Mary XXXmas

byTx Tall Tales©

She slipped down a bit on the couch and gasped. I could feel the change in friction, like my cockhead was grinding into her.

"Like that, don't stop," she gasped, "Don't change, just like that, it's perfect."

I liked the feel as well, and grabbed two fists full of ass cheeks, while I stroked her.

"Harder now," she pleaded.

I pushed harder, grabbing her hips and thrusting deeper, speeding up just a bit. I loved being in her, and the response I was getting, but I felt that I could keep up this pace for hours. It was great. My legs were spread just a bit to give me balance and to keep the height and angle perfect. No strain anywhere, just this sublime feeling surrounding my cock.

"So good," she groaned. I pushed harder.

"SHIT!" she cried out, before spouting more mystery sounds. Her full weight was on the arm of the couch, her legs waving in the air. She was gasping for air, and I eased back, slowing the pace, sliding into her for fun.

She was bracing herself with one arm, her legs back under control, spread wide, her toes barely touching the ground. Mary had dismissed Paul from his vaginal duties and had scooted over under Helga, her hand stroking her back. "Good?" she asked.

"Shit-good," she gasped. "Just a little more?" she pleaded.

"As much as you want," my darling Queen told her.

She heaved a huge sigh, "More, please."

I felt like a fucking rock star. I slammed into her, fucking her hard and fast, wanting to draw another huge orgasm out of her. She whimpered, moaning softly. I pulled my legs in a bit and shifted up and down looking for that perfect angle again.

It was obvious when I found it. She reacted like I'd hit her with 10,000 volts. She cried out and trembled, and I smiled, feeling the power. I grabbed that sweet ass and pummelled her, making her cry out, "YES! YES!" Her body tensed in waves, her tight pussy clenching at me. I was on autopilot, pistoning in and out with a mechanical precision. She responded too beautifully, screaming when my thumb entered her ass, gasping after each new spasm enveloped her body. She was a raw nerve, and I gave her no peace.

I closed my eyes, feeling an incredible thrill. There, another one. And again. Come for me my Swedish sex toy. Come for me. Come hard.

Her cries were nearly continuous, between gasps of pleasure. She was an orgasm machine, and I had my finger on the button, hammering away. I eased back a bit, wanting to let another huge one build, running my hands over her smooth soft skin. I was enjoying myself, tracing the small tattoo on her back, my cock a steel rod, filling her completely.

I glanced up and Mary looked worried. "Enough, Jack, please." Not 'your Majesty', or 'my King', just Jack. I slowed down, easing my sweet vessel off of her high, letting her body slowly relax.

"Everything Ok?" I asked softly, resting with my cock buried to the hilt.

"Too much," Helga panted. She'd collapsed, her body limp, the couch arm holding her up. Mary was stroking her hair. I pulled out, and felt her shiver when I did. She backed off of the couch, standing on wobbly legs for a moment before reaching for the wall and collapsing to the floor.

Damn it. What had I done?

I dropped on one knee and lifted her into my arms, carrying her to the couch. I sat with her, holding her in my lap, her legs quivering out of control. "Shhh," I whispered to her, "you were wonderful."

She was fighting for breath, her chest heaving, curled up almost into a ball. I rubbed her back, kissing her hair, trying to soothe her. I felt her slowly respond, uncurling, turning her head into my shoulder. Mary was pressed into my side, holding Helga's trembling legs, slowly running her hands up and down.

Ron came over and put a cup in her hand. It shook as she brought it to her lips, but she drank, slowly, then faster, draining it. She held the empty mug out to the side. "Thank you," she said softly.

She wiggled in my lap, then scooted away, reaching for my cock. "You're still hard?"

"I'm holding a beautiful naked woman," I reminded her.

She turned in my lap, straddling my legs, facing me. She chuckled. "That was pretty crazy, no?"

I felt a pang of relief, and pulled her lips to mine kissing her. "A little."

She rose up on her knees, reached between us, and pressed my cock back into her. I heard Mary softly warn, "Cousin...", but she lowered herself, taking me slowly, shivering.

"No more fucking. I just have to feel it one more time," she said, hugging me tightly. I held her, while she slowly relaxed. She relinquished her death grip, and brought her lips back to mine. The kiss was intense, hot, passionate, and I felt her moving against me, her body responding again.

"Mmmm, maybe just a little more," she sighed slowly fucking me.

"Helga!" Mary snapped.

My Swedish bombshell looked a little ashamed. She leaned sideways, and kissed my nervous Queen. "A little. That's all. Just so I feel calm, not so crazy."

She straightened up, and rode me softly. "See, this is nice." I reached down and held her ass, moving with her. She was grinding her hips now, sliding back and forth, not just up and down. Suddenly I felt her tense up. "Oh," she gasped. She froze, then eased back down, kissing me softly once more. "I need to stop now, Ok?"

I chuckled. "Whatever you need."

She held me. "Maybe a little more later."

"I'd like that. I love fucking you."

She kissed me again, and climbed off of me. She leaned back in the couch beside me, completely spent. I wanted to laugh when Paul came creeping up between her legs, opening them. "I'll be gentle, my beautiful Princess," he murmured, and pressed forward. She sighed and patted his head.

I turned to the world's sexiest elf, and drew her into my lap, straddling me. She seemed nervous. "Should we stop?" I asked her.

She shook her head, and lifted her hips up high. I slouched in my seat, giving her some room, and she guided my cock inside of her. "I'm a little scared now," she confessed quietly.

"Go as slow as you want," I told her, holding her hips in my hands.

She took her time, slowly sheathing me, until it was complete. "Don't hurt me, Ok?"

It broke my heart. "I'd never hurt you."

She leaned forward, hugging me. I felt the small movements of hers starting, building to a gentle rhythm.

"I know you didn't mean to hurt Helga, but I thought you were going to kill her. She stopped breathing."

I let her ride me easily, using only a fraction of my length. "I know better now. I never had anyone respond like that. I didn't know."

"You looked scary," she whispered.

"I'm sorry."

"Can you just love me for a while? Nice and easy, my leviathan Lord?"

"Leviathan?" I chuckled.

"Monstrous Monarch? Stupendous Sultan, Titanic Tycoon?" She was giggling, and lowered her voice "Prodigious pussy pounding Potentate? Cunt crushing Caliph. Devastating damsel deflowering Dictator?"

"What a dirty mouth you have. You kiss your Mother with that mouth?"

"Daily. With tongue," she quipped. "So are you going to love your Queen right, or what? Don't make me settle for second best."

"I'd love to, but not like this, my unquenchable Queen." I pulled her close, standing with her, surprised again at how easy it was. I pulled the seat cushion off the couch and tossed it onto the ground, followed by another off a chair. I kicked them together and lowered her onto them, following her down. I was lying over her, my weight on my forearms, and I eased my cock in and out of her. "Is that Ok?"

"Nice," she answered. "And remind me later that I like the feeling of you carrying me around like a sack of potatoes, impaled on your rapacious rod, my powerful pussy plundering Prince."

I found a nice easy pace, slowly taking her, long easy strokes, stopping short of full penetration. I kissed her face, her neck, her ears, her eyes, making her giggle. My mouth merged with hers, refusing to leave, sharing our breath, our tongues playing. I felt her body slowly responding to my actions, moving just a little faster, shorter strokes building the need.

Her breath was becoming shorter. She was so pretty, so sweet.

"You're not an indian-giver are you?" I asked

"A what?"

"You wouldn't take a gift back," I explained.

"No, why?"

"Are you mine for just tonight?" I slowed and long-stroked her again, feeling her push back.

"What do you want?" she asked softy.

"You, and not just tonight," I told her, kissing her softly.


"Be my Queen."

She closed her eyes, letting me screw her wonderful young body.

"Are you sure? It's kind of sudden," she finally said.

"I've never felt like this. You fit me so well."

"Not too tight?" she teased, grinding against me.

I screwed her a little harder, getting her to gasp.

"Not just like this. You know me. You know my ways, you anticipate my needs, you play the perfect warm caring Queen, to my standoffish King."

She pulled my face down to hers and kissed me. "Can I keep my vassal?" she giggled.

"Of course. I could never deny you anything."

She sighed pulling me close. "Love me, my King."

"I do. I love you to death."

She sighed, "Love me to a little death. I need to feel it."

I held her firmly and drove into her harder and faster. Her legs were wrapped around mine, urging me on. She felt so good, so perfect. Helga was fun, but I didn't have the same control with my Queen. The urge to come was building, and I was going with it, taking her harder, faster, filling her beyond my ability to hold back.

She was trembling, her nails digging into my back. "Love me," she gasped.

I was beyond stopping, the end was imminent. I was struggling to hold on, to give her what I was feeling, but lost control. I pounded her into the cushion, hammering her, my hands gripping her shoulders tightly. I groaned, and slammed my full weight into her, my cock firing molten bullets into her depths.

"Yes," she moaned, arching under me, achieving her delicious release with me. I thrust into her again, grinding, the finish painfully complete. Bursts of pleasure shot down my back, through my balls, erupting into her repeatedly.

She was heaving in pleasure, writhing underneath me, grinding her sweet young pussy into me. I hated for it to end.

"Mmmm," she purred. "I guess maybe you do like me, a little."

"I love every last inch of you, you sexy demon elf."

"Sexy QUEEN demon elf," she giggled, hugging me tight.

I heard moans from beside us, and looked over to the second couch. There was a sexy Helga sandwich going on, and everybody looked to be having quite the time.

"Ok, I guess you didn't break her," she admitted.

"No, and I think your vassal is being spoiled."

"Well, she did promise him. Want to go make her airtight?"

"Airtight? How does a young innocent girl like you even know about such things?" I teased, pushing into her.

"We royalty hear things," she said giving me a kiss. "You're not getting very soft."

I eased my cock in and out of her, just a little, enjoying the feeling. I concentrated on the feel, her warm tightness threatening to restore me. I was able to pull back further, and push in deeper. Not rock hard, but feeling pretty good.

"Hurry before they finish. I want to see," she said lustily.

"Like to take her place?" I teased.

"Not tonight. I only want you tonight," she said, the kidding out of her voice. "Maybe someday if you wish, but for now, just this."

"Sounds good to me." I pushed in deeper, stroking her nicely.

"Go, hurry! I don't think our boy is going to last much longer."

Reluctantly I pulled out of my Queen and went to join the threesome. Helga watched me approach, and smiled before opening her mouth wide.

I slid my messy cock between her lips, while my Queen sidled up behind me pressing her incredible body against mine. "Airtight," she giggled.

Helga moaned around my cock, while Paul grunted his release. He backed away, watching the act continue. Ron had more control and thrust into her hard, making it difficult to blow me. I scooted closer, so she'd have a little more wiggle room. She had a look of intensity on her face, and I smiled as I saw her come. I already knew that look well.

It seemed to push Ron over the edge, and he finished with a groan, before sinking into the couch. Pretty Helga sucked me ferociously, for a couple of minutes, then pulled back and sat up, smiling.

"That was fun," she announced. "But I am so tired. I think you all have broken me."

I'd lost my Queen to our vassal's devoted mouth. She was stretched out on the cushions, with her boy tending to her love garden.

I tapped him on the shoulder. "The Princess of the Snows needs tending."

He backed off of my woman, trailing kisses down her thighs, before scurrying over to our well-used guest.

As for my Queen, I had a new hardon, thanks to the No-Longer Virgin Princess of the Snows, that needed attention. I tossed the cushion back onto the couch, sat back in the seat, and reseated the Royal staff in its favorite sheath. I toyed with her breasts, while she rode me gently.

I heard a phone ring, and my Queen was suddenly bending over, reaching beside the couch before coming up with her discarded elf costume. She searched through it, finally coming up with a phone. "Hi Mom. Yeah we're still here, having a little Christmas party. Hold on a second." I watched her press the mute button.

She wiggled down onto my cock, getting reseated. "My Mom's on her way. She's my ride."

I looked at her and grinned, wiggling my hips.

"My CAR ride."

"Why not invite her up? Even out the odds?" I teased.

She hit me with her tiny fist, making me smile. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"How would I know? I've never even met her."

She grinned mischievously leaning over and raising her hips so I could thrust up into her. Too sweet of an invitation to let pass. "Hey Mom, we're almost done here, I'm helping clean up a bit. Can I bring someone over for dinner?"

She listened for a bit. "I know, but it doesn't have to be anything fancy. Whatever we have is fine."

I screwed her harder, while her mother talked. "No, everything's fine. It's great. Really. Nothing's wrong, Ok?"

"No, not on the phone. I promise I will but not now, Ok? Just trust me on this one, alright?"

I couldn't believe the wench. I bounced her hard on my cock a few times for good measure.

"Ok, I'll meet you downstairs in about 15-20 minutes. Call when you get here. Love ya."

She hung up her phone, smiling at me. "So my studly Sire, shall we put away your mighty staff, and clean up a bit? You'll want to look your best for Moms, she's very particular about the guys I date."

"Are we dating now?" I teased, while she rode my cock marvelously.

"If I'm going to be your Queen, we sure as hell better be," she growled, giving me another of those vicious powder-puff punches.

"How about five more minutes?" I pleaded.

"How about you put Monty Python away for now. You might find a need for him later, if you're lucky."

The rest of our party was already straightening up, and it saddened me to see Helga back in her jeans and t-shirt. Mary climbed off of me, and donned her elf outfit, taking a while to find her panties, which had somehow slid under the couch.

I put my pants back on then went to Helga. I took her in my arms, and stole a kiss. "You were amazing tonight."

"Silly. I'm always amazing," she laughed.

"I bet. Will you be in next week?"

"No shutdown for me. Monday and Tuesday both."

"Great, I'll see you then. And thank you."

She leaned in and kissed me again. "You're welcome."

She called out to Mary. "Mistletoe Queen, I'm going to borrow your Knight for the weekend. We are moving our party to Ron's house."

"Have a great Christmas," she called out from the kitchen.

I put on my shirt, dazed by how normal we were all becoming. The place looked just the same as before our impromptu party. Who would ever have guessed at the debauchery that had taken place?

My elf was back looking radiant. "Do I look Ok?"

"Gorgeous," I assured her.

"I mean do I look normal, not like I'd just had my pussy licked, sucked and fucked for the last few hours."

"You look fabulous. And normal. Just take small steps. You're waddling bowlegged."

"You are a beast," she growled.

"King of the beasts," I reminded her.

Her phone rang. "On our way," she answered.

"Come on, King Stud. I think you and Mom are going to get along famously."


I hope you enjoyed this little Christmas Tale. If you did, please remember to vote, and read some of the other excellent entries in the contest. Happy Holidays!

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