tagToys & MasturbationMary and the Machine

Mary and the Machine


It was late on a Friday night and Mary Cook, tall, dark-haired and voluptuous kissed her boyfriend goodbye, halfway wishing he would just stay away. The man did have a few good points but the sex with him that night, as usual, had been extremely disappointing and she was completely unsatisfied with the one extremely weak orgasm she had reached. Mary had a dildo and a vibrator and would probably use one or both of them on her needy pussy but she really wished it could be unnecessary.

"What I really need," she told herself, "is a man who can fuck all night or some kind of sex toy that I don't have to hold on to. Something that stands by itself so I don't have to do any work and can just lay back and enjoy myself."

However, she was almost certain there was no such thing available so she got out the toys she did have and, completely naked, made herself comfortable on her bed with her computer propped up in front of her. She intended to use the dildo and the vibe at the same time but she knew that combination would not be enough to do the job. She would also need a good, smutty porn story on Literotica to read while she was using them.

On her way to that site, an advertisement caught her attention. The part that stood out the most was a big, white dildo and, as she looked over the pictures and read the text, Mary realized she might have just stumbled across exactly what she needed. The ad was for a place not very far from her apartment and the dildo that had caught her eye was one of the many different sizes and colors that would be available to all persons who were at least 18 years old and came into the establishment and paid their fees. It was intended to service pussies but gay men who wanted to be fucked in the ass by the mechanical marvel (their words) would also be accommodated.

She continued reading while inspecting the photograph of the machine and learned how the dildo selected by the customer would be fastened to the end of a long metal arm which was connected to a metal wheel. The connection was off-center so, as the wheel turned, at the speed selected by the user, the arm would first be thrust forward, plunging the dildo into whomever happened to be lying or kneeling on the couch which would be provided for customers. As the wheel completed its revolution, the dildo would be drawn back out. The person using the machine would be in his or her preferred position and a woman could, in theory at least, fuck all night and come an infinite number of times.

"This is exactly what I was just wishing for," Mary said to herself as she picked up her telephone to call and ask about business hours and other details.

They would be open the following day at one PM so she made an appointment. The fee was higher than she expected but Mary considered it to be well worth it for the sexual joys that were promised. In order to whet her appetite for the carnal pleasure the next day, she decided to eschew masturbating that night.

Mary arrived promptly at one o'clock the next day and used her credit card to pay for two hours with what the manager referred to as "The Sexmaster." If she wanted more time, there would be an additional charge but Mary believed two hours should be enough, especially since the time would run from when she turned the sex machine on using the remote control she would have strapped onto her wrist.

Mary was escorted to a cubicle with minimal privacy; nobody else was visible but moans and cries and other sounds of joy from other clients could be heard clearly. The rather simple directions, which were posted on the swinging door, were pointed out to her and she was handed the device with which she would control the machine. Customers were allowed to wear as much or as little as they chose but, after the attendant left, Mary elected to strip naked, because that was her preference when indulging in any kind of sexual activity. She decided to start with a comparatively small dildo and, after coming for the first time, would switch to something bigger.

She selected a toy that was pink to match her skin, about six inches long and thick in proportion. Along the shaft were a series of pleasure bumps and, at the base, was a clit spur with multiple rubber fingers, which Mary would start using when she reached a high level of arousal. After removing the plastic wrapper and attaching the dildo, the horny woman sat on the couch, which was covered with a clean fitted sheet and a pillow, leaned forward to make necessary adjustments and pulled the safety rails into place on the sides of what she was anticipating would be her place of joy. With everything set, she used the remote control to turn the machine on to its slowest speed.

The wheel turned; the toy on the end of the metal rod moved slowly toward her and Mary guided the head into her pussy. In anticipation of the hours of carnal fun she expected to have, she was already lubricating enough that she had decided not to use the warm oil that was available to her. When the realistic head of the dildo made its first penetration, she sighed happily and lay on her back believing she was going to get the best fucking of her life.

"Ooooo," she crooned when four inches of the soft plastic slowly burrowed into her pussy and withdrew at the same speed.

After three more strokes at the same speed, Mary increased the pace, but not too much because what she needed was a long, slow fuck. The Sexmaster responded perfectly and plunged its toy into the place where it was wanted. With the next thrust, she fucked back to meet it, just as if the machine were a real, live lover. Mary was already starting to moan in bliss and her vocal responses became louder and her movements started getting more erratic as the pleasure bumps did their jobs.

Not only were the strokes of the dildo giving her delight, she had begun playing with her nipples, as she usually did while fucking. The little pink nubbins were as hard as pebbles, as they had been even while she had been divesting herself of her clothing. She moaned more loudly and her body began writhing in bliss while her head tossed from side to side on the pillow.

"Where have you been all my life?" she asked the machine but got no reply except for the soft "whirr" of its wheel and the steady slow thrusting of its dildo in and out of her.

As good as it already was, Mary knew how to make the fucking even better and moved closer to the machine so she could start taking the dildo more deeply into her pussy. Even better for her, since the plastic cock was being plunged all the way into her, the clit spur came into play too. She screamed in delight the first time the tiny fingers raked across her sensitive, swollen clit and every trust after that got even better. Mary's ass started bouncing and pitching on the narrow couch while her legs were waving in the air as her climax grew imminent.

"Yes! Yes! Keep fucking me!" she warbled joyfully. The machine couldn't hear her, of course, although everybody else in the large room probably could unless they were drowning out her voice with their own joyful cries.

Mary let the machine run at the same speed for several hundred more thrusts into her eager pink hole, each seeming to feel better than the one before it. Her body continued bouncing up and down, ramming her pussy back against the machine as the dildo drove in and out of her and the spur raked across her clit. She could feel a tremendous climax building up from somewhere deep within her body and getting closer with every stroke. She was using the Sexmaster at a medium pace but, with her orgasm steadily drawing nearer, Mary turned it on to full speed.

The machine began pounding its toy into her more deeply and at a faster rate than she had ever been fucked before but Mary kept pace, thrusting her pussy back and meeting the dildo at the same speed. Her happy form kept bouncing and thrashing all over the narrow couch and Mary was glad for the safety rails, because she might otherwise have fallen off and landed on the floor. Her climax began to erupt and she cried out again, louder and more ecstatically than she ever had before in her entire life of uninhibited sex.

Never before had Mary come as strongly as she was doing that day. Usually, there would have been a very happy man between her legs and she would have clamped her arms around his body and her thighs around his hips but there was nobody there for her to cling to. Instead, her arms flopped at her sides and started flailing the cushions while her legs swung wildly back and forth as the machine continued plowing away at her pussy. When her climax overwhelmed Mary, all her muscles spasmed, her back arched and she emitted a final shout of unmitigated joy.

The machine kept working, driving its dildo into Mary's pussy at the same speed until she used the remote control and shut it off. The arm retreated and remained in place a foot above the bed with the juices from her pussy dripping onto the sheet between her legs. For a few minutes, she remained sprawled out and relaxing and thinking about what a fantastic invention the Sexmaster was. She was happy but not entirely satisfied and knew she would not reach that point until she had one more orgasm, although the still-horny woman couldn't hope to make it as good as the first had been.

When she was ready, Mary got to her knees and removed the dildo from the long metal arm of the device that had just given her such a terrific time. She intended to have the mechanical marvel bring her another orgasm that might be almost as fabulous but this time it would be doggy style. Because her pussy was still so wet her juices were running down her thighs, she chose a bigger dildo, eight inches long this time and covered with the same kind of pleasure bumps as the first. She attached the new toy, making sure the spur was on the lower side so her clit would receive the full benefit once the contact began. With the machine in readiness, she moved on her knees toward the head of the couch and turned the machine on, once again starting with its lowest speed.

As Mary watched over her shoulder, the new and bigger dildo started moving toward her as the other had and she caught the head and held it with one hand to guide it to her waiting pussy. The fingers of her other hand were holding apart her lips and she felt the head start to nudge its way between them. Making a small adjustment with her fingers, she guided the end of the plastic cock into her wet pink hole, breathing in sharply between her teeth when the big toy began to wedge its way into the place where it was desired. Mary moved slightly closer to the machine and the initial six inches of the artificial cock slowly burrowed into her pussy, evoking a loud sigh of joy from its user.

The second and third strokes were equally pleasurable and Mary adjusted the dial to just below one third of the maximum speed. The next time she felt the dildo surging into her pussy she fucked back to meet it and seven inches of the lifelike plastic cock plowed into her dripping pink hole. Once again, she sighed, happily and loudly, at the intense pleasure, especially where the many pleasure bumps were massaging her multitude of sweet spots.

Being thicker, this dildo was stuffing her pussy that much better and every one of her many special places received full benefit of the massage being given to the inside of her pussy. After a few more strokes like the first, she once again increased the speed of the Sexmaster and starting fucking back to meet the dildo that was already plunging into her pussy at the faster pace. She wrapped her arms around her pillow and got ready for another of the greatest fuckings of her life.

Mary continued like that for a long time, feeling her second climax of the day slowly mounting inside her body. She was in no hurry to come because this was the kind of thing she had been wanting for years - a partner who could tirelessly fuck her until she was sated. When she was finally ready for the next adjustment, Mary turned the machine down to its slowest speed and moved closer to the dildo so she would get the benefit of the clit spur. With everything ready to her satisfaction, she turned the fucking machine to the next lowest speed and reached back to guide the plastic toy into her pussy, smiling lewdly at the way her hand became covered with her juices.

Once again, the dildo plunged slowly into her pussy, sending thrills of joy all through her body. Mary squealed in delight when the multitude of tiny fingers made contact with her swollen clit and, when the plastic cock withdrew again and returned to burrow back into her pussy, she fucked back harder to meet it. Repeatedly, but at a low speed, the dildo glided into her with its spur raking her clit. As she moaned and sobbed from the excruciating pleasure, Mary could still feel her climax as it steadily built up from deep inside her body and started to concentrate within her genitals.

Her orgasm continued to draw steadily nearer and Mary's body started yawing from side to side while her thighs began to thrust down into the cushion of the couch. She moaned and whimpered and sobbed blissfully from the excruciating pleasure she was feeling, especially from the constant contact with her swollen, sensitive clit.

"Yes! Yes! Keep fucking me like that!" She told the machine.

It couldn't have heard her but the Sexmaster did what she wanted, driving its plastic cock into her pussy at the same steady pace. Mary spread her knees and leaned forward to keep her balance and to bow her back and raise her hips to try to take the dildo a fraction of an inch more deeply into her pussy. She had come many times in the past but she knew this climax would be one of her greatest of all time when she felt it sweep over her body and inundate her with joy.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she sang out loudly, probably adding to the sexual arousal of all the other clients in the room.

Mary didn't care how many people heard her; she wanted nothing more than to have the plastic toy with the pleasure bumps and the clit spur keep taking her to Paradise and it was doing that better than any man in her life ever had. Her joy-filled body thrashed from side to side on the narrow cushion and, once again, she was glad of the presence of the side rails that were preventing her from falling to the floor.

"Oh my god!" Mary howled in total ecstasy as her thunderous orgasm finished overwhelming her body.

All her muscles clenched and she rammed her pussy back at the machine for a final time. After that climax, all her muscles relaxed and she sprawled forward with her face pressed into the pillow, barely able to turn off the fantastic machine that had given her two amazing orgasms. As the dildo was slowly withdrawn from her pussy, she felt it leaving a trail of her warm juices on the top of her thigh.

Following a few minutes of rest, her two hours with the machine were almost up and Mary decided she had been fucked enough for that day. She made sure the machine was turned off before wiping her pussy and putting her clothing on, checked out at the desk and left. The employees would sterilize the dildos and, in general, clean up after her as they did for all their clients. From starting slowly and fucking a long time before coming, Mary had just experienced the two most monumental orgasms of her life.

They would be enough to satisfy her, for a while at least, but she would return for more of the carnal joys no later than the following weekend. The only thing that might have changed her mind would have been finding a man or group of men who could match the intense pleasure provided to her by the Sexmaster and she considered that possibility to be even beyond remote.

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