tagGroup SexMary Pulls a Train

Mary Pulls a Train


One of the many things that attracted me to my wife was her sexual appetite. Mary was always ready to make love, just a kiss or touch in the right place had her panting and ready to tear my clothes off. We could never get enough of each other, I remember our first year of marriage where many weekends we never even bothered to get dressed spending our time either fucking or resting up for the next bout. I would lie there next to her too sore and too spent to get an erection watching her play with herself, seeing her eyes glaze over once again. She would say something like, "Give my little clitty a kiss it's getting lonesome." All of a sudden my face would be in her pussy and me cock would be growing hard again.

As we reached middle age, my desire didn't weaken but my ability to perform did. After another weekend of my subpar lovemaking, my wife announced that she was going to find someone who could satisfy her. Mary told me she still loved me but could not spend another weekend unsatisfied and horny. I was in shock but the more I thought about it the more turned I became. I asked if I could watch and she said maybe some other time, as she wanted to enjoy the first time without worrying about my reaction. Mary said she was going to make a date with a man named Jack from her work that had a reputation of being a Cocksman and hoped to be fucked royally.

As I sat home worried about her safety and wondering if I was about to lose the woman I loved I couldn't get the erotic thought out of my head of watching her make love with someone else. I must have jacked off at least three times while I waited for her to return. When she came home she was riding on air, she told she had the best time and had wished she had done this sooner. It turns out her date was a black man and he had taken her to a club that filled mostly with interracial couples. She had quite a few drinks and a lot of dancing, with her date taking liberties with her at their booth. He had his tongue in her mouth and his hand up her dress rubbing her through her panties. Mary said she was so hot that when he instructed her to take her panties off she did so right at their table. He took them from her and after sniffing them, he put them in his pocket. He then stood up and led her to a back room saying he could not wait to have her any longer. He sat her on a table then dropped his trousers to his ankles; he waited only long enough to put a condom before mounting her right there. She wrapped her legs around him as he kept pounding his manhood into her, she said she lost count of the numbers of climaxes she had before he at last came in a loud grunt.

She looked up to see two other men standing there watching them, Jack told her they were his brothers and that they always shared their women. I asked Mary what she did next and she told me she fucked all three and at one time had Jack in her mouth while one brother fucked her rear and the other fucked her pussy. She told me the cock in her ass hurt like hell but she was so turned on she didn't care and she kept screaming for more. They all kept fucking her until they ran out of rubbers and then she sucked each one more time swallowing their cum with gusto.

I was rock hard but no matter how I begged my wife said she was too sore to accommodate me. I drew a hot bath and helped her out of the few clothes she brought home with her. I helped her into the tub and carefully washed her sore body. As she lay in the tub, she asked my thoughts on her night of debauchery. She said she felt like a wonton slut but instead of humiliation, she felt empowered making all these men cum so many times. I answered that the thought of what happened turned me on and I wished I could have been there to witness her prowess. Mary said she would never let me watch because she would worry about what I would think of her. Then she said she couldn't wait until next time saying Jack told her he had two more brothers.

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