tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMary on Her Own Ch. 03

Mary on Her Own Ch. 03


Mary quickly ducked back down behind the bush. She wasn't able to see them from behind the bush this whole time. Why were there others out this late?

Mary slowly raised so to keep herself still hidden from them. She knew she was at risk since her breast would be high enough to be seen over the bush by traffic. She used one arm to hold them as she looked at the people standing near the store and her key!

They looked to be a little younger than her. Mary couldn't tell what they were doing. It was about a group of 4 or 5, and were mixed gendered.

Mary ducked back down so she could think. She had to get the key obviously, yet only being a store or two down from them, she wouldn't be able to sneak past them. She couldn't even choose to go around the long way if she wanted.

She started to just try and wait for them to leave. Time was moving slow though, and every time Mary heard a car go by she shivered. She wasn't perfectly hidden either. Any cars driving from the subdivision would be able to see her if they glanced over at the right time. Mary was even more trapped down, stranded naked in public.

If Mary had to guess, it seemed like a half hour had gone by. To Mary it felt like it was eternity, but she knew it couldn't be anything that ridiculous. She wanted to get this over with. She was so scared of being stuck there naked the whole time. Yet the group didn't seem to want to budge.

"Maybe I'll just have to streak them," Mary began to think. Rationally Mary tried to convince herself just to wait some more. The idea of walking past them naked was just too embarrassing.

"Just a bet," Mary thought she would say to them. She clutched her hands over her body the same way she would if she was walking past them. "I can't believe people have seen like this already though," Mary thought about it.

Perhaps Mary should have been wiser about gripping such sensitive areas. Even though she was naked and scared, she was also naked and excited. She wanted nothing more than to get dressed, but she would have to get that key. She couldn't get the key, and so she was stuck naked. Knowing she had nowhere to go but hide there, not far from people, was only worsening her situation. She was anxious, worried, embarrassed, excited, and the hands now on her sensitive bits only drove more adrenaline through her blood, her body tingled at the many thoughts running through her head.

Her rational side was starting to vanish. She was now just thinking of how to end this sooner. She figured that bet story would be enough to convince them. It wouldn't be the first time she was seen like that either. It was dark and she would only be there for a moment.

She also would be able to brag to Julie and Jenny. They would never believe that she willingly walked in front of others like that.

"They won't see any details, and it will only be for seconds. They are young so they won't call the cops or anything," Mary again peeked over the bush towards them. She knew the walk wasn't long, and she had to get the key before dawn, right?

"I'm home free as soon as I get that key..." Mary told herself, as she stabled her stance, actually considering dashing out from the bush. She looked around for cars. She knew deep inside she was about to walk into an embarrassing situation, but she couldn't stop herself.

She quickly got a few steps away from cover, but her nerve pulled her back behind the bush. She was shaking now. She was almost ready to call off the plan and wait, but her head was swimming in confusion. She wasn't sure what to do.

She tried to calm herself by taking a deep breath. She now stood again and began approaching her key. After a quick dash across the road, she knew that if they looked over now, she wouldn't be able to hide herself.

Her hands were firmly covering her front side. She could feel the pounding of her heart as she got closer. The lights in the parking lot were shining down on her. She could see her body slowly became more and more illuminated as she began to walk under one. She would have avoided it, but she wanted to walk a straight path to the key, taking no extra time to stay near the other people.

Mary felt like she spent an eternity waiting for something to happen. She didn't want to be seen, but she knew it was inevitable. It was driving her crazy to get closer and closer to these other people. She knew they would see her naked, and every moment she had to wait just built her nerves of up more.

Mary passed the halfway point. Someone in the group though caught Mary's movement. His quick glance over quickly verified that he did see someone. His eyes grew wide as he saw the very naked Mary walking. Mary too noticed his head jerk towards her. She hadn't taken her eyes off them once since starting this crazy walk!

Then before he even got a chance to fully comprehend what was going on, he declared to his gathered friends "dudes, look over there!" all at once their heads turned, and just like him their eyes widened as the naked Mary, illuminated in the light, stood standing naked, only her arms able to hide anything from their sight.

Mary herself stopped as she heard him say those words. She knew then she was no longer sneaking past them naked. This now marked the moment she would be streaking past them. Yet that was too much for her at once. She could feel time crawl as each of their heads turned slowly. She knew that their eyes were instantly swarming every inch of skin she had on show. She knew they were probably trying to sort out why a girl was walking naked in a parking lot so late at night.

No one made a move for awhile it seemed. The group probably had their fair share of questions, and Mary forgot what to do.

Mary's face felt like it was on fire. She could swear her heart was beating faster than a hummingbird's wings. She wanted to get away, but her feet wouldn't take her anywhere. Even if she could move though, there was no immediate cover.

"They key!" Mary tried telling herself. It was too late now to give up after all. They had now seen her, so she might as well do what she came to do.

She started to move again, in the same straight path to the key's hiding spot. Whenever she glanced towards her watchers, she saw their eyes following her. She knew there was no escaping their site for this whole ordeal now.

"What is she doing?" one of the guys asked.

Mary wanted to say something, but when she opened her mouth to speak, she could only gasp. She hadn't even realized she was holding her breath. Not to mention the embarrassment was causing her to completely clam up. She wasn't use to this kind of embarrassment. Her other embarrassments usually had an excuse. She could always at least blame Julie or Jenny when it came down to it. Now she only had herself to blame. She essentially chose to walk naked here!

"Hey, what's going on honey?" asked one of the girls of the group. She sounded a little concerned actually.

Mary remembered her story. "It's a bet." She managed to say, but it came out like a squeak. Mary could feel her blush spreading too as she talked to them. Acknowledging their presence by talking to them was making this all too real!

They all accepted her answer seemingly. Mary's head continued to race as she approached the point where she would be closest to them. They were only a few mere steps away from her.

She was also getting closer to the key. Even though she was now closer to it then she had been the whole adventure so far, she still felt like she had a long ways to go.

She heard one of them say something like, "Wow," but she wasn't sure who or why. Did they think she was crazy? Were they impressed? Was it just because they liked seeing naked girls?

As she got closer and closer now to the potted plant with her key, Mary knew her butt was probably the thing their eyes were going to focus most on, being the thing that she left uncovered.

"Well I gotta say, you have guts to be walking around town naked!" One of the girls said.

"Yeah, it's totally cool!" one of the guys added.

Even if they were complimenting her, Mary couldn't help but feel even more embarrassed. She wished they would just ignore her or something!

Mary approached the potted plant. She looked down at it. She almost wanted to tell herself she finally hit the halfway point, but she knew that she had to actually have the key first. Knowing she couldn't get it the way she was now, she slowly removed the hand from between her legs. She hoped since she was turned partially away from the group, she wouldn't be showing anything.

Mary then crouched down and used her newly free hand to start sifting through the dirt for the key she hid. She knew full well the group now had a perfect side view of her. With only one arm to cradle her breast, they probably could see the swell of her breast. She also knew thanks to being slightly titled away, her butt would also be on view. Bare skin head to toe, and she wasn't able to hide any of it as she crouched there in front of them.

"What are you doing now?" One of them asked Mary.

Mary didn't want to talk to them, but it wasn't like Mary to ignore an honest question. "Searching for a key."

"A key for what?"

"My car," Mary said, although she was about ready to kick herself. She shouldn't be telling them this much information. The less they knew the better!

"You're locked naked out of your car?!" Mary wondered if they had to remind her of that! "How far are you parked?"

Mary had found the key finally. This was it, now she wasn't locked out of her car anymore. She could get in it and get dressed! Mary didn't even think to how to answer the question.

Grasping her keys tightly in a fist, she put that fist between her legs as she got up and began the walk back. All she could say to the group was "Sorry about all this!" and start jogging away.

"Don't be sorry hun, we welcome the added excitement," one of the girls explained.

"Yeah totally cool and hot!" one of the guys shouted. Mary was already half way across the parking lot. Her face hadn't once stopped burning during the entire ordeal, and she didn't want to wait around.

Keeping a fast pace, Mary was able to cross the road to where her initial hiding spot was. She had dropped her hands from covering herself since she was now a distance away from the group. She would have stopped to hide behind the bush, but she knew that the group would see her hide there, and she didn't want them following her.

So she ran around the bend, ready to just end the night. Her heart was still racing. Those many moments in front of multiple people, her body so bare and exposed!

Mary's thrill wasn't done yet though. Thanks to her trying to make a quick getaway, she didn't even see the car that was coming her way from the subdivision until it was too late.

Mary was only quick enough to cover up by the time she was actually running past the car. The person driving, his lights brightly shining on her as she turned the corner, surely was able to get at least a second's worth of time for a glance anywhere over her body.

Mary kept running, but her hands again covering herself. The car had slowed to the stop, and Mary could only assume the driver probably was looking back at her. Mary wasn't sure what to do now. She now had just a long straight road to travel. If she ducked behind the tree cover, the driver would see and might come searching for her.

"Oh god, whoever that was saw me naked!" Mary thought about the full frontal nudity the driver was rewarded. It wasn't even like she was suddenly stripped of her clothes or anything. No, she was probably seen as a streaker. No chance to explain anything.

She wouldn't be able to hide in the forest, but maybe she could hide near the houses. The driver wouldn't be able to follow her back there, and he may even think that she lived in one of them! Mary didn't have time to think if this was a good idea or not. She was in a panic and wanted to hide.

So without much more thought than that, Mary ran across the road. She only glanced once at the car, and only was able to see that it still hadn't moved yet.

Mary was now swiftly walking across a stranger's front yard until she was between two different houses and escaping to the backyard. She rounded the back corner of one of the houses and rested her back against the back side of the house. She slid down it and just sat on the ground, trying to catch her breath.

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