges and the first that involved people outside their inner circle. "I think it has opened Pandora's box, so to speak." Terra commented. Her comment was followed by a giggle.

While waiting on Ryan, the girls discussed the possibility of continuing with the challenges. Marte was definitely against it, Cindy was on the fence, while Terra was definitely for continuing the challenges. After much discussion, the girls compromised and decided the challenges would continue. The challenges, however, would be spaced out over longer periods of time than they had been recently.

The girls decided that they needed to give Ryan a going away present before he headed back home to pack and move West to join Marte. The ideas were wild and various. The girls decided to pick their favorite parts of the suggestions and combine them. The wanted to thank Ryan for the experience he had willed upon them, well sort of.

Ryan walked through the door. He was tentative, gaging their reactions. He wasn't sure what their overall reactions were to the last challenge. He knew it had pushed them to the limit and perhaps even crossed a few of their boundaries.

Smiling, he asked, "Hey everyone. How are you ladies doing this afternoon?"

The girls laughed. Terra responded, "Doing great after a little R&R."

Their conversations turned to normal daily items. Ryan's guard dropped and he fell back into his normal comfort zone with the girls while they chatted. The conversation began to turn mundane as they talked about work. Terra decided it was time to change the subject.

Terra was known for being bold and forward. The girls always said it was the Native American in her that was coming out. She stood up from the couch and moved across the room. She sat next to Ryan on the love seat and put her arm around his shoulder.

"So...what did you think of the last challenge Ryan?"

Ryan was taken back by the sudden change of subject and took a few seconds before answering. He knew his answer was going to greatly effect the rest of this conversation. He decided to ignore the elephant in the room and pretend it was like any other challenge.

"I thought it went great. Watching you girls was absolutely amazing. How did you girls like your reward at the end?"

Terra ignored his question, for the time being, and continued to question him with the face of a drill sergeant. She turned her body to face him as she crossed her right leg over her left. Ryan could see the seriousness in her face. He raised his guard once again and prepared for the words that were preparing to come from her mouth.

"Ohhh. You were there watching the whole time huh? Wow! I didn't know that. That must have been quite the show. Don't you think?"

"Yes, I was there the whole time Terra. I was standing by the curtain behind you girls. I stood there with the Fraternity President and a few of the helpers."

"So, did you participate in the activities? We noticed there was a little more participation than what was happening on the other side of the wall."

Ryan smiled before he said, "I was sworn to secrecy. I am not allowed to reveal the identities of any participants in the event. Your names were not revealed either."

"I think you did participate. In fact, I am sure you did.", Terra retorted.

"Yeah, I am pretty sure he did also.", Cindy said. "What do you think Marte?"

Marte being the most reserved of the three girls, didn't like to accuse. "I don't know for sure. I did think I smelled his scent at one point, however."

Terra continued to drill Ryan with question after question for a few minutes, all in an attempt to get him off guard. Ryan continued to answer the questions carefully, only smiling when he felt it was appropriate. His arms moved from his lap to crossing across his chest. Terra then smiled as she put her hand on his right thigh.

"I want you to know I enjoyed the challenge immensely!" I think the girls did as well, at least by the end of the challenge. Oh and the cruise...that is possibly your only saving grace, Mister."

Terra continued to smile as she leaned in and gave him a big hug. She kissed him on the cheek as she stood up and took him by the hand.

"We want to thank you for the cruise and for pushing us to our limits. I think I can speak for all of us in saying it is an experience that will stick with us all for a long time. We want to thank you. Come on."

Terra pulled his hand towards her and helped him off the couch. Marte and Terra also stood and helped escort Ryan to Marte's spare bedroom. This was the first time Ryan had been in the spare bedroom. He looked around as Terra sat him down on the bed.

Ryan's mind was going crazy. He tried to imagine what was coming next. The scenarios were racing from his mind. Everything from a wild orgy to him being beaten flashed through his head. He begin to feel his body perspire as he sat on the bed nervously, waiting for the next move.

Marte walked up to Ryan and stood before him. She leaned in and smiled as she placed a warm, soft kiss on his lips and gently pushed him back towards the bed. Ryan slowly fell backwards, with the pressure of Marte's body pressed against his body.

Ryan could feel his body begin to react as Marte seductively kissed him. Terra and Cindy stood back and watched. Terra was impressed with Marte's forwardness and how well she was following through with the plan. Terra had convinced Marte to share.

Marte guided Ryan toward the pillow, moving guiding him with gentle nudges. Ryan quickly moved to lie on the bed in a sleeping direction. It had been almost a week since he had sex with Marte and he was quickly becoming aroused. She had a way of knowing what turned him on. Marte slowly nibbled on the skin just below his earlobes. Ryan moaned softly, smiling. Her warm breath felt great against his skin. Her warm, soft kisses sent shivers down his spine.

Marte continued to place small kisses on his neck and then moved to sucking on his earlobe a few seconds. She scooted up his body a few inches and felt his hardening member press against her crotch. Her hips instinctively pressed against his body. She felt her hips grind against his hips.

She whispered in his ear, "Enjoy this hon. It is your going away present."

Ryan's shoulders shrugged as her warm breath sunk in his ear canal. He wrapped his arms around her and pushed against her butt as he thrusted his hips in an upward motion. Marte reach back and grabbed Ryan's hands. She put them above his head then leaned back and slowly pulled his shirt up over his head. Ryan assisted her in removing his shirt then put his hands on her cheeks and pulled her in for a deep kiss.

Marte returned the kiss a few seconds before returning his hands above his head. She began moving her body down while kissing his chest. Ryan closed his eyes and soaked up the sensations that moved through his body. Marte move her lips to his nipples, sucking on one then the other. She slid her hips against his penis and moved into a kneeling position, just above his hips. She continued to kiss his body while running her hands down his ribs.

Terra turned and looked at Cindy. The both nodded and began their move. Marte saw the girls moving from the corners of her eyes and slid her hips down onto Ryan's thighs. She slowly began to unbutton Ryan's jeans as the girls moved in. Terra moved to the left side of the bed and Cindy to the right. The two girls went to the head of the bed and began to kiss Ryan. The put their hands on his chest and lips all over his lips and ears. Ryan opened his eyes momentarily, then closed them once more.

Ryan's body was being wonderfully manipulated. His brain sensory was being overloaded. His penis strained against his boxers and jeans, only to be relieved by Marte unzipping his jeans. Then, in what seemed like a flash, Ryan's hands were being restrained. Ryan's eyes shot open and he tried to sit up and pull his hands down toward his waist. His hands were pulled back by the restraints strapped to his hands by Cindy and Terra. Ryan fell back down to the bed.

"What is going on? You girls are so kinky!"

"Oh you have no idea how kinky we are." replied Terra. "You will soon find out though."

Marte pulled Ryan's jeans and boxers down to his ankle, then removed them. The girls also restrained his feet, tying them to the base of the bed. Marte slowly slid her fingers up the inside of Ryan's thighs and gripped his manhood. She leaned in and kissed the tip of his penis. Her lips slowly moved down the underside of his hard penis. She left a wet trail upon reaching the base.

The two girls pulled Marte to the end of the bed before she got to involved. Marte stepped down off the bed. Ryan opened his eyes to see why the pleasures ceased. The three girls were standing in a line, all looking at him, smiling.

Cindy spoke up this time. "That last challenge was a far leap from anything we have ever done as a challenge before. You decided to involve people outside the circle for the first time. You didn't even consult us or let us know first. I must say it was scary at first. Marte was terrified for sure. That is not how you treat your friends and girlfriend. Now, I will agree we all greatly enjoyed the event by time it was over. And we will definitely enjoy ourselves on the cruise. However, we felt you needed a little payback. You have not had a very bad challenge thus far."

Marte chimed in, "We have decided that we are going to halt the challenges for a little while. Take a break. However, we feel you need some payback from last weekend, as well as a reward. So, we have decided to give you both."

Ryan's heart sank into his stomach. He knew he was in for a long day. He knew Terra and Cindy had to be behind this plan. He took a deep breath and exhaled.

Terra looked Ryan up and down and smiled, "You are looking delicious. It is a shame you will have to wait for me to taste you. MMMMM I can't wait."

Cindy smiles as she explained, "You look like you were enjoying yourself, but we have some errands to run so you are going to have to wait until we return, then we will finish. However, we won't leave you just lying here bored. We have brought some fun to entertain you."

Terra moved across the room to the old oak dresser and opened one of the top drawers. She pulled out a dvd and put it in the player and turned on the TV. She grabbed the remote control and turned the volume up to a decent level. A girl appeared on the screen. She was dressed in short shorts and a skimpy top that exposed her stomach. The camera panned up to her face. She had her hair pulled back in pigtails and was seductively sucking on a Lollipop. Corny music began to play and the screen changed. She was now stripped down to a bra and panties and straddling a man who was tied up and bound to a bedpost.

Terra laughed and commented, "This should keep you occupied while we are gone. See you soon. Oh, and keep that willy hard for us will ya?"

The girls exited the room and closed the door behind them. The girls decided to enjoy the nice cool autumn day outside on the porch. The late summer breeze still blew through the trees. Marte and Cindy sipped on a cup of coffee as they made plans for their upcoming cruise.

"Do you think he is frustrated yet?" Cindy asked as she laughed.

Laughing, Terra replied, "I am sure his is still hard and waiting for our return."

"It has been an hour. Should I check on him?" Marte asked.

"Yes, I think you should check on him. No touching of 'Willy' though." Cindy joked.

It had been an hour and Ryan could not help but be turned on from watching the sexual scenes playing out on the television. His mind would wander from time to time, envisioning what the girls had in plan for his body. His blood was flowing.

Marte entered the room and smiled at Ryan. She walked over to the bed and sat down beside him. Her hips next to his. She didn't say a word, only leaning in to kiss his lips. Her lips felt like velvet. The wet warmth made him feel like he was melting. He returned the kisses. Marte's fingertips softly floated over his skin. She started at his jawline and floated down to his neck, then chest. Her fingers slid back and forth like she was scratching an itch. When she reached his chest, she circled his nipples and giggled as the stood erect. She caught a glimpse of his penis jumping. It made her happy to know she turned him on.

Her light fingers were torture to his body. He wanted her so bad. He wanted her to undress and take him, to wrap her lips around his yearning cock, to ride him and release her intoxicating moans. None of that happened, however. Marte's hands glided down his stomach and to his inner groins, careful to avoid contact with his hard penis or testes. Her fingers moved down his legs to his ankles then started their way back up his body. Ryan's nerve endings were alive. All this touching made him even more horny.

In the background, a girl on the TV was moaning as a girl lay between her legs and lick her pussy. Ryan begged Marte to give him an orgasm. Marte leaned in and kissed him on the lips then replied, "I love you honey." Marte then stood up and left the room, closing the door behind her.

Ryan groaned. He could not believe she was teasing him like this. She had awoken his body, the fan above teased his nerve endings as the air ran across his body. He could hear the girls laughing in the background. He knew what he was in for now. He simply wished the movie would end.

It was about 30 minutes later when the girls decided it was Terra's turn to check on Ryan. They knew the movie was close to ending and Ryan would need some more stimulation. The agreement was to increase the teasing with each visit. Terra stood up from her chair on the deck and entered the house. As she walked into the kitchen she pulled her shirt off and undid her bra. She turned and looked at the girls. They all laughed. Marte stared at Terra's beautifully tanned breasts and wished she were kissing them.

Terra opened the bedroom door and closed it behind her. She looked at the blank TV and turned it off. She saw Ryan staring at her chest. His eyes bulging. His penis twitching. Ryan smiled but inside knew he was in for some hell. Terra was a "she-devil" when it came to torture.

"You like what you see huh?"

Ryan lay silent, unwilling to feed her ego.

She sat down beside him and asked again. "I said, You like what you see?"

Again Ryan did not answer. Terra smiled knowing it was a rhetorical question. She slid her nails around his hairy navel and then drew a line up the center of his stomach to his chest. She then adjusted her body and straddled his hips. She pressed her body down against his, trapping his penis between his body and her crotch. Ryan's hard penis pressed against her shorts. Terra rocked her hips ever so slightly forward and then backward, all the time watching Ryan's eyes.

Terra's hypnotizing stare was making Ryan uncomfortable. He closed his eyes and decided to avoid eye contact with her. Terra leaned in and kissed Ryan on the jawline. She ran her tongue up the jawline to his ear lobe. She sucked his earlobe in her mouth and slid her tongue over it. Ryan moaned. He took a deep breath and exhaled just as deep. Terra could feel his hard member pressing against her lips. The pressure touched her hidden clitoris ever so lightly.

"You want to feel my lips and tongue anywhere else?"

Ryan again did not reply. He was beginning to anger Terra and that was not good. Terra asked again and again no reply. Terra sat back up and smacked his chest with her hand as she screamed, "Answer me dammit!"

Ryan could not help but open his eyes and give her a look of shock. He could not believe she just smacked him. Her look of anger amused him. He could not help but break a smile. Terra got it. He wanted to play mind games. She smiled knowing she could also play mind games. She was the master. Terra raised her hips and moved to a sitting position next to Ryan. She wrapped her right hand around his meat. She did not move at first, holding it for a few seconds.

Ryan wanted to groan, but he held back. He didn't want to give her any satisfaction even he knew she was in control and about to abuse it. He just simply smiled as he looked her in the eyes, then he closed his eyes. It seemed like forever that her warm hands simply held him.

Terra began squeezing it harder and harder until Ryan grunted in pain. This caused his hardon to slowly die. After a few seconds, Terra relaxed her hands. She then began to slowly stroke his penis. Her hands moved up and down his length with no lubrication, pulling his skin with each movement. Ryan's hips shot up and his hardon grew once again.

Terra continued to stroke his penis with painstaking slowness. She wanted his blood to be boiling, but keep him from getting to the edge of an orgasm. She wanted his fish to form in his balls, but not swim just yet. After several minutes of stroking Ryan's penis, Terra leaned in and softly wrapped her lips around the base of Ryan's hard member. She very softly closed her mouth so that her lips hardly touched his skin. She very slowly slid her lips up the length of his penis while holding his hips to the bed. Ryan released a long moan.

Terra reached the tip and kissed it, then stood up. Her work was done. She left the room and closed the door behind her. Ryan struggled, trying to release his hands. His efforts were to no avail. He was truly frustrated now. He would have been able to handle the stroking torture, but her lips touching him was pure devious torture.

Terra put her shirt back on and joined the girls. They ate cold meat sandwiches and joked about the torture Ryan was enduring. Marte and Terra shared what they had done so far. It wasn't but 15 minutes and Cindy was ready for her turn. Hearing what the girls had done was turning her on. She played their scenes through her head, imagining she was there. She was ready.

Cindy stood and made her way to the bedroom. Ryan was half asleep when the door opened. He saw Cindy walk in the room with a lusting look on her face. Ryan smiled at her and said hello. Cindy replied hello and immediately began to take her clothes off. Ryan's penis had become semi-soft, but not now. He watched her intently as she became naked. It caused him to become hard almost immediately.

Cindy dropped her clothed to the floor. She turned around and flipped the switch on the wall, turning the fan off. Cindy then lay down on the bed naked, next to Ryan. She cuddled with his body as she lay on her side, facing him. She put her right hand across his stomach and pulled her body against his. Skin to skin, their bodies met, her breasts pressed against his chest, her groin pushed against his hips. Cindy leaned in and seductively kissed Ryan on the lips.

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