tagHumor & SatireMarvelous Male Meat-Market

Marvelous Male Meat-Market


I plopped down on the couch next to Andrea who was busy watching Nika pace back and forth in her bra and panties. Nika's rum and coke steady spilling out of one side of the glass and then the other.

"I am sick and tired of these broke ass...broke down, no good man-whores thinking they own us! I NEED SOME SPACE? What the hell is that suppose to mean? We just met last Friday at the club! He wasn't saying that when he was knee deep in my pussy," Nika growled almost to herself.

"Maybe your pussy punch was so extreme that he needs spaaaace to regroup," I said chuckling while air jerking an invisible cock.

Nika snapped back, "What would you know, you live in the movies. The last sex you had was with a RedBox!"

"Girl that ain't what he mean, he means to say 'thank-you for bendin' over for me shorty, but I'll catch you on the flipside' or some old machismo shit like that," Andrea said matter-of-factly. "Besides I know the perfect spot where we can catch us some 'mute dick'," she added.

Nika stopped in her tracks, took a sip and asked "Now where might we find some non-talking, dickslingin', finger-poppin', unattached piece of male meat?"

"Exactly, at the male meat market. I hear there is one underneath of Rodeo Drive. They got motherfuckers just hangin' around like ducks in Chinatown. Yours for the fuckin, the pluckin, and the tastin."

I gave this deep thought before scanning Andrea's face to see that she was dead serious. I hopped off the couch and took a sip of the steady evaporating rum and coke. "You mean to tell me that there is a market full of men on display underneath the ritz and glamour of Rodeo Drive?"

"Shit, that's what all them rich lonely housewives do; they buy six or seven pairs of shoes, a big-ass hat, a rolex for the hubby away on 'business,' and then they go underground for an order of doggie-style and a side dish of cunnimongus."

"That's cunnilingus you idiot," I added.

"Cunnawhateva, I'm in," Nika blurted out before spanking her ass cheek and heading into the bedroom to get dressed. I just gave Andrea my official nod which meant I was in.

We all dressed in our sock-em dead slut attire fully equipped in leather, latex, and go-go boots. I secretly slipped Nika's camcorder into my purse just in case I wanted to document the night. The ride was long considering none of us ventured to Beverly Hills often, more like never.

I think the only time I had ever even seen it was either when Axel Foley was raising havoc or when Julia Roberts got punked at that little shop. Damn, I wonder if Richard Gere will be hanging on a hook. Even the rumors about gerbils couldn't turn me off.

We parked in an all day lot for more money than I think Andrea's 94' Cavalier cost her. She had some crazy ass map she got off the internet. The sun was beginning to set, thankfully, because we looked fit to be arrested. As if the crazy looks weren't enough.

Movies about prostitution rarely focus on the subplot of the weary on-lookers, it's s always about the guy in the hot car with money hanging out of is handkerchief pocket.

We followed the map, which led us to a boutique that seemed more like a consignment shop compared to the other stores. We entered feeling the most comfortable we had felt since we parked.

Inside was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen with a body like Halle Berry and a mouth like Kelly LeBrock, I smiled to myself remembering "The Woman in Red." She was tall or at least appeared to be in her expensive sling-backs and skin-tight pants suit.

Andrea wasted no time before spitting out "Where's all the men at. My Independence Card kicked on today and momma needs to fill herself up with some m-e-a-t!" I expected an appalled look from this exotic creature but she laughed the sweetest laugh before pointing us to a stairwell in the back.

I swear we were going down these stairs forever before hearing the hustle and bustle of an underground city. My first impression triggered the memory of downtown Mars in "Total Recall," I was just waiting to see a mutant guy hanging around with three dicks.

There were old-fashioned carts, like the tonic salesmen from the wild west, plexi-glass boxes filled with men and even carnival stages with men doing tricks. There were dicks, balls, and butt holes as far as the eye could see. Our first stop was the "Boy Boutique" filled with young men fresh out of college posed on various antique pieces of furniture. They were all stamped with price tags.

"Dammmmnnn, even if we all three put our life savings together, we couldn't afford his fresh-ass Harvard cock," I said pointing to the glistening tan body propped at an old roller desk. Andrea reached down and held his goods as if she was weighing his cock and balls expecting the price to be per a pound.

Andrea approached the salesman who was a short stocky balding Jewish fellow and she whispered "Can you please direct me to the section that sells the defunct male merchandise. I don't care if they ain't got no arms, teeth, and legs as long as they're cheaper and can still get it up."

He looked confused but kindly told us that there were all shapes, sizes, and prices along the avenue and that we would do best to continue window shopping.

"Sheila might as well take the salesman home because all she wants to do is cuddle. You need a cheap heavy set guy with a tiny ass cock who wants to curl up and watch 'Titanic' for the ten-thousandth time because Nika and I know you ain't putting out," Andrea cackled like an old crusty witch.

Little did my friends know that since I hit this avenue and smelt the sweaty young male flesh, I was having trouble controlling the growing dampness of my groin. I almost felt compelled to hide behind one of the stands and twitch one off. I couldn't help but be turned on by all this male anatomy at my disposal and I planned to break the bank.

I walked ahead of them weighing each specimen with my eyes. My hunger remained undefined and I honestly had no idea exactly what I was looking for. At this point I wanted to take them all, try out all colors, shapes, and sizes. Let my pussy be the main meeting hall for the U.N.

I smelt incense and body odor seeping out of a small shop. The smell became overwhelming and led my body to the beaded curtain ahead. I passed through the beads and found heaven. It was a shop full of Mandingo Warriors, oiled up and dicks to their knees.

I had never seen a dark-skinned man completely nude aside from the movies and the girls were always poking fun at me about being one of the only white women who hadn't.

They both strayed from their race often especially Andrea who always makes a joke about loving the white meat and that Colonel Sanders really knows what he's talking about. I was surrounded with large black cocks dangling like Christmas ornaments and wished I could just lay in the middle of the room and scream "Take Me!"

The sales lady approached and asked if I needed any assistance. I just drooled a little and said yes. I could here the girls on the Avenue calling my name but Andrea finally said "Fuck it, while we're worried about her, she's probably airtight with some Wall Street cock." Good old Andrea strayed them away from my path.

The lady was discussing prices but the sounds were muffled because my head had become cloudy from the scent of these male aphrodisiacs. Finally, I got the nerve to ask if I could have a discount rate for three.

The price she gave me was something I would never think about again but I thanked my lucky stars that I had yet to test drive my new Discover card. I walked around the shop while she ran my card, my selection was impossible for nearly all their bodies were built to perfection.

I decided since all of their cocks had already had such a grand effect on my nether region, I would decide based upon other features. My first pick was 6'2, a dark slick built body, and lots of hair bushed on top of his head. His cock was somewhat short but extremely thick.

My second choice was medium skinned with a long cock that bounced on its own every once and a while as if it was happy to see me. He had short trimmed hair and was quite the distinguished gentleman. He was much thinner than the first but his cock did the talking for him.

The third was huge from head to toe, I almost thought I recognized him from the NFL. He was a enormous mound of flesh and I pictured myself getting lost beneath him. His dick was long, fat, and slightly bent. I was betting myself whether it would make it past my teeth.

After my selection, for an additional charge, the lady showed me to a room in the back that looked like a cheap hotel room in Vegas. I had no complaints, I was here for the cockfest, not the décor. My three warriors followed silently behind me and I remained silent for a while deciding how I wanted this to play out.

Once in the room, I wondered what I wanted to call them. I had a flash of Robert Duvall in "Broken Trails" and considered naming them 1, 2, 3 but this was my night and I planned on being inventive.

I called my first pick over and asked him his name and he responded "Kwame" in a deep South African dialect. That was exotic enough for me so it stuck.

My second choice, the distinguished gentleman, told me his name was Phillip but I changed it to Denzel. Hey, it's my party.

Lastly, came the big brut who explained his friends called him Bubba but that did not work in my sexual script in my head so I called him Big Daddy.

I explained to them that I wanted them to pretend it was their first time with a woman and to explore me fully after I had set the camera up in the corner.

Kwame took the initiative as he scooped me off my feet and carefully laid me on the bed. My heart was pounding nearly louder than the reggae music in the background. He unsnapped my leather vest exposing my lace covered breasts.

His eyes lit with delight as he ran his finger over my lips, down my neck, and between my soft mounds of flesh. Denzel approached from the other side and began to circle my now erect nipple as if he were drawing the constellations on my chest.

Big Daddy turned out to be the most gentle of them all, I felt him slowly unzipping my boots allowing his thumb to lay just inside the zipper tickling my calve as he worked the metal down to my ankle. My head was flooded with ecstasy and I felt my groin pulsate praying to be touched.

Kwame slid an arm beneath me and unhooked my bra as Denzel slipped the straps off of my shoulders. I closed my eyes feeling faintly embarrassed having my naked skin exposed to three total strangers.

Big Daddy had succeeded to remove my boots and was gently tracing a line from the bottom of my heel up my leg. He was heading up my inner thigh and with my eyes closed, I raised my hips. I felt the same two thumbs as earlier pull my panties off of my bottom and down my leg.

He left my panties to hang off of one ankle as his thumbs returned to unzip the side of my skirt. I waited for the skirt to be pulled off as well and to fully expose me to this room but he was only loosening it for now. He used those glorious thumbs to spread my inner thighs.

Kwame and Denzel watched in amazement for a moment before both taking a nipple in their mouth. The first sucked roughly as if he wished to drain the fear from my face and the other slowly flicked his tongue over my nipple while gently resting his mouth against my breast.

Every inch of my body trembled until I froze to feel Big Daddy outlining the curves of my vagina. His finger ran a triangle around its entirety and I continued to raise my hips hoping his finger would discover the passion in the middle but instead he finally removed my skirt. His touch was sensual but torturous, he felt as if he had truly never been with a woman. Every time his finger ran across the top, my stomach muscles shivered with delight.

I wanted him inside me immediately but he was following orders and exploring. The other two seemed completely content with exploring different ways to play with my nipples. At one point Kwame was flicking and pulling to see how far this little elastic knob could stretch. My focus was primarily with Big Daddy because my pussy had craved attention for months.

His fingers finally made it to my lips but were careful to not even graze my clit, I withered in frustration and delight. In my head I screamed "Just suck it already," Big daddy must have been a mind reader because he slid my legs over his broad shoulders a gave one long lick from my anus to my abdomen. I gritted my teeth out loud before biting down on my lip in a whimper.

I reached down to place my hand upon his head in hopes of controlling his movements but he sucked each finger before placing it back along my side. He hugged my thighs tight as he began to suck on my secret weapon. Before I knew it I had blurted out "Stick a cock in my mouth," which Kwame followed orders well. I needed this to muzzle my cries.

If I had not known any better, it was me who appeared to have never been with a man before. I licked and cradled Kwame's cock like a newborn with a pacifier. It amazed the roof of my mouth with its soft hardness. I lifted my head to swallow it whole and began vigorously moving up and down his male monument. Denzel had taken over both breasts going from one nipple to the other.

Big Daddy was tongue fucking both of my holes before sliding a finger in my ass and giving my clit all of his tongue-filled attention. My body was in uncontrollable fits as I sucked Kwame harder and faster. I pumped my thighs against Daddy's biceps attempting to put all of my insides down his throat. He licked and probed me with his tongue while using his finger as a balancer in my ass.

I could feel my long awaited explosion building to a head as Kwame began to rattle in my mouth, I felt his pre-cum seep over my tongue and down my throat. His salty sweetness sent me into oblivion and when he fully exploded in my mouth, I in turn drowned Big Daddy with my nectar.

I poured down his throat for what seemed like hours and while I was violently gyrating against his chin, I felt Denzel grow to his full hardness against my side. He needed part of the action soon before he burst prematurely all over my tits.

Kwame was lingering in my mouth as my hips slowed against Big Daddy's face, I sat up and pulled Big Daddy onto the bed. He more so came onto the bed on his own considering he was much too big for me to really maneuver. His cock was rock hard and it appeared he had been holding back through the entire vaginal smorgasbord.

My empty slit craved to be filled so I threw one leg over Big Daddy, straddling above him before lowering my flexing muscles over his slightly curved manliness. I led Denzel by one finger around my back and placed his hand on my hip. He immediately understood and was soon kneeling between Big Daddy's thighs while running his penis down the crack of my ass.

Denzel played for a while as I rocked upon Big Daddy's tilted flesh, I could feel Denzel rocking back and forth timing when to slip in. It was as if there was an intense game of double Dutch occurring and he wanted his timing to be perfect as to avoid messing with the other jumper. Oh, Fuck Yeah, and there it was. I felt his fat hard cock land perfectly in my rectum and we were off.

I rode Big Daddy's cock while Denzel pounded away at my virginal backside. I felt lightheaded with delight. His cock went in and out of my ass with rapid amusement, constantly tightening against Big Daddy's ever growing flesh. His devotion made me squirm faster and faster against Daddy's pelvis, I continued to hold back until Kwame came at my mouth from the side and rammed his entirety over my tongue.

He then twisted my nipple and I lost control, my jerking epileptic motions sent both men inside my lower regions into a frenzy and the explosion of cum filled both of my orifices. I began to cum against the current of Big Daddy's fluids and there was a juice battle on the bed. I sucked vigorously at Kwame's cock until he released his passion into my third and welcoming hole.

My entire body thanked the gods as I trembled and twitched all over these three men. I felt my vision slipping and collapsed against my NFL player's chest. The beautiful symphony of four hearts pounding drifted me into a sexual coma, which none of the men attempted to interrupt. I felt eternal numbness until I let out a belting laugh.

"Holy Fuck, it should be illegal to feel this good. I feel I could turn my body inside out with inner screams of satisfaction...," I rambled on and for the most part appeared to be speaking in tongues. My vagina had kidnapped my brain and my comprehensible speech, which were both being held for ransom. I could replace witty banter with moans, squeaks, and a plethora of curse words if it meant I would feel this good for the remainder of my days.

I finally stood up and breathed in the sex-filled underground chamber that I wished to make my home. I looked at the crooked clock on the wall, what seemed like moments of hardcore pleasure, had actually been an entire night. I got dressed, kissed each of my warriors on the forehead like a mother saying good-night, and placed my camera back in my purse.

The girls were no where to be found, although I did not look long. I headed onto the street and caught a cab home. I must have slept for days because there were messages all over my electronics as if I had been lost at sea. I called the girls and told them I would be over shortly, I grabbed the disk out of the camera and headed out the door.

Nika opened the door, "What the fuck happened to you the other night? Did you get cockaphobia and run out for air or what? You were there one minute and then you weren't. Andrea thought you had to go off and do some hail Mary's in front of the RedBox or something."

Just then Andrea came out of the kitchen sporting the blender in one hand and salt in the other. She sprinkled salt around the rim of the blender, took a swig and passed it to Nika.

I didn't get a chance to speak before Andrea began ranting, "Well, all I know is that even the crippled motherfuckers weren't worth my money. We must have walked around for two hours before deciding that you had the best idea by getting the hell up outta there. Where'd ya go anyway, to rent a movie?"

"Yeah, but this movie changed my life. I brought it for you but have to head out, I have some shopping to do," I said with a sinister grin.

I placed the disk in the DVD player, took a sip of the gigantic margarita, and headed out the door. On my way down the stairs out of the apartment, I heard two girls squealing followed by Andrea shouting "Nooo...is that what I think it is, oh shit is that three...fuck is that her...no shit is she really gonna..."

I was almost to my car before Andrea poked her head out the apartment window, "Get back up here, we need details you filthy slut..." I shut the car door before she could finish, rolled my window down, flipped her the sisterly bird, and headed down to Rodeo Drive.

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