tagGroup SexMartyrs of Santa Inez Ch. 01

Martyrs of Santa Inez Ch. 01


It was a regular but unpredictable occurrence in many remote parts of Mexico. The bandits were ruthless. Women were raped and beaten; men were shot or hung. After it was all over, they would take anything of value and leave the village without food.

Thus far, Elena's town had been spared; no major raids for over 40 years. A few small robberies, but no one was hurt or killed. It may have been that their town was larger than most, discouraging marauders. Perhaps it was the fact that the town wasn't on the way to anywhere, quite remote.

A refugee family from a village to the south straggled into town late one morning. They gratefully gobbled the meal provided, having gone without food for days. Then the woman and man shared their experiences with the town elders and the Padre (priest). The village had been virtually wiped out by a large group of outlaws; only the few who were able to escape were still alive.

The two waited a full day after the bandits left before returning to the village from the hills where they were hiding. It was a gruesome site as they described it. Most of the women were partially clad, having been forced before they were killed. Only an old man was alive to talk about it. He died shortly after telling them what he had heard. The woman broke down, sobbing as her husband finished the story.

The outlaws openly discussed the fact they had wiped out most of the villages within a large radius, and that it was time to move somewhere with better opportunities. They were going to relocate their base of operations in a larger town only a couple of days' ride from Santa Inez. There were other towns and villages in that region which had also been peaceful for some time, and very likely had more to steal.

The couple rode the ancient horse they had with them up in the hills where they were hiding. They came directly to Santa Inez looking for an uncle and his family, who they hoped would take them in, and could not guess how long it might be before the Lopez gang invaded this town.

After much heated debates and exchanges between the elders of the town, three mature women entered the church and approached priest; two of the women were widows. They had to do something, or there would be no town left. They argued, cried, and consoled each other until well after midnight. By that time they had a plan; not a good plan nor a pleasant one. But they would voluntarily give the bandits what would be taken from them by force anyway.

The priest rang the church bell just after noon the next day. Once everyone was seated or standing in the aisles, the eldest of the three women rose and spoke to the gathering as the priest stood next to her. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she described their plan.

Responses ranged from outrage to screams to fainting. But no one could offer an alternative which would save the town from devastating raids, and everyone acknowledged that, if the plan worked, lives would be saved and violence could, perhaps, be reduced.

The priest stepped forward to make clear that anyone who refused to support and participate in the plan would be banished from the town, along with their families. The stakes were too high not to have full cooperation from everyone. Staying together in a united front posed the greatest potential for success. People searched the eyes of those around them; banishment would likely result in death from a variety of threats.

Early the next day the priest left with the three older women in an oxcart. It took four days to reach the town the outlaws now inhabited and controlled. Bandits and townspeople stopped to watch as the oxcart entered the town and passed through. The priest stopped in front of the well-guarded cantina, helped the women down then escorted them inside.

It was dark and dingy; rough, ugly men sat at tables with scantily clad women. Against the back wall sat Lopez, leader of the pillaging outlaws. He set down his cards to look at the priest and three women before him. Their purpose in being there was unknown, but Lopez decided quickly their visit could be interesting as well as entertaining.

In his usual formality, the priest asked to speak with Lopez on an urgent matter affecting his town. When acknowledged, he turned to the oldest woman and urged her forward to discuss their proposal with Lopez.

She was a widow with three sons and two daughters, plus a dozen grandchildren. Elena was trembling as she approached the killer. She glanced at the priest for reassurance, then took two more steps forward and looked into the eyes of Lopez.

"What is it you wish to say, Señora?" he asked her. There was a malicious, sick grin beneath the thin mustache. Regardless of what she wanted to discuss, her life was in his hands. He and his men could do anything to these women, even the priest, with no concern for consequences. He also knew the women were aware of their dangerous situation.

"Señor Lopez, our town is very worried; we do not want any trouble or violence. We are not here to ask for your pity, but to offer a proposition, an alternative. We know you can take what you like, kill who you want. We have nothing to gain, but our families and our lives to lose by resisting you and your men." She was getting bolder as she went along, gaining confidence.

Elena continued, getting right to the point: "What if we selected eligible women in our town who would agree to do anything you or your men desired during a 2 day fiesta in your honor every month?" Elena was trembling as she resumed their offer. "Each time, we would draw four names from among our married and widowed women. They would be... they would be... completely nude and ready in the town square when you arrived."

She turned and gestured to the other two women. "We have all agreed to do as you ask; we will not resist. The rest of our people would be there to witness and make sure we obeyed your commands; to refuse could jeopardize all of us. The women would not defy you and risk harm to their families and others."

The priest stepped forward. "All we ask in return, Señor Lopez, is that you not harm anyone, including our men and boys; and that you use only the four women we select each time so the unmarried ones can remain virgins until their weddings. We will prepare food for your fiesta, but please leave our town the rest to feed our families. Otherwise, it will not be long before we have nothing left."

Lopez took a drink and looked around the room. His men were amused, wondering whether he would consider such a strange offer. He looked back at Elena and the priest.

"This is a most interesting proposition. But, as you say, since we can take any woman or food we want if we go to your town now, what advantage does this new arrangement give us?" he asked. Elena hesitated; she looked at the other women, then back at Lopez. "We hoped it would be more satisfying for your men if the women were quite willing to do anything they asked without complaint. The four would remain naked and available for your men the entire two days of the fiesta."

"Why shouldn't we decide which women we wanted? Why should we let you select which ones to fuck?" Lopez asked.

The women gasped at the use of that language, which made the men in the cantina laugh and point at them. They had overheard such words on occasion, but were not used to the crass directness.

"Since it is the whole village which benefits from the arrangement," Elena responded, "we do not think only a handful of the women should bear the burden each time. We met in the church before coming here, and agreed that would be the only way this could work. We must share equally."

"What if the ones you select are old and ugly?" Lopez made the men laugh again.

"Who is to say that old and ugly women could not satisfy you more than young, pretty ones?" Elena quipped.

"Perhaps you have a point. Are you three married? Would you be among those selected?" Lopez inquired

"One of us is married; the other two are widows. Yes, we have all agreed to take part; any woman who refuses would be banished along with her family. It is the price of survival. Being humiliated before the rest of the town is a small price to pay for your assurance none of the families would be harmed in any way. Is that possible, Señor Lopez? Could we have your personal guarantee that no one in our town will be harmed if the four women each month follow with your requirements?" Elena and the others were anxious to be on their way, but desperately hoped to take a message of encouragement back home. They also knew it was Lopez' decision whether they would ever return home at all.

"What about humiliation in a bigger town, such as this one. Is that a price you would be willing to pay? I mean the three of you, today, right now? How else would I know that your proposition is sincere? I think it is only reasonable to ask that you prove your motivation to me and my men before we agree to such a peculiar request." Lopez had a wicked grin as he looked at the women, then around the room.

The women and the priest had not expected this. Now the women were truly frightened. They had expected to at least be in their own town, with the support of the community, before they had to participate in something like this. Elena looked at the other two women; Lupe and Gloria were shivering, but meekly signaled agreement. They had volunteered to represent the town in the deliverance of this proposition to the bandits. If they chose not to submit voluntarily, Lopez would do what he wanted anyway. They would then be killed, and the raids on their town would be assured.

"Yes, I suppose you are correct, Señor." Elena was able to gather the nerve to respond to him. "Since the three of us could be part of the selected groups at any time, we would be expected to participate willingly, just as the others. We understand your concerns, and will do as you say." Lopez stood in front of the women. "Then let us try your courage and talents immediately. Follow me."

The three women trailed behind the outlaw to the middle of the dirt street. One of the bandits held the priest back on the porch. Lopez fired two shots in the air and waited for a crowd to gather around him. He looked around at the group, and pointed to the three women.

"These ladies have come from their town, traveled a long way, so that we can fuck them." The crowd laughed loudly as he looked at Elena. "They say they are willing to do whatever we demand, and that they will not hesitate or resist in any way. They ask us to fuck them so we won't raid their town. Before we agree to such an arrangement, I think we should test their skills and enthusiasm. Is that right, ladies?"

It was obvious to everyone that the three women were trembling under their shawls. Lopez laughed cruelly, taking full advantage of the situation. "Why don't you start by showing us what you are offering. Just drop your clothing, everything, to the ground in a pile. When you are done, don't bother trying to cover yourselves with your hands. We will all have the opportunity to closely inspect every part of your bodies shortly. So, please begin," he said with a sweeping gesture of his arm.

The time had come for the women to determine whether they could actually go through with their plan. Their lives, and those of their loved ones, depended on what they did today, starting right now.

Elena took a small step forward, and began with her shawl, followed by her simple dress and sandals. She paused only a second or two before reaching down and pulling her undergarment over her head. Elena added it to the pile, and stood before the crowd totally nude, her hands at her side as ordered. She looked over her shoulder at the other two, who slowly stepped forward to add their garments to Elena's pile. Lopez directed them to spread out a little so they weren't shoulder-to-shoulder. Then they were to turn all the way around slowly to show his men (and the whores with them) their nude bodies.

Elena was taller than the others, not exactly thin but not over-weight either. Her breasts were full and round, but hung lower than they did in her youth. The aureoles were large and much darker than her bronze skin; the nipples were also large, and stuck out nearly an inch, perhaps due to the stimulation of being naked. Her rear end was proportional to the rest of her body; her cheeks were clearly defined where they met her thighs.

Lupe was short and squat, chunky with small fat rolls, unusual for her people. She also had very large breasts, which swayed visibly with her rapid breathing. Her hands were at her sides, clinched in frightened fists. Her butt was large and wide.

Gloria was thin, not as tall as Elena. Lupe and Elena were the widows; Gloria was married and had a son who was still nursing. Small drops of milk appeared on her nipples; her breasts were still very firm and stuck almost straight out in a cone shape. Her rear was small but beautifully rounded.

All three had long black hair; two of them had thick dark patches around their crotches. Elena's pubic hair was thin enough that her vagina was clearly visible to the crowd, which brought "oohs" and "ahhs" and pointing fingers. "Now, please bend over and spread you cheeks so we get a good view of your pussies and assholes." Lopez was clearly going to test the limits of the women. All three slowly bent forward and reached around to pull their cheeks apart. Not only were their assholes visible, but the underside of their vaginas as well. Elena's and Lupe's tits swung nicely from this position; a few drops of milk hit the dirt below Gloria. "Ladies, why don't you take a nice slow walk down to the end of the street in front of the church, then return to me and we'll decide what to do next."

The crowd parted to let the women pass. More people joined the line as they proceeded; some women wore widowed black shawls just as Elena and Lupe had. Fortunately, the children were all attending the Catholic school behind the church at this time of day.

When the women turned around at the church, they could see a long narrow passageway heading toward Lopez. They couldn't walk side by side this time; they had to go single file. The crowd would get a much closer look at the three on the return trip, with people on either side barely an arm's length away from the women. Elena led the way, followed by Lupe and Gloria. The crowd cheered and whistled crudely; some of the men held their crotches in suggestive manners. There were a few whores who joined the fun by pulling their tits out of their dresses and shaking them side to side. They knew their business would drop off as long as these three were available for free.

The women gathered in front of Lopez again. He walked up to Elena and squeezed her tits, then pinched her nipples hard. Elena flinched and groaned, but did not pull away. Lopez reached down and began rubbing her pussy, and slipped two fingers up inside. Again Elena jerked, but did not resist. She looked straight ahead, toward the mountains outside of town, trying to forget where she was and what was happening. Before moving away, Lopez wiped his wet fingers above Elena's upper lip so she would smell her own juices.

Lupe had tears in her eyes, but stood still as Lopez repeated the process with her. When he inserted his fingers, she exclaimed "Oh!" but did not move.

Lopez had fun with Gloria's tits. He stood to the side and squirted milk toward the crowd. As he stuck his fingers up her, he got close to her face and said, "I sure hope your cunt has tightened back up since the baby came. We like tight pussies." He turned to the closest men, and told them: "Tie them up like usual. You whores make sure they're really wet and ready to fuck."

The women were pulled over to the hitching posts in front of the cantina; the horses had been moved, but Elena whimpered as fresh horseshit squished between her toes. Their shoulders were placed on top of the posts; their arms stretched out along the lengths and tied at the elbows and wrists. They were still able to turn and lift their heads a little.

Gloria shrieked as the whores began spanking her ass. Two more got on either side of her and began slapping her tits really hard. Elena and Lupe also cried out as their "preparation" began. After the tits and asses were brighter than the rest of their skin, the whores turned their attention to the exposed pussies and assholes.

They started by kicking the legs far apart and slapping the exposed pussies from underneath, then gently rubbing them up and down. They reached under and started playing with the clits, rolling them between their fingers and pulling down on them. As soon as the women began to respond, moving their cunts toward the soothing fingers, the whores inserted one, then two, then three fingers and began to go in and out.

Gloria was the first to cry out with an orgasm. Her ass was moving around trying to get the fingers in further. Lupe was next; her orgasm was more subdued, limited to "ahhs," but her ass searched for more touching as well. Elena was the last to cum; but she was the loudest and most responsive. She screamed and shook her ass and tits wildly, hoping to reach the next level. Lupe had been widowed only a few months; it had been several years since Elena had sex.

Lopez walked onto the porch in front of them. "Well, ladies. My men are anxious to test your abilities." The three looked up, but could not lift their heads all the way; they could barely see his face above them. "You told me in the cantina that you would be willing participants in our, um, activities. Is that still so?" The women had little choice but to nod their consents.

He addressed them sarcastically. "I think it would be a nice beginning, and show good faith on your parts, if you invited my men to fuck you. So why don't you say, uh, let's see now. How about, 'I'm ready to be fucked. I want all of your cocks deep inside of me. Please fuck my wet, sloppy cunt as often as you'd like.' Yes, let's try that. Can you remember what to say? Start with you, the tall talker," he pointed to Elena. Elena raised her head as high as she could. She spoke soft and slow. "I'm ready to..."

Lopez interrupted her. "No, no, no. Each of you must speak loud enough so that all of my men can hear what you want them to do. They want to feel welcomed!" This brought laugher from the crowd watching the three waiting asses.

Elena lifted up again, and shouted: "I'm ready to be fucked. I want all of your... cocks deep inside of me. Please fuck my wet, sloppy... cunt as often as you'd like."

Lopez told her, "That was good. But say it again with more feeling this time. We want to make sure you're really looking forward to this." She didn't want to draw it out any longer; she knew what they were going to do to her. The sooner they started, the sooner she would be done with this. And she didn't want any more spanking or pinching at the moment.

Elena started over, choosing to emphasize certain words, hoping this would satisfy Lopez. "I'm READY to be FUCKED. I want all of your COCKS DEEP inside of me. PLEASE FUCK my WET, SLOPPY CUNT as OFTEN as you'd like." Hoping to encourage them to get on with it, she wiggled her ass and cunt in an inviting manner toward the crowd.

"Much better. Now you, gordita ('little fat one')," he said to Lupe.

Lupe followed Elena's lead, and repeated the statement with the same emphasis. "I'm READY to be FUCKED. I want all of your COCKS DEEP inside of me. PLEASE FUCK my WET, SLOPPY CUNT as OFTEN as you'd like." From her vantage point, she had not seen Elena wiggle her ass, so did not copy that part of the invitation.

Gloria was just as anxious to be done with the whole thing. She chose to elaborate: "I NEED to be FUCKED RIGHT NOW. I want all of your COCKS VERY DEEP inside of me. PLEASE FUCK my WET, SLOPPY WAITING CUNT over and over and over as MANY TIMES as you want. PLEASE DO IT NOW!" This brought cheers and applause from Lopez and his men and the whores who had spanked them earlier.

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