tagBDSMMartin and Lily - an Oxford Story

Martin and Lily - an Oxford Story


It wasn't exactly a warm morning. I was sat on a bench in Oxford bus station waiting and shivering. The cold wasn't to blame for me shaking though, it was the thought of meeting Lily.

I'd met her through an online forum. She had visited it when her boyfriend had been away with work because she was bored at home. I was there because of the loss of my wife. We had quickly struck up a rapport, and within a few days we were texting each other like firm friends. The texts became more candid as they went on, revealing much about our inner thoughts and desires. She opened up to me a little more with each conversation and it soon became apparent that she desired a relationship which included some form of control. A figure to guide her she had suggested. My lonely mind suggested dominating her.

She was such a good listener and offered me the support I needed. The time she suggested we met was not one I would forget easily.


We had been talking on the phone and I was telling her that the hardest thing was that I missed holding my wife in my arms.

"I miss the warmth of her body and her breath on my chest Lily."

"Oh Martin, I can't begin to think what you're going through is like. To lose the touch of another human must be terrible."

I was crying. The talk of my wife had brought up long-buried memories of our short time together.

"Martin, don't cry. Please don't. I didn't mean to make you sad you know that. Look why don't I help?"


"Why don't I come to Oxford?"


Anxiety was taking over my mind and I repeatedly glanced at my watch. Her coach was late. God I was so nervous, I almost thought about walking off and forgetting the whole thing. Just leave her standing there and go. I stood up almost fixed on my new plan just as a coach pulled in. Craning my neck, I tried to get a better view of the doors to see whether she was disembarking. It was too far away to see properly and I couldn't make anything out clearly. A mass of blurring figures carrying cases down the steps. But then, a quick flash of blonde caught my eye and my heart quickened. It was you...

You were a picture of Nordic elegance. Your long blonde hair was cascading out from under a grey beanie hat, a multi-coloured pom-pom adorning the top. Strands of hair fell over your shoulders, covering a heavy looking, light brown coat fastened up the front with toggles. Despite the cold, I saw from a distance that you were wearing a small pair of denim shorts with some sort of ornate pattern embroidered onto them. A pair of black opaque leggings covered your long legs and I could just make out a hint of the blue fabric of your socks peeking out of the top of your ankle boots.


Your smooth, velvety voice brought me out of my trance.

"Lily? Hi! How are you? How was your journey?" I was gabbling, I knew. My throat was dry and the words all came out in one garbled line. I lowered my head and laughed.

"I'm sorry. I've been so nervous all day." I raised my head and looked into your pale blue eyes. You smiled and threw your arms around me, hugging me tight. The heels on your boots made you marginally taller than me and my face was nuzzled into your hair. The smell of coconuts filled my nostrils.

"Don't be nervous" you whispered in my ear before kissing me lightly on the cheek. "Come on, you can show me the hotel and then we can go sightseeing."

Luckily the hotel was close to the bus station, a popular student haunt, and although we couldn't get to the room I helped you check in and you were able to leave your bag there. We walked up the road and across the main shopping street to the proper Oxford. The dreaming spires, the golden stone buildings, the cloisters. You looked around and took a few photos, the buildings being so familiar from TV and film...it is an oft filmed city. And of course you recognised many scenes from my photo thread.

I took you to a favourite oasis of calm in the city. The University Botanic Gardens.

"Wow...this is beautiful!" You murmured as we stepped into the heat of the glasshouses, filled with tropical colour on this cold day. Your face was a picture of unexpected wonder, of beauty and innocence. The sun broke through the clouds and for a second fell on your face illuminating it. You looked like an angel. We spent a while wandering and then came out again to sit for a few minutes by the fountain.

"Coffee?" I turned to look at you.

"Mmm..."You smiled warmly. I took your hand without thinking, the first time that day, and you didn't protest as we strolled back down The High to the Queens Lane Coffee Shop, the oldest in England as I continually insisted on pointing out!

I ordered coffee for both of us and we drank and chatted.

Luckily we blended in well...you could easily have been a student out with your Tutor - it was a common sight in Oxford. I kept glancing at you. Your blonde hair catching the sun...you beautiful smile. The thought that I might soon be in bed with you was still beating around my head...and making me shiver in anticipation! It was a busy cafe, popular with students, and you looked around at the noisy chatter. Occasionally we would exchange glances and we grinned...knowingly...shyly...

My nervousness at the bus station had vanished hours ago. You were so easy to be around, so easy to talk to. Your mere presence had a calming effect on me and I forgot all my worries, fears and sadness. All I could focus on was You.

I called for our bill and said that I would pay. You thanked me and said that you were just going to the ladies before we got going. The moment you left, my nervousness returned like an old friend. I tried everything to take my mind off the thought that only a short walk back to the hotel remained. That in five minutes, we would be in your hotel room. A song that I liked came on the radio and I tried to hum along with it but it was no good, all I could think of was you. How you had gazed with wonder and delight in the gardens. How your nose wrinkled when you had laughed next to the fountain. How that kiss on the cheek had banished the cold from my body.

My hands were visibly shaking when I helped you into your coat. You noticed and held out one of your own and smiled. I took it and felt you squeeze reassuringly. Neither of us spoke a word during the walk back. No words were needed. The wind had picked up and was icy cold so you had looped your arm through mine and I hugged you close to my chest as we entered the foyer of the hotel.

You broke away,

"Wait here, I'll just get the key." You kissed my cheek again and trotted over to the reception desk. The pom-pom on your beanie bounced as you went and I stood there nervously waiting. My heart quickened again when we entered the lift and you wrapped your arms around me again, pushing her face onto my chest. All I could do was stroke your back affectionately.

The lift pinged and the doors slide open silently. Taking my hand, you led the way down the plush corridor, counting off numbers out loud.

"219...221...Here we are. 223." You pushed the key into the lock and turned it. The lock clicked open. She turned to me, smiled and turned the handle.

"Well this is nice." You said as we entered the small but comfortable room. It was sparsely decorated with the bed dominating the space along with two bedside tables and the mini-bar. You let go of my hand, removed your beanie, throwing it on the bed and walked through the door to the adjoining room on our right. A second later, your head popped through the frame, long golden locks falling gracefully down, and you flashed a smile at me.

"I could do with a shower!"

"May I help?" I laughed and you nodded shyly, stepping back into the bedroom. You pecked me on the cheek and whispered,

"Make sure it's nice and warm."

I went into to the bathroom and started the shower running, fluffing up the towels and readying the shower gel. I wanted this to be perfect. I stepped back into the bedroom and I gasped.

"Lily, the show..." You were lying on the bed, your arms resting on the top of the headboard, your legs extending down over the covers. You had stripped down to a matching set of black lingerie. A bra with see-through lace edging and a similarly transparent thong. Each was adorned with a little pink bow, one between your breasts, the other above your pussy. I swallowed hard. You blushed as I gazed at you.

"Beautiful..." My voice came out as a hoarse whisper, catching in my throat as I tried to say it. You giggled and crawled to the end of the bed, kneeling on top of the covers right in front of me. Reaching behind your back, you quickly unhooked your bra, shrugged it off your shoulders and let it fall at my feet. Your gorgeous breasts tumbled out right in front of me and I stared like an idiot. They were wonderfully pert, each topped with a dark pink nipple and I watched mesmerised as they moved while you traced the line of buttons on my shirt.

"Hey you." You smouldered, "It's not very fair to let a girl sit here getting all cold while you're still nice and warm."

My trance was broken and I quickly and nervously stripped. I unbuttoned my shirt under your curious gaze and took it off, dropping it on the bed.

"Here let me." You said, your hands unbuckling my belt and as I watched helplessly, your fingers slowly unzipped my jeans and pulled them down. They pooled around my feet and you giggled as I tried to kick my shoes off. I gave up and sat on the bed with a bump, quickly taking off my shoes and socks trying to retain my dignity. I stood up again in just my black silk boxers.

Thankfully you didn't gasp in horror at seeing me in the flesh, we had only swapped photos before. My cock was already hardening, tenting my shorts. You hopped off the bed and I stepped towards you. We grinned at each other as I took you in my arms feeling the warmth of your naked body for the first time. We kissed passionately, as if all our pent up desire was coming out at long last.

We pulled apart. Your face was flushed and you licked your lips.

"Shower..." you muttered. I laughed and without thinking I hooked my thumbs into the waist of your panties and drew them down. I held your gaze as you did the same to me and we both kicked away the last items of clothing. We were naked together at last.

The bathroom was hot and steamy from the shower and we both stepped behind the screen under the deluge of cleansing water. I picked up the bottle of shower gel, squeezed some onto my hands and started to casually soap your upper body. My nerves evaporated and with firm, slow strokes I caressed your soft breasts, taking their weight in my hands, running my thumbs around your areolas and flicking them across the nipples. I looked up from your breasts and focused on your face. Your eyes were closed and your lips parted in a silent moan as I continued to caress and arouse your body.

My hands slid down your body to your waist and I push you gently against the tiled wall. I kissed you again, deep and passionate. I squeeze the cheeks of your bum, kneading them roughly as I pressed my groin into you, my erect cock flat against your stomach. You curled one arm around me and grabbed my cock with your other, guiding me closer to your pussy. My hands caressed the inside of your soft thighs and tested to see how wet you were. I broke our embrace and grinned.

I thrust forward, entered you easily. The soft lather mixing with the juices already dripping from your pussy making it smooth and yielding. Your back arched and you threw your head back, moaning in pleasure as my full length plundered you. My cock filled you, hitting sensitive spots deep in your pussy and stretching it wide before it clamped down tight against its intrusion. Then it was your hands sliding down to grab the cheeks of my bum and pulling me closer and deeper as I started to pump in and out of you. Your nails dug into my cheeks as the intensity of our love making increased. Low moans and whimpers filled the small bathroom as we writhed in the shower, the water still cascading over our bodies.

You pushed me back away from the wall and my cock fell out of your pussy with a soft sucking sound. Jumping off the ground, you wrapped your long, glistening legs around my waist and linked your arms behind my back. I guide my cock back into your pussy and bounce you up and down on top of it. We didn't kiss. We just looked at one another dead in the eye the whole time. I grunted with each thrust and you emitted soft moans of pleasure. Your breasts bounced in time with our rhythm as I pounded you deeper and deeper, harder and harder.

Suddenly you gave a cry and I felt your pussy clasping around my shaft as you came. The hard contraction of your pussy sent me over the edge and with a final grunt I exploded inside you, sending jets of hot sticky come up inside you, filling your pussy. Hot water fell over us as we stood there. It ran down our bodies combining with the lather from the shower gel and our juices which mixed together as they ran down our legs into the plughole below.

We clung to each other for a few seconds, coming down from the peak. Panting and shaking we stood there beneath the stream of water. Eventually, you slipped down unsteadily back onto your feet, my cock sliding out of your pussy as you did so, and I turned a knob switching the shower off. The water dripped from our bodies as we gazed at each other, you slightly shorter looking up. We relished the silence of the moment.

Together, standing there, we seemed to suddenly realize what we had done and threw ourselves at one another, kissing passionately. A few minutes passed with us there, kissing each other as our bodies dried themselves, before I helped you out of the shower and grabbed a towel to start drying you slowly. We laughed as I ran the towel over your body, padding you dry, making sure nothing was spared! When I'd finished you took the towel from me and did the same. I closed my eyes, luxuriating in the softness of your touch. You knelt in front of me and I gazed down at the look of concentration on your face as you carefully dried my cock which was hardening again.

I brought my hand down to stroke your hair and you glanced up at me. Your eyes were a mixture of fear and anticipation. Then I took my cock in my other hand and started to slowly stroke it up and down your soft, warm cheeks. Your eyelids fluttered as I did this and you whimpered softly. You started to back away but I took a firm of grip of your hair and you moaned as my hardness caressed your face. I brushed the tip of my cock across your lips and almost without thinking they parted of their own accord and easing myself forward I slid my cock across your tongue.

You mumbled something as my cock filled your mouth, then a cough, but you seemed unable - or unwilling - to resist. Then, taking your head in both hands I slowly started to slide my cock in and out of your mouth. You choked slightly as my cock hit the back of your throat so I eased back, but my hands were still firmly in your hair, guiding you, controlling you.

Then I started to fuck your face.

You coughed a few more times and this time you tried to pull away but I held firm. Your eyes looked up at me, round and pleading and I gazed back. You seemed torn in your own mind - but then you acquiesced...your eyes closed and I felt your hands sliding up the backs of my legs to take hold of the cheeks of my bum. Gradually I felt you respond. Your fingers dug into the cheeks of my bum and appreciative moans issued from your filled mouth. I knew that if I let go now you would not pull back but I kept my hands in your hair, my cock sliding more quickly, ready to come down your throat.

I felt the familiar twitchings and I knew I was close. You seemed to sense it too and your hands slid round to cup my balls, your nails scraping the soft sacs....and that was enough. With a grunt I jerked my cock into your throat and came.

Jet after jet of hot come spurted down your throat and like a good girl you swallowed hungrily. Your hands now went to my hips, pushing at them, and guessing it was your first time I quickly pulled out and you fell back onto your haunches, coughing and spluttering. I could see you were swallowing hard, and then you gazed up at me, red faced and tearful. There was a drop of my cum oozing down your chin.

"You missed a bit..." I pointed. You quickly brought your hand up, using your fingers to scoop up the few drops and swallowed them, licking your lips.

I took your hand and helped you to your feet. You looked a little unsteady as I picked you up in my arms and carried you through to the bedroom. I lay you on the bed where you looked up at me, eyes still glazed. They followed me as I walked to my jacket hanging on the back of a door and I withdrew from the pocket four silk scarves. You made no movement as I carefully tied one round your wrist and secured it to the head of the bed. You mumbled slightly as I took the other hand and then seemed to relax as I tied your ankles to the other end of the bed. You were now spread eagled before me.

I sat on the edge of the bed, gazing down at you. You looked nervous but there was a definite sparkle your eyes. I traced a finger down your cheek and across your lips.

" I own you right now." You trembled at that, your eyelids fluttering and you gave an almost imperceptible nod.

"Yes...." It came almost as a whisper.

My fingers continued their journey, down the side of your neck, feeling your pulse quicken. I then raked my fingernails across your breasts enjoying the way they quivered under my touch. I took each nipple between thumb and forefinger and slowly twisted them. You gasped and your eyes closed, your back arching as I continued to tease and pinch your nipples. Then I trailed my fingers down your belly as you wriggled, carefully skirting your sex before teasing the soft flesh at the insides of your thighs.

You gave a shudder as my fingers got closer and closer to your now dripping pussy, and then gave a small squeak as one finger trailed wetly along the length of your slit before twirling around the pink bud of your clit as it poked out from its hood. As I touched it your hips jerked from the bed.

"Not yet!" I slapped my hand on the inside your thighs, leaving a red mark. "Not yet..."

You whimpered as once again I began to stroke your thighs, yearning for my touch on your pussy. Then after what seemed an eternity, my finger returned once again to your slit, continuing its journey up and down. I then brought my other hand up and carefully parted your lips, sliding my index finger deep into your pussy. You gave a low moan as I curled it around to find that special place.

I started to slowly slide my finger in and out, then using two fingers to widen your pussy. You started to lift your hips off the bed in time to my thrusts as I finger fucked you, two fingers now flashing in and out of your dripping cunt. I now used my other hand to rub your clit, and in a low voice...

"You may cum now..."

You gave a loud cry as you finally let go and as I buried my fingers deep into you, your pussy gripped them tightly, your orgasm rippling through your body. Eventually the trembling subsided and you fell back onto the bed, your face flushed and your hair sweated over your forehead.

We had lain there for about an hour. Me cuddling you, my arms around your waist. The coconut smell had gone from your hair. In its place was the smell of lust and sweat and cum. You had fallen asleep soon after you'd had your orgasm, still tied in their restraints, arms pulled above your head, feet spread wide open. I had untied your feet and laid beside you just listening the soft sounds of your breathing. I looked at my watch. It had just gone three o'clock and I was in need of a drink!

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