Mary Jo Ch. 01


Her apology was fruitless. Placing his cock at her cunt he forced it in, filling and stretching her. His thrusts were savage and angry, wild grunts escaping his mouth as his thighs slammed into her buttocks, making a slapping sound each time he lunged at her. "Take that you bitch! You fucking, stupid, ungrateful bitch!"

"No, please, it's hurting. T, please, stop," she cried. Much to her amazement, he did. An unmistakable pang of disappointment jabbed at her heart and she began to ache with guilt.

Her whimpering excited him. He loved the feeling of power and dominance. He was close to shooting his seed but he wanted her tits. He needed to see if they were as impressive unclothed, to see if they felt as good as they promised. He pulled out of her with a squelch, panting, his cock convulsing, anticipating a glorious release. "On your feet!" he demanded, pulling her up.

She swayed unsteadily on shaky legs, wondering what was coming next. She didn't want to turn around, expecting a good slapping at the very least. He surprised her again, spinning her quickly, his unfocused face drawing nearer until there was nothing to see, only sensations to feel as his mouth captured hers. She found herself responding, his hands groping her buttocks as his tongue danced with her own, his cock tickling the inside of her thighs and nether lips. He pulled away just as she decided that she never wanted the kiss to end and she heard herself moan.

Gary dragged his hand down the front of her blouse, popping buttons free and leaving her black lacy bra on display. She saw the mischief in his eyes, freezing in terror as he swiftly produced the knife. She started to scream but he covered her gaping mouth with his free hand and in one swift movement cut the bra in two, her large breasts falling free of their support. He tossed away the knife and was on her in seconds, his large hands cupping and kneading her weighty globes, his talented tongue flicking at her erect nipples with exquisite speed, sending glorious shocks of pleasure to her tingling clit.

He hoisted her unceremoniously on to the fender, her ass thudding on the cold metal, her face a delightful mix of relief, surprise and lust. She wanted him now, rapist or no rapist. She was ready to surrender to her feelings, receive the fucking she deserved, the one her husband had spectacularly failed to give her over the course of their marriage. She looked down as he pushed her knees apart and grabbed his cock, offering it to her expectant pussy. She almost lost her balance as she stared in disbelief at its size. It was enormous! He must be the snake! She watched as he rubbed the purple head up and down her opening before grunting and forcing it rudely inside her most intimate place.

"Oh T!" she gasped, raising her hips towards the pleasure, clamping her legs around his waist. He pushed her back onto the hood and nibbled at her nipples, his meaty organ moving slowly in and out of her until she could stand it no longer. "Fuck me T, fuck me like the little slut I am!"

He lost control at her words, plunging into her wet orifice, bucking and thrusting, riding her swiftly, her glorious tits jigging in time with his thrusts, her face telling him how much she wanted this. She screamed out in ecstasy as he came gloriously inside her, his sperm coating the walls of her soaking cunt. "Ohh fuck, yes!"

Mary Jo lay prone on the hood, holding him tightly, too spent to think clearly or move. He was hers and hers alone for that moment and she didn't want to let him go. The Chippendales could go one short for the night.

Stirring, he raised himself, smiling at her as he did. He planted a soft kiss on her forehead and stepped into his pants, tucking in his cock. She watched him retrieve the knife and although she felt no danger, her anger returned as quickly as it had disappeared. He bent to pick up his shirt and she swung a foot at his head. Unfortunately, he was quicker than she expected and easily caught her foot, laughing as he stood up.

"Whoah Mary Jo! It's over. Sorry."

She squinted at him in disbelief. He was sorry? The arrogant bastard was just like her husband! She flew at him with her fists flaying but he caught her easily and held her close so that she couldn't move her arms.

"Mary Jo!" he said in surprise. "Calm down! If you want more then something can be arranged but your husband only paid for me to fuck you once."

"My husband?" Mary Jo peeled back in shock and surprise at his words. "My husband? What the fuck has that useless heap of shit got to do with you raping me?"

Gary laughed nervously. Something wasn't right. "Your fantasy. He paid for your fantasy to come true. You knew about it! He told us you knew about it!"

She shook her head, covering her breasts, pulling her skirt back down over her legs. "Let's get this straight. You think you've been paid by my husband to rape me because it was a fantasy of mine?" He nodded his head in quick little bursts. "Then you've got the wrong woman you fucking idiot! My husband wouldn't want to see me happy if it saved his own life! As for knowing any of my fantasies, well, half the world's computer owners have probably got a better idea than he does!"

"B-but your car. Your Plymouth Acclaim. A red Plymouth Acclaim," he said pointing nervously.

She shook her head slowly from side to side. "You fucking idiot! You scared the life out of me. I should have you for this!"

He nervously walked round to the back of the car and froze as he read the words Plymouth Sundance. "But you looked like her! Your face. You--you--almost fitted the description," he stuttered.

"Almost? Almost? Are you fucking stupid?" She was off the car, marching toward him, disbelief and anger imprinted on her face.

"I'm sorry Mary Jo! It was an accident! I'll make it up to you, I swear. I'll do anything. I'm so sorry!"

She raised an eyebrow. "Anything?"

"Yes, anything."

To be continued...

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