Mary, Mary



"It was me."

Mary was speechless

"You and this boy, um, you..."

"Uh-huh. It was great!" she said "He'd never been with a girl before so they thought a woman of experience would be best. I was just flattered that I'd be his first."

"Oh, my god."

"He might've been young but he learned fast, we did it like 5 times. He wanted to try everything, it was so sexy."

"What was Ed doing?"

"He was fucking the kid's Mom with her husband."


"Oh, it was, especially after I did it with them, boy could they fuck! That's when they decided I should be his first."

All this was making Mary's head spin, she couldn't believe all she was hearing. She wanted to hear more but also wondered if she could be as wild as Sally. What would her husband have thought?

He'd been so good to her, maybe it was time she was good to herself?

"I wonder if I could be like that?" she wondered aloud


"Could I do the things you did, would I be as good as you?"

"You're wondering if you'll like it?"

Mary nodded

"Like I said, if you open your mind to new experiences, it's wonderful."

"I guess Ed had fun, huh?"

"Uh-huh, he always made sure I was okay with whatever we did, usually he was close by, just in case I felt uncomfortable."

"Were the women, there, um, pretty?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well..." she started "not long after Bill died, I found a box with all these Playboy magazines and I started to look at them."


"I wonder if those women turned him on more than me."

"Good question, I doubt it."


"Ed looks at that magazine sometimes, I do too, it's okay."

"Is that why he wanted to go to that place?"

"No, it was pretty much my idea. I wanted to try it, just once you know."

"I think I'd like to try it just once."

"You already are now, in a roundabout way."

The girls giggled and drank their tea

"You've certainly got the body for Playboy, Sal."

"Oh, come on!"

"No, I mean it" she said "I remember long ago how the boys looked at you."

"They looked at you, too."

"Yeah, but I know why they looked at you."


"Well, you had the girls there."

Mary looked down at her tits and smiled

"You've got a nice set too, you know." Mary said to her friend

"Yeah, we're just a coupla big-boobed bimbos!"

They both laughed

"Mary, seriously...what are you thinking about?"

Mary gave serious thought to Sally's question

"It's been a long time since you were with anyone," she said "are you feeling, lonely?"

Sally's directness was a bit of a shock, but Mary knew just what she was saying.

"You can be honest with me, you know."

"It would be nice to have someone around, I'm just not sure if...if..."

"If it's right?"

Mary nodded

"It should be someone you can trust."

She nodded again

"Someone like Ed, maybe?"

Mary was stunned

"Sal, you're being...I don't know..."

"I'm being a friend, that's what I'm doing. You'd do the same if it was me, right?"

"B-b-but that's different! I-I-I'm not like you!"

"Someone like you should never be lonely" she said before standing up "I'll get some more drinks, you stay out here."

Sally went inside and left Mary alone on by the pool. She turned over and let the sun beat down on her naked body. Sally had certainly given her a lot to wrap her mind around. There was so much going on she'd never known about. It was intriguing to say the least! She knew Ed was quite handsome in his own right, and who knows what he was like behind closed doors with Sally.

But take advantage of her best friend's husband and with her permission too? Could she do what Sally offered? It was just too much to think about. She just needed to clear her head of all these thoughts, just relax.

A cool breeze woke her, she must've dozed off. Thank god, she'd put on sun block so she wouldn't burn. Sally seemed to be nowhere in sight, though a new glass of iced tea was next to her, its ice had almost completely melted. She got up and looked around, it was much quieter now. Her watch said she'd been asleep for nearly an hour. She found the robe Sally had given her and put it on, leaving it untied as she went inside the house. No sign of her in the kitchen but she could hear voices in the next room and some strange sounds, like heavy breathing. The sounds grew louder as she got closer to the living room.

She turned the corner and her hand went to her mouth as she suddenly gasped. She quickly ducked behind the wall, but looked around the corner just enough to see them..

Sally was lying on their large curving sofa, her legs were spread and she was moaning for some reason. Her eyes opened and closed as waves of pleasure seem to cascade over her. Then she let out a long cry and her back arched. Mary was hypnotized by what she saw as Sally then began gasping rapidly. Once her breaths slowed, she looked up and smiled widely

"Whoo...that was nice!" she said

Mary then saw why. Her husband Ed's head was between her legs. She caressed his head and her big tits. She'd never watched two people doing such an intimate act.

Ed stood and Mary put her hand to her mouth again. Sally sat up and held Ed's dick in her hands, softly caressing it. It was enormous to say the least and seemed to hang down close to his knees and was very thick too.

It was beautiful, she thought.

Sally gave it a big kiss on its head and began licking all around it.

What was she doing?

Sally then lay back on the couch again and opened her legs, her pussy had a nice batch of hair around it, no tan lines either. She was smiling as wide as her legs were open.

Ed moved in front of her and Mary watched that enormous, "thing", begin to slide inside her pussy. Further and further it went in.

Mary was awestruck.

It was all the way inside her friend's pussy!

And now she was watching her best friends fucking! Ed was pushing in and out of her, Sally gasping and moaning constantly as Ed steadily pushed inside her, fast, and then slow. Sally held onto the arm of the couch as best she could as he fucked her.

Her robe was still open and her hand had drifted down between her legs and the tingly feeling told her she was getting wet down there again as she softly rubbed her pussy. It felt so good!

She always knew Ed was very athletic, had played a lot of football and been in the Marines, but to see him like this, and with her best friend too was so overwhelming for her. But she couldn't avert her eyes to what she was watching, or deny the fact that she was enjoying what she saw. Ed slowed down and deeply kissed his wife, her eyes were closed and mouth open. He was all muscle as he began to fuck her hard, her mouth opened more and more until a scream came from it followed by a heavy groan from him. They were both breathing heavily now as he collapsed onto her.

"W-w-welcome home, honey" she gasped

Mary took this as her queue to disappear. She quietly gathered her things and crept out to the backyard and then back across the street to her house.

When she got inside, she took a deep breath. She'd seen the most amazing thing, watching it was one thing, but could she have participated too? She heard Sally's voice in her head telling how she "shouldn't be alone", and she was right.

But how should she do this?

She glanced out the window to her own yard, and somehow the "responsible side" of her reappeared. The lawn needs cutting, she thought

Yes, I'll do that tomorrow.

Then another thought came to her. Why should she do the lawn, there must be somebody in the neighborhood who could do that, make a few bucks.

Somebody like Randy, perhaps?

Mary smiled. Yes, that would be fine, very fine!

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