tagMatureMary Becomes The Team's Favorite MI

Mary Becomes The Team's Favorite MI


Mary couldn't believe her boldness. Here she was sitting in her car in front of her son, Terry's team mate Jeremy's house, thinking about fucking him, again! She thought that her indiscretion of two weeks ago was an isolated incident, but she couldn't get Jeremy off her mind. His hard body pressed against her's and the lustful sex they had shared. She also, couldn't believe she had gotten away without her sin being discovered.

When Bill, her husband, came in through the garage that Saturday two weeks ago and found Mary in her shorty housecoat and nude underneath, her heart went up into her throat. She had just sent Jeremy off. She as sure she had been discovered.

Bill greeted her with a tight hug. He had been anticipating having a session with Mary all the way home in the car. They would have the house all to themselves while their son was at baseball practice. He didn't suspect a thing from his "innocent" wife.

His hands went down quickly to her ass noticing she had nothing on underneath. "Wow! Were you anticipating me coming home early?" Bill asked.

Mary's mind raced, what to do? "No, just a shower. But now that you are here" And she began to unbutton his shirt. She ran her hands over his chest feeling his thick hair. She was sure Bill would notice the huge wet spot on the sheets upstairs and her pussy was dripping with Jeremy's seed so she decided to give Bill a blow job right here. When Bill came it was always the end of their intimacies. Mary got down on her knees and began to unbuckle his belt, ease down the zipper on his jeans and pull his Calvin Klein's over his erect member. It sprang out with force.

"Oh, you've been thinking about me haven't you?" Mary growled.

"It was a long ride this morning." Bill enjoyed the rush of fresh air over his cock and the contrast of Mary's hot breath. He kicked his jeans and underwear off completely giving himself more freedom.

Mary loved the feel of the hot skin on her mans' cock. She rubbed it on her face and then caressed it with her tongue. Her husband's cock was so hard, but not quite as hard as the young cock she had sucked just 45 minutes before. She used her fingers to pull his cock forward so she could lick his glans and slide her lips over his sensitive skin.

"God! You are so good! Suck me down your throat." He loved to talk dirty during sex, it made him feel powerful and dominant. Bill could feel her wet lips slide all the way down his length and her teeth gently tease his sensitive skin. Her artful tongue swirled around and around making Bill throw his head back.

His muse knew what she was doing to him. Her left hand was at the base of his shaft and her right hand slid up his hairy inner thigh moving in for the kill. She took his balls in her fingers moving between them, fondling. Her tongue action doing it's magic. Her fingers began to move over his taint to her destination.

Bill knew what she was about to do but that wasn't in his plans. He reached down and took her chin bringing her to her feet. "You aren't getting by that easily" and he spun her around pushing her across the table. He looked down at her perfect ass. He took her hips firmly, lifted her slightly until her vagina was even with its' soon to be invader. He pressed his pride against her opening slowly, expecting her to be dry but finding her very wet. "Wow, you are excited aren't you."

"Stop talking and fuck me!" Mary whispered greedily. She knew if they lingered Bill might guess why she was so wet.

He pressed between her legs with his cock, aggressively penetrating her. He was balls deep inside of her womanhood and began to pump in and out furiously. .

His girth filled Mary. She felt the familiarity of his large cock and enjoyed his measured, experienced control. His length felt incredible. His rhythmic thrusts building a pressure in her. Her mind raced back to earlier and her fuck with Sean. Two cocks in my pussy in less than one hour,"Oh my Gawd" escaped from her lips. The excitement of her fantasy realized exploded in a mind blowing orgasm! "Ooh my...ugh..uhh... God"

Bill stopped, feeling the spasms of her vagina muscles contracting and releasing his cock. Her back arched as Mary came up on her arms, arching her back, her entire body trembling.

"You like a hard cock in your pussy don't you?" Bill said and grabbed Mary around the waist pulling her back against his chest. "You're just a cock whore aren't you?"

"God yes, fuck me!" She gasped, much louder now.

Bill grabbed her perky tits and squeezed hard. She was impaled hard on his cock, her feet barely reaching the floor. Bills hand went down her stomach to feel their union. His fingers on either side of his cock feeling her pussy lips stretched around his girth. "My god you are so wet"

"Just for you" trying to distract him from the truth.

With that he bent her over the higher kitchen island, her feet leaving the floor, and pounded her cunt hard. He slammed her and their skin coming together made a loud slapping. Mary screamed in a combination of pain and pleasure. She felt totally used by her powerful man. A willing victim of the two men who had taken advantage of her pleasures for themselves this morning. . Bill slammed in one more time, hard, and with a grunt came deep inside of her. She felt his hard cock stretching, pulsating deep inside and pumping his nectar hard into her. The experience was too much for her and she came again.

"Oh fuck yes!" She shouted feeling the waves of pleasure.

Both collapsed when the pulsating subsided, Bill's weight pressing Mary hard against the granite counter. They could feel each other's heart and they enjoyed the closeness of their union.

Then a startling sound as Bill's cell phone rang from his jeans piled on the floor.

"God damn it!" Bill reacted. He grabbed her hips and withdrew his cock from its' sheath. He felt the cold draft on his cock and Mary felt the torrent of fluid spill from her body, once again.

"Hello." Bill said, standing nude, his penis at half staff. "Really? Ok, I'll be right there."

"It seems Terry hurt his ankle sliding into base. They're worried he can't drive. We need to go pick him up."

Both of them dressed quickly. Bill in the kitchen but Mary rushed up the stairs. Mary had just enough time to rip off the sheets, to destroy the evidence left behind from her dalliance with Jeremy. She discovered something she hadn't expected and gasped. There on the floor was Jeremy's jock strap. "Oh my gosh, what if I hadn't found this?" She thought, and quickly stashed it, dressed and rushed down stairs.

It turned out their son Terry had broken his ankle, his senior year high school baseball career was over.

Now in the car in front of Jeremy's house, Mary, ran it all through her head, that morning with Jeremy, almost getting caught, Terry's broken ankle and to top it off, they just found out Bill's job was transferring his job to Wichita. Bill had already started working there and Mary stayed behind to prepare the house for sale. And here she sat. All she could think about in all this tempest was an obsession with Jeremy's young, hard, cock.

She was wearing the exact clothes she had worn that fateful morning, a white t-shirt and her pink skin tight biker shorts. Mary had an agenda, she even had skipped putting her bra and panties on, just like last time.

All she needed was one moment of bravery, Mary took a deep breath and grabbed her purse and the bag she had put Jeremy's athletic supporter in, her excuse for being there, and got out of the car. She knew he was home alone this weekend because of the conversation she had had with his mother. His mom and dad were in Las Vegas attending a convention.

The whole situation tonight made her very nervous as she walked up the steps to the front door. She stopped, took another deep breath and rang the bell, once, twice, but no one answered. She was about to take her package and put it inside the storm door when she heard a ruckus behind the house. Jeremy must be in the pool so she followed the path around to the gate.

By the noise she could tell he wasn't alone so she peeked in. There she saw 5 senior starters from the baseball team. Mary knew her plans were foiled, but knowing that helped her relax.

She knew them all well, she had cooked for them, served them at banquets and entertained most as Terry's guest for over nighters in her home. She opened the gate and walked in. "Hi guys!"

The boys all spun around, shocked at the sight of Mrs. R. They all scrambled to hide their illegal beverages.

"Ok guys, I caught you. I see your beer."

"Ah, come on Mrs. R!" JJ said. JJ is a tall very athletic African-American boy who is very charismatic. "You won't rat us out, will ya?" "The season is over, we deserve to blow off some steam!" "Here join us and have a beer with us."

"Oh yea, that would be responsible of me." Mary laughed sarcastically.

"None of us are going anywhere tonight, we're all spending the night here".."Ah, come on, you know you want to." JJ walked over and put his arm around her. "How often do you get to spend the evening alone with five shirtless men?"They both laughed. "Jeremy! Get Mrs. R a brew."

"Oh, JJ! How could anyone say no to you?" Putting her arm around his waist and patting his stomach. She hadn't realized how tall JJ and the others were. JJ pulled her tighter and suddenly noticed he didn't feel a bra strap through her t-shirt.

Jeremy walked over with an icy bottle of beer. "Go, ahead, you can join us for dinner too." Jeremy said pointing to the smoking grill. Mary broke off from JJ and stepped to Jeremy and accepted the beer.

Their eyes met with a sparkle, "Thank you. Let's see what you have cooking."

Jeremy and Mary walked over to the grill. Jeremy took off the lid revealing a grate full of hot dogs. "I think I'll pass on the dinner" Mary laughed.

Jeremy replaced the lid. "I don't know, I'm pretty good with weenies." He said under his breath, getting a firm elbow in the ribs. "Ow!"

Mary, suddenly afraid of becoming noticeably close to him spun around. She walked across the patio and started visiting with the others near the pool.

They were surprisingly mature. All in their swim suits she noticed their physiques were that of athletes, strong chests and flat abs. Most already had hair showing up on their chest leading down to their happy trail disappearing under their suit. Here in front of her was JJ, his muscles and beautiful dark skin, Dylan, beautiful pecs with pink nipples and the perfect amount of hair on his chest, Cliff, looked like the quintessential California beach bum, blonde shaggy hair and long and lean swimmers body and clear blue eyes, even Stanley, the one she thought least likely to be at the party. She had watched him grow up. He was a frequent overnight guest of her son. She had been surprised he stayed with baseball, he seemed an unlikely athlete. He had that scholarly look with his glasses, but very handsome and confident. It was hard not to notice their full packages and jockstrap showing above the waist band of their suits. She became suddenly self-conscious, she hoped they hadn't noticed her checking them out.

The men were each, in their own way, checking out Mary too. Dylan and Cliff pointing and smirking every time she turned at Mary's perfectly defined ass so tightly displayed in her pink biker shorts. Stanley noticed her long dark hair, perfect lips and beautiful eyes. JJ, remembering the absence of a bra couldn't take his eyes off of her chest.

"Tag...you're it!" Dylan pushed Stanley, ran and dived into the water. Everyone scrambled to unload their beer and jumped into the pool.

"Hey, guys! The dogs are ready!" Jeremy said, but no one heard him there was too much splashing and shouting.

Mary sat on a lounge chair to watch the frolicking. She had given up on the prospect of having a liaison with Jeremy. It was very hot and her beer disappeared far too rapidly making her tipsy. Jeremy noticed her empty bottle and brought her another straight off the ice.

"I really can't. I crashed your party. I need to go." Mary said feeling woozy.

"But I've already opened it and I have a fresh one for myself." Jeremy thought it would be fun to see Mary tipsy.

"Well, just one more, but don't get me another." She took the beer and took a large swallow.

"Besides, you haven't said why you are here." Jeremy said. "Were you sent to spy on me by my mother or were you hoping to catch me alone?" He grinned.

Embarrassed that he had guessed her secret she blushed. "No, I brought an article of clothing you carelessly left in my bedroom." She whispered.

"My jock? Oh, thanks, I was hoping you wanted to keep that as a memento."

"We're just lucky Bill didn't find it before I did!"

"That might have been bad." Jeremy responded.

There was an awkward pause, then Mary said, "I had fun.... Did you?"

"You better believe it, I'm getting aroused now just thinking about it!"

She couldn't help herself and she stole a glance at his tight package. "Don't do that, everyone will notice." Mary laughed and took another drink from her beer.

While Mary and Jeremy were engrossed in conversation they hadn't noticed that the splashing had subsided and JJ and Dylan had gotten out of the water and we're coming up behind Mary.

"Hey, Mrs R, let's go for a swim. With that they each took an arm and lifted her up easily. Before anyone could say a word or Mary could resist she was in the pool.

"Oh! You guys are so bad!" Mary spouted as she struggled to stand in the water.

Everyone roared with laughter, including Mary. She was a good sport.

The cool water felt good. Even though the sun was setting the air was still surprisingly hot.

Mary made for the ladder but she was surrounded by the team. Holding and grasping at her to keep her in the water. JJ and Dylan doing there best to get a feel but to no avail.

"Alright guys, fun is fun, but that's enough." Mary looked up and saw Jeremy standing on the bank.

They all backed off so Mary could climb the ladder. She stood on the edge and shook her hair long dark hair. She then suddenly realized her cotton T was clinging to her breasts leaving nothing for the imagination. Mary quickly pulled the front of her T away from her chest and turned her back to the pool.

They all had gotten a welcome eye full. Now, if she wasn't already, she was at the tippy tippy top of all of their MILF list. At that moment she was at the top of all the fuck lists they had ever made! There wasn't a limp penis in the lot, but no one had the disrespect to make a rude comment.

Jeremy hadn't missed any of the action either. When his head cleared from the excitement he took her a dry towel and wrapped her shoulders with it.

"I have a dry t-shirt you can change into" and he led her into the dark house.

"I'm so embarrassed." Mary said.

"Don' t worry about it, no one else probably even noticed." Jeremy lied.

Jeremy took her upstairs to his room. He rummaged around his drawers as Mary surveyed his room and his king size bed. He found a plain white T just like the one Mary was wearing and handed it to her.

"Here you go. Even if they did notice, you have a lot to be proud of. But, none of them will ever get the view I got last week."He smiled broadly.

Mary felt more at ease now. " Are you going to leave so I can change?"

Jeremy said,"Really? You're going to make me leave? I've had both of your tits in my mouth!"

They looked at each other, then Mary deliberately dropped the towel and slowly slipped the wet T over her head exposing her bare breasts and aroused nipples.

"God damn you're beautiful." Jeremy reached out with both hands and cupped them.

"These are magnificent." He then pulled her to him and kissed her deeply their tongues entwined.

With that Mary sank to her knees and rubbed his penis through his swim suit. "Can I see your magnificent cock now? I thought about it and little else so since you left." She untied the cinch string of his trunks, pulled out the elastic waistband and pulled his trunks down revealing his engorged, non jock strap encased, penis. She took her hands and traced every smooth inch of it, caressing it with both hands. This is what she had been fantasizing about ever since he left that morning. Then she moved in and took his length into her mouth.

Jeremy couldn't believe his reality. This was his second blow job in his room that day. His girlfriend had made a spontaneous visit that morning.

At the pool things were mellowing out, Dylan said, "I'm cold, I think I'll go in and get my clothes on." So he grabbed a towel and went in. The house was dark and quiet. He found the bag he had brought for the night and headed for the upstairs bathroom to change.

"Oh my Gawd" Jeremy let escape from his lips.

Dylan heard his exclamation in the hall. The room was dark so he decided to investigate. Jeremy's door was ajar.

"You are the best!"

Dylan heard him again and knew something interesting was going on and stuck his head in quietly. He saw Mrs R naked from the waist up on her knees, Jeremy's cock balls deep in her mouth, working it in and out. Jeremy, eyes on the mirror watching Mary gorge herself on his cock, heard something and turned to see Dylan's head in the door. He quickly waived him away without alerting Mary.

Dylan was shocked. Without another thought he rushed downstairs to tell the others what he had discovered.

Jeremy stopped Mary and lifted her to her feet and kissed her, sucking her tongue into his mouth. He eased her back on the bed hooked his fingers on the elastic, she lifted her hips and he slipped off her bikers. He lingered to admire her beautiful petite body. He began to lower himself on top of her when he noticed the sleeping mask he got on his last airline passage. He sometimes wore it to sleep.

"This will be fun." He took the mask and put the elastic around her head and pulled it over her eyes.

Mary giggled, "What are you doing?"

"Just feeling playful. Are you game?" Jeremy asked

"Sure, why not." With the mask she felt a certain security, even freedom. She felt like she wasn't there and everything was strangely wild and anonymous.

Jeremy snuggled up on the bed next to Mary. He was always horny, even though he had had his girlfriend that morning on the same bed.

He pressed his body against hers, took her face in his hands and kissed her deeply.

Out by the pool Dylan couldn't wait to tell the boys what he had witnessed. " Terry's mom is giving Jeremy a blow job upstairs!"

"No way! You're kidding!" The group all huddled around trying to get more details.

"She was on her knees and had Jeremy's cock in her mouth, it was sweet!"

"I want to see!" They all chimed in.

"We'll have to be really quiet or they will hear us, don't anyone make a sound!" With that they rushed into the house.

"Sssh! Quiet!" They whispered to each other.

"My god Jeremy, you're so good" they heard from upstairs. They tip toed slowly up the stairs in their bare feet, all that is, but Stanley. His conscience was getting the best of him and he sat on the sofa in the dark.

JJ was the first to the room. He silently slipped up to the door. There was Jeremy with his face between Mary's legs and she was wriggling to his rhythmic tongue. "Oh, my." Her body quivering from his touch. Jeremy thought he didn't want to make her come yet. He liked taking her to the edge. He stopped and got on the bed with her. "You stopped!" "Whyyyy" she whined.

"I'm not finished with you yet."

"But I need you right now."Mary pleaded.

Jeremy squatted between her legs, took his erection and slapped it against her labia teasing Mary even more.

"Oh, please fuck me now, I'm ready to explode, I need you now!" She reached up for him.

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