Marvin Leaves the City


They returned to the hotel with Marilyn having invited him to her suite for a nightcap. Marvin knew he had a couple of a different type of nightcap in his wallet and grinned.

"You're happy," she smiled.

"It comes from being in the company of a great looking woman."

She flushed and came right up against him as they entered the elevator of the sprawling two-level hotel.

At the door of her suite he said casually, "Are we to have sex?"

"Oh is that what you want? Okay then."

She had already unzipped the back of her dress before he'd closed the door and turned to get his hands on her. Well he at least that indicated he wouldn't have a maiden bank officer to tutor.

When they reached the bed, both half-undressed, Marilyn said, "Let's keep the lights on so we can watch each other. Watching a cock slide in and out is really so erotic."

That's a great way of saying to start in Missionary, he thought.

He found it was a form of Missionary probably not practiced by their grandparents and perhaps not even by their parents.

Nude and beginning to pant, Marilyn lay on her back with her legs tilted back with her arms hooked around them and her hands tweaking her fat nipples on smallish breasts. That position had rolled up her butt giving her a great view of her cunt.

Marvin entered the spirit of fetish, thinking why not, and shuffled forward on his knees until he was in position to thrust in without spoiling her view.

She gulped, "God it looks even bigger than when I was on my knees sucking it."

"It is," he leered as he rolled on a condom.

"Omigod, I'm leaking," she wheezed.


"Oh fuck, you are so damn sexy," she said, rolling her tongue out the side of her mouth.

Well if there ever was a babe ready for sex it was this one, Marvin thought, as he waggled his erection and saw her eyes bulge as he pulled his balls to one side and patted them affectionately.

It was almost 3:00 when he weaved exhausted to his own room.

Marvin skipped breakfast and returned to the ranch in time for the meeting. He entered the kitchen of his house and found a copy of the inventory ticked off and signed. He went through the rooms checking items off and found nothing ticked off was correct and not an extra item had been left behind, not even a bit of milk in the fridge or some coffee but at least the entire house had been cleaned, probably by Burt.

He'd need to go to town to buy household supplies including sheets and pillow cases. He grinned. Burt's wife Sarah really was a bitch and probably had burnt the household linen she didn't take with her.

He drove over to the barn and Burt came out to meet him.

"Howdy Marvin. I've had a lousy night being with a bitching wife. But I have some good news for you and please join us for breakfast. Just say howdy to the boys and answer questions. They all wish to stay on."

Burt served everyone bacon and eggs done on a portable grill and also poured great coffee. Burt introduced Marvin politely and then introduced Rick, Rocky and Stefano.

Marvin cleared his throat.

"Well guys my knowledge about ranching is practically zero and so please stop me from messing up or using wrong terms or not understanding the terms you guys use. I wish to increase the productivity off this spread but won't be rushing into things and I do understand the necessity to keep capacity available to cater for periods of abnormal weather. I'm a professional accountant and we call that the rainy day factor. Also you guys will be consulted about any changes and I'll seek outside advice if and when necessary."

"That's about it... oh call me Marvin and there's one more thing. With Burt and his wife moving shortly, you guys will be able to more back into the more comfortable manager's house and I believe it needs some money spent on it. Well that will be done. I hired a new manager last night who will house-share with me, that being one of her conditions of employment because she'd been in the manager's house. The new manager is Abilene Johnston."

They all looked impressed and Burt said, "How the hell did you manage to grab her? She has built a big reputation for getting the job done well and improving the bottom line."

"The ranch she'd been managing has been sold and the new owner's son will manage it. Apparently I'm the only one in this region seeking a replacement manager at the moment."

"Boss it will take us time to get used to a woman driving us along," Stefano said.

"Yeah will I suggest you all take it easy," Marvin said. "I was with her in the main bar at the Cattleman's yesterday when she dropped a guy who was a bit drunk and was pestering her. I heard him called Leo Otter."

"Leo Otter!" called one the boys.

"Yeah that's right."

"What did she do, trip him?"

"No Rocky. He'd spun her around and when he went to grab her arm she pretended to go for his eyes slowly and he easily caught her arm and then she really attacked, kneeing him above the belt buckle and as he doubled over she put him out cold with a rabbit punch."

The four guys stared at Marvin, digesting that information slowly as if picturing the combat skills of their new manager/foreman.

"Jesus," Stefano said softly.


Abilene drove up to the ranch house just after dark, with Burt due to leave in four days to go south to his new job as ranch manager.

Marvin came out on to the porch to greet her.

"Help me in with my things."

"Is that being polite?" he asked, meaning what about saying please.

But Abilene misinterpreted and came on to the porch and kissed him.

"Sure I'll help you," he said. "But when you want something from me, be polite and add please."

"So I needn't have kissed you?"


She returned to her vehicle and grabbed some of her possessions, laughing happily.

Abilene liked her accommodation and agreed with Marvin they take turns to cook each night with some flexibility if she was caught up working late. When they'd settled down after Burt left he'd hire a resident cook who could live in the bunkhouse.

"That reminds me, how will we work this, I mean you and me?"

Marvin said, "I'll work as an extra hand without pay for a month to get some ranching experience. I intend to do the ranch accounts and look after supplies and do the required reporting to the authorities after downloading your field data of cow and calf weights etcetera. That's really your job but if I do it that allows me to keep a finger on the pulse."

She nodded without enthusiasm and said, "Ah I haven't been told the size of the operation. I know it's more than a thousand pairs?"

"We have 1680 calves on cows. You have four days to get other information from Burt and I told him he's to give you his work diaries including the current one. I'll be approaching neighbors to try to win business as their ranch accountant. Some might welcome the chance to dump their current service provider. Any income I generate from that will be accounted for as off-farm earnings. I've decided to do that to avoid you and the boys thinking I'm not making my contribution."

Abilene said, "But you own the ranch."

"Yeah but when you guys are sweating or freezing working the cattle and cropping or harvesting you might well think of me sitting on my ass in comfort tapping away on my computer, That would invite you to have uncharitable thoughts about me. When I get an accountancy business going I'll begin drawing a salary, same as the ranch pays you."

"We'd get over you sitting here aloof except on stinking days."

"Perhaps but I do see the need to figure in management with you and all of us to acknowledge we are in the same team."

"Be careful you don't become too clever by half Marvin. In saying that, I appreciate your generosity in thought in considering you view us as a team with yourself included. I'd been trying to get my head around how you intend to fit into the picture but failed. You have given the situation clarity."

"Well thanks. Um are you and I likely to have sex?"

"Without embarrassment I must admit that was one of the reasons why I wanted to live in this house."

He grinned.

She grinned and he said, "Coffee?" She said yes thanks and looked almost disappointed.

He looked at her and said, "Where do you wish to sleep tonight?"

"God you don't waste time," she grinned. "Did you offer coffee?"

He strode off to the kitchen whistling.

Martin believed everything was now set up to work out well. He really didn't have a clue what was going on in respect of pasture and livestock management, how many bulls did they have and why was not all the work done on horseback and how secure and adequate were their water resources and when the calves would be ready for sale plus a thousand other things. He had a big learning curve and if Abilene didn't sleep with him that night, she would do so eventually. But he'd have to be strong-willed and masterful if he was to coral her into becoming his wife.

Well, anything could happen. It usually did.


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