tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMary on Her Own Ch. 04

Mary on Her Own Ch. 04


Mary made sure she still had the key in her hand, and she did. She couldn't believe all that just happened. From the group of kids watching her walk across the parking lot naked, to someone in a car seeing her running naked down the street.

Mary's heart wasn't about to slow down any time soon. She was trying to sort out what happened. She couldn't get the idea that so many people in a short amount of time so much of her.

Mary wasn't surprised by how embarrassed she was. She really would think that she would only be embarrassed, but there was something more to it all.

The hand with the key, the one that was between her legs, it actually had moisture on it. Mary had to check herself. She found her nipples were achingly hard, and when she tried touching her pussy directly, she flinched due to how sensitive she was down there.

During the whole experience, she had been too embarrassed, scared, and full of adrenaline to notice, but now that she was somewhat safe and by herself in this backyard, her arousal was all too noticeable. Mary was honestly surprised. She knew that in the past this type of stuff gave her a thrill, but it still was so bizarre to her.

Mary began breathing deeply as she again tried to explore her body. He shook as a finger tip crossed over her clit. She didn't even realize it had started to stick out. Her body was aching and begging for her. Only after the adrenaline rush wore away could she notice all this. She knew her body was asking her to just take care of business, even out here in a stranger's backyard. The idea was tempting, but something stopped her. She had her key now, and she could end the night finally. She knew her body wanted something different, but she didn't want to risk anything more. She had her night's fill, and it was time to leave.

She shakily got back onto her feet and looked around. She hadn't even taken her surroundings in yet. She was surrounded by a bunch of houses. She couldn't believe just moments ago she was comfortable with taking a break here and even masturbating. At least 6 houses would over look her, and who knows what night owls would be lucky enough to peak out their windows!

Mary scurried across the yard she was in so she could try to sneak out to the road. As she did though, a light turned out, making her gasp loudly as she just stopped and tried covering up.

"Stupid motion light!" Mary said as she noticed it was just somebody's light over their back door. Mary quickly got away from it and began to sneak to the front yard.

Mary looked up and down the road from between the two houses. As soon as she was sure it was clear again, she jogged her way back to her planned path.

So much had just happened that she wasn't sure if she could trust the path she was on. Before while walking to her car, she was having fun exposing herself a little, since she was sure no one was around. Now though Mary knew some people were up, and at any moment she might not be alone.

Her body still ached though. She knew she wasn't home safe yet, but that only made things worse. She did her best to keep her arms crossed below her breast, so she wouldn't be too tempted to try anything. "It's so damn embarrassing. I shouldn't have to try so hard to force myself not to do THAT!" Mary thought. She didn't get why her body betrayed her like this. Surely she wouldn't tell Jenny or Julie about it either when she told this tale to them.

She didn't even know how she would tell them. She would be embarrassed enough to tell them she came up with this on her own. Would she tell them about her playing with her clothing after hiding the key? Would she tell them how she was seen by all those people? What about her giving up on waiting and just exposing herself to that group? She didn't know what she would do. Part of the driving force of the night was to try and impress them, but she didn't know if she should be proud or embarrassed about some of the stuff that had happened.

The road she was walking was quickly approaching the park though. The night was growing old, and she had gone a very far distance it seemed. Mary's confidence was growing back now that she was so close, and all the hard parts were behind her. She had now gone almost the entire length of road without seeing anyone.

Mary was about to give into her urges, but some rational part of her brain stopped her. She could wait till she got out of this mess. She wasn't about to let it control her. It would be far too embarrassing anyways to admit here and now that this was exciting her.

Mary turned and entered the park, the same empty park where it all began that night. She could almost see her car on the other end.

Mary slowed as she walked under an overhead light. "It's over I suppose," she thought as she closed her eyes.

She had been naked for what seemed for so long. She had walked a distance that seemed so far. Now she stood naked, and just soaked it in. She admitted it wasn't too bad when she wasn't being seen.

She spread her arms and legs; she wanted for one last moment feel her nakedness in the cold night breeze. She wanted to have one lasting moment. She knew it was odd of her, but it just felt like the thing to do.

When Mary opened her eyes though, the moment changed moods quickly. Standing down the path from her was someone with their dog on a leash. The dog and woman just stared at Mary, who still was standing with her legs and arms out.

Mary shrieked as she wrapped her arms around herself and just began running for her car. It was a bit too much for her and she was now defiantly read to go home. The woman said nothing as she watch Mary run past her. Mary didn't even look at her as she got into her car, and started it up. She didn't waste time to dress and just left.

"Oh god, I can't believe it. Why did I let myself do that?!" Mary asked herself as she drove away. She wasn't concerned with her naked driving for awhile. Once she was far enough away she did stop to put her shirt and pants on. "This is the last time I do this on my own!" Mary told herself as she headed for home.

"Everything, she saw everything," Mary was almost back at the dorms. She stopped the car before getting back. She eased her pants lowers as she relaxed in her car. She knew this was crazy, and she couldn't stop blushing, but something had to be attended to their and then, there was no more waiting. She kicked her shoes and pants off her legs and put them at the side as she let her fingers do as they pleased.

"Never again, I can't let this happen again..." Mary moaned. Even through her gasps and moans, she was still trying to fight it all too some extent. She didn't want to let herself get herself into a situation like this. She didn't want to let herself lock herself out naked in public. She also didn't want to admit that she was enjoying herself more than ever, bottomless in her car, parked in an empty parking lot not far from her college.

Even after she let go and went over the edge, she wasn't ready to accept it all, but something told Mary her adventures were far from over!

The End

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