I am a massuer, well, I used to be anyway. But coming down ill nearly a year ago put a cramp in things.

Having a Doctor for a wife is an asset at times like this, and she researched options for weeks. Then suddenly we were on an airplane to Boston. After some treatments there, and a week's followup, I was back home. I set the Oxygen bottle down as soon as we got home, and still haven't picked it up since!

That was one hell of an improvement!

So I ran some ads, it had been quite awhile since I got to work, and I was feeling up to it! I booked 3 the first week, one new one and a couple of regulars.

So I was sitting around the house, doing the brush my teeth bit, waiting for a brand new client!

New ones are exciting, I have no idea at all from the voice on the phone what I am going to get. I was bored, to be frank, I did Shirley on Monday, she is this sweet old lady. I mean even older than me, WAY older! I rubbed her butt, looked at her pussy, knowing she had no idea at all I had a clear view.

Funny thing is, old ladie's pussies look just as pretty as the young ones, even though some of them have grey hair.

Oddly, most don't....I don't care, I just do my job, trying to make my client feel good, if I do that, they come back, I get paid, it is the way it works...

But I don't need any money, I got a fat check every year, been coming in for 7 years now. I get roughly $75,000.00 every year from the bonding company from a stupid $1.00 slot machine in Reno.

Hell, I stuck in 2 bucks and got my life changed, it happens..

Well, I just told you my damn life story, almost, I bet you want to know about Marty.

The doorbell rang, I opened the door. Here stood a little thing maybe 5' tall, and I bet if I dipped her in Molasses she wouldn't come up to 100!


K...I am a true pervert, I LIKE little women. The funny part is I am not a pedophile, I like little grown up women! A little tiny in shape trim 40 year old just yanks my chain by God, I come up in 3 seconds!

She goes, "Hi, I am Marty, bet you are Ted!"....

I went, "Uhhh..yes, Hi!" looking over her shoulder at the 45 year old guy standing there...

Marty smiled at my reaction and introduced her husband, "Duke"...

"Duke?" I thought, "What the hell kind of name is that?"...

Oh well, the whole world sucks, I invited them in. We sat and chatted for a bit, no big deal, I noticed that "Duke" more or less stood around, I managed to get him to go *uhhh, yea" and "naw", sum total...

Finally I just went for the throat, I asked Marty, "What do you expect from today?"

Marty grins at me and says, "Well, we heard you do sensual massage, and Duke wants to watch!"...

I almost choked, then I managed to maintain my very best bedside manner. "Well, I do aim to please"...

I showed Marty to my room, and stepped out to allow her to get comfortable. This left me in the other room with Duke. I was trying to think of something to say when he went, "Well Doc, do you think this will work?"

I was thinking, "Wait a minute, I am not a Doctor, and just what are we seeing if it will work?"...When he says, "It has been 4 weeks since I could get it up, I hope this does it!"...

Well, just shit! Now I am a sex therapist, God help me...

But I maintained, off to my room we went. Duke sat in a chair, I took a deep breath, and went to work.

Marty was laying there with not a stitch on, she wasn't even under a drape! She also had her legs a bit further apart than was decent or normal.

I just went to work, feet, leg, other foot leg, up the thigh, get to almost, up the other thigh, same thing. No response of any kind.

I popped a couple of trigger points. Nothing..

I leaned on a couple of spots that I happen to know burn like hell...Nothing..

I had long since forgotten Duke, I had a challenge!

I had her flip, no hesitation, same zombie attitude...I did a couple of tease tricks I know on the upper legs, she twitched, now I knew she was forcing the no reaction part.

I looked at her breasts, they were small, with nipples that blend in, the very tips were soft and tiny. So tiny as to be almost odd..

Time to play dirty, I reached in my case and got a washcloth and covered her crotch. Then I got a pillowcase and covered her breasts. These are mind games. Completely naked, they can just lay there and concentrate on not becoming arroused, put a bit of covering on them and it distracts them. Then nature sneaks in, it works. Just like a tiny Bikini is sexier than blatant nudity, yep, it works..

I went back and worked on her legs, her abdomen, every place except where I had just draped. Every little trick I knew, teasing, touching. All designed to stimulate senses.

Suddenly she was getting warm, then hot. I worked my way up her legs, finally I had just an inch to go!

She was now panting, Duke was leaning forwards in his chair...I let my fingers brush across her, lifting the small towel. When I could see her plainly before, she had just a cleft, nothing visible at all. Now I felt her, full and engorged, wet and ready. I let my fingers brush her, she gasped, she was ready. I knew I had a woman under my hands that any man with an erection could take, I thought about doing it myself, then remembered Duke.

I let my fingers tease, I turned my body so he could see where my hands were, what they were doing.

Marty's hips were lifting, I allowed my fingers to enter her, explore her. I reached out with the other hand and rolled one of her nipples between my fingertips, just the very tip.

I made sure he could see my every move, every touch. I saw him lean forwards, then I saw the bulge in his pants. He came towards us, I just slid back out of the way. This strange man wasn't even seeing me!

I watched as he freed himself, he was average, maybe 6" or so. No doubt he was erect, ready to go.

He leaned over his wife as I slipped out the door, I heard her moan, then sigh, just as I let the door sofly close.

I went out to my living room and left them alone.

30 minutes later, give or take a bit, Duke came out.

"You can go in and fuck her if you want, you earned it!" he told me..Then he looked down at the floor.

"I have a wife" I told him, with a smile.

"OK, thank you!" He said. Duke then looked up at me, directly. It was almost like he had really seen me for the first time. I realized I was looking at a man who had given his wife up more than once. He was struggling with himself and his inability. I had timed it right, I had left him to his wife at the perfect moment.

Marty came out a couple of minutes later. She looked at me, then looked down. I found the almost exact same motion interesting, and realized I was looking at a long time married couple with sexual problems.

I knew what to say. I told her, "You are the most beautiful creature I have ever worked on!"..

She looked at me, just smiled, and walked out the door. Duke looked at me and said "Thanks", set a $100 bill on my table and they were gone..

I have thought of them several times since....I wonder if my phone will ring?....

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