tagIncest/TabooMary Lets Ethan Learn Sex With Her

Mary Lets Ethan Learn Sex With Her


A long story covering several sub-plots with the main theme emerging of an 18 year old manipulating situations and women to get sexual experience. The story is totally ficticious. All characters are 18 and over.


Mary was a very attractive woman in her early forties. She lived with her son Ethan, a good looking guy just eighteen years old. Mary was divorced from her husband, having caught him enjoying sex with her best-friend some seven years ago. The shock of it had put her off seeking another relationship but recently her desires for sex had been re-kindled.

She was still in contact with her ex-husband as Ethan regularly stayed with him. He had re-married but not to Mary's ex-best-friend. He had married a much younger woman four years ago. Whilst Mary had no problem with her, she usually referred to her as 'pretty wife' rather than by her name. It was a sort of veiled jealousy thing, perhaps envious of her youth and looks rather than her marriage.

Mary, wore her age extremely well with her slim and toned figure, fabulous huge natural breasts, shapely bum, great legs and stunning good looks. Her priority was her son and she had not even considered intimate male company for years. However, a chance situation led her to meet Nick and that led her to Nick's bed – all on a no-strings, no commitment basis which suited both of them. That chance situation is a story for another day.

Now that her sexual drought had ended, Mary was enjoying recreational sex greatly. She met up with Nick every week for an evening of serious fucking. She loved Nick's bedroom, equipped as it was with TV screens and CCTV cameras which added to their sex with its live displays – and video recording.

After some months of her fuck-buddy sessions with Nick, an off the cuff remark by her ex-husband set a sequence of events going. These went on to enhance Mary's sexual revival. Her ex had called to pick Ethan up but the boy had been delayed at school. Mary asked if he wanted to wait and he accepted her offer of tea and a chat. She was on good terms with him now and in many ways was letting the bygones be just that.

Over tea, standing in the kitchen, her ex mentioned that she had a slightly different look about her. "You're glowing. You've got a lighter mood. You seem more at ease with yourself and generally, well, happier." Mary thought about his words and realised that he had picked up on something that she had overlooked.

"Well, I think I know what you mean and – to be honest – the only thing I'm putting it down to is that I'm having sex again. I don't know if you wanted that level of detail but there it is. I'm having great no-strings sex with a fit guy who knows how to satisfy a lady." Her words stunned herself more than him. He paused before responding.

"Well, good for you. It must have been a long time for you not to be with someone. But I hope that you don't mean that our sex was poor because that's not how I remember it!" he replied.

Mary grinned, not planning to start a fight but needing to make a point. "I'll pass over the fact that you were fucking my best friend at the same time as you were fucking me but I will share with you that our sex was good – very good – and now I'm having equally good sex with a few exciting things added to it."

He grinned, feeling her words causing blood to begin pumping under pressure. "That's great. Hey, park the awkward stuff, look what I've got here. I found it on my old computer." He pulled his wallet out and selected an item from the largest pocket. He handed it to her and her mouth dropped as the image came into focus. "Hey, that's me, naked and I'm holding your cock. You've kept this all this time?"

"Well, yes, I have. You know we did a lot of sex photography. Most of the images are still on that computer. And I like them so don't expect me to get rid of them, will you." His words were delivered with firmness coupled with enough pleading to get her to approve.

Actually, Mary was flattered for two reasons. Firstly, he had kept raunchy pictures of her even though he had a fit, sexy, pretty, young wife to provide his needs now. Secondly, the picture was more than seven years old and Mary still looked that good – in her figure and her looks.

"No, you keep them. I'm fine with it. Hey, there's another picture here. Oh! Pretty wife, with no clothes on and your cock in her mouth, lucky girl." He acted out that he had passed it to her by accident but he had actually meant Mary to see it. Her last two words were not lost on him though. 'Lucky girl' because she had his cock in her mouth. Mary continued. "Nice tits, very pert. Nice looking pussy, no bush. You always liked me with a full bush."

"Times change! I still like a bush from time to time."

Mary smiled, still gazing at the sexy picture and remembering how she used to suck him off when they were married. She felt a tingle between her thighs and realised that she was becoming moist too. "So, you still take photos during sex, I see. I take it the sex is good?"

He nodded. "Yeah, it is – but then ours was too, don't forget. And you've got a guy for sex now. And it's good too, you said." He realised that the idea of Mary having sex with someone other than him excited him. He found an image appearing in his mind of naked Mary, screaming out an orgasm as some unknown guy drilled his cock into her.

"It is good." Mary said, pausing before adding "She is lovely. I can see why you have good sex with her." Her eyes drifted to his trousers, without her raising her head. She remembered the old tell-tale signs and there they were. She could see that bulge.

"You're getting turned on, aren't you?" she asked in a gentle, almost seductive voice.

He nodded. "You?" he asked, guessing.

Mary nodded too. There was a silence that seemed to them to last for eons. Brain cells frantically analysed the facts, the situation, the prospects, the morals. Still no words were spoken. Mary put the pictures down and stepped towards him. Hoping desperately not to be rebuffed, she reached from his trouser zip. He watched her hands delicately find the short metal strip at the top of the zip. They both herd every click of the buzz of the descending zip. Mary reached inside, quickly bypassing his pants and located his solid erection.

Gently pulling it out into daylight, she stated at it. It had been seven years since she had seen it. There it was with those familiar veins, that lovely bulbous knob and the tiny slit that had delivered so much of his pearly cream into her, onto her. Dropping to her knees, Mary drew his knob between her lips. She began to dance her tongue all over it, drawing her cheeks in to caress it, sucking more of his shaft in to drive it to the soft back of her mouth.

He heard her groan with lustful pleasure and he placed his hands gently on her blond hair. "Fuck! This is so horny!" he gasped, his heart pounding in his chest.

Mary concentrated all of her efforts on his hugely excited cock, lavishing it was sensuous licks whilst holding the base with two fingers and a thumb. Neither knew how long it took but it seemed as though it were just seconds had passed before he gasped "I'm coming! I'm gonna come!" His words hid his deep hope that Mary would continue – and suck his spunk deep into her mouth, then swallow. She groaned as the first spurt burst forth, hitting the back of her mouth. She kept the groan going as jet after jet erupted. Meanwhile, her ex had his head flung back, eyes closed, feeling incredible sensations ripple through his body.

As the flow ceased, Mary slid the slightly softening cock out past her soft lips. She stood up and stated into his eyes. Neither spoke. His cock hung out of his trousers, slowly lowering as its excitement drained away.

"This stays between us, right!" Mary said in firm but caring tones.

"Undoubtedly!" he whispered.

Neither dared ask if it would happen again – but both had the question at the forefront of their minds.


With some weeks having gone by, Mary thought long and hard about whether to share with Nick her latest sexual encounter. Her qualms were somewhat to do with her own feelings of guilt arising from the encounter. Whilst she knew Nick would not judge her she was not sure she could tell him all the details. After all, they revealed her lust and desire for more sex with her ex-husband.

It had been several weeks since she had told Nick about the unplanned oral sex with her ex. Since then she had met with Nick on a weekly basis as usual. A couple of days after her last session with Nick, Mary's ex-husband had arrived to collect Ethan for his stay-over with his father. Unforeseen for both of them, Ethan had been delayed again as he had forgotten to tell his parents about an after-school event he was attending. They had around an hour and a half to wait so Mary suggested he wait there.

After chatting about the usual things including Ethan's progress at school, Mary remembered the pictures that her ex had left behind that fateful day. She took them from her bag and said "Here, you left these behind that day." He smiled, knowing that he had intended to leave them.

"Oh thanks, I wondered what I'd done with those. I printed a couple more to keep with me. Would you like to see them?" Mary felt it a strange offer but also knew that she did want to see them. Pretty wife was a fit and attractive woman and the pictures she had seen already were quite erotic even for Mary.

"Okay!" she said as casually as she could. He produced the pictures and passed them to her. One was a pussy portrait, close up and showing a different styling of her pubes to great effect and the other showed the girl naked in a very horny erotic pose.

"You still love to take your pictures, I see! They're good pictures. You obviously love your pussy close ups. Mind you, hers is very attractive, and that's something coming from me. But it is lovely. Do you – if you don't mind me asking – do you do a lot of oral sex on her?" He suppressed his smile and was thrilled by her question about his sex life.

"Well, to be honest, yes, we do it a lot. Actually, oral on her is very important to her – and to me too – but, well, I actually made her a sex vow when we got married, that I will go down on her every night, monthly cycle permitting. She loves it, getting tongued every night before we do anything else. And I do actually do it every night, she's always ready for it – and so am I. Her vow to me is to never refuse me sex. We're both highly sexed so we have a lot of needs in bed, even now, four years on." Mary nodded, finding herself intrigued and excited by the conversation despite it being about her ex-husband having sex with another woman. She reasoned with herself that it was because this woman was not the one her husband had cheated on her with.

"Yes, I remember your sex drive. I do smile about it now but you certainly had some sex drive when you needed two of us to satisfy you. But, that's in the past. So, - every night! Lucky girl! She must love her oral sex then. Nice if you can get that level of attention."

He was relishing Mary talking so openly about sex. "She does love it and she always comes when I do it." he said, trying not to sound boastful.

"Well, now that I've had oral done to me, I can understand why she loves it. It is a fantastic feeling. I suppose I'm late getting into it, but it is a very sensual and erotic thing to have done to a woman." She watched him, realising that he was making those moves that indicate he is becoming aroused.

She was aroused too, a pronounced moistness was dampening her panties. "I still regret that we never did it!" he said, referring to his omission from their marriage. "But, as I told you, I was a late developer where it was concerned."

Mary chanced a move. "Well, never say never!" she said and left the words hanging in the air.

He took her bait. "Are you saying that you'd let me perform oral sex on you?" he asked.

"If I were excited, I'd let you." Mary teased.

"And if I were excited, I'd do it!" he responded.

"And if you did it to me, would you still do it to young Miss lovely pretty pussy later?"

He smiled. "I vowed, so I would!"

Mary pushed a bit more. "And if oral sex with me led me to be so exciting that full sex was also wanted ........?" Her question trailed away.

"I'd be happy to supply it – keeping to our understanding from last time of course. We don't need any trouble from it." No more words were needed. She led him to the guest room and was quickly free of her panties.

"Hey, I like the new bush!" he said as he noticed her very sparse pubes.

"Well, if it works for her, I thought I'd try it!" His mouth immediately pressed onto her wet pussy for the first time in the twenty years or so that he had known her. Mary gasped as his tongue entered her. She held his head to her. She wanted this and she wanted his cock next too. Sharing him was easier now, not least because she was also getting sex elsewhere. His thumb teased her clitoris as his tongue danced in her pussy. He tasted her juices, feeling them going down his throat. He groaned with pleasure and yearned to push his cock into her soon. He had enjoyed the frantic blow job of a few weeks ago and hoped he'd get a chance of more sex with Mary. Now, he carried out his usual cunnilingus routine, the one that worked so well for his pretty young wife on her daily session. As her pleasures built up, Mary opened her blouse and unfastened her bra, exposing her plump breasts for her to touch herself.

Sex with Nick had made her so much more aware of her breasts and of caressing herself. His hands soon joined in toying with her tits as his face pressed harder onto her plump mound. She was happy for him to grope her tits again. Mary gasped all the way through her long orgasm from his expert oral attention on her pussy. As she lay there in a sex induced haze, she felt him mount her body. His hard cock penetrated her slippery pussy lips and he began to fuck her with firm long strokes, gripping her tits as he did. He stared into her eyes as his cock served her desires.

"Pretty wife is a very lucky girl!" she whispered sexily. "Bring some more pictures of her for me to see. I get excited thinking about you and her!"

He didn't try to fathom her request, he was just thrilled that she was saying such things. His strokes increased in pace and power. Mary gasped, remembering their active sex life from years ago. They had fucked regularly and it was good sex. Then she had walked in on him tonguing his naked mistress, her best friend, to a climax and everything changed.

As his cock plunged into her again, pleasuring her like the old days, she realised that she was the mistress now, yet she did not let it concern her. She wanted the sex – just as her friend had – just as her husband had. She was enjoying another fuck with him after all this time. That was all that mattered right now. Clutching her large tits, she felt them stiffen as her orgasm took hold. As she gasped in pleasure, she heard her ex-husband groan just like the old days and his big ejaculation arrived deep within her. She moved her hands from her tits to wrap her arms around him. Both of them knew that they would fuck again before long.

They dressed quickly and went downstairs. Instead of returning to the kitchen, Mary led him into the lounge. She tried to convince herself and him that their having sex was perfectly okay. "If we keep it strictly between us, it's okay, isn't it?" she asked.

"If it is kept absolutely between us – yeah, it'll be fine. So, it sounds like you might want to do it again." he said.

"Well – yeah – yeah, I would, just occasionally, from time to time – without Ethan finding out. Especially if I get a vow from you that you'll definitely be going down on me. It was very good, very sexy."

He smiled at her. "Okay, anytime you lead me off to bed, I promise to perform oral sex on you and you'll agree to let me fuck you straight after – and we keep it secret. None of this 'just telling my best friend' stuff."

She playfully reminded him that he had fucked her best friend of seven years ago. "But you are friends again now, aren't you?" he asked.

"Well, yes, but not best friends. But, hey, after we patched it up, which took a long time, we did open up to one another about sex with you. Over a bottle of wine or two, we both spilt the beans about sex with you. Your ears must've been burning that night – but you came out of it very well. High marks from both of us."

He allowed a slight smile to spread across his face. Mary added "But don't even think about a threesome!"

He grinned. "Sounds like you just did!" he quipped. Mary realised that momentarily she had thought exactly that, just as she had also thought about it when having that conversation with her friend, although neither of them had said any such thing aloud.

As they talked, Ethan arrived home via the back door. He went straight to the fridge for a cool drink. Before he opened the fridge door his eyes alighted on some photos. He picked them up. "Wow!" he whispered as he stared at pictures of his hot step mother naked. A sharp intake of breath followed as he saw the close ups of her pussy. He hid the pictures in his school bag. Leaving quietly by the back door, he went to the front door and rang the bell. His parents let him in, thinking nothing of his arrival by the front door.


Mary's ex-husband called to drop Ethan back with his mother. He popped in for a quick word about their son. Once Ethan was up in his bedroom, he pulled an envelope from his jacket. "Here, when we got sticky that day, you said you'd like to see some more pictures. Put these with the others. Let me know what you think of them." She quickly put the envelope in her bag in case Ethan re-appeared. Later that evening, after her son had gone to bed, she took the envelope out and opened it. There was a wad of photos wrapped in a piece of plain paper. She unwrapped them and began to go though them one at a time.

The first was her ex-husband's pretty young wife naked in a slightly erotic pose. The next showed her naked again, on all fours with the photograph taken looking directly at her bum. Pretty wife was turning to smile at the camera. Mary focussed on her pussy lips, very visible wedged between the tops of her slender thighs. They were plump and looked like a beautifully split peach. Mary realised that she was licking her lips so she moved to the next one. Pretty wife was in profile, sucking on an erect penis, undoubtedly his, though his face was not included in the picture. Mary recalled that she used to frequently suck him off when they were together. He used to often ask her to do it and she always obliged, seeing it as a wifely duty to pleasure him, but one that she enjoyed.

The next was a raunchy image of pretty wife sitting up on a large bed, her knees slightly raised, thighs wide apart. She was touching her pussy as though masturbating. She had a look of sexual pleasure on her face. Mary dwelt on that one for a while, realising that she may need to masturbate after seeing all of these images. The next photo looked quite a lot older. Pretty wife was certainly a few years younger in it, not that she had aged very much at all. She was sprawled on a white leather sofa, naked with her legs wide apart. Centre-piece of the picture was her pussy – in graphic detail. A dark bush topped her mound. The crinkly-shaped folds of dark pink pussy flesh were framed by shorter dark pubes. The smile on her face suggests the anticipation that something was about to enter her very soon. Mary imagined her ex-husband pushing his face onto the girl's lovely pussy. His tongue would be probing and tasting, the girl would be squealing and gasping and climaxing. Then he would lift his face and plunge his stiff shaft deep into her. Mary closed her eyes briefly and imagined it all in slow motion.

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