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Mary Ellen


I introduced Mary Ellen in an earlier story entitled "A Bedroom Window". She was our neighbor and I had accidentally watched her prepare for bed one night. Peeping became a regular occurrence and I seldom missed a night. I might add that neither did she. My wife Marg joined me often and it soon became apparent that Mary Ellen was fully aware that she was being watched.

Marg and I used her evening strip teases to fire up our sex life and we fantasized about ensnaring her in a threesome. The threesome did evolve, but not in the manner we had imagined. One afternoon while I was away on business, Marg and Mary Ellen got into it with each other. It turned out to be a set-up and Mary Ellen's husband Doug arrived while the two ladies were naked in bed. He fucked both of them.

Marg related the story to me on my return and indicated that there was more there for both of us. She had accepted an invitation to join them for a weekend at their cabin located on a lake outside of town. She also indicated that Mary Ellen was available to me the next afternoon for an introductory sample. We had thought of ourselves as the 'hunters' but apparently we were the 'hunted'.

I was initially very excited about a close encounter with Mary Ellen. This was soon followed by a feeling or worry about inadequacy. Doug was very well endowed and I wondered whether Mary Ellen might be disappointed in my much more modest manhood.

Marg reassured me that night in bed. We were side by side facing each other, her nipples brushing my chest and her leg up over my hip as my cock slipped in and out and around her pussy. It was our regular erotic night chat position.

"Hmmm baby, never worry about that. You are a wonderful lover, you arouse and tease me, you are tender and sweet and continuous, I love your foreplay and love the way you experiment. You have a beautiful cock that I love to hold and suck and take in my pussy. You try to please me every time and it is about us and not just for your own pleasure. Mary Ellen will have the experience of her life if you bed her and she knows it. I told her.

Doug does not engage in much foreplay or fondling, he apparently pretty much just jams it in and fucks until he comes. She will love the attention you give her. Don't worry lover."

I smiled and said, "Does this mean that you are not really interested in doing him again?" Her butt started moving faster while her body closed on mine in an effort for deeper penetration.

"Oh I want him again. I was very tight and not really ready for him the other day. I was so excited that by the time he worked it into me I was ready to get off. Damn, you have me thinking about it, my pussy is aching at the thought. He pulled out after I come and got off in Mary Ellen. I wanted it in me. I plan to improve his techniques."

We both churned away at each other, the visions of my wife taking a load from that big bone driving our passion.

The end result of her encouragement was that I was once again looking forward to getting naked with Mary Ellen. The fantasy of sucking those big tits and pushing my cock under her big red bush filled my mind.

Marg called me at my office the next day and suggested that I make an excuse to come home right away. She said, "Mary Ellen and I spent some time at a beauty parlor and then went shopping. She looks gorgeous. We are on the back deck by the pool. Come home for your appetizer."

I went straight to my bedroom on arrival and quickly changed into a pair of light shorts and tee shirt before joining the ladies on the back deck. The deck is covered and enclosed on three sides but open to the pool. While not totally private, someone would have to try very hard to view either the deck or the pool from outside of our yard.

Marg and Mary Ellen were standing at our little bar as I walked out. They wore matching halter-top and shorts outfits and a sheer swimsuit cover. They wore more makeup than usual for either of them. The makeup and sexy outfits combined with elevated sandals gave them a pleasant slutty appearance and obviously something for which they had strived.

While they had the same body size, the distribution was quite different. Marg is more lithe and athletic looking with nice C-cup breasts, while Mary Ellen looked softer and round if one could get one's eyes past the big tits.

Marg is much more outgoing and animated in social situations, while Mary Ellen is more quiet and introspective. But to me they both looked beautiful and very erotic. I could barely believe my luck.

Marg was even more excited than I. Her eyes were bright and sparkling and she was grinning like a Cheshire cat. She handed me a Mai Tai and suggested that Mary Ellen and I sit down and chat a bit while she prepared something in the house.

Mary Ellen and I sat on a love seat looking out over the pool. We were both a little nervous, but as I allowed my eyes to slowly roam over her she reacted with a smile. Looking at her tits I said, "You have beautiful breasts Mary Ellen; I hope you don't mind me gawking at them all the time."

She smiled, "Thank you. I obviously wanted you to see them or I would not have been on display every night for you. I guess if anyone should know about them, you should."

I winced a bit at the reminder of my peeping tendency but said, "I never tired of watching you through the window. Did you plan all of that ahead of time? I mean did you set out to attract my or our attention?" I leaned ahead, our eyes fastened on the others eyes, and I could sense her breasts moving as her breathing increased.

She replied, "Not at first. I had finished undressing for bed one night and then noticed that the drapes were open. I closed them quickly and was a little upset at myself. Later in bed, I began to get hot thinking of you or Marg seeing me. I began leaving them open every night in the hope that one or both of you were watching. It was very deliberate on my part and it aroused me when I realized that you were there."

I untied the little bows holding the sheer top together, and spread it open, exposing her tits in the pale green terrycloth halter-top. She was already excited and her nipples were hard and pushing through the soft cloth. I rubbed the very tips of the nipples with the palm of my hand.

Her eyes were partly closed as she waited for my next move. I said, "I can't believe that we are here like this. All of those evenings the sight of you naked drove me crazy with desire to be close like this. Did you know whether it was Marg or I watching you?" I hefted one breast in the palm of my hot hand, closed my fingers to squeeze it, a gentle slow massage.

She drew in her breath. "I figured it out eventually. If I could see your door open you or she would be framed in the hall light for a few seconds. I didn't care which one it was, the thought of either of you seeing me made my heart race. I imagined you feeling me just like you are now."

I slipped my hand inside the bra and lifted out one big beauty to expose the nipple. It was full and erect, jutting out like a tiny finger. I bent my head and closed my lips around it. It felt like a jujube in my mouth, so compact and firm and solid. I murmured, "Take the other one out Mary Ellen, just hang it out."

She hurriedly lifted it out, a perfect match for the other one. I rubbed my face between her tits, kissing and licking each nipple in turn. Mary Ellen was squirming in the seat beside me, her breath coming in short gasps as I worked away at them. My attention drifted down to her partly spread legs. The outline of her slit was visible through the terry cloth.

We kissed then, a nice slow lingering kiss. Our tongues tentatively explored and gently intertwined. I pulled back a bit and asked, "When did you first think about a threesome with Marg? How did Doug finally get involved? When did you tell him what was happening?"

Mary Ellen lay back on the divan, surrendering herself to my hands and lips and words. "I told him after I realized that both of you were checking me out. I wanted him to join me and maybe make out some but he only agreed to appear on the one occasion. Marg told me that she had seen him naked and how it had aroused and excited her."

We were silent for a few minutes while I worked more feverishly sucking her nipples and tongue. I loved all this, talking and fantasizing, picturing every action related to me. I whispered, "Tell me more baby, all the details, you excite me."

"Oh God Jim, that feels so good, I love your tongue and lips on me. My visits to try on Marg's clothes added to the fantasies that tumbled through my mind. I almost crumpled when she would brush my breasts with her hands. Doug has always had the urge to get in Marg's panties so we started to fantasize about a threesome or a foursome with the two of you. The day that Marg came to my place was partly planned. As soon as I invited her over I phoned Doug to come home. I knew that she was as curious about him as he was of her."

Mary Ellen had pretty well lost it now; there was no doubt that I could have fucked her right there. But I wanted to prove my reputation as a thorough lover, and to be frank I enjoy playing and teasing right up to the edge. I lifted myself up a bit, looking down at her legs and crotch. I slipped two fingers under the band of the panties and worked them down to her mound, expecting to feel that great red bush. She must have trimmed it as it felt like a brush cut. I lifted the band so that I could see and she said, "What's wrong?"

I looked up at her and smiled, "I was expecting to see your bush. I have been fantasizing about sinking my cock in under it." My fingers had slipped in along side of her slit. I said, "Oh baby, clean as a whistle."

Mary Ellen was moving her butt, spreading more widely and encouraging me to give her more. She was breathless as she murmured; "I just trimmed and shaved it for you. Marg's stories about you going down on her have been driving me wild."

I sunk one finger into her slit and pulled it out and licked it. I said "Good, so you like having it licked before having it fucked do you? I might just have some later."

She cried softly and arched her back upwards, "I have never had it licked. Doug doesn't do oral. I want you to show me."

I played with her cunt lips, running my fingers along each side, laying one along the slit, poking it into her in little jabs to arouse her. "Have you and Doug had threesomes before?"

"Yes, but only with another guy. Same guy every time, we all knew each other before we were married. I had dated both of them and they know each other very well. Doug likes to watch me get laid and then take the wet deck. I like giving him one. We had never been with another woman prior to Marg. That was unplanned, I mean Marg and I that day, it just happened. God you have wild fingers."

I slipped two into her, one each side of a very prominent clit. Clamping the heel of my hand down on her mound I finger fucked her, hooking them up inside her while teasing her engorged clit between them. She was ready to be fucked right there on the back deck but I removed my hand and tucked her big tits back in the halter top. "Come on Mary Ellen, Marg awaits us."

She stood up and pressed herself up against me, rubbing her hip on my hard cock, her big tits pressed to my chest. We kissed with passion as my hands roamed her back and butt and down to her legs. I wanted in her very badly, but this was not the place, we needed room for a third party. Marg had brought all of this pleasure to us and I wanted her to be part of it.

Marg was still dressed in her halter-top and shorts when we entered our bedroom and she smiled at the frantic look in Mary Ellen's eyes. "Have a nice chat?" she grinned.

We have a quite large bedroom with an ensuite bath and walk-in closets. The bed is set out from the wall and one can walk completely around.

Marg stripped right down in front of the two of us. She was setting the tone. There would be no holds barred. My Marg is a beautiful woman, dressed or naked, and when she is ready to play she becomes even more alluring. She moved behind Mary Ellen and began to untie her halter-top. "Let me unwrap your present for you my love."

Mary Ellen subconsciously covered her tits with her hands as they tumbled out of the top. I quickly stripped my tee shirt off and dropped my shorts. Mary Ellen's eyes focused on my stiff cock as it sprung out. I sucked each nipple as I knelt in front of her and pulled her shorts down her legs. Marg braced her from behind as I raised one of her legs over my shoulder. Her bare pussy lips were swollen and glistening.

Mary Ellen cried out as my tongue sought her slit and pressed its way inside. Marg's hands were under Mary Ellen's arms and holding her tits as she braced and supported her for my onslaught on her pussy. I ran my tongue from the very back of her slit to the top. I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth one at a time. Using my fingers, I spread her lips open and probed at her clit with tongue and lips, finally capturing it.

Mary Ellen's hips were bucking as Marg continued to support her while pinching her nipples. From her gyrations I was sure she was coming, so I stood up and we moved her to the bed. We lay her cross ways on the bed, her head near one side and her feet at the other.

I climbed up and as I moved over her on my hands and knees, she pulled her knees up and spread for me. Her pussy was quivering and ready. Marg moved to the other side of the bed and pulled Mary Ellen's arms up above her head.

I leaned down and kissed her, my tongue probing her mouth and whispered "I am going to fuck you a bit, then go down on you again and finally fuck you until I come."

There was no response excepting for her whimpers and moans. I suspected that her sudden jerks and moves indicated that she was experiencing little orgasms as I played with her. Still half kneeling I rubbed my knob in her slit and popped it in and knob fucked her. She kept pushing her hips upwards trying to take me in all the way. Her pussy clamped and sucked actively on my cock. I held about half of my cock in her and let her go at it. She had beautiful muscle movement, I had to take control again or she would have me off very quickly.

Looking down at her I said, "Going to suck you now, I love to suck on a half fucked pussy."

"No, no, leave it in please, don't take it out."

Marg released Mary Ellen's hands to allow her to guide my head as I kissed my way down her belly. Her cunt was hot and slippery, the musky scent filtering into my nostrils; my tongue shot out and I pressed it flat along her entire slit and rubbed. She cried and bucked against my face, her hands clutching my head. I wanted more clit and she wanted me to have it, her fingers spreading her slit for me and I managed to get my lips around it.

"Oh, oh, suck it please, hard, harder."

With my tongue still buried in Mary Ellen's pussy, I looked up to see Marg leaning over her from the other side of the bed and madly sucking and kissing Mary Ellen's tits and nipples. The frantic heat of the moment convinced me that it was time to get back to the real deal and fuck Mary Ellen out of her misery.

As I removed my tongue from her slit and pushed myself up, there was once again the cry of "No, no, don't stop!"

I moved back up to my knees between her legs and slid my cock back into her. She clamped on it and continued to work and massage it as I stroked her. I pulled her legs up over my shoulders and we both started fucking fast and hard. Marg had moved aside to clear room for us.

Mary Ellen's orgasm was something to behold. She almost went into convulsions. Luckily I had her body pretty much under control or she might have tossed the both of us off of the bed. I was right up over top of her, my extended arms on each side of her head. Her big tits were thrashing from one side of her chest to the other as she writhed and twisted. I got off pretty much at the same time to a toe-curling stream of cum. We finished up with agonizingly delicious slow strokes, her pussy milking the end of my cock until finally forcing it out.

I knelt there for a bit and then my attention focused on my beautiful wife. Marg was standing beside the bed, pinching one nipple and fingering herself. Her eyes implored me to help her out.

Mary Ellen moved out from under me and Marg lay down in her place, legs spread and ready. There was no way I would be up again and ready to fuck her for a while. But I did have fingers and a tongue. I lay beside her and as she raised her knees upwards, my hand slipped down the inside of her legs to her open slit. I fingered her softly, playing in the folds of her swollen lips, teasing her small nub of a clit, and then searching for her G Spot.

As I relaxed I went down on her, stretching myself out between her legs. She lifted each leg over my shoulders as I lay there and I proceeded to get her off with tongue, lips and fingers.

I was very proud of myself. After my early concerns about performance issues regarding cock size, I had managed to more than please two beautiful women. And just as importantly, I had pleased myself. "Life is good", said the King.

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