tagFetishMary and her Lovers Ch. 07

Mary and her Lovers Ch. 07


Part VII

Presenting Adam...

I woke up in a pleasant mood the next morning. I assume because I fell asleep so fulfilled the previous night. I reached over and hugged Mary close. I could hear her let out pleased "Mmm" as I squeezed her against me.

"And how are doing this morning" I asked her, rolling on my back.

She also rolled, now facing me in the bed. "Oh, I'm great. I had a lot of fun last night, how about you?"

"Oh... I had a blast. That was so hot, watching you two do it on the couch." I said with a huge smile on my face.

"Yea" she said, beginning to look up to the ceiling. "I don't know... the sex isn't that amazing, I mean its good don't get me wrong, but I could get good from you." She started to explain, focusing on me now. "I think it's because when I'm with him, doing what he suggests, I just feel younger, sensual and more sexual, I guess."

I nodded at her with a grin, leaning over and planting a kiss on her forehead. "I think it's hot, the way you act."

"I mean, like the sex in the car." She said smiling at me. "And, in the gas station bathroom" she said flashing a look of surprise.

I smiled at her again. Damn, she was so sexy, more so with her newfound urge to explore what she did not when she was younger, out of fear of what her future husband would think. "So, was what I saw, the wrap up of the night?"

"Pretty much, we just laid there and talked for a little while. He did mention wanting me to come over and play cards with him and his roommate." She said with a laugh. "I think we may have got him hooked on Canasta."

"Does his roommate know the situation?" I asked.

She looked at me, "Of course, John told him everything. He really likes the fact that he's sleeping with a married woman and her husband knows everything." She laughed.

I thought that was funny, well, part of me didn't like everyone knowing I let my wife have sex with other men, but most of me found it very erotic that she did. "That's cool," I said. "Any plans for when, yet?"

"Maybe tonight," she answered. She started to get up from the bed, and I noticed the shorts she wore last night n the floor beside the bed. "I'm jumping in the shower," She said grabbing her robe off the door. I watched her ass as it disappeared into the hall.

I sat up and looked at the shorts on the floor. I bent down and picked them up. I thought to myself for a minute moving the shorts so I could see the crotch. There were white smears that had faded from sitting all night. I began to bring the shorts closer to my face, and breathed in deeply. It had a very powerful smell of cum and sex. I could smell her pussy on the crotch. I gave the shorts one more smell, than began to feel perverted and threw them in the hamper.

I got out of the bed and threw my robe on, walking down the hall to the bathroom. As I peaked in the door I could see Mary's sexy naked body through the glass of the shower. I leaned in the doorway watching her wash. She slithered the loofah over her breasts, and down to her crotch. She put her arm behind her to clean between her asses as she saw me watching.

"Whatcha doin?" She asked with a snigger.

"Oh, just savoring the show." I answered.

She gave a little chuckle. "You seem really happy this morning. More than me, and I'm the one that got laid" She said joked me. "Did you find my shorts; I left them by the bed."

I looked at her awkwardly. "What?"

She stopped her washing and pulled the sliding glass door open. Sticking her head out of the shower, she looked at me staggered. "C'mon... I know you, little pervert." She laughed as she closed the shower again.

Damn, she really did know me. She has never ceased to surprise me in all the years we have been together. "Yea... I did," I mumbled back. "I can't help it; I think it's really hot." I said, my voice getting louder.

She laughed as I walked out of the bathroom.

Later that afternoon Mary came out to meet me in the front of the house, as I was washing the car. "Hey, babe" she said walking closer to me.

I turned off the hose, and looked at her. "What's up?"

She came closer and handed me her beer. "John texted me, he wants to pick me up around five." She said grinning, as I gulped the beer.

I handed her back the bottle, "So, cards tonight I take it?" I asked her, as she swigged the bottle.

"Yea, he wants me to teach his roommate to play, and I guess stay and play with the two of them."

I turned the hose back on, and continued to rinse the soap off the car. "Two guys tonight, huh?" I said teasingly.

She shrugged her shoulders, chugging the last of the beer. "Maybe" she said with a laugh.

I looked at her suspiciously. Her latest book was about three brothers who shared a wife. She told me it ended with all three of them fucking her at the same time, and that she thought that might be hot. I shrugged it off, because... well... because I did not see my wife taking more than one lover at a time. Nevertheless, I was known to be way off base when it came to Mary.

She returned inside as I finished the washing. Later, I came inside and did not see her downstairs. I called up the stairs, as I could only guess she was getting ready, as it was already four. "I'm almost done," she yelled down.

I began to wonder what she would wear for this outing. If I could tell, what she planned for this evening by what she was wearing. If it was easy access that meant; sex tonight, I thought. If not, just cards and no sex. I had a way of building everything up in my head, before anything was even decided. I used to do it all the time, back when I was still trying to get her to take other lovers.

She came down the stairs wearing floral looking dress that went to her ankles, and brown sandals with gold buckled straps. Her toes were pained a dark beige, which matched her fingernails. The dress tied around the back of her neck, which depending on the tightness could show off her breasts very well. I saw she did tie it pretty tight. Her hair was pulled up in a ponytail and her blonde bangs shagged in front of her eyes. I loved her hair that way. "How's this?" she questioned.

"You look very nice," I said with a smile.

She slid her lips to the side, "Uh huh". She began to twirl around in front of the stairs. "I'm going for laid back, and not trying to be too want-able."

"I think that would do it." I said with a smirk.

She rolled her eyes at me. She then quickly turned around as she headed for the door. "No panties, though" She said with a smile. My jaw dropped. OK, change of plans I thought to myself. Sex tonight it is.

Mary grabbed a lighter coat out of the closet and returned to the doorway. The door was open, and she peered out looking for her ride. "He's on his way, I take it," I said.

"He said he was" She turned back and said to me. "I get to meet Adam tonight."

"His roommate" I questioned.

She shook her head yes, not looking back. I looked her up and down, and noticed a gold anklet. I quickly started to analyze he lower half. She had a toe ring on each foot, which was odd for her. Mary usually only wore one, but I quickly dismissed that line of thinking, as I am sure I was being stuck on meaningless details again.

"OK, that's him" She said opening the door. I walked closer and she gave me a kiss. "No idea what time I'll be back, but I will text with the plans when I get them." She said heading out the door.

Several hours later, I looked at the clock, 10:00. Still nothing from Mary, as I checked to make sure my phone was on. Of course, it is on, I thought to myself. I turned the volume up and down, back to vibrate. For some reason checking to make sure the volume worked. All right, I decided I needed a distraction again. She did say she would text with the plans for the evening when she got them, so maybe they were just playing cards. I could not shake the thought I had earlier about her book, and her joking comment about having both of them.

I went into the kitchen to try to find something to munch on while I watched T.V. I managed to find some nachos and cheese, so I nuked that for my snack. I took the food and headed to the living room to see if there was anything on the television.

After flipping for several minutes, I did manage to find something I might be able to get into enough to distract me from what my wife was probably doing with two guys right now. Two rather young college guys. O.K. stop it, I thought to myself. I returned my focus to the television and waited, trying not to think about it.

At midnight, my phone finally went off. It was a text, from Mary. "Hey, remember that book I told you about?" My stomach dropped. Of course, I remembered the book, it is all I have thought about since you walked out the door, I thought. I thought quickly what to reply. Should I play stupid and say no, or should I immediately tell her I knew what she was leading to? If I played dumb, she might actually go into some details, so I opted for that one.

"Which one, you read a lot of books" I sent.

I waited, staring at the phone the entire time anticipating her next text. The phone went off. "The one about the three brothers" is all it said.

I laughed to myself nervously. Oh shit, she wanted to have a threesome with these young college guys. What to type back, what to type back? I thought repeatedly to myself. Fuck it. "Are you talking threesome now?"

It took her a few minutes and my thought ran wild, was she hesitant to tell me or was she already in the act and trying to fill me in? It felt like hours, but I finally got a text from her. "Yes"

Really, one word that is all I get back! This is sort of a big deal, well to me at least. "Uh... More specific," I texted back to her.

Her next reply seemed to come rather quickly. "Yes, do you care?" The sensation in my chest began to intensify and the feeling in my stomach continued. Be careful, I thought to myself. Whom am I kidding, I wanted her to, I thought this was almost as hot as everything I've seen her do already. What are you waiting for, text her back and say "Hell yeah", I thought.

I timidly replied, "No I don't care"... I did not send that. I quickly erased it. I need something better. I needed to know more details. "What are you doing right now?" There, I sent it. Now, just wait to find out, my thoughts continued to battle through my head.

"Just sitting at the table playing strip poker and I'm losing... badly" she sent back to me.

Oh, shit! My visions of Mary sitting at the table naked, with two other guys flooded me. Well, I thought, if I do not send the OK, it will be even longer before she gets home. Then I will not find out any details for a long time. I had a new thought. "Did they ask you to have a threesome?"

Again, it took a while for her reply. Maybe it's her turn, and that's why it's taking so long.

"No. I want to bring it up."

Damn. She really is enjoying the choice she made to be a slut. Evidently the biggest slut she could be. "OK" I sent her.

I set the phone down on the coffee table, as I was sure I would not hear any more from her, until she returned home. I tried to go back to the T.V. show I had been watching, but the feeling in my chest was taking priority. Damn it, I needed a beer. I walked to the kitchen to see if we had any. No beer, I had to go to the store that could be good. A nice drive to take my mind off the events that were unfolding, I grabbed my keys off the table and headed out the door.

I decided to go to the store the next town over, to take up more time. It was easier for me to clear my mind when driving and the time did seem to past faster. I returned home at about one a.m. I had already cracked two beers on the drive and took the remaining four to the fridge. I pulled my phone from my pocket. Just making sure, I did not miss anything, even though I have been caring the phone close for about an hour.

I went through all the texts we had sent earlier. Rereading them just elevated my anticipation of her return. God, I hated the waiting. But, it was worthwhile when she returned with wonderful stories about her slutty adventures in another man's arms.

I grabbed another beer and headed back to the couch. I flipped though several channels, as my show had gone off while I was away. Finding something decent, I managed to watch.

Several hours past, and I looked up to the clock. 3:00 and still no word, my thoughts began to jump around again. I wondered if she let them DP her. If she would suck them both off at the same time, or if she would let them both cum all over her at the same time. Fuck! I need a new show; this so was not working for me.

I finally heard her key in the door around 6:00. I eagerly jumped off the couch and opened the door before she had a chance to. "Hey" I said.

"Wow" she stepped back laughing. "Someone is excited." She said putting her purse on the table and taking off her coat. She then wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply.

"Have fun?" I asked, trying to make small talk so not to interrogate her.

"It was an OK night." She said walking away from me to the kitchen.

What the fuck was she doing? She was toying with me she had to be. I reached out and grabbed her arm as she passed me by. "Wait" I stammered.

She turned and looked at me with a huge smile on her face. "Yes" she asked.

"Oh come on!" I pleaded stamping my foot.

She extended her hand, inviting me to sit down on the couch. I sat; she then joined me, crossing her legs as she sat. She then looked blankly at me. It was killing me that she was not spitting out every bit of information for me.

"Did you fuck them?" I anxiously asked her, the feeling still present in my chest.

"Yes I did. Both of them, mostly together, some one on one" She said with a smile. My erection immediately began to grow in my sweat pants that I had changed into, expecting her return. The feeling in my chest intensified and started shaking slightly, my hands becoming sweatier.

I looked at her; with my eyes widened... she had just fucked two guys, at the same time. This was a first. A really hot first, mind you. This was incredible, the most trampy-iest thing my wife had ever done. God, I wish I could have watched it. "Why are you being stingy with the details?" I questioned.

She grabbed her purse off the table and began to riffle through it. She pulled out a DVD disk and handed it to me. "Adam is majoring in video editing, so he had all the equipment. I suggest we film the whole thing for you, because you like to jerk off to me and what I do with these other men." She handed me the disk with a grin.

I jumped off the couch and headed to the Blu-Ray player. After I inserted it into the machine, I pulled my sweats off before sitting back on the couch, my cock rock hard now. Mary began to get up, "Aren't you going to watch it with me?" I asked her.

She looked down at me, "Why, I was there." She said starting to walk away.

"O.K. would you watch it with me" I rephrased.

"Ray, it's like after six in the morning and I've had a very extensive night of sex, I'm tired and want to go to sleep." She leaned in and kissed me. I agreed it was late or early and that she was probably tired as hell, disappointedly I let go of her hand as she walked up the stairs.

I grabbed the remote and hit play. The movie started with a guy I did not recognize, so I assume that must be Adam. It looked like he was positioning the camera, focusing on a table. The table, I questioned to myself, not my first choice for the sex... but whatever.

As 'Adam' moved out of the shot, I saw Mary sitting on the table naked and John standing beside her kissing her neck while she stroked his cock. Then Adam walked into the shot, as Mary extended her hand out and grabbed his dick. She then leaned over and put him into her mouth, while he grabbed her hair and ran his fingers through it. John was now sucking on her breasts, still off to the side.

After a moment of sucking on Adam's cock, she changed and started to suck off John while Adam began to fondle her breast and slide his hand between my wife's thighs.

I continued to jerk my dick but slowed, as I was sure I would not last past the foreplay. I mean fuck! Two guys fucking my wife. Maybe that is why she did not want to watch the video with me; she wanted me to be surprised and knew I would have too many questions for her.

She now had two cocks, one in each hand and stroked the new guy, while she sucked on John's. Thoughts raced in my mind, she was playing strip poker with two college guys, and losing. Then decided to fuck them both at some point, my god, this was so fucking wild!

She took Adam in her mouth as she moved her hand to John's stiff member. He then pulled her off the table, and she got on her knees on the floor in the middle of the two. She bobbed up and down, moving from dick to dick stroking the ones she was not sucking. Goddamn, this was hot! I watched in complete awe, stroking myself all the while.

After she sucked both of them off for a few minutes, John pulled her to her feet, bent her over slightly and entered her from behind. Adam moved to the front and started on her mouth again. What the fuck, I thought to myself. Mary has just shown me a new kind of slut that she was.

I wondered how much longer I would be able to hold out before I spilled my load. I had to stop all jerking several times. They switched up and rearranged a few times. Both got a chance to bang her from behind; then Adam came closer into view and shut off the camera.

The camera must have been on a tripod, because the next scene opened with Mary lying in a bed, with one of them pumping away missionary. I could not tell which one was fucking her now, as it was just his ass, but I could see his dick penetrate my wife continually. One of them must have been just watching, as they were not in the shot, as whomever it was, plugged on.

I then realized it was John, as he stood removing himself from Mary's pussy. Then Adam moved in and took his place. I heard Mary give out a yelp as the new guy entered her. I liked this one better, as he lifted her legs in the air, exposing her feet flopping around while he fucked her. She seemed to moan more with this guy, and I began to contemplate if she would repeat this night's events, or even take Adam as a solo lover. Too far ahead, calm down and focus I thought.

It did not look like either of them came; they seemed to just be switching at random now. Then they pulled Mary to the edge of the bed, to the side of the camera shot, while John lay on the bed in front of her. She went down and began to suck his cock, while Adam went behind. Then Adam moved, switching with John.

Mary climbed up to the center of the bed, still at in the same camera angle. She then straddled Adam and started to kiss him while she began pumping on his dick. I then saw John come from behind and insert himself as well. That was in her ass, I thought to myself as Mary gave out a groan. She was now taking two guys, at the same time... I knew when she read that book of hers, she commented on how fun it sounded but I actually thought she'd never try it.

Then they began to switch again, John assumed the lower position and Adam started to take over on my wife's ass. His turn was short lived as I heard Mary begin to complain that his cock was too fat for her ass, and hurt. So, they switched back.

When they each had a turn in my wife's ass... and she had fulfilled her fantasy of being DP'd, the camera moved again. Same room, but different angle as the floor was now the focal point. They both stood over her, and began jerking their cocks. I could barely make out the words, but it sounded as if Mary was talking dirty in order to coax them to cum on her. Her face? Did she just beg them to cum on her face, both of them?

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