tagRomanceMary Returns a Favor

Mary Returns a Favor


Mary Dennison was too old for a schoolgirl crush, but it didn't take long for her to realize that's exactly what she had on her backyard neighbor, Charlie Kent. At first they had bonded over shared loss. Mary, at forty-eight, had lost her husband to cancer. Charlie, who Mary thought was about fifty-five, had moved into the neighborhood a few months after that, and a few months after his own wife had left him for a younger man. Their losses were different in any number of ways, but their recent loneliness gave them something to talk about over backyard iced tea.

It hadn't taken long for Mary's loneliness to find in Charlie more than companionship in suffering. He was a little rougher around the edges than her husband had been, but he was just as kind and thoughtful. He often did small favors for her without either asking if she would like him to, or telling her after that he had. Mary had spied him trimming the branches on her plum tree, but rather than embarrass him by calling attention to it, she had just smiled to herself.

The more he worked in his own yard and helped with hers, either secretly or openly, the more time they spent chatting, the more Mary realized that she was becoming quite attracted to Charlie. He was almost exactly six-feet tall, and he had a little extra weight around the middle, but he had a working man's strong arms and hands, and a face that was handsome with character. His eyes were blue-grey, and even through his face was generally expressionless, Mary's stomach flipped just a little every time she saw those eyes sparkle whenever walked into a room or into his yard.

She didn't think he probably noticed her much. She was a little under five-eight with wavy brown hair to her shoulders and eyes the color of dark oak. She thought her face was pretty, and she liked to add just a touch of glamor to it with the judicious use of makeup, but she was no movie star. Time and two children had given her hips a little spread, her breasts and backside a little heft, and while she worked out some to keep herself pretty toned, she knew her tummy was a little round and she was no sex symbol.

But, as time went on and she kept noticing him, and thinking about him, she also realized that she was hoping more and more that she was underestimating herself and that maybe he was noticing her, too.

It was a little before Mary's forty-ninth birthday that she realized just how much she was falling for her lonely neighbor. He was not a perpetually sad man, by any means, but Charlie's loneliness was obvious, and his self esteem had taken a huge hit from the way his wife had left him. He felt unloved and unwanted. More than that, he felt unlovable and unwantable.

Mary did not feel sorry for him, she did not pity him, but it hurt her to know that he didn't see in himself what she saw in him. It was that realization that told her she was falling in love with him. She was a lucky woman. Her husband, when he had known that he was doing to die, had been very clear that she should never feel guilty about loving someone else after he had left.

"You always made me feel like the luckiest man in the world," he had told her. "If someone else is lucky enough to have you care about them, even half as much as you've always made me feel cared for, don't hesitate. Shower them with all the love and affection you care to. It will make me happy, too."

Mary was practically glowing as she thought about showering Charlie with love and affection and her husband smiling down on her. They were not explicitly sexual thoughts, but as she lay in bed thinking about it, her hand crept up her nightgown and inside her panties. She thought of nothing more than helping Charlie realize how much a woman could want him, and knowing that her husband would be pleased with her for doing so. Soon, her eyes were closed, her back arched, and her hand rubbing her clitoris as vigorously as she could.

The longer she did this, though, the more explicit her thoughts became. Unbidden, unexpected, she was suddenly aware of true lust for Charlie. Of wanting his body and hers to join. Of wanting to use her body to help him feel good and wanting to use every ounce of her energy to show just him just how much she wanted him, body and soul.

She'd never been a particularly extravagant masturbator, but as she thought about Charlie joining her in bed, her panties ended up on the bookcase and her nightgown around her waist. Her body thrashed and bounced on the bed as violently as if if where were actually coupling with him. One hand worked savagely between her legs. The other lashed out and clawed at the bed.

By the end, she was making noise and calling out Charlie's name. At the moment of climax, she could make no sound. Her eyes were wide, her mouth open, and her whole body locked momentarily in tension for and instant. When that tension released itself, a bucketful of fluid poured out from between her labia, and her thighs spasmed visibly in shocking reflection of the tremor inside her.

She didn't clean herself or the bed, or even straighten her gown. She simply rolled to her side, smiling, and pulled a pillow to her chest. "I'm in love again, honey."

A few days later was the eve of her birthday. She and Charlie were sitting in lounge chairs in his yard. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt that was wonderfully tight across his pecs. She was wearing an orange sleeveless top that she hoped was just a shade tight on her own chest, and denim shorts that she knew showed off a whole lot of leg. Whatever doubts she had about her body or her beauty did not apply to her legs. She was very proud of those. She hoped Charlie noticed them.

"I know what I want for my birthday, Charlie," Mary said, her voice just slightly teasing.

"What's that?" he asked curiously. He'd been pestering her about it for a month.

She hoped he wouldn't be embarrassed. "I know about all the favors you've been doing for me."


"The yard work. The checking on my house when I'm gone. The word to Tracy about her damn dog."

"Oh," he said simply. He shrugged. "Just trying to help."

Mary took a deep breath and prayed that she still knew how to plant ideas in guys' minds without being disgustingly obvious. She sat up, spreading her legs to the side so that she was casually straddling the lounge chair. "You're very helpful, and I appreciate the favors."

"So what is it you want for you birthday?"

"I want you to let me return the favor."

"Which favor?"

"Generally. I want to do you a favor, but I know you're a man, you're strong, and you're proud, and you'll probably argue with me and try to stop me."

Charlie actually laughed at that. "Probably true."

Mary rolled her hips subtly forward and curled her legs a little back. She was pretty sure he was watching her. "So my present from you is that you're not going to stop me."

"Fair enough." He was smiling easily. "What's the favor you're going to do?"

Mary swung her leg around, crossing right over left. He was definitely watching. "Here's the plan. Tomorrow we have lunch at my house. I know you have your meeting in the afternoon. When you get back, I'll do the favor for you. Sound good?"

"Sounds great," Charlie said. His eyes were fully on her legs.

"See you then." Mary smiled, rose, and walked home, praying that he was watching her go. If she had turned around to look, she would have seen him watching her, trying not to lick his suddenly dry lips.

There could be no usual seduction, and Mary knew that. He wasn't confident enough to be seduced. He would shrink away and hide, either literally or emotionally. She would have to throw herself at him and make sure he was so convinced of how much she wanted him that he could not back off.

The setup was simple. Their relationship would hit a new level at lunch. If he accepted that, she would throw her body at him after he got home from his meeting. That kind of thing, she was convinced, was not trashy if she was in love.

For lunch, Mary pulled on a navy skirt and a matching navy top with white trim. She wore sensible heels, but the skirt was short and the top was sleeveless. Both were tastefully snug on her curves As she looked in the mirror, she felt her husband reassuring her of how beautiful she looked and how happy she was going to make her new love, Charlie. A little mascara, a little blue eye shadow, and some wet-look lipstick, and she was set.

Charlie made it hard to hold off until after his meeting. He wore khakis that hung gorgeously off his backside, the best butt she'd ever seen a guy, she was only now realizing. He wore a simple blue polo on top, but it was really showed off his arms. Mary almost jumped him as soon as she entered the house.

For better or worse, her nerves prevented her from doing that.

Fortunately, Charlie helped the nerves ago away and paved the way for everything she had planned. Before eating,they sat down for a few minutes over iced tea.

"You look beautiful, Mary," Charlie told her, his face expressionless except for that sparkle in his eyes.

"Charlie," she said slow, reaching out and placing her hand on top of his, "I can't even tell you how glad that you're part of my life." Charlie looked a little squirmy, but Mary charged on. She held his hand gently and looked into his eyes. "I don't think of you as just my neighbor any more."

He stood abruptly. "Mary, I appreciate it, but you don't need to be nice."

"I'm not being nice," she assured him, reaming seated to afford him as good a view of her legs or chest as he might want. "You're the nicest guy in the world, you're an amazing cook, a hard worker, and you have the cutest butt I've ever seen on a man. I could very easily fall in love with you, Charlie."

Ever controlled, Charlie just knuckled his chin and joked, "We'll see about that -- and about me being a good cook -- after we've eaten lunch."

It was hard to read Charlie. He had brushed her off, but not run away. And she was sure she had planted the seed. He was thinking about what she had said. She didn't flirt much during the meal, but immediately after, she said, "I still think I was right about everything I said."

Charlie stood to clear the dishes, but paused and looked at her. She definitely noticed his eyes drifting down to her chest and lingering there for a moment before he said, in as clearly joking a manner as possible, "If my butt's so cute why haven't you grabbed at it?"

Laughing at his own humor, he went to the kitchen. Knowing it was now or never to get him in the right mindset to accept what she was going to do later that day, Mary slipped out of her heels and walked up quietly behind him. Careful not to tip her presence, she reached out with both hand and caressed but did not squeeze his but. When he yelped in surprise, then she squeezed.

"Very cute," she said, before returning to the living room.

When he was done with the dishes, he came out, and he was definitely looking at her differently. He was probably confused, probably not sure what he was expected to do. Maybe he wasn't even sure what was appropriate for him to do. That's why she would remove any doubt.

Mary uncrossed her legs, and spread them just a little. She was not flashing him, but she was certainly giving the suggestion. "Hi, Charlie."

His eyes were dead center on her legs and skirt. "Hi, Mary."

She spread her legs a little further. There was a chance he might be getting a glimpse of her pink panties. "How long is your meeting tonight?"

His eyes had not moved. "Not long," he said, distantly. "I should be back by six."

"Too long," she teased him. She spread her legs a little further. She was sure that if he tried he could now see a flash of her panties.

"Probably," he agreed, staring at and between her creamy thighs. "But my job is all I have left, you know that."

"You have much more than your job, you just don't believe it yet." Mary spread her legs even more, and slid just a bit forward on her chair. There was no way he could not see the pink cotton that cradled her womanhood. In fact, she was confident that he could see a hint of her trimmed dark curls and the outline of her vulva through the thin, tight fabric. "Is this the kind of meeting that will get done sooner the sooner you go?"


"Then why are you still here?" she asked with a self-conciously girlish giggle, before recrossing her legs. "As soon as you get home, there's still a favor I want to do for you, remember?"

"Yeah." He remained still. Finally, he glanced at her face, and then left without another word.

Mary hoped that this was going to work. She knew she had him intrigued. Once she got him in bed, she knew would worship his body so thoroughly that he would never think twice about it. She also knew that until then there was still a chance that he might back out. Unfortunately, the way to minimize that chance was also the way to maximize that chance. By throwing herself completely at him she would make it hard for him to resist or turn away, but she might terrify him.

But it was her only option. When she went home to change she realized that there was a damp spot the size of a nickle on the panties she's been flashing Charlie.

"Wish me luck, honey," she whispered. "I really am in love with him."

The plan was for her to be waiting in his bed, in lingerie when he got home. Nothing more complicated than that. "Here I am, let's have sex." It was a little shocking to her that she had gotten to this point with Charlie after a matter of months, but they had been spending daily time together throughout those months. Did she love him as fully as she hoped to after it had been years? No, of course not, but in her mind that didn't make the love any less true. It was a young love, not a false one.

For her honey trap, Mary wore a sheer red nightgown with satin trim. It was somewhat dark, but it was just sheer enough that her breasts and nipples could be made out. She also wore red satin string bikini-cut panties with a tiny black felt bow at the top. She touched up her makeup, and she was ready.

When he came home, not suspecting her plan at all, she was on his bed on her side, one leg drawn up, smiling at him. He stopped mid-stride and stared at the gorgeous vision in front of him. She beckoned him to her with one finger. "Charlie, I want to do you a favor."

"What favor is that?" he asked, not moving.

She rolled up onto her knees. "I have a confession."


"I lied."

"What about?"

She dropped onto all four, arching her back. "I'm not falling in love with you."


"I am madly, desperately in love with you already."

"That's my favor?"

She giggle and wiggled her hips. "Your favor is that I want to show you how much I want you, Charlie."

"You don't have to do this, Mary, I know you feel sorry for me."

Mary slid off the bed, to her feet. "Charlie, pretty women don't usually show their wet panties to attractive men out of sympathy." She slipped one strap of her nightgown over her shoulder and took a step in his direction. "And nice ladies don't wait in your bed in night gowns because they feel they need to." She took another a step towards him and slipped off the other strap of her nightgown. "And the woman of your dreams only begs you to fuck her because she wants you."

"I don't hear any begging," he joked, his ususal coping mechanism. Charlie was fighting against it, but he wasn't running or hiding.

Mary raised her arms above her head and the nightgown slid down her curves to the floor, leaving her with nothing on but panties, makeup, and a couple of very hard nipples. "I love you so much, Charlie. Please, please, please... fuck me now."

"You're insane, Mary," he said, but there was no edge to his voice, and his eyes were sparkling.

She lunged at the older man, pressing him against the wall. She spread her legs, kissed at his neck an groped his crotch. "You almost didn't go to your meeting, Charlie."

"What do you mean?" he asked, wrapping his arms around the nearly naked woman and allowing her to play with his fully-clothed body.

"When you were staring at my panties," she said, taking his hand and pulling him to the bed. "You were about two seconds from going down on me right then."

He laughed and left her pull his polo off. "You're right," he admitted. "I almost did."

Mary smiled proudly and lay him back. Holding his down with gentle pressure, she kissed his throat, his shoulders, his well-developed chest. "Charlie you are so gorgeous it almost hurts to kiss you." She twirled her tongue around his right nipple, then his left. She sucked on them in the same order. One, two, three sucks and a gentle bite. "I know I don't deserve a man like you." She kissed down his side, over his belly, up his other side. "I know it, I really do." She bit at his tummy as she opened his pants. "But I'll earn my keep, I promise."

With an aggression even she hadn't anticipated, Mary yanked his pants and boxers off and tossed them onto the floor. Her chest heaved with heavy breaths as she stared at his manhood. "Oh . . . my . . . god," she practically cried, falling on him with open mouth. Her wavy hair fell over his lap as her lips and tongue worshiped what was an amazing piece of man. It was big, and as she tasted it and saturated it with her saliva, it got hard and hot to the touch.

Running her tongue in circles around the head, she stared at him. "You're a big boy, Charlie."

He actually half-smiled. "I'm glad you like it."

"I love it!" she exclaimed, plunging down on it. She took it so deep in her mouth that she couldn't help choking and coughing up saliva. After a few moments and sucking and coughing, she dragged her mouth slowly back up his shaft, her lips so tight that he was smeared red from her wet-look lip-stick. "I thought I couldn't want you any more than I already did," she said, nibbling on his balls, "but I have never, in my life, lusted after a cock as much as I am lusting after yours right now." She growled and took him back in her mouth. She bobbed her head rapidly up and down, hair flying, saliva dribbling out of her mouth as she sucked and bobbed, swishing her tongue back and forth.

"Mary, I don't think I can take much more," he told her. "And I don't want to finish without going further."

She pulled off him, drooling obscenely. She rolled onto her back to wiggle out of her panties. "Charlie, please believe me that I was fully in love with you and your body before I saw your cock." She kissed its shaft again. "But, god." Another kiss. "I can't believe how beautiful and strong it is."

"There are bigger cocks."

"Probably," she agreed, running the back of her tongue down his tense vas. "But none more perfect." She gave him a couple more head bobs and then said, "I will always love my husband." She crawled up his boy, pausing to let her breasts hang on either side of his erection. "I will never love you more or less than I love him." She crawled the rest of the way up, her wetness pressed against his hardness. "If you'll accept all the love I can give, it's yours."

Charlie pulled her breasts down to his mouth. He kissed them aggressively, sucking and biting as if they were the first breasts he'd ever seen. "Mary, you have no idea."

She smiled and wiggled slightly side to side, using her breasts to play with his face. "No idea of what?"

"I'm such a pervert."

"What do you mean?"

"You don't want to know." He sucked her left nipple so hard she probably would have given milk, had she been ten years younger.

"I want to know everything about you," she promised, closing her eyes and rolling her head side to side, enjoying his attention.

Charlie gripped her ass and sucked her chest, about her breasts. "The first day I walked from my yard to yours, you were sitting in the wicker lounge of yours, and you didn't know it, but I could see up your dress. The whole reason I ever talked to you because because you accidentally flashed me your panties."

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