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Mary Takes Her Medicine


Mary Poppins was just reaching the bottom of the stairs after putting Jane and Michael down for a nap with one of her whimsical lullabies when she heard the lord of the manor, George Banks, summon her.

"Miss Poppins, could I see you in my den?"

"Certainly. Just let me nip into the-"

"Now, Miss Poppins!" George commanded as he turned and left the room.

"Yes, sir." Mary replied. It was clear by the tone of her employer's voice that she was about to be called on the carpet. She reached into a pocket of her overcoat and removed a large flask and a spoon. After removing the cap, she ladled out some rum punch and quickly swallowed it. "A spoon full of sugar makes the punishment go down." she murmured to herself as she recapped the flask and tucked it away.

As Mary entered the den she noticed a short blonde woman with a red and pink striped bottom standing in a corner of the room with her hands on her head. She was entirely nude except for a long silk sash with the words "Votes For Women" printed on it.

"Oh, my! Is that you, Mrs. Banks?!"

"Winifred has been an insufferable suffragette!" George said. This afternoon she let a whole band of dancing chimney sweeps into the house. Got soot all over the place! Messy business! But a dozen good strokes to her bare botty had her stepping in time. Didn't it, my dear?"

"Yes, George." Mrs. Banks whimpered.

"Now go upstairs and get dressed or you'll get another dozen."

"Yes, George. Thank you, George." Winifred said as she hurriedly scampered out of the room.

Mr. Banks seated himself behind his desk as he addressed the comely, rosy-cheeked nanny.

"I have concerns about the unorthodox methods you employ in watching after my children."

"I'm not sure what you mean."

"Well, I understand you took Jane and Michael to the park where you all jumped into some sort of sidewalk painting."

"A chalk drawing, actually."

"Please don't interrupt."

"Sorry, sir."

"Then you took the children on a fox hunt?"

"Yes I did! Then we entered the Derby on some merry-go-round horses and my horse won! It was most exciting!"

"Congratulations." George said sarcastically.

"Thank you. Ooh! And then Bert danced with some singing penguins dressed as waiters!"

Mr. Banks held his hand out to Mary, signaling her to stop talking.

"Miss Poppins, I don't believe I authorized this bizarre outing. And I know I would never agree to involving my young ones in a horse race much less a fox hunting expedition."

"But, Mr. Banks-"

"Miss Poppins!" George interrupted. "I have tried to be patient with you. However, time and time again, you have chosen to utterly disregard my instructions as to the care of my children." With that, he reached into a drawer on the right hand side of his desk and produced a thin wooden rod. "Do you know what this is, Mary?"

"Why, yes... it's a cane. Oh, I do hope you're not planning on punishing Jane and Michael with that!"

"I don't intend to punish them at all. They were in your charge, so it is you with whom I have an issue."

"My goodness! You do go out of your way to avoid ending a sentence with a preposition!"

"Quite. Now, you have one minute to remove your clothing and bend over my desk."

"Surely, you must be joking, sir! This is 1910! It takes a British woman at least half an hour to get undressed in this era!"

George nodded grudgingly.

"Yes. Very well, you get disrobed while I take an opportunity to go fly a kite."

Roughly thirty minutes later, Mr. Banks returned to his den to find Mary laying obediently across the large oak desk- her pale, supple bottom presented for punishment.

"Right then." he said, taking the cane in hand as he walked around to Mary's hind quarters. He warmed up with a few practice strokes. Mary tensed up a bit at the sound of the cane whooshing viciously through the air. She gripped the edges of the desk and bit her lower lip in anticipation of the thrashing she was about to receive. This would be no jolly holiday.

Mr. Banks stepped into position, slowly pulled the cane back then swiftly swung it forward delivering a powerful smack to Mary's upturned bum.

"Ah!" she grunted, surprised by the severity of the first blow.

The next one, also a stunner, arrived only a few seconds later. Mary groaned quietly and clamped her jaw to keep from crying out. The following three cuts weren't quite as hard, but the sixth burned so deeply that Mary began to tremble and she soon felt tears escaping her eyes as she winced with each sizzling stroke of the cane.

"Ooh!" Mary gasped. "I must say, you certainly are proficient with that implement, sir!"

"There's really nothing to doing a job well." George replied in a lyrical manner. "You simply find the fun and snap!" he said, giving the nanny's fiery fanny another powerful smack. "The job's a game!"

"Ow! I see!" Mary yelped, immediately regretting the compliment.

"Yes, I love to cane!" he continued, delivering a volley of sharp, stinging blows. "Long and loud and clear!"

Mary's ordeal concluded at exactly 4 p.m. which was evident because Admiral Boom down the street fired off his cannon at the very moment the last stroke of the cane stung her rosy rump.

"Ah, time for tea." George said, then snapped his fingers. "All right, stand up then! Come on! Spit spot!"

"Thank you, Mr. Banks." Miss Poppins managed to squeak as she pushed herself from the desk and stood naked and trembling before her boss.

"You'll stand in the corner of your personal quarters for the next half hour. Understood?"

"Yes, sir." Mary answered tearfully.

"Very well, off you go. Oh, and on your way out, ring the bell for Mrs. Brill to get in here with my tea."

"Yes, sir." she said again, this time her voice no more than a whisper.

Mary began gathering her clothing which she'd folded neatly over a nearby chair. All the while she was wiping tears from her eyes and stifling an urge to burst into uncontrollable sobbing. Her face seemed to be burning as hotly as her raw, throbbing ass cheeks. As she entered the foyer, Mary decided she would definitely not be sliding up the banister this time.

Later that night, as Mr. Banks entered his bedroom to retire for the evening, he was surprised to find both Mary and his wife, Winifred poised on hands and knees atop the bed with their reddened rumps facing him. They hadn't a stitch a clothing on between them. Mary looked over her bare shoulder at her employer who stood speechless at the door.

"Mrs. Banks and I have discussed the matter and we both agree that our behavior has been completely unacceptable."

"Quite right." Winifred chimed in. "And you were most sensible in punishing us the way you did."

"Yes." Mary continued. "But now that we've been put in our place, don't you think we're entitled to a little consolation for our humiliation and suffering? You know... a few spoonfuls of sugar?"

The two ladies giggled as they began waving their bottoms to and fro.

Mr. Banks replied with one word as he unbuckled his trousers.



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