Marvin's Pride Ch. 01

byDon Byron©

"Yes, Marvin" It came out as a forced whisper through her teeth.

"From now on, you are to call me Daddy. Do you have a problem with that?"

"No, Daddy." Still not much more than a whisper, yet it was a whisper born of conviction, belief and most importantly it was based upon the sensation of having her 'Daddy's' stallion cock head inside her fertile young cunt.

Keeping her legs pinned solidly to her sides Marvin leaned over her bringing his face within an inch of hers. Sherry thought he meant to kiss her and tried to arch her mouth up to meet his but instead he stopped short.

Staring straight into her dark brown eyes he said, "Are you my baby girl, Sherry?"

"Yes, Daddy I am."

"Is my prick inside my baby girl's pussy, Sherry?"

His pointing it out almost seemed to remind her that she was being assaulted by the sensation of his cock head stretching the mouth of her vagina to the verge of tearing open, which prompted her earnest and guttural reply, "God yes, Daddy!."

"Who's pussy is this now, daughter?"

She didn't need any help with the answer, "It's yours, Daddy."

"That's the right answer, honey. For now you can still do whoever you like with this pussy whenever you like, but I want you to always remember that it always belongs to Daddy."

Leaning just closer, still "Do you think that you can remember that, Sherry?"

Back to a whisper as Marvin had once again begun breaking his way into her young, tiny, red haired love hole, "Yes, Daddy; I know I can."

Marvin had what he wanted. His Pride was in place. He leaned in the final half an inch and kissed his daughter, snaking his tongue into her mouth, transmitting the overpowering emotions that he was feeling to her with passion; a passion born of the knowledge that he was about to conquer her tiny passage and plant his fertile seed deep inside her small, delicate belly.

Sherry returned his kisses as best she could without trying too hard. She knew who was in charge here; she knew who was to do the fucking and most importantly to her, who was to be the one being fucked.

Marvin finished the kiss and brought himself back up over her so that he could take in the sights before him. His hands still gripped her legs at mid thigh. He admired the slimness of her legs, how his fingers met on the other sides of his grip and passed one another. He also could not help but admire how obvious her arousal had become. She was positively awash in sweat, producing large beads of it all over, her skin flushed, her lightly rosy nipples pointing at the ceiling and best of all her cunt lips stretched around the head of his penis were colored a sharp red contrasting to the normal paleness her hair color and genes had blessed her with.

Marvin was moving with a rhythm that was increasing gradually, incrementally putting more pressure on her opening as he sensed progress. As he increased the pressure he felt his prick lodge itself just a little more deeply which in turn elicited an intake of Sherry's breath through clenched teeth.

With each new lunge Marvin would gain a quarter of an inch and with each increment Sherry felt renewed stretching inside the canal of her pussy. The steady flow of precum being produced by Marvin's reproductive organ was helping to pave the way. He now began increasing the pressure, each new thrust increasingly more forceful. Her pussy walls were gradually surrendering, yielding to the point to where Marvin had entrenched four hard fought inches into her cunt. Marvin stopped his sawing motion at this point and began applying steady pressure willing, forcing her sex to open for him.

To Sherry, it felt as if her hip bones were being displaced, forced apart to make room for Marvin's cock. Her pussy was being packed full and yet had more to take. It was everything that she had wanted. To be in the ultimate state of grace, submitting, laying herself victim to the ultimate male member.

Another deposit of precum allowed another four inches. Marvin now had eight steel hard inches buried in his step-daughter, except to him she was no longer the step-daughter. He was taking her, forcing her to take his cock and this was making her his full daughter, his baby girl.

Marvin ceased the constant pressure at the seven inch mark and then slowly withdrew his penis all the way out of Sherry's pussy until only the head remained. As he was pulling back, with Sherry's legs still pinned back, Marvin again took the time to admire the once petite cunt that his mighty cock head was jammed in, but he was not to admire for too long. Moving back in for what he hoped would be the ultimate stroke Marvin pressed his penis forward back into the depths of Sherry's belly, her meaty vulva and fat labial lips jamming inwards.

As his cock jammed forward, once again Sherry's breath was forced back out as inch after inch of thick hard dick rutted it's way into her body until he passed the eight inch mark and rammed his cock into the back of Sherry's cunt, bottoming against her cervix and the entrance to her womb. Marvin pressed himself down, jamming his cock against the back of her pussy. Sherry now had nearly eight and a half inches of beer can thick horse cock stuffed into her hole.

This is where everything spun out of control for Sherry. She had wanted to be full of cock, full of a real man's cock and the sensation of being pinned down, being forced to submit, forced full of male bull cock that sent her over the edge. She had been experiencing small clamping "mini" orgasms from the very first touch of her father's cock, but now it was all the way.

There was a dark tunnel below her. She could not see it but she knew it was there, could sense it's pull and as all gravity became inert, before she succumbed to the direction, the path for her lust, the force, the pull, she sensed, inhaling sharply just prior to seeing everything at once.

She could see:

Her tiny, little girl feet, flat against Marvin's shoulders and between them his face set tight in the ultimate concentration on the ultimate task as his body, his entire body poured sweat (oh god at the sweat) and she could see it. It was if it was all happening in slow motion, seeing each individual drop of what had to be hundreds of drops pouring down, most of which were landing on her, melding with hers and increasing the sheen of wetness over her body. Looking down at her hands. She had forgotten that they were there, that they were hers as she found them held tight over the top of Marvin's oven mitt sized hands which were each on the back of her thighs, balancing his weight there as he continued to assault her previously sweet, dainty pussy. Looking. Farther down and south now, seeing his straining stomach and below that the final three or four inches that still waited outside her womanhood; the rest of Marvin's cock and at the juncture, her pussy lips stretched wide, oh so wide that it defied her sight, her ability to process what she was seeing, seeing that her cunt was so obscenely stretched out, to near their very limit, penultimate tolerance.

And she could see... No, wait, she could not actually see but she could feel his balls, resting against her ass, his ball sack so large that it nearly covered her small baby ass. A scrotum that felt in it's sheer size more akin to a hot, wet, leather woman's purse would feel like if were pressed against her upturned rear.

She wanted, needed to see more as the black came, the hole; no, the cavern that was the core of her lust to be fucked, the desire to be torn asunder by the full, mature meat of a real man.

And then, it was here.

As Marvin continued pressing his penis up, deep inside Sherry's pussy, the giant mushroom head of his cock pressed steadfast against her cervix, he watched her eyes as they gradually travel down to the juncture of their loins, felt her hands trying harder to grip down on the top side of his own and as he followed her eyes, seeing them take it all in, he then bore witness as they rolled straight back into her head. Her breathing had all but stopped but then she slowly began a deep inhale through her wide open mouth. As she breathed in more deeply he could feel the initial clamping of her pussy walls down onto his cock as he had felt several times earlier, but this time it did not stop at the same point where the others had, it steadily continued, getting stronger by the second.

Sherry was in the dark place, warm, moist and dark. The only sound was the lack of any, the non-sound of the vacuum. And, then stars. Her body came back to her and felt her muscles seize and her breath finally came back out.

"Nnnnngggguhh--eeeeeaahh" (Humans aren't supposed to be able to spell a sound as guttural as) Sherry cumming as she was being skewered by her Daddy's rock hard cock! Bursts of stars behind her clinched eye lids as her vaginal muscles attempted to clamp down upon the invader.

Sensing the peak of the tide Marvin abruptly ceased the pressure, pulling his cock all the way out except for the head and waited for:

Sherry's eyes to come back into focus, and as she saw him again he thrust himself into her back wall with all the might he had. This sudden motion served a cumulative effect on Sherry's ongoing orgasm. Marvin then "stood station" as Sherry's breath left her again, and by the time that she came back down, all stress in her body washed away. Her orgasm had drawn forth all of her stress, her yearning. The aftermath left her pliant. Marvin felt her body give in as if she might melt or sink into the bed below him.

Slowly Marvin began moving his cock in and out of Sherry's cunt, reveling in the tightness. The tiny redheaded teen opened her eyes and sent her gaze down so that she could see what she was feeling. As her Step Father (no, now only her "Father") slowly dragged his overly endowed cock slowly out of her pussy and then back into the depths of her too tight canal Sherry found that she could feel every bump, every vein and ridge of his cock as it was moving in and out. She had thought that there was no way that she could be any more turned on by the wholly lewd act of being fucked by her Father, but she was. As her fat cunt lips clung to their mighty invader on every stroke, the knarlish terrain of his cock was causing the entrance to her pussy to move and undulate across it's surface as it moved, a feeling akin to running ones fingers down the surface of a washboard, but it would have to be a noticeably uneven washboard in this case, and the sensations that the subsequent tremors and vibrations was producing were something so unexpected and nearly indescribable to her that it was adding to the overall vulgarity of the experience; vulgarity that she was now oh' so languidly surrendering herself to.

Marvin continued to hold her legs down to her sides as he slowly fucked his step daughter, taking long strokes, fucking his pole into her now frothy cunt till he hit the very back wall and her cervix only to slowly drag it back out until the head came out with a audible "pop."

He still could not believe how hot he was, how holding his petite step daughter down and forcing her to take him, how hard his dick was and how hard it was staying. It felt hard in a way that he had not felt in such a long time, perhaps ever.

Marvin continued his slow, methodical fucking of his dear little Sherry for well over ten minutes, forcing her tiny girl pussy to stretch and stretch more, keeping her birthing canal wedged open so that she was stretched to the point to where the outside edges of her meaty labia reached the insides of her thighs; indeed, the periphery of her entire vulva was so far distended by the sheer mass of his meat that it was being pushed out to the point that was pressed, squashed against the inside of her legs on both sides.

With his cock once again lodged forcefully against the entrance to her womb, Marvin knew that the time that he had been looking forward to the most was at hand; it was time to fuck his step daughter. It was time to fuck her the way the he had wanted to since he had first laid his eyes upon her; it was time to fuck her as he knew that she truly needed to be fucked.

All the way out, then long, thick, forceful stroke, the temp increasing gradually, his cock head landing, pushing into her cervix, trying to gain entry to her uterus. More sweat suddenly issuing forth from her pores as her Father began full thrusts traveling from just outside her pussy, all they way down to her core. Still holding her legs back, Marvin was beginning to feel the rise of his passion. He was pounding her little cunt mercilessly but at the same time he did not want the her punishment to end.

However, He knew this had to happen in order for her to become a full fledged member of his pride. Filling her with his cum will be the same a marking his territory, and he has waited for this act for so, so long. His anticipation keeps building. His testicles start drawing up, ever so slightly, fighting the gravity that is doing it's best to force them down. Gravity wins most of the time; it's the only way it can be when dealing with racehorse size balls, but they still lift, every so slightly. Marvin concentrates on preparing to open the dams, to do his best that he gives her everything he has left.

Sherry begins to sense what is happening between grunts, with her legs back to her ears, her feet on Marvin's shoulders. He has her bent to such a degree that the tiny spray being shot forth from the area of joining between her cunt and Marvin's monstrosity is steadily coming down into her face.... She loves it.. Is reveling in the intoxicating smell... The veritable lotion of their coupling is acting like a drug to her senses and her clitoris... The smell of swollen humanity, cock in pussy, and a delicious friction few can experience or know. Then, the arc.... The fulcrum swinging back: Sherry looks into the squinting eyes of her step father in time to see that he is leaning in to kiss her, but to her it's more than that; it's consumption. Marvin is coming down, coming in to consumer her and yet somehow she feels that this particular form of being swallowed up is going to do something even greater - It is going to complete her.

She feels his cock beginning to swell as his lips meet hers, as his tongue plunges past her lips, seeking, forcing the yield, all conquering, belligerent in his pride of taking her for his own. She senses he wants to increase the speed, to make it faster, but her opening is just too tight; she is a tiny girl and though her cunt has a fair amount of experience, it can't be prepared for this degree of attack, so Marvin has no choice but to be content with long forceful strokes that continue to hammer home to her core, forcing his cock head into her cervix, adding to the overload of sensations coming from the head of his mighty instrument.

Marvin feels the roaring in his ears increase. It's time.

Releasing the kiss, Marvin uses his grip on the insides of her thighs to raise back up as he continues feeding her his penis.

He takes in the sight of how beautiful she is, aglow in sweat and fucking. Her hair is everywhere, fanning out away from her head, making her appear as some small version of a fertility goddess, matted to her face and shoulders in others, belying the true primitive nature of the act she is involved in.

Final strokes are counting down as the sight of her petite beauty moves him over the edge.

Long stroke, bottom out, press for all he has and pull back, nearly all the way out, and then force it back in all the way to the end of her cunt....... and: Force that seems to be starting at his toes and comes up through his body..... and it finally lets go, cock head buried against the back of her channel... head back.....roaring......never...this..hard!

Sherry, pinned down, taking the swelling, feeling every bloated ridge of the mighty sword embedded in her body: The sword not really moving, but moving at the same time as it pulses and forces jet after jet of cum deep into her chasm. It's as if she has been having a continuous orgasm though out this experience, but now her eyes roll back as her pussy vainly attempts to clamp down on it's invader: the eff fort in vain because her cunt is so grotesquely stretched around Marvin's horse cock.

Marvin has begun gently rocking within the pressure against her pussy as he is coming, and coming. Inside he feels he's the proud stallion due to the amount of cum he has managed to force up into his step daughter. Sherry stops breathing for a few second, the back of her mind reeling, awed by that sensation of volumes of cum being forced into her body.

Somewhere, sometime in all of this, Marvin goes completely still, drops to his elbows and once again french kisses his step daughter. She tries to kiss back, but her bliss and the underlying shock of what he has just been through has her simply numb.

More than ever, he revels in his senses, the feeling of just how small her form is, how tiny a little girl she is, perilously exposed, splayed open and vulnerable beneath him. He can't remember having ever been so happy, or so sexually satisfied... for now.

Ending the kiss, pulling his head back he reaches up with his right hand, cups the back of her head and tucks up against the top of his chest, holding her head close while he is still jerking inside with little movements, little micro thrusts that are milking his cock, sending more new granules of cum in her. His balls now are fully distend laying across the bottom part of her ass that is exposed as if coddling her. Laying against the bottom of her crotch in support and love. Almost, save for the streams of cum that Sherry can feel already staring to pour down and out of her, beside and between her flesh and Marvin's cock and balls.

Marvin then lays her head back and slowly gathers his balance, rising. He will bear lone witness as he pulls himself out of her. And as he does he enjoys the sight of here meaty cunt lips stretched around him, holding him. He begins to withdraw, but slowly.

It takes some time: the more that emerges, the more sperm pools around her and clings to the shaft of his penis, the ridges acting like little scoops, pulling bits of his cum back out.

His nerves are still too sensitive to take this for long: he has to pull it on out.

A stream of his cum and their collective goo oozes out of her ever so elegantly distended, stretched, engorged pussy flesh.

It's all very angry and pink from the assault; pink almost to red, red almost to match her hair color.

"Wouldn't that be some kinky form of irony", Marvin thought.

Marvin stood up from the bed, walked around to the foot, cock swinging, cum rivulets hanging and swaying with his direction.

He leaned down and gave Sherry a fine kiss on the lips, one final point on the interlude. "Thank you, Honey", he whispered.

"Thank you, Daddy..", Her husky response.

Marvin stood back up, regarding his soiled, slimy cock, filthy with the leftovers of their coupling. What to do?

Slightly squatting, Marvin began rubbing cock across Sherry's face, cleaning it off: leaving her the last bits of offal; his final gift to her. As it would drag across and come near her mouth she would instinctively catch it with her mouth and tongue, lost in the cocks texture and heat.

Once sated, once he felt he was clean enough, he ambled to bed, his pride now lifted to a new, fresh and satisfying water mark.

To Be Continued...?

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.

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