tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMary goes to a Strip Club

Mary goes to a Strip Club


When we first got married, in 1996, my wife, Mary, was quite conservative. She didn't even own a 2-piece swimming suit and would never consider going out in public braless.

We'd been married for about 3 years when it suddenly dawned on me that the thought of people seeing Mary partly or totally nude really turned me on. At that moment, I started on my project to make her into an exhibitionist.

As part of that process we occasionally visited local strip clubs. The city where we live is somewhat noted for having a great abundance of these clubs and unlike some states, they dancers here get totally nude, not just topless.

On one of our trips to a couple of local clubs I asked her to wear a Victoria's Secret sweater dress. She wore it with lace top thigh high stocking, 4.0" heels and nothing else.

When we went on this excursion Mary was 5' 7" with red hair and the pale skin that is endemic to most redheads. She had heavy, natural 38D breasts and both nipples were pierced.

The dress she was wearing was just barely long enough to cover her ass and left the lace tops of the thigh high's partially exposed. It was cut very low, below the belly button, in front.

We got to the club and got a table, back from the stage. We were against a low wall, on top of which was a stand-up bar so people at the bar could look down on the floor and the tables below, like ours.

The waitress came and we ordered drinks and watched the show. There were 6 girls dancing and all had multiple tattoos. None were much over 25. There were 5 more women sitting above us at the stand-up bar. They looked like dancers that were off work.

The dress Mary was wearing showed a lot of her big tits and they were easily the biggest tits in the building. I noticed the dancers above us were looking down Mary's dress and chattering among themselves. I think they were trying to figure out if she had pierced nipples.

Mary sat back and I put my arm around her as we watched the dancers. They all seemed to be a pretty uninspired bunch. I was glad we were sitting back, away from the "rack" so I didn't feel obligated to tip them on every song.

Mary was sitting back in her chair and her dress was showing a lot of both tits, with her areola, which are very large, starting to show. The dancers above us were peering over the railing so I decided to give them something to talk about.

I put my arm around Mary and gently tugged the far side of Mary's dress back. Mary knew what I was doing and looked at me and grinned. I was trying to just uncover her nipple so the gigglers above us could see her piercing but once the dress started to slide off of Mary's big tit it slid all the way back leaving her right boob totally exposed. That really started the gigglers to chattering and I noticed one of them had produced a cell phone and was taking video.

Mary made no move to cover up so I pulled the near side of the dress back leaving both of her heavy tits and her pierced nipples totally bare and on display. She sat like that for about 2 songs before people started to notice, and make excuses to walk by our table.

Mary's tits were getting a lot of attention from the other patrons in the bar and some dirty looks from some the dancers. After about 3 songs of us sitting there with her breasts totally exposed the manager came over and very politely said that she had to be covered up. As this was a strip club I found this hugely amusing. I chalk it up to the fact that she had, by far, the biggest tits in the place. Mary apologized, covered her tits and then we finished our drinks and left to go to 1 more club.

At the second club the dancers were more animated and much more attractive. We sat at the "rack" and Mary chatted with all the dancers. One of the girls had a pierced belly button and when she bent over to thank us for her tip she glimpsed one of Mary's nips. She asked Mary if nipples were pierced and Mary said that they were. The girl, who said her name was Celeste, asked if she could see them. Mary said sure but that she didn't want to get in trouble and quickly related the story about the last club. Celeste found that amusing, as well.

We moved back away from the rack and got a table and Celeste joined us. She'd put on a short cover up, and I think Mary was showing a bit more skin.

Celeste asked Mary how long she'd been pierced and they chatted about that process and Mary told her that her clit hood was pierced, as well. Celeste asked if she could see Mary's tits and Mary pulled the sides of her dress back, as they had been at the other club, leaving both of her 38D boobs bare and on display. Celeste said, wow!, and asked to touch them. She fondled Mary's boobs and said that they were very hot. Mary went to cover back up and Celeste said she should leave them out, so she did.

By the time we'd left all 5 of the other dancers had been to our table and Mary had made $10.00 in tips, just sitting there with her tits on display. When the manager approached Mary quickly made to cover herself but he just asked if we were having a good time. We assured him that we were. Then he asked if Mary had ever danced on stage and we told him the story (see our story Stripper 101) He asked Mary of she wanted to dance a set and she said she was flattered, but given that she'd had a bit to drink she didn't think was prudent.

We stayed for about an hour before Celeste dared Mary to take off her dress and walk to the ladies' room nude. Mary said "I will, if you will". They both stood up and stripped off their dresses and made their way to the ladies' room. They were gone for a while and came back out laughing and carrying on like they'd been friends forever.

They put their dresses back on and we finished our drinks, said goodbye to the other dancers and the manager and headed for home. The evening had started off a little slow, but finished strong.

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Hot story

Very hot story. I'd love to know what happened in the bathroom.

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