tagLesbian SexMartha in America Ch. 13

Martha in America Ch. 13


After she had parked the car, they got out, and Becky took the beer into the kitchen and put it in the refrigerator. Martha suggested that it was a good time for her to call home. She nodded with a wry expression and did:

"Hi Mother. ... Yeah, we're fine, spent most of the day on the beach. ... Of course not in my bikini. ... We're going to have the rest of the meatloaf tonight. It was real good. ... Yes, we wash dishes, everything spick-and-span. ... Yes, we keep the house clean - no sand - and we don't sit on the upholstery in our bathing suits, before you ask. ... Martha waved and said to thank you again for letting her come out here. ... I will. And thank you from me, too. ... To you both, too."

She hung up and smiled at Martha, remarking:

"Good idea, a lot easier talking to her with clothes on, especially after today. She sends you greetings and liked that your meatloaf was so good."

"I can imagine. The meatloaf and leftovers?"

They went in the kitchen and started preparing the meal, neither suggesting they get undressed or immediately having a beer. They had one with their meal, but still with their clothes on, and kept them on for the rest of the evening, watching TV.

When they went to the bedroom and were starting to get undressed, Martha remarked with a chuckle:

"Just like normal people for a change."

"Um-hmm. After talking with my mother, I didn't want to suggest anything, and you didn't – just normal people for a change."

"Hmm! A lot of 'for a change'!"

They grinned. Becky unconsciously fluffed up her pubic hair, and they went to the bathroom. As Martha was about to use the toilet, she looked down and snorted remarking:

"I forgot to flush."

Becky looked down in the bowl and saw the two rubbers and their wrapping. She chuckled and replied:

"Saving water, lots of water, if we all had used it and flushed."

"I think we used more with our showers."

They smiled at each other, nodding, and Martha sat down. Becky brushed her teeth and then also used the toilet, giving their rubbers a last glance before flushing. Then she sniffed and asked:

"I wonder what happens to them at the sewage plant; must be a lot of them out here."

"Two weeks ago, with you and your 'cousin'. God, you almost scared me!"

"Almost scared myself, but remembered in time that I had told him - my brother - about imagining that it could have happened with a second cousin."

"Good thing. Anyone special, you have a cousin who it could have been?"

"No, I described him as a younger version of Simon, Mother's youngest brother."

"Still keeping it in the family."

"Had to be someone close enough they could trust to chaperone me out here."

"Hm-hmm! The closer the better, your brother."

"As it turned out."

They were back in the bedroom, about to get into their still rumpled bed. Martha suggested they switch the sheets, and they did, sharing wry smiles. Becky lay down and Martha joined her, just lying facing each other. Martha murmured:

"That was enough for one day."

"Um-hmm, ... but he didn't get to do it to you."

"Still. Hope he did it good; it sounded like it."

"Hmmm! He sure did! Guess it doesn't take all yours and my brother's experience."

"Hmm! Just comes naturally."

"I sure hope it did, for me, for you. Hope he did too, how you were doing it."

"Oooh! Yes! A lot more than I wanted. No! A lot more than I expected; I wanted him to."

"Maybe since it was his first time like that?"

"Hmm? Maybe."

Martha hummed with a chuckle, then chuckled again and said:

"Oh, I wanted him to. I was recalling that your brother had said that it was always especially arousing to know that a girl was doing it to him for the first time, and ..."

"Hmm?" Becky interrupted her and remarked:

"Yours too? He must have been thinking about some before, not just me."

"Don't want to think about that. Anyway, I was recalling what he had said and enjoying especially that I was doing it for the first time for him."

"Nice! Maybe I will sometime."

"Hm-hmm! I hope so, but now let's go to sleep."

Martha rolled over, and Becky curled up behind her, finding her breast with her hand. Martha nodded and put her hand on Becky's. Then she chuckled softly and murmured:

"Also nice. If I dream about him, at least I'll know it's only a dream."

"Not his cock there?"

"Don't remind me; your brother's, and he was dreaming that he was hiding it in you."

"Oooh! I hope he then did in you."

"Yes, but now let's try to go to sleep."

"Sweet dreams, anyway - any way. Good night."

"You too, 'any way'."

They both chuckled softly. Martha's hand clasped Becky's around her breast, and they were silent, soon drifting off to sleep.

Sometime in during the night, Becky was stirred by feeling Martha's hips rock against her. Her hand had slipped down from Martha's breast, but found it again, holding it in a reflex. She only really awakened, when Martha hummed and then murmured:

"Oh, just you, still nice," and her hand held Becky's.

She squeezed Martha's breast and asked softly:


"Um-hmm, about him."

"Boris? My brother?"

"Hmm! Mine!"

"Dreaming about your brother, ... like that, like this?"

"Hmm? I was."

"You want to with him?"

"If you do? Why not?"

"He would?"

"I don't know. I guess I have been thinking so."

"And you want him to?"

"Guess so. ... Oh, I do, to be very honest, want him to know what girls want."

"He doesn't?"

"Not if he's like the boys I have slept with."

"Hmm! Not like my brother or Boris?"

"Not like Boris. Oh he knew how to do that - with you."

"But you don't think your brother does?"

"If he's like the others."

"And Norwegian girls don't?"

"Some must, but then the guys I knew could have suggested that I do."

"And you want to, with your brother?"

"Hmmm! Like I did with Boris. Hm-hmm! Another first time, for both of us."

"You really want to? Oh, and want him to do it to you, your brother?"

"Yours did; why not?"

"Hmm! After I went and jumped in his bed."

"Don't think I can do that, catch him in his bed; he now has a student room in Oslo."

"But alone there, better than at home."

"You want me to."

"If you were dreaming about him like that, like this."

"I did last week, too."

"Hm-hmm! Probably better than with me, now."


"Yeah, Boris did it good. Oh, it was a little unfair; he did it to me both ways."

"But I got to do it to him. Thank you for letting me. Hmm? Kind of surprised me, that you did - and that I then wanted to so much - especially after having been trying to discourage you from talking about it."

"Why I let you. I wanted to, too, of course, but when you gave up, well, I thought you deserved to go first."

"Hmm! Yes, I gave up, and he sure didn't mind."

"Your brother won't either, if you can just get him to let you."

"I can't see it happening yet. Sleep?"

"Try to," Becky replied.

They both rolled over and got comfortable again, now with Martha's arm around Becky, but not

A little after dawn, Martha rolled back. When Becky didn't stir, she slipped out from under the covers and went to the bathroom, returning without flushing. Becky had rolled over and her eyes were open. She nodded and murmured that she also had to go. Martha waited for her to get up and then got in bed, moving over to make space for Becky. When she returned, Martha held up the covers, and Becky slipped under them. When their knees touched, Martha raised one, and Becky's slid under it. Martha murmured:

"Sorry, if I woke you up."

"Not really."

They were silent for a while. Then the backs of Martha's fingers brushed Becky's stomach. When she nodded, Martha's hand slid up on her side, and Becky's knuckles brushed against Martha's stomach. She hummed very softly, and Becky's knuckles slid up to the start of Martha's breast, and her fingers rubbed a little. The backs of Becky's fingers rubbed up on Martha's breast, but not yet up to her nipple. Martha's fingers rubbed again, and then they both hummed softly, smiling slightly, but then Martha murmured:

"That was too good yesterday. Well, not 'too good,' of course, just a reminder that of what we really like."

"Um-hmm. We're just doing the best we can by ourselves, also good."

"Um-hmm, as good as they can that way."

"But more arousing to do - for me, anyway - knowing what it's feeling like for you."

"Oh yes, for me too. ... Do you think he will be able to come out and pick us up?"

"I sure hope so! Oh, if you don't mind my thinking ..., well, being so enthusiastic. Guess you know what I'm assuming."

"That we both will, that he'll want to with us both."


"Hmm? I guess so. ... Oh, of course, if he can come out. Be kind of funny. I never slept with anyone as much as with him, and not as good, but it wasn't just that."

Becky nodded, sliding her fingers down from Martha's breast, then murmured:

"Making love?"

"Too much; we agreed on Saturday that we had great bundle of it. That was nice - real nice - that he immediately agreed that it was 'our' bundle."

"Don't have to tell your brother – I mean – I don't have to tell mine something like that, since he will always be my brother, just a much better one now."


"Um-hmm. Maybe if you do with yours?"

"Hmm? Hasn't happened yet."

"Oh? Will that make it more difficult, if he can come out here?"

"I guess I was thinking about that. I hope not; I don't want it to."

"Whatever, however, you want."

"He has to come out here first. We still don't know if he will."

"Sure hope so - not like before - not looking forward to having one of my parents drive out, probably my father, I bet my brother wouldn't be looking forward to that either."

"No! Not after having barely escaped suggestions about what they thought we would do."

They both nodded with a chuckle, and Martha's fingers inadvertently tightened on Becky's side. In response, Becky rubbed Martha's chest with the backs of her fingers. Their overlapped knees twitched slightly, and slight smiles passed over their lips. When Becky's fingers slid again back up on Martha's breast, she murmured:

"We could get up now and start breakfast."

"And just wait for him, if he can come out?"

"Hm-hmm! I don't think we could wait that long, ... just to prove we don't have to."

"We don't 'have to,' but if I want to? And, as I said, I do. And Boris didn't, for you."

Becky's fingers rubbed up further, the backs of them rippling over Martha's nipple, whose thighs twitched again. Becky's thighs also twitched, and she murmured:

"I want to. You don't have to; just for you, since he didn't."

Her fingers were rippling back and forth over Martha's now aroused nipple. Martha moaned softly, her thighs twitching again, and murmured:

"If you really want to."

Becky's head disappeared under the covers, and her mouth found Martha's breast. She sighed deeply and rolled back. As Becky's head moved further down under the covers, Martha murmured:

"I want to, too," and urged Becky to turn around on the bed.

Becky nodded with a hum and did, letting Martha guide her knee over her, and then was straddling her, resting on her elbows as her lips brushed her hair and then slid down over the curve between her spread thighs, that rose to let it slide further, and then her tongue found her pussy. They both moaned as it slipped between her lips, finding a mouth as moist as her own as it gently explored her soft inner lips.

"Umm-hmmmmm!" Martha responded, as her hips rocked up against Becky's mouth, her pussy inviting her to do more: pussy lips kissing Becky's, wanting a good French kiss.

[Author's aside: Isn't French kissing a pussy better than kissing a mouth – for both persons?]

It sounded like it from Martha's and Becky's moans. Martha drew Becky's hips down on her face, and they both hummed, as their tongues lapped on something more sensitive than each other's tongue and somewhere that tasted better than saliva. When Becky's tongue searched further, Martha's hips rocked up, her thighs drawing up past Becky's shoulders, and her tongue found another sensitive spot.

Martha nodded with a moan. Her tongue licked past Becky's wet opening. She curled her hips down and let it find her asshole, moaning when it did. They exchanged chuckling moans as their tongues aroused each other, and then they returned to where they knew it felt even more arousing. Then it was even more arousing, when first Becky's and then Martha's finger found where their tongues had been before, doing more than their tongues had on and then in each other's pulsing asshole.

When their hips began to twitch, they clasped them firmer to their faces with aroused moans, and their thighs quivered. Then their tongues were making very wet, slobbering noises, as they both groaned, groaning again, as their tongues and fingers unrelentingly continued to move.

Finally, Becky collapsed, lying heavily on Martha, their stomachs heaving against the other's, as their thighs relaxed: Martha's dropping down, Becky's sliding aside. Martha tilted her face back from between Becky's thighs and drew a long, deep breath and exhaled with a long, moaning sigh, and Becky moaned in response.

When she rolled off Martha, drawing her hips with her, Martha rolled with her, their heads resting on each other's thigh. After a few more moaning sighs. Martha murmured:

"Hi, good morning."

"Good morning. Haven't we said that yet?"

"I don't think so. It's been a very good morning, thank you."

"Um-hmm, very, thank you, too."

"So much for thinking we didn't want to."

"I did, ... even more when you then did."

"Like I did then."

"Um-hmm," they both agreed. Then Martha said:

"I still want him to come out here, want to with him."

"Of course, you should."

"You too."

"If you both want me to? ... Of course, I want to, too."

"Crazy! Two girls agreeing that they want each other to sleep with one guy."

"Hmm? Hm-hmm! Very, but I'm only Becky, not a girlfriend.

"Hmm? Even worse!

They both chuckled, nodding on the other's thigh. After a moment, Becky replied:

"That's what good about it, that I am 'only Becky' and know ... don't mind that he has girlfriends, can't mind that he does, ... especially you."

"Thanks, but not for long, no future."

"Hmmm? Like most 'boyfriends'."

"Hmm? Guess you are right; thought a couple were more like ... 'better', ... future."

"Sorry about that."

"No need to be; it wouldn't have been."

"Your brother?"

"Like yours, always there?"

"Not like this, or week before last, but somehow, however? Maybe also for you two. I hope you do."

"Hmm? Hmm? Shouldn't say it, but I hope we do too."

"I do too."

Martha nodded on Becky's thigh. After a moment, Becky murmured:

"Nice that you have a brother."

Martha snorted and replied:

"Two, but it seems that it would be easier with a sister."

"But we agreed that we really need a ..., well, 'brother'."

"Yours! Both of us."

They chuckled again and then agreed they needed to wash. They got up and showered, washing each other, but not like the morning before and then made and ate a big breakfast, just joking about why they were both so hungry and wondering what they would do during the day. Then the phone rang, and they quickly exchanged glances as Becky hurried to answer it.

"Oh, hi, Mom," ... I was going to call you. We're just having breakfast. ... Yeah, we ate the rest of the meatloaf last night - real good. ... Yesterday? We read and then went swimming. ... No, no one we knew - I knew. Whose out here? ... Oh, I'll look out for them. ...

"Yeah, we're having a fine time. Anything else? ... Oh, he wants to come out and get us? That would be nice ..."

Her nipples had popped out as she turned to smile at Martha - whose also had - as Becky continued:

"... and save you or Dad the drive out and back, ... On Friday evening already? Why not? Then we won't be alone on the weekend; that's good, ... and nice of him. ... He'll call. ...

Yes, of course, she'll drive carefully. Maybe we should drive in once during the day, to practice. ... Of course, I know the way. ... If there isn't enough, he can go get some, or maybe take us to dinner. It's really only one dinner. ... Oh, thanks! That will be a treat. Thank you! ... Of course, we'll do the laundry, but there still a couple of days to remind us. ... Yes, we'll be careful, and love to you and Daddy, too."

She grinned at Martha again as she hung up, who was grinning back with aroused nipples, and hers were, too, as she returned to the table, still grinning, and said:

"Wow! He must have done that well with them. You'll get to, 'just to make sure.' Hm-hmm! I guess I don't have to tell you much, just to drive carefully."

Martha grinned again with a nod, and then the phone rang again. Becky raised her eyebrows with a smile and returned to answer it:

"Hi, good morning," ...

"Yeah, Mother just called and told me. That's great! ... We are too! You must have handled that perfectly. She thought it was a good idea for you to be on the weekend with us. Oh, and you can take us to dinner on Saturday."

Becky clutched her thighs together as she replied:

"You must be alone. We want you to, too. ... And does she! 'Just to make sure', she said ... Hm-hmm! Of course, you can talk to your sister. ... Who was that, a girl? ... She must have gone away, if you said that. ... Hm-hmm! Um-hmm, like Eve, both of us. ... Hm-hmm! Just save it - for us both. ... Yes, I'll be a good girl, we're both being ... "Didn't you want us to? We did, do. ... Hm-hmm! This morning again. ... I'll tell her. ... Yeah, call again on Friday when you know when you'll be here," ...

"You too, from your you-know-what-kind-of sister."

She hung up the phone again and grinned at Martha, who was smiling at her, but raised her eyebrows questioningly as she returned to the table, and then asked:

"What kind of sister?"

She blushed as her nipples stood out again and she hesitated, rubbing them as she sat back down, but still blushing as she started to reply - and they popped back up before she did:

"Oh, it sounds really wicked now; he used a couple of adjectives to describe me, ... well, I guess 'best' is an adverb, and I told him what kind of a brother he was."

Martha snickered and then laughed, saying:

"I can imagine; especially if you don't want to repeat them."

She grinned with a nod, and added,

"We also joked about my being ... acting like my own sister-in-law."

Martha snickered again with a grin and replied:

"Oh, that's good. I shouldn't have asked."

"That's all right. I probably shouldn't have said it ... to him on the phone."

"Oooh, it's really going to happen!" I better drive real carefully. I think I'll be all aroused."

"I hope so, and me, too, but you can go first, ... - Hm-hmm! - and come first!"

"Hm-mmm! I want him to, ... and you know how!"


"We better stop this and clean up."


They did and then decided to go down on the beach till lunch. Since the waves were stronger, Becky suggested that they wear one-piece suits. Martha snickered as she agreed, telling that her bikini had once slipped out of place in Norway, but that it had been with only a few friends, "and had been sort of nice, but I wouldn't want it to happen here."

She snickered. When they were on the beach, she explained:

"Yes, real nice. In the evening with a fire on the beach - and beer - we did it. We hadn't before - weren't going together, till after that - but the others were, and I guess they did, too."

"All around the fire?!"

"No, we all ended up moving away - in couples - behind the rocks. Around the fire, of course, they were all getting a little closer, and we were left over, and getting closer, too, and when the others started to disappear ..., well, you can imagine, ... it was pretty suggestive, ... and about the only thing to do, ... and we wanted to - and knew each other from years together at school."

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