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Author's Note: This is my first attempt writing pretty much anything (as an adult) and definitely my first time writing anything like this. All characters are over 18. Please keep criticism constructive.


Natalie Martin had a fetish. Her husband called it one, at the very least. But he would, then, since he was her fetish. Or rather, Martin men were.

It had started when Lee had first brought her home to meet his parents. She had stayed with the Martins for three weeks during the holidays when she was 18. In those two weeks, Anthony Martin seduced her. She loved Lee, but had not been able to deny the sexual animal Anthony had brought out in her. The solution, of course, was to trick Lee into joining their games. And so by the end of her stay with the Martin men, she had developed a hunger that could only be sated pressed between the two.

James had always known of the arrangement between his parents and grandfather. He supposed they'd tried to keep it from him at some point in his youth, but you could only happen upon your mother and grandfather snogging in dark corners or empty rooms so many times without knowing something was amiss. So James had come into his adult life very much aware of his mother's desire for Martin men, and very much determined to be added to that list.

He didn't know when his feelings for her had become sexual. They had been for so long that he simply had no concept. Away at boarding school, he had dated girls who reminded him of her. Blonde, aristocratic, sensual. But those girls had only served to make him want the real thing more. And so on the day after his 18th birthday, he asked his father for a night with her. Lee had looked at him for a long moment before smirking.

"I will allow it if she wants it, but know that if it continues after tonight, your grandfather and I will be joining you. She is our pet, after all."

James nodded slowly, "Thank you, Father. I understand. Will you see to it that she is expecting me?"

"I will," Lee laughed. "I am sure she will be delighted at the prospect."

And so James found himself on the threshold of his mother's room that evening, steeling himself for what he was about to do. Oh, he wanted it. And had no idea that his mother would make this the best night of his life to date. But could he live up to his own fantasies? He took a deep breath and pushed the door open.

And immediately stopped in his tracks.

"I've been waiting for you, James, darling," his mother purred.

She was reclined in the center of her bed, one hand rubbing the outside of her blue lacy knickers and the other teasing a nipple through a matching peekaboo bra. He was instantly hard.

Seeing the deer-in-the-headlights look on his face, she pulled her hands away from her body and sat up, patting the bed next to her. "Shut the door, and come talk to me for a moment."

His erection led the way to the bed, where he sat down awkwardly. Three inches away from his nearly naked mother and she wanted to talk. Great.

"Look at me, James." His eyes went immediately to her generous cleavage. "My face, James," she said amusedly.

His grey eyes met her own. He might look like a carbon copy of his father, but he had his mother's grey eyes. Comforted, he released a breath he didn't realize he was holding.

"Now," Natalie used her I am the mother here, don't argue with me voice, "What are we doing here, James?"

He snorted. "I thought Father would have explained that bit when he told you I would be coming by your rooms."

Natalie's eyes narrowed at her son, "Just because I've decided to let you fuck me doesn't give you the right to be an ass, James. Answer the question. Why this? My arrangement with your father and grandfather is no secret, but this is different. You're my son. I have thought about the ramifications of this and decided I was okay with them, but have you? Have you thought about what would happen after you've had sex with your own mother?"

"Not much," James admitted, looking at his hands. "I know that I've wanted this for as long as I can remember. And now that I am old enough, I wanted it to be a reality."

James' eyes cut to his mother, "Before you can ask why again, does there have to be a reason? Just as how you're attracted to Martin men, can't I be attracted to you? You're one of the sexiest women I know. And aren't all boys supposed to secretly desire their mothers? I've simply decided that it shouldn't be a secret any longer."

Natalie laid her hand atop his, "Yes, but what about after? I admit, I want you. You look so much like your father and grandfather that when your father told me of your request saying no never crossed my mind. But do you really want this, James?"

Her fingers had begun to trace patterns on his forearm. His flagging erection began to return.

He laughed and gestured to the bulge in his trousers. "I think we can both see that I do. I don't know that this will go anywhere past tonight. Father mentioned... I am not sure if I can actively be a part of whatever you have with them. But tonight? Tonight I want."

Natalie's face lit up with a lascivious grin. "Then tonight you shall have, my darling." She slid her questing fingers to grip him through his trousers and pulled his head towards hers. She paused, hand rubbing the outline of his half hard cock, with her lips half an inch from his. His eyes met hers and widened slightly at the lust he found there.

Slowly, oh so slowly, he closed the distance between them and pressed a soft, chaste kiss to her lips. Natalie sighed into his mouth and pressed harder, opening to him with no resistance.

James saw stars as his mother's tongue chased his into his mouth, her hand on his cock frantically trying to undo his belt and trousers. When her nimble fingers finally closed around his heated flesh he lost his last vestiges of control. He fisted her hair with one hand, using the other to wrap around her waist and drag her onto his lap. He kissed and sucked down her neck and to her nipples, sucking the hardened peaks through what little fabric covered them. His mother's responding moan spurred him on.

"Oh yes, James, suck harder," she breathed. "Suck on mommy's nipples."

James' non-verbal reply had her gripping his shoulders and grinding down on his still clothed cock. Her barely there lace panties were already soaked through. James removed his mouth from her flesh long enough to rid them both of their clothes. He admired her rosy nipples briefly before claiming one again. He looked up at his mother's enraptured face and smiled around her flesh. If she loved his mouth on her nipples this much, he couldn't wait for her reaction to his mouth on the rest of her.

Switching to her other rosy peak, he gripped her waist and twisted so that she lay on the bed underneath him. Her hands gripped his hair as he moved to kiss down her body. He paused and licked into her belly button, laughing softly as her stomach quivered in anticipation.

"It's not nice to tease, James," she said haughtily, trying not to moan at the sight of him between her legs and headed lower. Her sex throbbed to the beat of her skyrocketing pulse as her son's face inched closer.

"Yes, mother. I'm sorry, mother. Please let me make it up to you, mother," he said softly, holding her gaze as he reached her dripping center and extended his tongue to lap at her slit.

A strangled moan left her lips as his soft tongue connected with her most sensitive flesh. She struggled to keep her eyes open, even as her son's closed. He groaned in pleasure and buried his face between her thighs. Natalie gasped as her son's tongue danced across her cunt.

James was in heaven. His mother's pussy was ambrosia and would ruin him for all others, he was certain, so he decided to return the favor. She wouldn't soon forget the tongue lashing her son was giving her.

James feasted on his mother's sopping pussy. There was no other word for it. She was grateful for whoever had taught him how to go down on a woman. That anonymous female deserved a reward for her service to society. James' mouth on her slick flesh was driving her to new heights. She knew what he was doing. Twice now he'd driven her to the brink of orgasm and backed off. Her orgasm, when it happened, would be incendiary.

The sight of her own son between her legs made her throb and gush. That he looked so much like his father and grandfather excited her, but to see her own eyes looking back at her - heavy lidded and darkened with lust - gave her a thrill she could not describe. Those matching grey eyes caught her own as he slid two fingers into her slick channel.

He lifted his mouth from her flesh and smirked, his fingers scissoring and rubbing lazily inside of her, "Do you want to come for me, mother? Do you want your son, your only child, to give you an orgasm? Tell me what you want, mother."

His eyes never left hers even as his tongue lapped around her bud. "Please, baby. Please."

His fingers pumped slowly and his tongue continued to avoid the place she wanted it most. "Oh God, James, please. Make me come. I need to come. Please, baby."

Grey eyes continued to stare at her as she realized what he wanted, "Please, son, suck on mommy's clit. Make mommy come all over your face. Mommy wants to cover you in her cream so she can lick it all off. Please, James, let mommy come."

James' eyes danced as he latched onto her clit. His tongue curled over it as he sucked hard, his fingers speeding up in her cunt and curling against the upper wall, searching.

She opened her mouth in a silent scream when he found it, her body going stiff as a board for several seconds before thrashing so hard she dislodged his mouth. She shrieked her only child's name as she came, squirting her release over him and the bed beneath them. She shook and moaned as he continued to pump his fingers into her, chasing the last shocks of her orgasm.

When she could open her eyes, she found him smirking at her as he sucked her cream from his fingers.

"I didn't think you'd be a squirter, mother. I have to say it's awfully sexy. Makes me want to see how many times I can force an orgasm out of you before you can't take it anymore."

Natalie moaned softly at the thought, "One day, baby." Oh yes, they'd have to try that one day. Maybe while her husband and father in law joined them.

James gripped his erection, stroking it slowly as his mother stretched languidly on the bed. Natalie was trailing her fingers over her body, cupping her breasts and lightly pinching her nipples. Her eyes opened again to her son's hungry gaze and his turgid length bobbing enticingly between her legs.

"I do believe it's your turn now, isn't it darling?" Natalie flipped over and crawled towards her son. "Or maybe it's still my turn. My turn for a taste."

She didn't tease him, but rather planted one wet kiss against the tip of his heavy cock before swallowing it down her throat. Her son was not small, and she gagged a bit before she tamped down her reflexes and allowed him to slip into her throat.

James groaned as his mother's throat milked his cock. He couldn't look at her, knowing that he'd not be able to hold back when he saw her lips wrapped around him. Teasing her had teased him too, and now he was paying for it.

Seeing her son's eyes screwed tightly shut, Natalie pulled back. She grasped his manhood and began to stroke it, taking long licks along the underside and around the head. She was putting on a show, and she'd make sure he saw it.

"Open your eyes, darling. Didn't you want to see me sucking you? See your perfect cock buried in your mother's throat?"

James groaned and grabbed for her hair, intent on pushing her back down on his cock. She evaded his blindly grasping hands with a laugh.

"Oh no, James. You'll need to open your eyes if you want to touch me again. Unless you open your eyes, I will stop if you try to touch again."

Eyes still closed, he fisted his hands in the sheets beside him. Natalie laughed again before leaning down to run her tongue over his sack and down to his perineum. His hips bucked up in response, making his mother laugh again.

"Keep laughing and I'm going to get a complex," he frowned down in the direction of where he assumed her to be.

"Well," she toured throatily, "we can't have that, can we?"

Natalie swirled her tongue around the head of his prick before beginning to bob slowly, taking an inch of him into her mouth at a time. She took him to the root, held him in her throats for a few seconds, and pulled all the way off. As she caught her breath, she stroked his messy, wet cock and decided playtime was over.

"Oh darling, mommy needs to be fucked so badly. Let's make this quick, okay?"

Not giving him time to respond, she dove back onto his cock and sucked with abandon. She needed to be fucked, and he'd not be able to last in her pussy if he didn't come first. So she sucked his cock with fervor, intent on tasting him.

His heart pounded wildly, the sound drowning out his moans in his ears as his mother's mouth made quick work of him. He was on the edge and needing a final push when he felt her finger breach his ass. The shock of it made his eyes fly open, connecting with hers as his orgasm rushed up. The sight of his mother's throat swallowing as her lips remained wrapped tightly around his cock was deeply arousing. Her finger probing at his prostate kept him hard even as he stopped shooting into her mouth.

She slid his dick out of her mouth with a faint pop, licking the sides and head to catch any stray drops of his semen.

"Mmm. You are absolutely delicious, darling. I do hope you take your father up on his offer, because I'd hate to never feel you shooting into my throat again."

She moved up to straddle him, sliding her very wet pussy against the underside of his still hard prick.

"Fuck me good, James darling. Please." She kissed him, his tongue tangling with hers as she humped against his erection. "Take me however you want, baby."

James rose from the bed, pulling her to the edge of it, "I want to watch myself fuck you for the first time."

Natalie noticed the mirror now across from them, and moaned as she watched her son's reflection line his hard length up with her slippery cunt. He paused, and he met her eyes in the mirror. Two pairs of grey eyes widened in pleasure as they watched the young brunette man in the mirror slowly penetrate the older blonde woman.

When he was fully seated inside of her, James gasped at the feeling. She was wet and hot and tight and perfect. He apparently did not move fast enough, because the next thing he knew, Natalie's legs were wrapped around his hips, her heels digging into his arse.

"God, James, please fuck me. We both need this. You can take your time with me later."

James pulled him towards her and kissed her roughly, moaning as her cunt squeezed around him. He moved, slowly at first and into a frenzied pace.

Natalie let out a keening wail as her son battered her hungry cunt. He wasn't the largest she'd had - no, his grandfather held that distinction - but he fit inside her perfectly. It made sense. She'd created him, after all. Apparently for herself.

"Yes, James, oh God yes. Fuck me darling. Fuck. Fuck me."

If eating her pussy was heaven, fucking it was as close to reaching nirvana as he'd ever get. He slowed his pace to enjoy the feel of her wrapped around him, punctuating every slow slide out with a sharp thrust back where he belonged. She whined at the change of pace but that didn't sway him.

"Shh, mother. Just look at us." When her lust clouded eyes focused on the mirror, he grabbed her hips and rammed into her.

"Oh! Oh! Yes. More. Please!"

Each sharp thrust was accompanied by a plea for more. He chose instead to slide his hand between them, his thumb turning circles around her clit.

"Keep watching, mother," he ordered her, "Watch yourself come undone on my cock."

The image of herself impaled on her son's cock, one of his hands on her hips and one wrapped around her slender throat, his arse flexing as he thrust slowly but deeply into her grasping pussy, was too much for her. She watched herself, almost as if in a trance, as she began to writhe. Her undulations and gasping moans timed to the snap of her son's hips. She watched his length, covered in her own wetness, slide in and out of her body. She watched, helpless, as he angled his hips so that each drag of his cock pushed along that special spot inside of her that made her see stars. She watched as she broke over his cock, her orgasm triggering her son to move.

He flipped her over, mid-orgasm, so that she was on her knees, her face pressed into the mattress. He admired her ass and resolved to pay more attention to it the next go-round. For now, he needed his own release.

The jackhammer thrusts and new position extended her own orgasm. She could only moan and cry out her pleasure, no longer capable of words. James' hands cupped her breasts, his fingers tweaking her nipples roughly. She felt his tongue gliding up her spine and over her neck, his teeth catching her ear as he growled and pounded her.

He was so close. "Fuck. Oh fuck. I'm going to come inside of you, mother. Do you want that? Your boy coming in your hungry little cunt?"

Her moans increased, and he looked over into the mirror. He caught his mother's eyes one last time, the ecstasy on her face pushing him into the abyss. His pleasure flooded his mother's already drenched pussy as he thrust into her one final time. He was as far into her as he could go, his seed pumping into the channel he'd come from 18 years prior. His vision went a bit hazy at that thought as he fell over to the side, his finally softened cock sliding out of his mother's cunt.

Neither said anything, both taking gasping breaths, their eyes still connected in the mirror.

Natalie finally broke the silence. "And to think, I had wanted a daughter."

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