MaryAnn Ch. 03


Fritz squeezed MaryAnn's hand and whispered, "That'll do it. She loves that."

She obviously did. She held his head as he made wet love to each in return. Then his hand went back to her thighs. This time she made no resistance. As he sucked and nibbled on her tits he worked his way up to her thin panties. Soon she was writhing in ecstasy as his hand moved up and down her clit on the outside.

Then he helped her move off the couch and onto the plush rug. He tugged at her panties. Jeri, perhaps remembering what MaryAnn had told her, smiled and raised her hips.

Ron moved down, down to her legs. Then while still holding on to one lovely melon, started kissing the inside of her thighs on the inside where her skin is white and tender. She moved her hips to his rhythm. As he neared the opening she reached down and pulled the lips of her vulva apart. When his tongue hit her clit she gasped, then commenced moving as if fucking his face.

Meanwhile Fritz's hands hand moved inside MaryAnn's pajamas and he was fondling her titties. They embraced in a passionate kiss as well, but both were still fascinated by the show going on.

As Jeri started to whimper and moan, Ron stopped and asked her what she wanted him to do. She replied, "I want you to do it, you know, like you're doing."

"No you have to say it. Tell me exactly what you want me to do."

"Kiss it."

"Kiss what? Don't be shy, most of the fun of swinging is talking. Now say it.":

"Oh God Ron, I want you to kiss my cunt. Stick your tongue up my cunt as far as you can."

That did it. As Ron complied and Jeri responded appropriately. Perhaps inspired by the show Fritz and MaryAnn had each other's clothes off now. But they were still engrossed in the show, now with appropriate audio, going on a few feet from them. This was high drama indeed.

And it was getting better, Jeri, grabbed Ron's head, pulled him on top, and said, "Now fuck me. Stick your big stiff cock in my cunt and fuck me hard."

Ron did and he got the ride of his life. He could feel her big tits pressing against her body, and she shoved her ass at him hard with each stroke, all while crying FUCK ME GODDAMN YOU FUCK ME OHHH YES FUCK ME.

Ron wasn't in a hurry. He was able to pound her hard. She had one violent orgasm after the other.

By this time MaryAnn and Fritz slid to the floor beside their friends. MaryAnn's head was even with Jeri's ass. Both she and Fritz would have a worm's eye view of the action.

Despite the wild action Ron hadn't got off yet, and that seemed to suit Jeri who was having one orgasm after the other.

MaryAnn didn't need any more foreplay. The entire evening had been as effective as an aphrodisiac, especially the action taking place a few inches from her face. Fritz slid it in and she pulled him tight into her. She felt it all the way and moved tight against him. A few wiggles and she felt it coming. She started moving violently and both of them got off at once.

As she felt him unloading she heard Ron give with a loud OOOOH MY GOD, held it tight inside her. His cock twitched and he let it fly.

After a bit they all uncoiled. Fritz went over to his wife, took her in his arms and said, "You were beautiful and I love you more than ever."

Ron and MaryAnn smiled and said goodnight before they went to their own room. Jeri called after them, "Why don't you leave the door open between our bedrooms?"

They did until they wanted some peace and quiet. So far as they could tell the sounds of passion kept up all night. Fritz and Jeri sounded like newlyweds. Ron and MaryAnn fell asleep in each other's arms.

Tomorrow would be another day.

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by Anonymous

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by 55Randy06/25/17

Great series!

I wish this were book length.
What happens with Jeri and Fritz. Do they keep the special friendship with MaryAnn and Ron, or was this a one and done in Las Vegas?
Hopefully they maintain privacy - don'tmore...

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