Mary XXXmas

byTx Tall Tales©

"I'm the Elven Queen of the Mistletoe," she announced to nobody in particular. She looked around, focusing on Paul. "Come young sir, and receive your reward," she said with a snobbish accent, holding the mistletoe in front of her. Paul obligingly put his head underneath it, and she leaned forward and gave him a nice little kiss. When he pulled away, she stopped him. "I believe I owe you two, do I not, young knight?"

"Yes, your highness," he said eagerly. I thought I was going to get sick, he was like a little puppy dog.

She pulled him forward and gave him a slightly longer kiss, I could see him blushing. When she pulled away, giving him a little push, he moved back and sat down at her feet, while she stumbled back into her seat, still grinning.

I looked over at Helga, while the little scene played itself out, and she caught my eye. She rolled her eyes, and made to stick her finger down her throat, gagging.

I nudged her foot with mine, and we both giggled.

Our self crowned Queen reached down to undo the strap on her shoe, trying to be somewhat ladylike about it and failing miserably. No worries though, Paul was still available.

He reached out tentatively to her foot. "Here, let me help you with that...uh, your highness." He was practically groveling. I had to say this for him: he probably had a hell of a view.

"Thank you, Sir Knight," she giggled, daintily crossing her legs, and stretching her foot out for him.

"So, your highness," I interrupted her little game. "If you're the Elven Queen of the Mistletoe, then who am I?"

She acted amazed. "Are you not well? Have you forgotten who you are? Perhaps you've had a bit too much of the Ambrosia. You're the King of Christmas, of course! You are my Lord, and I am your consort," she said as if I was dense.

"And this lovely lady?" I gestured toward Helga, who had turned partway and had her legs across Ron's lap, obviously enjoying the show.

Sweet Mary sipped from her cup, then gestured toward the other couch. "Our dear, dear Cousin, the luscious Helga, Princess of the Snows, and the most eligible maiden in the entire empire," she said, giving our visitor a mock curtsy.

I wondered what my cute little admin had been reading. She really seemed to like this whole fantasy realm thing.

"Then who am I?" Ron asked with a smirk.

"Oh, the mysterious Dark Knight! Some say he's a Royal, other's claim he's little more than a bully and rogue. Virtually unbeatable in battle, and the bane of pretty handmaidens throughout the land. Will we ever know the true man behind the mocking mask of indifference?"

She held her hand behind her mouth, and continued in a stage whisper. "Rumor has it, the Dark Knight is enamored with the Princess of the Snows. He attempts to impress her, and although she enjoys the chase, she pretends it annoys her."

Helga laughed out loud, a full throaty laugh. Ron had his hands on her legs, caressing her thigh. She brushed him away. "Careful Sir Knight. You go too far. I AM a Princess, you know."

Ron looked a little confused, but she took his hand and placed it between her thighs. "Gracious, Dark Knight! Have you no shame?"

She managed to get a chuckle out of him, and my Queen Consort was beaming.

I looked down at Paul who had managed to remove both of her shoes, and now was massaging her feet, his gaze fixed between her legs. I found myself a little irritated at his open lust.

I sat back, taking a swig of my eggnog. I was surprised how much of a taste I was developing for it. "As the King of Christmas, I believe it's time you sat on the Royal lap and confessed your Christmas wishes."

She liked the idea and slid into my lap, stretching her legs out onto the couch. I adjusted her dress a little, where it had bunched up around her rear. She blushed and helped, lifting her rear up for a second and pulling it down.

She still had her mistletoe clutched in her hand, and I raised her arm over her head, pulling her in for a long warm kiss. When we broke apart, I took the mistletoe from her hand and passed it to Helga. She laughed and held it over her own head, all the hint Ron needed.

"So what does my beautiful Queen want for Christmas?" I asked.

She looked a little hesitant, almost shy. "I want to make my King happy."

I looked past her where Helga was waving the mistletoe. "You too, young Knight," she giggled. "Come kiss your Princess." Paul crawled over to her, his allegiance switched for the moment. He got up on his knees, but she held out her hand. "Wait."

He was like a puppy waiting for a treat. Helga got up and planted herself in Ron's lap. "I hope you don't mind, Dark Knight?"

He drew her close, "I'm honored to be your throne," he teased.

"A bumpy throne, I must say," she giggled, wiggling her butt. She turned to Paul. "Sit." She gestured to the seat she'd vacated.

I was enthralled by their play, and held my Elf Queen close, my hand caressing her bare thigh, just above her stocking.

Paul took his seat. Helga leaned forward, "You may kiss me now. But no halfway kiss, you understand. I am your Princess, and will be Queen one day. Worship me."

The boy was eager enough. He leaned in and kissed her hard, holding her head, while Ron had his hand inside the back of her shirt, rubbing her back.

I returned my full attention to Mary, who was half asleep in my lap. I kissed her deeply, my tongue exploring her mouth. My hands brazenly explored her body as well, fondling her breast, caressing between her legs.

"It's nearly Christmas," I teased. "Did you bring me a gift?"

"I am your gift," she sighed, snuggling closer.

She perked up a bit, looking around. "Where's my Knight errant?"

Paul was sitting back massaging Helga's legs, while the Dark Knight exceeded his station, making out with her. Helga broke free for a moment. "Knight, did not you hear? Your Queen calls."

He slid out from under her legs, and knelt beside us. "I'm here, your Highness.

She wiggled her legs. "I'm hot, and these leggings itch."

His hands were trembling as he reached for the top of her stocking, sliding it down her leg. She opened her legs, so he could have access to the other and he slid that one down as well.

I was caressing her body, finding no end of humor in her actions. "Mmmm, that's better, now rub the Royal legs, good sir. And do a good job of it, if you don't wish to be thrashed."

He remained on his knees, rubbing up and down her smooth slender legs, massaging her feet, her calves and halfway up her thighs. He still didn't dare go as far as under her skirt.

Helga clearly enjoyed all of this as much as I did. We were on the same wavelength. Every time I looked at her she was smiling, and now she winked at me. "You are so right, lovely Cousin. Your kingdom is so much warmer than my home, the Land of Snow. I'm burning up."

Mary had her eyes closed but she was still with us. She reached down and slapped Paul's hands away. "Knave! You heard our dear Cousin. Assist her."

"But she's not wearing stockings," he whined.

"No excuses. Satisfy her wishes or be banished," she snapped, waving her hand haughtily.

Helga's grin was as large as my own. She leaned over and stared at Paul as he crawled toward her. "You argued with your Queen? The amazing and beautiful Elven Queen of the Mistletoe? A thousand men would kill to be her servant! If I was not her cousin, and a Royal, I'd serve her, body and soul!"

"No! I mean, I didn't mean to your highness. I would never." He was grovelling, "Please, how can I help you?"

"This," she tugged at the material of her jeans. "I want my legs free, like hers."

"Yes, your Highness." He had the groveling down pat. He moved to her feet and started pulling on her jeans, to no avail.

My own Queen was lying sideways in my lap, watching their interaction, with obvious joy. I was quite content to explore her body, even clothed as it was. I was a bit shameless, reaching under her dress at will. I was her King, after all. I'm sure the title came with some privileges.

Helga leaned back in Ron's lap, pressing her shoulders into the arm of the couch, raising her hips. "Here, fool." She lifted her shirt, pointing down to her pants waist.

He crawled over and carefully unbuttoned, then struggled to unzip her. When he'd accomplished that much, she lifted her hips and he tugged her pants down. When her panties lowered some, she slapped at his hands. "Careful. You don't want your Princess naked, do you?"

"N..No, your Highness," he said, pulling her panties up at the sides, while lowering her jeans past her generous ass.

"No? Am I not beautiful enough to be seen naked?" she teased him mercilessly.

"Of course! I mean yes, your highness. You're very beautiful. I'd love to see you naked." He had her jeans halfway down her thighs, and she lifted them to help him out.

Mary shrieked. "How dare you! Asking to see her legendary body naked! Do I have to teach you your station!"

Paul glanced back at my lap-toy, pausing to stroke Helga's bare leg. "I meant she would be beautiful to see, but I would never, I mean, she should be, she's so pretty, but she's my Princess, I understand," he moaned, lowering his head.

Helga pushed at him with her foot. "Just do your best, young Knight. Know your place, do your best, and your reward will be great."

He finished extricating her feet from the jeans, and kissed them, repeatedly. "Thank you, your Grace."

I was kissing and playing with my little elf, sitting her more upright, so I could kiss her more readily. I was drawn to her lips, like a bee to honey. The bow holding her bodice together was distracting, so I untied it. I pulled the material open exposing her full round breasts, unfettered by any bra. As beautiful as the rest of her, almost too large for her slender frame.

I reached for them, squeezing gently, playing with her nipples, making them harden for me. I pulled my arm out from behind her, where I'd been holding her up so I could kiss her at will and lowered her shoulders onto the arm of the couch freeing up both my hands. I now could explore her above and below, and did so. She opened her legs, then reached down and pull her dress up to her waist, exposing her pretty red panties completely.

"You're beautiful, my Queen," I told her, slipping my hand inside of her panties. She was smooth to the touch, and my finger slid inside of her easily.

"Thank you," she sighed, and wondered if it was for my compliment, or my actions.

I heard a loud moan from nearby, and peered over. Helga was struggling weakly to keep her shirt on. "You are a bad one, Dark Knight. I'm a Princess!"

"And I am the Dark Knight. Unstoppable. Unbeatable. Undeniable. Implacable. Imperturbable. Unrelenting and unwavering in the pursuit of anything I desire. And I desire you, pretty Princess."

Her shirt came off, and she giggled. "Am I to yield to you? Me a royal Princess? Heiress to the throne?" She was a tricky one, I'll give her that. "Knight! Protect your Princess!"

Poor Paul was likely to have a nervous breakdown, but the lovely and mischievous Elven Queen Mary of the Mistletoe, decided to intercede. "No, young Knight, return to me. Worship at your true Queen's feet."

Paul crawled to her legs, and did as instructed, worshipping unstintingly my Queen's feet and legs.

Helga was putting on quite the show. Dark Knight was fondling her very well endowed chest, slipping his hands inside her bra. "Please Dark Knight. My breasts have never been touched by man. Don't hurt me." She squirmed deliciously. "Please Cousin, you can protect me! Will you allow this, this commoner to have me?"

"You've been the virgin Princess of the Snows too long, dear Cousin."

"No, not like this! He's too strong, too powerful. Why he could make me do anything! He might even make me to use my mouth! My poor, helpless virgin mouth, given to such a terrible Knight! He's a nobody, it's not right, help me Cousin!"

Mary giggled. "Is he a commoner, frigid Cousin? Dark Knight, secret son of the exiled King of the Isles, true heir and loyal friend, I give her to you."

He laughed. "I'd take her whether you gave her to me or not." Her bra was off and he manhandled her glorious tits.

"Of course you would. You are a true man, and of Royal blood, are you not? Even I would tremble before you, if not for my King. My handsome, strong King."

Mary looked at me smiling. "Kiss me, please?"

I leaned down and kissed her while my hand explored her tight wetness.

When I pulled away she grinned. "Knight?" she said softly peering down at her willing servant. "I need you."

I watched Paul extricate himself, scooting down and kneeling beside my half-clothed Elven Queen. His eyes were glued to her tits. "Yes, your highness?"

"My panties are a burden," she told him.

He looked up at me, his eyes wide.

"You heard your Queen," I reminded him.

I pulled my hand out of her panties, and kissed her deeply while her vassal bared her privates. She turned her lips away from mine, breaking our kiss. "I'm feeling naughty, my King," she whispered in my ear. "May I play with him?"

I felt a stab of jealousy. Play? How? And yet, who was I to deny her? "Whatever you desire, of course, my gorgeous Queen."

Paul was kneeling beside us, massaging her thighs, almost, but not quite, to the promised land. "Now, Knight, fetch me my mistletoe."

He had to search around the other couch before he could find it. I watched him scurry around, enjoying the sight of young Ron feasting on Helga's bared breasts. They were worth feasting on. Her bra was gone, and she lay there dressed only in her panties, bemoaning her fate in an endless litany of the atrocities he might force on her.

It was becoming quite the Christmas party.

"Here you are your highness," our lapdog said, placing the mistletoe in her hand.

She lifted it and held it above her waist, opening her legs. "Well done, loyal Knight. Come kiss your Queen," she said softly.

He ran around to the end of the couch, and climbed over it, sliding up between her legs. He moved forward and I watched him place a small kiss right at the top of her pretty pink opening. Helga and Ron had stopped their play, and were watching as well.

"That's not a kiss," Helga snapped. "Worship your queen!"

He needed no further commanding and settled his face in, licking her with complete abandon.

Mary looked at me with unmasked lust in her eyes. "Let him prepare me for you," she said softly.

I kissed her again, playing with her tits, devouring her. There was no question now. She'd be riding my Royal staff before the night was through.

I opened my eyes and looked over at the other royal couple. Ron was standing over Helga, who was on her knees, removing his pants. He was taking off his shirt and then leaned back, moaning. I could only see the back of her head, but the motions had me believing the Dark Knight was the one being worshipped now.

Helga turned away. "My Knight, I am a virgin. I have no experience. Teach me how pleasure you."

Ron held her head, and pushed his cock between her lips. "Don't worry, my little Ice Princess. You'll learn."

Mary pushed me away, gasping, then reached down and pushed her ardent admirer away. "Enough, White Knight. Go to our Cousin, and help her learn as she and the Dark one see fit." Then she was sliding off my lap, looking around. She came up with her eggnog glass. "I'm thirsty," she confessed, draining it. She stood on wobbly legs, and walked over to the punch bowl, getting a refill, which she drank while standing there. "Want some?" she asked me, waving the glass.

"A half glass, please."

She was too sexy to imagine, her young tits pushed up and out by the cloth pulled to the side. Her dress barely covered her ass, but the knowledge that she was bare underneath was devastating.

Helga had climbed back on the couch, and was seated with her ass at the edge of cushion. Paul was between her legs, servicing her, while Ron stood over her, using her mouth. It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen in person.

Mary walked by them and patted Paul on the head, "Do a good job now." She stopped in front of me and passed me the mug. While I took a sip she asked, "On or off?" I looked up and she was indicating her dress.

"Off, please."

She turned her back to me, exposing her zipper. "Whatever his highness commands." I reached up and unzipped her, and she stepped out of the dress and turned to face me, completely naked. She was absolutely glorious.

"Does your Majesty perhaps have a gift for his Queen?"

"I do. I've hidden it under my clothing."

She giggled and dropped to her knees, removing first my shoes and socks. "Mmmm, I don't believe it's here," she said, then stood and pulled me to my feet. I had to juggle the cup while she removed my tie and shirt, before tugging my undershirt off. I stood before her and smiled, sipping my eggnog.

She grinned. "A sip for me?"

I offered her the mug.

"I'd prefer to drink from a different chalice," she said, pressing her fingers to my lips.

I took a large swig, and held it in my mouth before leaning over her. She leaned her head back, and I placed my mouth over hers, letting the eggnog slowly drain downward. When my mouth was empty I felt her swallow, then lick my lips.

"Again," she gasped.

I drained the cup, and fed her again, holding her in my arms as she leaned even further back. When she'd finished the eggnog, her tongue explored my mouth, seeking out any last drops.

Helga almost yelled, "Knave! Bring me eggnog!"

I looked over to see things had advanced dramatically. She was lying underneath Ron, while he fucked her. They were both watching our play. I'm not sure what Paul had been doing, but he came back with the eggnog as she had demanded.

"I'm thirsty, feed me like our King feeds his Queen."

Ron had her legs raised up and was kneeling between them, sitting upright while he enjoyed her. Paul knelt beside her, took a sip, and lowered his face onto hers, several seconds later he pulled back. "That was barely a taste. Do better."

Mary was removing my pants, and had them down around my ankles when Paul finished his second feeding. I was hard and my boxers did little to hide the fact. "Mmmm," Mary sighed. "Where ever could my gift be?"

She reached for my boxers and swiftly pulled them down, my Royal staff jubilant to be free. "Oh, your Majesty!" she cooed. "The finest gift in the kingdom. The Royal Scepter." She held it softly then licked it slowly, from bottom to top. "So hard, so big! I had no idea, your Majesty! Thank you."

"I'm glad you like it," I said softly.

"Like it? I adore it!" She was looking me over, stroking my shaft with both hands. She looked up at me, her smile a little uneasy. "It's...more than I expected" She pointed it forward and took it in her mouth. I was in heaven watching her young lips stretch around my shaft.

It had been a long time. And never with anybody so young and pretty.

Then she pulled away, "I'll be right back." She hustled over to the punch bowl and refilled our mug. I watched her go, then gave some attention to our friends. Ron was obviously enjoying himself, slowly screwing our Swedish honey. Paul was busy as well, sucking on her tits. She seemed to be in heaven, and smiled while she watched us.

"I'm so ashamed. They've ruined me, taking my mouth and my Royal pussy. But how could I stop them? He's undeniable."

Mary walked past, pausing beside Ron. She reached down and rubbed his ass. "It's her first time. Make sure she enjoys this one, and she'll be eager to service you ever after." She leaned down and gave him a kiss.

Mary returned with the mug and resumed her kneeling position in front of me. She took my cock in her hand, pointed it downward, and dipped the end in the eggnog. Then she lifted it up and sucked on it, driving me crazy. After just a few seconds, she repeated the action, grinning. "I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to drink this entire mug this way."

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