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Mary Ann


She dropped her robe on the bed and stepped toward the shower. Mary Ann was deep in thought because all of her hopes and dreams hinged upon the events of this night, and she was determined to do everything in her power to make her marriage work.

She had been married to Ed for six years now. The first three were glorious ecstasy for both of them, but suddenly everything fell apart. She turned on the hot water, and tried to relax as she remembered the good years. God, for three years anything was ok. The fucked in the park on a warm summer evening, and even in an elevator just for the thrill. All he had to do was look at her and she melted, and a whisper in his ear would bring on a raging erection. They were are and arm everywhere they went, the perfect couple, so much in love.

Then things started to sour. They both still professed their love for each other, but sex became infrequent. They had none in the last year. Their sex drive had not diminished, she masturbated often, and she saw him do it many times in the shower in the morning. She closed her eyes and brought back the memory of his body showing through the shower door. She could see his body spasm and hear his low moan as his sperm shot against the wall. That made her so hot that she could not wait for him to leave the house so she could draw a bath and pleasure herself to several orgasms of her own.

The warm water cascaded over her shoulders as she softly rubbed her body with the soapy sponge. She caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples. As she moved her hand between he legs the familiar wetness was evident. Her pussy ached so for the feel of a male penis that she could hardly bear it. She rubbed slowly, and it felt so good. "No," she said to herself out loud, "I have to save everything for tonight."

As she stepped from the shower and started drying herself she tried to remember what it was the caused such a drastic change in their lives. They wanted a baby, but Ed found that he had a low sperm count. She thought that might have bothered him, but it seemed to have no effect at the time. He said that they could go on and have a great life, just the two of them without the burden of caring for children. She was disappointed at the time, but accepted his attitude. After all, they had plenty of time to adopt later if they wished, and they could have a great time traveling and partying together until then.

She looked into the large oval mirror in the bedroom and examined what she saw. She was about 5'4" with a small waste and a beautiful round curvy ass. Her long dark hair cascaded over her shoulders to the middle of her back. Her tits were not large; about "B" cups, but they were firm and perky. Not bad she thought. Why don't I turn him on? I guess I will find out tonight. She turned for a full frontal view and looked at her thick bush. "I need to take care of that," she said to herself out loud. She reached for a scissors and proceeded to cut off of the hair that she could. She stepped back into the shower, soaked her pussy and proceeded to shave off the rest. It made her so hot that she couldn't help pushing two fingers in and giving a pump or two. "Stop, before it's too late," she said. "God, that feels good."

She found a sheer pair of panties that showed the outline of her freshly shaved pussy. "Looks good," she said. Then she sat down to apply her makeup. Her mind again wandered back to the last three years. This was not the first time that they made a date to talk. He had cancelled two others. He said he had to work. He always had to work. He worked to replace her, she thought, unless he had someone else on the side, but there were no signs of that. He seemed more resolved this time, but she had decided that it would be the last time if he let her down. She was going to leave if he could not talk to her and explain what had happened. Tears began to form in her eyes as she pondered the possibilities.

Mary Ann picked up a bra and started to put it on, but changed her mind and threw it back into the drawer. She pulled on a sleek black dress with a plunging neckline and a mid thigh hemline. When she bent over he could see her tits almost to the nipple and their outline was evident when she stood or sat up. Stockings and heals finished off the look and she admired herself in the mirror. It was almost five, the time for his arrival, so she went to the living room to greet him when he got home. The outlook for a pleasant evening electrified her.

"In a few minutes the phone rang. "Hello, " she said.

"Honey, I'm sorry but I will have to work late tonight," Ed advised. "Honey, Mary Ann, please say something."

"Good bye," she answered as she returned the phone to its cradle. She started crying hysterically. This was it. Their marriage was over as far as she was concerned. She went to the bar and took a straight shot of Jack Daniel's, something that she would never do when rational. *** She turned her sleek BMW into the Hickory Mall parking lot. Damned it, she was going to spend until she tired. She wandered from shop to shop buying things that she didn't want, trying to silence her pounding brain. The looks and smiles of some of the men there emotionally lifted her. One sales clerk even tried to come on to her. At least someone thought that she was attractive or desirable, even if it was only a pleasant daydream or the thought of a quick fuck. She tired and decided to get something to eat at the food court. She ordered s slice of pizza and a coke and looked for a place to sit. God it was crowded. She saw a table at which a man sat with an empty chair. Did she dare? Why not, so she inquired and was hospitably seated by the stranger.

They ate in silence, and he hardly looked at her. She finished her snack and, got up to leave. "Miss," he said, you are leaving one of your packages."

"Thank you," she replied.

"Your are a little overdressed for the mall aren't you?" he said. "You must have planned on something else tonight and changed your mind."

Mary Ann picked up her package. She then looked into his face. It was an understanding and compassionate face. She thought about the past few hours and the tears began to roll down her cheeks. She sat back down, and buried her face in her hands. He arose and gently placed his hand on her shoulder. His touch was soft and warm, and she turned melting into his chest.

"Is there anything that I can do?" he questioned.

"No, this is my problem and no one else can live through it but me," she said.

"Sometimes you just need to say what is bothering you," he replied. I am a good listener; Let's walk around, and you can sound off. "You don't know me and I don't know you, what do you have to lose but a burden."

He was a medium height studious looking person. He was not the athletic type but well built, handsome, and very soft-spoken. He was the type of man who had a knowing confidence in his voice, with a kind and gentle nature. They walked for a couple of hours as she unloaded her burden and, he just listened. That was what she needed, and somehow he knew it. She found out that he was a psychology professor at South Regional College, and was new in town for the next semester. No wonder he so understanding. It was refreshing to have someone to talk to, someone that could make her feel necessary.

"You were planning a night out tonight?" he asked tentatively, "There is a little bar with a small dance floor in my hotel. Would you accompany me there for a little while?"

"Are you taking advantage of my depression to get into my pants?" she asked.

"Probably," he said, "but that is your choice. Let's have a couple of drinks and see how you feel after settling down. I really don't want to take advantage of your present state of mind."

"You have already improved my state of mind," she replied. "Just a little more, and I might even be happy." *** A couple of hours and several drinks later Mary Ann did feel a lot better. With each dance she nuzzled closer to him. He made her feel so safe and warm. It had been a long time since she felt like that. They sat close together at the table, but he made no moves that might make her feel as if he was hitting on her. Finally she let her hand drop to his thigh, and that was the signal he needed to let him know that everything was all right. He kissed her deeply, their tongues dancing together, and she offered no resistance. It had been so long, so long. Her pussy started to leak a little, and she could feel her panties moisten. She moved he hand up his leg and found what she wanted to know. He wanted her.

From that point on the lead was his. He brushed her breast with his hand and then cupped them, pinching her nipples slightly. He then moved his hand inside her dress and held her bare breasts, messaging them one at a time. From their position other people could see, but she didn't care. She only wished that Ed could see that someone else wanted her.

He moved one hand to her thigh and rubbed slowly inching toward her pussy. Then his finger brushed against her slit through her panties. It felt like a lightning blot shot through her whole body. She pulled him to her and kissed him violently, sucking his tongue until it would stretch no more. She moved her hand to his cock through his pants and rubbed gently. She couldn't tell how big it was but she really didn't care. She just knew that she needed it, and she would present no pretence of modesty.

His fingers slid easily under her panties and he gently pushed into her vagina. Oh, it felt so good. She knew they should go somewhere private, but she was frozen with need. He began to circle her clit, and then rubbed the length of her cunt. Her juice was running like a faucet, and her dress felt wet. He moved back to the clit and her whole body exploded. Her toes and fingers went numb as wave after wave of pleasure wracked her soul. She bit his shoulder to keep from screaming, and dug her fingernails into his skin.

She started weeping so he held her close. "Are you sorry for that?" he said.

"Are you kidding?" she answered. "I will remember that for the rest of my life. Let's go somewhere private."

"My room ok?" he asked. "I am staying here until I find a place to live."

"We can't get there fast enough for me," she said. They almost ran to the elevator. *** The door closed behind them and Mary Ann clung to his neck as if holding on to life. She pushed him back until he was seated on the bed and knelt between his legs. "Let me take your dress off first," he said. "I want to admire your beauty." He reached behind her and unzipped and the dress fell around her knees. "My God, you are truly beautiful. Your husband must be a zombie."

Without answering she opened his pants and eased his shorts down to free his cock. She bent over and kissed it. "It is beautiful," she thought, about eight inches long thick with large veins. Her pussy tightened at the sight. She started to lick the crown lightly and pushed on the little slit with her tongue. He lightly messaged her shoulders and back as she rhythmically slid her mouth up and down his shaft. She pushed him to his back and softly began to suck on his balls. She gently scraped her teeth over their surface causing him to shiver. Then she kissed and licked the secret space between his balls and anus as he moaned in delight. She pulled him back to a sitting position and started pumping with her hand as she sucked in earnest on the head. She did everything right, sucking the sensitive underside, and taking his whole shaft into her throat. He couldn't hold out long. She felt his balls contract and his cock swell.

"I am going to cum," he warned.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," was her answer.

She felt the warm seed jet into her mouth and swallowed as hard as she could. He groaned with pleasure and grasped her shoulders hard as his orgasm exploded. Shot after shot he injected into her throat until he collapsed. Mary Ann kept sucking to get every precious drop. She had not tasted cum in so long. She reveled in every jerk of his cock and every drop of sperm.

She moved next to him on the bed and removed the rest of his clothing. After a few minutes rest it was his turn.

"Do you want to leave your stockings and heals on?" he asked.

"I am not a slut or a whore," she answered.

She started to move to take them off, but he moved first and slid down her stockings and took off her shoes. Only her sopping panties remained, but he made no effort to remove them. As he took off her shoes he took her toes in his mouth and sucked. He used his thumbs to message the ball of her foot and she began to wreath. Even Ed had never done this before, and it felt so good. He licked and kissed his way to the back of her knee and applied pressure with his moving tongue. Her pussy quivered. "God that feels good," Mary Ann said. He continued to lick up her thighs, and she cried out in pleasure and anticipation. His mouth then inched to her still covered cunt. She boiled waiting for the touch. He delayed. She pushed her cunt down to his mouth, and he gently ran his tongue over the crotch of her panties.

He licked along the sides and under the edge teasing. It was all that Mary Ann could tolerate. "God damn." she screamed. "Eat my cunt. Make me cum. I can't stand it. Please, Please.

He pulled her panties down as she lifted her hips. He threw them on the floor, and drove his tongue into her love tunnel. He sucked her lips and traced the length of her crack. He ventured to her anus and pushed in and circled, but quickly moved to her clit for the relief that he knew she needed. He circled her clit slowly and gently sucked. She was pouring juice now, and had wet the bed. Her clit was large and easy to stimulate and his reward was quick. She screamed and pushed her pussy into his mouth with all of her strength. She was convulsing in pleasure beyond imagination. She crushed his head with her quaking thighs and squirting cum into his mouth. He had never experienced a woman having such a magnificent orgasm.

They moved onto the bed together between the sheets, kissing and petting, exploring their newfound excitement. "I want you in me," she said.

"I don't have any condoms or anything," he answered.

"I don't care," she cried. " Make me pregnant, I don't care."

"Can I ask you one question?" he asked.

"Sure," she answered.

"What is your name?" he inquired.

"Damned," she answered. "We are fucking, and we don't even know each other's names. Maybe I am a slut." She giggled like a schoolgirl. "I am Mary Ann Long."

"Pleased to meet you, Mary Ann Long," he said. "I am Michael O'Malley." They shook hands and laughed.

She pushed him onto his back. "No more stalling. I want to get fucked," she demanded. Mary Ann straddled him and rubbed her pussy on his cock. Both of them were ready so she held his cock and slowly impaled herself. She was going to have to stretch a lot, and it would hurt, but she knew that if she could take it slowly, she could accommodate him.

She slowly pumped up and down until she had taken four inches, but she lost control. Skyrockets burst in her eyes and an orgasm overtook her like a tornado without warning. She shoved down taking his whole cock at once, causing some pain, but it seemed to only intensify the pleasure. She continued to pound his pelvis with her ass exploding with orgasm after orgasm, so many that she couldn't count them. Then she felt his cock swell and jerk as he shot stream after stream of seed into her cavern. She was screaming in ecstasy and he groaned with satisfaction. She tightened her vaginal muscles and continued to pump, milking every last precious drop of his seed. He became so sensitive that he had to hold her. She realized his need and fell to his chest sobbing with joy.

She sat back up and looked adoringly into his eyes. Suddenly, she realized that he had not softened. "It has been a long time for me too," he said.

"I want more," she said.

"Doggy style?" he asked.

No more words were needed. She moved to her knees and elbows and presented the well-fucked pussy for more. Before entering he leaned down and kissed her pussy. "Your pussy is beautiful," he said. She felt a warm glow as his cock slid easily into her cunt. They moved slowly at first, but soon she felt awesome buildup of another impending orgasm. This one would not surprise her. She enjoyed every moment until the explosion over took her being. "Fuck me, fuck me!" she pleaded. "I am cummmmiiinnnggg." She continued multiple orgasms until he filled her with more of his wonderful cum. She heard his low groan that meant that she had pleased him. She could feel their combined juice run out of her tunnel and down her legs. Finally they collapsed in each other's arms, clinging to each other's warmth.

They nestled together for an hour saying little. He rubbed her body, but not sexually. She thought about that night, and how she felt. Maybe her marriage didn't matter any more? This might be a one-night stand or more. Right now she didn't care, she simply enjoyed the security and comfort of his arms. He had never before met a woman like this before. He quietly hoped that her marriage was over. He wanted her for his own.

Mary Ann reached down and started messaging his dick, and he began sucking on her tits. She smiled with anticipation. "One more for the road?" she asked. No answer was required. Michael rolled over on top of her and gently inserted his cock into her wanton cunt.

This time was different, however. They kissed and held each other. They slowly ground against each other with little in and out movement. It was so fulfilling to Mary Ann. The first two times were fucks, but this was lovemaking. This is what she really craved. The slow movement made it last a long time. The build up of her orgasm was slow but urgent at the same time. This time she felt him explode into her first with so much cum that they were sloshing. He groaned as his cock jerked inside of her love tunnel, and then she had the most stupendous orgasm of the night. She quaked as her vagina contracted. Again the fingers and toes went numb, and she groaned as she sunk her teeth into his shoulder.

Minutes passed as they lay together. "That was wonderful." She said. "You really are a wonderful lover."

"Just a lover?" he asked.

"I don't know," she answered. " I have to sort this out in my head. He may throw me out when I get home anyway. I have no intention of lying."

They got up together. Michael handed her a piece of stationary and said, "Will you give me your number." She wrote it down as he continued. "If he throws you out tonight come back here. No strings, ok."

"Ok," she replied. "How can I reach you if I want, and I am not at home."

"Call the school and ask for the psychology department," he said. "I don't know my office number yet but they can get you in touch. I start on Monday,"

She pulled on her dress and stepped into her shoes. She looked at her stockings and panties on the floor but decided that he might want a souvenir after he thought about tonight. She knew that she smelled like a whorehouse, but didn't try to clean up. Maybe Ed could smell what he had been missing for the last year. *** When Mary Ann walked in the door Ed was waiting. It was four o'clock, but she made no comment. She simply walked upstairs to the bedroom with Ed following. As soon as they entered Ed pushed her to the bed and lifted her dress. No explanations were necessary. She was red and open with her inner lips dangling, and cum still oozing from her open hole.

Ed sat next to her and began crying." I came home as soon as you hung up the phone, and I have been waiting and thinking since. I know you wanted to talk out our problems, and I have avoided every opportunity. I know that I have ignored you, and hurt you. I deserved what you did tonight. To tell the truth I was surprised that you didn't do it sooner."

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