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Note: Once I stayed in a hotel that had a Mary Kay convention. There were women all around which is normally a man's dream. This story involves married people messing around so if that is not your thing stop here. The rest of you enjoy. All rights reserved.


Beth Billings was tired after the long plane trip to Atlantic City. The trip originated in her home town of El Paso Texas but she had to make two other stops before arriving in the small AC airport. She had talked to the other woman from Virginia who was to be her room mate and was happy that she was about the same age and was also married. It was a convention of Mary Kay Cosmetics sales persons so at least it wouldn't be boring.

"Beth Billings," she announced to the young Asian girl working the registration desk. "Mary Kay."

"Oh yes, Mary Kay. Let's see Billings....Billings...yes I have it. Your room mate Lisa is already checked in." After giving her the credit card to be used she was handed a package with the event schedule. "Tonight is the welcome party and it is being held in the Presidential Suite on the 18th floor."

"Does it say how to dress?" Beth asked looking quickly through the documents.

"Sorry I don't know," the dark eyed girl frowned.

"Thank you," she said taking her room passkey and hauling her bags to the central elevator.

When she reached her room on the eighth floor she tapped to make sure the woman wasn't undressed or something. After a minute she opened the door. "Hello!" After walking inside she saw the bathroom door closed and heard the shower running.

The closest queen size bed looked to be free so she put her stuff on top of it and phoned her husband to tell him that she was in the hotel safely. She was surprised that he didn't answer. "Hi honey, just wanted to say that I made it and..." She stopped when she heard the bathroom door opening up.

"And...that I'll call you later." She turned and saw the surprised look on the naked woman's face. "Oh God..I'm sorry. I knocked and..."

Lisa smiled and walked carefree to her suitcase. "You must be Beth. I expected you sooner and when I didn't hear from you I figured you might have missed your flight."

Beth stared at the woman's bare buttocks as she leaned over her suitcase which was on the floor by the window. She covered her mouth when she saw the woman's shaved pussy lips under her rear. Being forty years old she had not shared such nudity with anyone since her room mate in college.

"Damn, I have those panties somewhere here," Lisa cursed. Finally she pulled out a pair of black laced panties and pulled them up her long thin legs. She turned and smiled. "I hope it doesn't bother you...you know...not wearing clothes. We are going to be here a few days so we might as well let our hair down."

"No...I mean that's fine." She peeked at the woman's small but well shaped breasts and hard brown nipples. "It's been a while you know..."

"I know," Lisa smiled. "I really need this trip. I haven't let my hair down for years."

"Yeah I need to relax some. I just turned forty and my last kid just left for college."

"I have a son in college too. He'll be a junior this year," Lisa said. "Well you have half of the closet and half of the dresser. Do you need help to unpack?"

Beth was still uncomfortable with Lisa only wearing panties. She had noticed a very thin trimmed bush and shaved vagina lips before the panties went on. "We don't have much time to get to the welcome party. I guess I should shower."

"Good idea. I still need to dry my hair so I guess we will have to share the bathroom."

"Oh God," Beth thought. "I shower pretty quickly so I can do it after you are finished."

"Nonsense. Get those clothes off and get under the water."

Beth waited until the taller dark haired woman moved back into the bathroom. She quickly pulled out her robe and almost ripped her blouse, bra, slacks and panties off. As she turned to pick up her robe she heard Lisa behind her.

"Wow, are you sure you are really forty?"

"What? Uh...yes forty," she said sliding into the robe before turning around. Suddenly it hit her that this woman may be AC/DC. She remembered the one girl in her sorority that hit on her at a dorm party. "I better get in the shower."

Lisa giggled when her room mate hurried inside the bathroom. She had experimented with other women in college and had enjoyed it until she married her high school boyfriend. She waited until she heard the shower running before walking in and seeing Beth's nakedness through the clear shower door.

"Feels good doesn't it?" Lisa asked being obvious at starring at the cute ass.

"Yes," Beth answered realizing that she was somewhat turned on for the first time in a long time. She had flashes of her college days and decided to let her hair down as well. As she shampooed her hair she turned facing Lisa with her eyes closed.

Lisa smiled and checked out the short blonde woman's larger breasts. They had a little sag but still would cause many men to get an erection. Down between her legs was a pretty thick dark bush. So Beth was not a natural blonde. She also noticed that her nipples were long and excited.

"I saw that there is another group having meetings here."

"Really?" Beth asked as she rinsed her hair and body. Her eyes opened to see Lisa facing her. "What group is that?"

"A National Frat Group. Alpha, Felta, Thigh something or other. So we will have some young men running around."

"Those were fun days," Beth grinned as she opened the shower door and reached out to grab a towel.

"Here you go," Lisa said moving closer. "You know it might be fun messing around with them some."

"Messing around?" Beth repeated. "Surely you are not considering having sex with them." She stepped naked onto the small floor mat and proudly pushed out her breasts.

"Not sex...I mean you know some flirting in the bar and maybe some dancing."

"Not me," Beth said. "It's been so long I wouldn't know how to even flirt anymore."

"It's been a while for me too," Lisa said finishing her hair. "But I think we can pick it up pretty quickly."

"I think you are playing with fire. Guys don't mind flirting but they all have one goal in mind."

"I know."


Lisa had on a silky black dress when Beth walked out wearing her robe. She didn't blink when she pulled the robe off and stood naked searching into her suitcase. She pulled out some white Jockey cotton panties and pulled them on.

"Well those should stop the guys pretty quickly," Lisa chuckled. "Do they still sell those?"

"These are very comfortable and no one is going to get close to them," Beth said somewhat annoyed with the comments. She pulled on a matching white cotton bra and a white blouse and brown skirt. "Let's go."


The welcome party was in full swing when they arrived. 99% of the attendees were women but they saw a few men. Beth saw a few women she knew from district meetings in Texas and headed their way while Lisa did the same with women from Virginia. After some introductive speeches from the President they started eating hot appetizers and drinking lots of wine. All the women had a full buzz by the end.

"We are heading down to the lounge," Lisa said to Beth as they started leaving. "Stop and have a drink with us."

"I don't think so. The first meeting tomorrow is 9AM."

"Come on. Just one drink."

Beth had reservations but felt she could control any guy who might hit on her. They walked into the large lobby and headed towards the casino lounge. As soon as they entered they saw about ten young guys turn and stare.

"Jackpot," Lisa whispered. "Let's get a booth."

Beth wouldn't make eye contact with the men and took a long time to decide what drink to order. "Strawberry daiquiri." The wine had already gone to her head. "I can't stay long because I have to call my husband."

"You called him when you arrived. Do you have to do it again?"

"Uh no...I guess not," she replied while looking at her cell phone to see if he had called back. He had not.

The waitress brought back the drinks and when they reached to charge them to their room the young girl smiled. "The two guys at the bar paid for them already."

Lisa smiled and waved but Beth insisted on paying. "No, I'll pay for my own." She held out her room key.

"They are already paid for," the waitress said. "I'll put the next drink on your card. " She picked it from Beth's hand and carried it away.

"Wait, I'm only getting one drink," Beth gasped. She peeked at the guys and one of them with long dark hair held up his beer bottle. She forced a smile and looked away. "Geez...he's about as old as my son."

"They say a man reaches his sexual peak at 18," Lisa grinned. "And a woman at 30."

Beth sighed and sipped on her drink. She hadn't noticed that a small music band had set in the corner until they started playing. "Good, at least we have music."

The band was an oldies band which again brought back younger memories to both Lisa and Beth. "Let's dance," Lisa said pulling on Beth's wrist.

"Why not?"

She realized that she really missed dancing like this. Her husband had stopped dancing years ago and had completely gotten out of shape. As they danced they didn't see the two guys coming their way.

"May we cut in," the tall blonde haired guy asked as he moved in front of Beth. Lisa didn't complain as she moved off to the side with him.

Beth turned to go back to the booth but was cut off by the handsome well-built guy with long dark hair. "Uh...I was."

"Going to dance with me," he grinned.

Beth stood motionless while he started shaking his hips slowly and seductively. He was like a Hollywood model with deep brown eyes and pearly teeth. She didn't realize her hips were moving until he looked downward.

"I'm Jack."

"Ba...ba..Beth," she stuttered. She felt like she was cheating on her husband and not even touched the guy. "It's been a while. My husband...," she started to say that he didn't dance much.

Jack grinned and lifted his left hand. "I'm married too."

"Good," she said without thinking. "I mean...you know."

"Five years." He said wondering how old she was.

"I...we just passed our twenty first." She figured he was in his mid twenties and he figured she was in her early forties.

The song ended and they both froze wondering what to do next. They both had enjoyed dancing and didn't want it to end however a slow number started.

"Thank you Jack," she said as she started to turn and go back to the booth.

"How about we dance again?" he whispered looking over at his friend Mark dancing tightly up against Beth's friend.

Beth too saw Lisa's body tight against the blonde guy and knew it was one of those decision times. "I uh...we shouldn't.." But when he held his hand out to her she turned and moved into his strong arms. At first they both kept apart a safe distance but when he pulled her into him she didn't resist. His hands moved behind her waist while her hands moved up around his muscular shoulders. He felt her soft breasts softly press into his chest while she felt his strong thighs against her upper thighs and stomach. Both stopped talking as they enjoyed the heat and contact from another person's body.

Jack glanced over at Mark who had dropped his hands dangerously low on the other woman's hips. He had told Mark earlier that he was not interested in cheating on his wife but wouldn't mind dancing with an older woman. As their bodies rubbed and pressed closer he could feel the hard tips of her breasts and knew in a second or two she would feel his erection pressing upward.

At first she didn't realize what was jabbing into her lower body. It seemed too big to be his penis but then she realized that her husband was small compared to the average size penis. She thought about moving back but like Jack wanted to experiment without crossing the cheating line. What she did know was that her Jockey panties were soaked.

They stayed locked together this time when the song ended and were happy when the band played another slow song. She felt his fingers start a soft caressing of her lower back just above her panty waistline. They again were so lost in their contact that they didn't see Lisa and Mark kissing. It wasn't until the bartender dropped a glass that they looked over and saw the lips locked. Their eyes turned back together and when Mark pushed his face towards hers she quickly turned her head causing his lips to kiss her cheek.

"I can't," she whispered feeling his lips move back.

"I'm sorry," he whispered moving his mouth towards her left ear. "You are so desirable."

"Oh God," she thought hearing his words and feeing his hot breath caress her ear. His hands were down over her panty-line and almost down to the top of her ass crack when the song ended. "I uh...need to go to the little girl's room." She moved back while peeking down at the monster bulge that had been pressing and rubbing against her lower stomach.

Jack moved back to his bar stool and Mark moved next to him. "I told you they were hot," Mark grinned. "Lisa sucked on my tongue for over a minute. How did you do?"

"Ok, I don't think Beth will go much further."

"They are roommates like us so if I get lucky and get Lisa to come to our room you will need to get lost."

"That's fine. Just don't use my bed."


Beth peed and dried off her moist pussy lips before pulling up her cotton panties. After walking out to the sink she saw the door open and Lisa walk in. "Oh my god," Lisa grinned. "He's so hot."

"I saw you kissing," Beth said looking at the shorter woman in the mirror. "You should be careful because he will be expecting more."

"I know," Lisa giggled. "Promise me you will stay a little bit longer so I won't be alone."

"I really should go to the room."

"Don't you like Mark's friend?" Lisa couldn't remember his name.

"Yes, that's why I need to leave."

"When is the last time you french-kissed another man?" Lisa asked.

She sighed. "It's been a while."

"It's just kissing Beth. It's not like you are fucking him. Come on let's go out before they find some other Mary Kays."

Beth followed her out and didn't see the two guys by the bar. "Looks like we are too late."

Lisa grinned and pulled her towards the booth they had been sitting in. "Nope...they are waiting for us there."

As they neared the booth the guys stood up to let the women slide in. Beth didn't realize that she was trapped until it was too late. "I can't stay much longer." She looked down at a fresh drink that the guys had ordered for her.

"It's only eight O'clock," Lisa frowned. "The night is still young."

"And so is the guy sitting next to me," Beth thought. She realized that her brown skirt was pulled up to mid-thigh. She tried to lift up to push it down but the table top was too close.

"So I hear you will be here all weekend and on Monday," Jack said feeling her right thigh pressing against his left one.

"Yes, but we will be busy with workshops and..." She stopped mid-sentence when she felt his fingers moving over onto her bare thigh. She quickly moved her right hand over to grab onto his and move it off but he was too strong. "Don't," she whispered looking over at Lisa and Mark who had started kissing again.

"Relax," he whispered moving his face closer. "We don't have to do anything bad."

Beth tried again to lift his hand which had opened up and was palm down on her hot flesh. "Touching me is bad." Again she tried to lift his hand but was unsuccessful. Finally she just squeezed it to prevent it from moving.

"Let's dance again," Lisa said to Mark pulling him from the booth towards the dance floor.

Beth smiled. "We should dance too." She knew that when he let her out that she would move quickly to her room and lock the door. But Jack was aware of her possible move.

"Kiss me first."

"I'm not going to kiss you," she said relaxing her grip on his hand. His touch was quickly lowering her resistance.

"Try it and if you don't like it I won't ask again." His fingers started a slow massage and caressing action on her leg only a few inches below her skirt.

Beth glanced out at Lisa and Mark kissing again. "I guess I have no choice." She looked around to make sure there were no Texas Mary Kay women around and leaned back before turning her face to his. Her eyes closed seeing his lips getting closer. When the lips touched her mouth opened slightly to let his tongue inside but he only nibbled.

Jack used his will power to hold back as he rubbed his lips on hers and took small lip bites. As their bodies turned towards each other his hand on her right leg moved over to her left leg and higher until his thumb slid under the skirt.

Beth's mind was on his lips teasing her and didn't feel the hand until it was totally under her skirt and moving up over her panty covered left buttock. Her mouth moved to the side as her hand again captured and stopped his advance. "Not that. I'll kiss you all you want but no touching."

It was good enough for Jack. As his hand retreated his tongue charged between her lips to her teeth. They opened allowing him access to her tongue and mouth.

Beth managed somehow to breathe through her nose as his tongue explored and tasted. It had been so long since she had kissed her husband like this so her body was rapidly burning up. When he pulled back into his lips her tongue chased and found his.

How long they kissed was lost on both of them. They experimented and took turns being the aggressor. She captured his tongue between her lips and sucked while he pushed it like a mini-cock in and out. She felt his hand on her leg again and wasn't going to stop him this time until her cell phone started ringing. It broke her out of the trance. "STOP!"

Jack moved back and watched her frantically pull her phone out. She saw her home phone number calling and moved away from him as far as she could before answering it. "Bill?"

"Yes, who else would it be," her husband asked hearing the music in the background. "Where are you?"

"In the lounge with...with the other Mary Kay women," she lied. She looked at Jack and saw his left hand moving towards her right leg again. This time her skirt was high enough for him to see the white triangle of her panties. Her hand stopped him this time before he touched her skin. "I tried to call earlier. Where were you?"

"Uh...I stopped with Danny after work for a...a drink."

Beth remembered that Bill had said that Danny liked to visit the strip joints. "Naked women."

"Jesus Beth. Looking isn't so bad."

"You told me that they do table dances and rub themselves all over the men. Is that not bad?"

Jack didn't hear his response but figured that the husband said it wasn't bad because her fingers moved away from his hand letting him go forward.

"We've been married for twenty five years," Bill said without answering her. "God, it's not like I slept with her."

Beth moved the phone to her right ear and reached under the table with her left hand to pull her skirt higher. "Maybe you're right," she said opening her legs a few inches more. She glanced down and saw Jack's index finger lightly touch over her moist crotch. "So if you can do it so can I right?"

"Do what? I don't think YOU would ever go to a male strip joint." He laughed.

"Why not? Maybe I've always wondered how another man looks and feels?" Her eyes closed when Jack's finger pushed into her moist pussy lips and contacted her swollen clitoris.

"OK I get your point," Bill said. "I'm sorry I went with Danny."

"Did you touch them?"

"Beth let's just drop it. I was wrong. It won't happen again."

She felt his finger trying to pull the elastic aside to get at her bare pussy but she quickly pushed her panties back down. "Tell me what you did. Or what she did."

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