Author's note: This is a follow-on piece to the story "Kim" published October 3, 2017 in Literotica. This story stands alone but the reader might understand some aspects of it better by reading the earlier story first.


Dave and I were married sixteen years ago. We met during our sophomore year in college; I at a California public institution and he at Stanford. How we met was completely fortuitous. We were both invited to the same fraternity party. Neither of us was interested in fraternity or sorority life but we were both there. Somehow, we found each other and discovered our common aversion to the evening's activities. We left together and the rest is history.

We had a torrid, commuter relationship. Whenever we could get together we did. We were sexual but not wanton. I was reserved and proper. Dave was more ambitious. Rarely I ventured into activities Dave suggested, but it was often enough to keep his attention.

We were married soon after graduation. Our sexual activities continued until our son, Josh, was born a year later. Afterward, I was less inclined to be adventurous. Dave was in graduate school and his schedule, and my child care responsibilities, drained both our energies. Still, we managed to have sex most days and always on the weekends. These opportunities were mostly missionary and usually short.

Josh was a real challenge. Early on we discovered his drive to discover and learn. He was clearly more intelligent than either of us. We, and the schools he attended, kept his hunger for learning, and doing, alive. Ultimately, he graduated from high school early and was admitted to John Hopkins at only fifteen years old. Dave graduated with honors and was recruited by a start-up software firm. His work was intense and extremely satisfying. Between us we were always spent and our sexual opportunities dwindled to weekends only and eventually to most Saturday nights.

We had a single discussion about it sometime when Josh was about ten. We agreed we were missing something but felt it was "normal" for sexual relationships to decline while the emotional and personal relationships strengthened. We still loved each other. In fact, we still liked each other as well. We held hands when we were out together and touched and hugged whenever possible. Dave seemed content with the way things were. I wasn't convinced but I was busy and didn't see an alternative.

Then Dave got an invitation to his twentieth high school reunion in New Jersey. For some reason he wanted to go. I didn't. We discussed it at length. Eventually Dave conceded to my suggestion. He should go alone and have fun.

He went. He left on a Friday morning before I was awake. When I finally got up everything felt different. Things were out of kilter. I tried to convince myself it was just another Friday, the same as if Dave was at work all day. It didn't work. It wasn't just another Friday. Dave wasn't at work and wouldn't be home that evening. Dave was in New Jersey and Josh had left two weeks ago for Maryland. For the first time I could remember, I was alone for an entire long weekend.

I was restless and unhappy. I tried to read. I lost the thread of the story by the third chapter. Eating alone was a chore. I went to a movie Friday night. Halfway through the movie I couldn't remember the title. I hardly slept Friday night. I kept waking up trying to find Dave next to me.

Saturday didn't start any better. I dawdled over breakfast and finally threw the soggy cereal into the disposal. I began to have feelings about Dave that I hadn't had for a decade. I missed him. I needed to do something distracting. I decided to get a pedicure. That usually helped me feel better. I made an appointment and Saturday afternoon I went to the spa. It changed my entire outlook. While waiting, I picked up an ancient copy of a meaningless woman's magazine. The featured article focused on declining sexual relationships and offered suggestions on how to change course. I began to read the article while waiting and finished it during my pedicure. Afterward, I did something I'd never done before; I stole the magazine and took it home.

I read the article twice more that night. The author, C. J. Anderson, whom I assumed was a woman, focused on varied sexual activities that she "knew" would change the course of any relationship. Her descriptions were extremely detailed. I'd never experienced most of what she proposed, nor had I even heard of many of them. I was embarrassed just reading them. She recommended head to toe touching by both partners. She recommended oral stimulation of most of the other's body. She described, in great detail, how a woman could use her lips and tongue on a man's body, even to the point of practicing until she could swallow her partner's penis completely.

She advocated a woman should encourage her male partner to satisfy her in multiple ways, including tongue, fingers and toes, in addition to an erect penis. She encouraged women to want their men in every orifice; oral, vaginal and anal and to return the favor with enthusiasm. Lastly, Anderson suggested that bringing additional partners into the relationship would further strengthen the relationship. She offered that women should partner with close friends to help to avoid the possible guilty repercussions. She explained that taking the relationship where it had never gone before would reinvigorate the relationship and, over time, become natural, beyond enjoyable, and anticipated. She postulated that men fantasized about wanton women, although they would deny it, and becoming that woman would forever seal the "until death do us part" wedding vow.

I was overwhelmed by Anderson's proposal. I was weak reading her suggestions. I'd never considered any of what she offered. In everything she described, she never mentioned missionary sex, and I was shaken by the implication. I went to bed Saturday night, with a tear in my eye, thinking about our relationship and replaying our sex life. I fell asleep dreaming about Anderson's ideas and awoke fantasizing how they might play in our lives.

I read the article again over Sunday breakfast and started to plan. I knew Dave had never strayed up to this point in our marriage and I wanted to offer him an environment where he would never want to. When Dave came home I was determined that he would find a new woman, a new relationship and everything he ever fantasized about.

I spent Sunday making lists and plans. I searched the internet for ideas and discovered sites with videos of almost everything Anderson proposed. I went shopping and by Monday afternoon, I had a new collection of day clothing, night clothing, and toys. I have to admit to some embarrassment purchasing the toys, but the smiling woman in the adult store, once she understood my goal, was a great help. She comp'ed me a session in a video booth. A few minutes after the video started, an erect penis came through a hole in the wall. I couldn't, and didn't touch it and left immediately after the video ended. I wasn't as shocked as I thought I would be. Yes, I didn't touch the anonymous penis but I did stay until the video ended. In less than 48 hours I had become more libertine than prude.

Late in the afternoon, when Dave came home, I almost jumped on him. I was dressed a little more seductively than usual with a deep neckline and hemline just above my knees. Dave responded as usual. He was tired and needed a shower and a little rest. About two minutes after he went into the shower I went in after him. I washed his body and sucked him until he was about to explode. When he was ready, I turned around and pulled him into me from behind. He went for it and we climaxed almost together.

Later, I told him how being alone for the weekend had effected me and how I realized we were drifting. I told him about finding the magazine, although I had no intention of allowing him to read it. I told him I had used the time to consider our relationship and how much I missed how it used to be. I equated less sexual energy to less energy overall and how I wanted it to not only go back to where we were in the beginning, but to go even further. I told him I was determined to go on a wild journey and I hoped he would come along.

I rode him again before we fell asleep and again before he left for work in the morning. When he left he looked somewhat puzzled and confused. I felt energized and hoped I hadn't gone too far, too fast.

Dave came home early that evening; something he'd rarely done without a reason. He seemed lighter and his smile was infectious. I was ecstatic with his attitude. I was prepared to work my charms on his attitude if needed. I was wearing a short, almost transparent cover up and little else. Dave hugged me as soon as he came through the door. He ran his hands under the hem of the cover up, over my cheeks and completely up my back. I jumped on him, wrapped my legs around his waist and we kissed more passionately than we had in years. Somehow, and with my help, he got his pants off and we had a zealous session on the floor of the living room.

We had a light dinner later. Dave had removed all his clothing and recovered his shorts. I was in what remained of my cover up. We sat on the same side of the table, occasionally kissing and always touching like over sexed teenagers. After dinner, we sat in the living room with an excellent Cabernet Sauvignon. I asked Dave how the reunion went. He started by telling me how boring the weekend was. He told me about Friday night meeting the former quarterback and several other classmates, most of whom were less than social. He said he bumped into Roger Moore and, later, Kim Booth. He told me how the three of them were social outcasts and hung together out of need. Dave had never told me about his high school years before this. He told be that Roger, Kim and he shared a table at the Saturday dinner with his former high school math teacher. After dinner, Dave told me he left early as there was little to keep him there. I never realized how difficult Dave's high school years were and expressed that to him. He told me about Carol and the circumstances of their breakup. I asked him if he went to the reunion with the hope of seeing Carol again. He thought I might be right but he didn't realize it at the time. However, he did feel that meeting Roger and Kim again had compensated in some way. When I pressed him for more about them, he told me how they had been a three person geek squad. He didn't understand how Roger had lost his way but told me that Kim, like the story about the ugly duckling, had blossomed both professionally and physically and now was involved in particle research at Princeton University. I sensed some wistfulness when he spoke of Kim but, given the rest of the reunion, understood how he would focus on seeing her again. When the conversation slowed down and the wine was gone, I took him to bed to practice again our activities of the last twenty-four hours and learn something new.

Six months later, we had used all the toys, some for multiple activities, and exhausted the suggestions in the magazine article. We never missed a day unless Dave had to travel or Josh was home for the holidays. Two months later, Dave brought home a copy of Kama Sutra so we could try the positions described. Some we already knew, some were impossible, a few were different and we tried them, and the rest were just plain silly and, when we tried them, ended with us falling all over ourselves and laughing hysterically.

Last month I took Dave to the adult store to rent some instructional videos. The clerk remembered me and comp'ed us again to a session in a video booth. Once inside, I pointed out the hole in the wall to Dave. This time it was unoccupied. Dave thought it would be a hoot if he tried it. With my help, he got a decent erection going and pushed it through the hole into the next booth. He was laughing boldly until, to his shock, someone grabbed it. He hung in there, although he was no longer laughing, until the person in the other booth took his erection in their mouth. He became quiet, focused and fully engaged until he came explosively. He pulled his deflated penis back into our booth, tucked it away and zipped up. We waited until the video ended before we left. We'll never know if his admirer was male or female, a situation I continue to rib him about.

We rented a couple of videos and, when we returned them, we bought several more and declined the use of the video booth. The videos were fun to watch, and, even if we were familiar with the action, fun to perform along with the video. All but one of the videos had at least one scene with three or four participants. I remembered the final suggestion in Anderson's article but didn't suggest it to Dave. I wasn't sure Dave, or I, was ready for multiparty action.

In March, Dave got a letter from his Alma Mater. It was a notice of a series of lectures to be presented by visiting professors and invited speakers. One of the lectures was on "The computational requirements of particle physics research" and the speaker was Kim Booth, a professor and researcher from Princeton University. I opened it and recognized the name immediately. When Dave got home, I gave it to him and asked if he thought it was the same Kim Booth from his high school days and he had reconnected with at the reunion. He thought it might be, and, with my urging, he agreed to check it out.

The next night he confirmed our hunch. Kim Booth was going to be in California. I told him he should attend the lecture since it involved computer requirements. I also suggested he contact Kim and invite her to have dinner with us while she was here. He seemed nervous at the idea but finally agreed to follow up. The next day he tracked down Kim and told her he was going to attend the lecture and that, both he and I thought it would be nice to have dinner with her while she was nearby. Kim agreed. She told Dave she was committed to dinner with the faculty after the lecture, but she could fly out a day early and meet us for dinner the night before. Dave and I discussed it that night, and Dave confirmed it with Kim the next day.

For the next five weeks, Dave was both nervous and distracted. I wasn't sure why, but I reasoned it had something to do with us, or possibly me, having dinner with Kim. His preoccupation with the upcoming dinner with Kim didn't affect his sexual energy at all. We were as joyful and energetic as we had been and sometimes even over active. At one point, I asked him if he was imagining having sex with Kim while we were getting it on. He denied the suggestion. He didn't have a point of comparison. However, he was willing to entertain the idea if I thought it would contribute to our fulfillment.

I thought about that for a while. Was he suggesting we might add another person to our sex lives? I didn't know but I squirreled it away for later conversation.

Dinner with Kim was outstanding. We got along incredibly well. Initially, Dave seemed nervous but Kim and he acted like old colleagues with arm length hugs and air kisses. Kim and I were like best friends who hadn't seen each other for years. After dinner we parted as old friends with warm hugs and kisses. On the way home, I asked him if he now had enough information to fantasize about Kim while we were making love. He declined to answer and I added it to the things I was squirreling away for further consideration.

Three weeks after the lecture, Dave got another letter from a university. This time it was from Princeton, and, this time, I didn't open it. I gave it to Dave when he got home that evening. He sat at the dining room table with the letter in front of him and I sat next to him. He seemed reluctant to open the letter. I offered, but he demurred. I asked him why he was so hesitant. He told me he had no idea what the letter was about but he had a premination that this letter was going to change our lives and he wasn't sure he wanted to open it.

After a few moments, I pushed the letter closer to him. He took his pen knife from his pocket, opened it, picked up the letter, and slit it open. He closed the knife and placed it on the table. He then removed the single sheet of paper from the envelope and unfolded it. He read it twice carefully. I didn't try to read over his shoulder although I badly wanted to.

"So, what's the verdict?" I asked.

"Someone from the University noticed my attendance at the lecture last month and they've invited me to come to New Jersey to discuss how we might pursue 'mutual opportunities' at Princeton. It's signed by both the heads of the Computer Science and Physics departments."

"What does that mean?"

"They apparently have done some research into my background and current work. I think they want to offer me a position with the University. If I'm right, we'd have to move to New Jersey. They'd like me to fly out to see them next week."

I suddenly felt heavy. I was glued to my chair, almost unable to move. I'd never considered ever leaving California let alone going to New Jersey. Was I ready for such a change? What if Dave was right, was I willing to move or dig in my heels to stay where we were? Was this the result of my insisting we have dinner with Kim? When I was able to speak without shaking I told Dave about my concerns and fears. He was very understanding. He also was not a fan of going back to New Jersey but would it make sense to refuse to consider the possibility without knowing the specifics.

I calmed my fears and agreed he should respond positively and fly out next week. Dave was grateful for my understanding but insisted he wasn't going unless I went with him. If he was right, and an offer he couldn't refuse was on the table, he said I needed to have some idea of the environment so I could intelligently participate in the decision. He was firm and I, reluctantly, agreed to go with him.

Dave completed the arrangements and we flew to Newark the following Wednesday. We were met by a limo from the university and taken to a five star hotel near the university. Thursday we were met at eight am by two limos. One took Dave to Princeton for his meetings. The second was accompanied by a young woman who introduced herself as Kiesha. She explained she was to be my guide for the day. She planned to show me the town and surrounding area. We could do some shopping, have lunch and see some of the local real estate before coming back to the hotel in time to meet Dave.

At dinner that evening in the hotel, Dave summarized his day. He met with the head of the computer department in the morning, toured the computer center and laboratory. He lunched with him, the head of the physics department, and the dean of the college. In the afternoon he accompanied the head of the physics department and saw the physics lab and research facilities. Late in the afternoon he met with both department heads before being driven back to the hotel.

The bottom line was, they were offering him a position in the computer department specifically to assist the physics researchers. The salary was commensurate with his current salary, but without the stock options. To sweeten the deal, they offered him a two year program to a doctorate in computer technology, fully paid by the university. During those two years he would have a light teaching responsibility. After he received his PhD, he would head a new university department focused on providing consultation to the university, its partners and customers. They offered to pay all the expenses of moving, including any expenses associated with selling our current home, and a no interest loan to help us purchase a home near the university.

Dave hadn't committed. He asked for a week to consider the opportunity and its ramifications for him and his family. He did commit to getting back to them with a firm answer by Wednesday of the following week.

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