tagIncest/TabooMaryann Does Daddy

Maryann Does Daddy


In the two years since Ron's death MaryAnn went through the various stages of grief. First she cried herself to sleep every night for two weeks. Then she discovered the chat rooms on the Internet and immersed herself in cybersex, even phone sex. That was followed by a trip to New York where she, as she liked to term it, went wild in an interracial sex club. The forty-three-year-old blond she was the star attraction. First she made love with the owner then took part in an orgy with a friend and three other guys on a bed. Other adventures followed, including a trip to visit a dominant man who she'd met online. None left her with any regrets. MaryAnn was a woman who did as she pleased and only regretted the things she didn't do.

But she intended to continue doing them as a single woman! She had numerous lovers but refused to consider remarriage. She hung on to the memory of the man she loved more than life itself. She talked to her dead husband often and intimately. It was easy. During their marriage they enhanced their love by keeping no secrets. They didn't need to. They changed the boundaries of marriage and destroyed its deadliest foe, jealousy, with candor and honesty. Each had affairs. Then they did some discreet swinging. Then he left her forever.

She knew he would appreciate what she had done since he left. Their love always transcended jealousy. Her adventures since his death didn't bother her a whit, not even when she became a high class hooker on a couple of occasions. There was nothing eerie or supernatural about her weekly chats with Ron. She was a realist and had no illusions that the conversation was nothing more than introspection. One afternoon after her self imposed daily goal of writing was over she kicked off her shoes, lay back on the bed and said "Hello my darling. Here I am again with my imagination and libido still intact. Aren't you glad your old sweetheart is still having wonderful sex?

"You know, lover, I can think of only one thing I ever kept secret from you. This wasn't something I did though pumpkin. This was merely something I always wanted to do. "Oh God, did I want to do it.

"Give up? . . . Okay I'll tell you my last secret. Ever since, as a twelve-year-old, I saw Mom and Dad making it in that camp in Maine I fantasized about making it with pops. Yep, I wanted to boink my daddy. Even before you left me I would entertained the idea quite vividly now and then.

"No, I'll not tell you if the fantasy of fucking him was better than the fantasy of fucking you! Now behave you dirty bastard."

MaryAnn hardly even wondered what Ron's reaction might have been if she had shared her paternal fantasy with him. It wouldn't have been important to him. To start with, she had no intention of putting a move on her father, not even now. Her Mom had passed away a year earlier and both she and her dad were adults. Furthermore he was a ramrod straight traditionalist, much more than his wife had been, and light years more than she, herself, was. Admirals who had graduated from the Naval Academy simply did not do incest, not even if they are seventy years old. It was just a fantasy, and figured to stay that way. I

Later that day the phone rang, "Hello," she said.

"Hi little girl, I'm returning your call. What's up?" It was her father!

"Hey, pops. It's been a while, and I thought I'd call and see if you'd like to have lunch tomorrow."

"Sounds dandy kid. That Frenchy sounding joint near the old ferry landing is neat. The lobster bisque is wonderful and appropriately expensive. How's about tomorrow?"

"It's a deal old timer. I'll see you at 12. Okay"

She hung up and found her heart was racing. She loved her dad and the thoughts she had earlier came to mind. Did he ever think of her as she dud him? The next day she drove over the big blue bridge to Coronado and parked at the restaurant. Retired Rear Admiral Jacob Thornton was sitting at a widow seat waiting for his daughter. She gave him a quick kiss and sat down. "So the lobster bisque is good here eh? You been here before.?"

He replied, "Yes I was here with Jody Freeman, formerly Jody Jackson. You probably know her."

"Jody! Of course I know her. We were both in the same sorority, Theta Sigma Phi, at SC. I know her well. Good looker. You dating her?"

"Oh no, nothing like that. We're good friends who have been seeing one another. That's all." The old admiral looked uncomfortable.

"But you have seen her more than once? Hey, it's okay. I think it's great but guys don't just "see" Jody. She's a liberated woman and she bragged that she got it on with every man she went out with more than once." Then MaryAnn gave a big smile and added, "and you've dated her several times."

"Do you think this line of talking is appropriate MaryAnn? Are you concerned that I'm dating someone?"

"I'm sorry daddy, and no I'm not concerned. I think it's wonderful and I think it's neat that you and Jody are dating, and eating lobster bisque . . . and everything!"

He frowned.

"Oh daddy cut it out. It's okay. Honest. Really. You must know that mom would approve. She was the most open, honest, and understanding person I knew."

Her father reached across the table, took her hand and squeezed it.

MaryAnn brushed back a tear. She wasn't sure why a simple conversation had become emotional but she realized that the two of them had crossed some sort of line. She wasn't sure where it would go.

Over lunch her father brought the subject up again, "You know, MaryAnn, that if two adults want to do something and it hurts nobody, then there is no reason why they shouldn't. And both Jody and I are adults."

"I swear, Daddy, you sound like mom more and more. Perhaps while we're in a conversation about your life today is a bad time to bring her up. But you should know she gave me much the same advice when she asked me to . . . well to stay a virgin until I was twenty. And I did, you know." She looked down, then back up and smiled, "I stayed that way until I was twenty and a couple hours."

She could swear she saw a rear admiral blush. But he laughed and said, "Sometimes I forget that my little girl is now a grown-up woman, and a beautiful one at that." Again he squeezed her hand.

Then, they finished their lunch, sipped their wine, and her dad said, "The pool is warm. Like to drop by for a swim? You left one of your bathing suits in the house last time."

That did it. MaryAnn accepted and she followed him to the house where she grew up. And sure enough her old bathing suit was in the drawer. She stripped and started to put the suit on when she glanced at the door. She'd left it ajar, and her dad had walked in from the pool. He looked in just as she faced the door stark naked. "Ooops," she said. "Well, as you can tell pops I am now a grown-up woman."

Then she walked over and shut the door. In another minute she joined her dad in the pool where she had learned to swim some thirty years earlier. . Still svelte,. she barely made a ripple as she sliced into the water. She came up beside him and said, "Grown-up? I suppose so but I'll always be your little girl daddy, just as long as you want me to."

"I'm afraid you have outgrown your childhood darling. You have become one of the more influential women in town, not to speak of being one of the most beautiful. You going to get married again? It's been about two years for you too?"

She put her arms around her father and gave him a kiss, this time a real one, on his lips. "Nope, I have had many boyfriends -- I guess they should really be called lovers -- but I've only been in love twice. One is dead. The other is right here." She kissed him again and held her body close to his.

"Are you sure you want to kiss me like that?"

"Yes, oh god yes. You said if two adults want to do something and if it doesn't hurt anything, there is no reason they shouldn't" To emphasize the point she put her lips on his a third time. He pulled her tight to himself. Soon she felt his tongue on her lips and she opened her mouth. This kiss became a hot Frenchie.

Finally he broke away, "My god, MaryAnn, what are you suggesting."

"I'm suggesting that we are two adults who obviously want the same thing. Now I'm going into my old bedroom, take off my clothes, and wait. If you don't come in within five minutes I'll get dressed, go home, and pretend this didn't happen. But I'm hoping you'll open the door and come in.". She paused and added, "PLEASE."

She got out of the pool and walked, dripping wet, through the house to the bedroom. Then shaking like a leaf she took off her bathing suit, pulled back the covers, and got into bed, naked.

MaryAnn heard her dad come into the house. Then his footsteps came closer. She closed her eyes and waited. The door opened. She peeked in the mirror and her father was naked. My god he was a physical specimen. All those years of exercise had paid off. He looked like a gray-haired athlete. She closed her eyes again. Then she heard, "You sure of this MaryAnn?"

She pulled off the covers exposing a middle-aged woman in all her bloom, looked up at her father. "Yes."

He lay beside her, reached over, turned her onto her back, pulled her to him, and again they kissed. She kept her eyes open. this was not the recurring dream she'd had since her childhood. She didn't have to hug herself and imagine she was making love with the ultimate sex object in her life. The lips that touched hers were his and they were real.

She barely had time to respond, "Oh god," before her body responded. They didn't wait to make a hot kiss a Frenchie. She felt a real hard body next to hers. His erection pressed hard against her. She sucked on his tongue, put her arms around his back, and moved against the erection. God she had dreamt of this so often and she wasn't disappointed.

The man of her dreams was making love to MaryAnn. He moved to her titties. Kissed and fondled each, then put his head between them while she held them tight against him.

"I love you daddy. I love you more than I can say."

"I love you too baby. Oh god I love you."

Then he moved south. She spread her legs and his tongue was soon on her clit. MaryAnn started her first orgasm of the day. She wrapped her legs around her father's neck and moved against him. Faster and faster they moved. Then she shouted, "Stop. Let's do it."

He moved on top, nearly covering her body. She raised her hips and pulled his penis to her. The as he moved forward she pushed back, a millimeter at a time. Then it was done. She was finally fucking her daddy.

If he had any reluctance, it was dispelled by her beauty, her eagerness, and by her legs holding him tight inside her. They moved together until she broke the rhythm and started lunging wildly toward him. "OH MY GOD OHHH DADDY THAT'S WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED DO IT HARD FUCK YOUR LITTLE GIRL HARD. OOOH YES YES YES. Then it happened. She fell back sobbing with joy.

Although he was twenty-five years her senior and at an age where he was supposed to be slowing down, he soon followed. He held pulled her to him, put one leg outside hers, kissed her wildly and plunged into her time after time. MaryAnn felt another climax coming. Together they moved as one, hard and fast, almost brutal. The bed took a beating as the two lunged at each other.

Then he shoved it inside and held it. "Oh my god, darling, he said. "Ohh god it happened. It wasn't ever like that."

They lay still while he became soft. Their breathing returned to normal. MaryAnn was worried. What had she done? Did she ruin everything in a moment of passion?

He spoke first. "That was magnificent darling. I'm glad we did it."

"Really? Will we be able to get over it. Will it spoil things?"

"No we won't ever get over it but it need not spoil things, unless we let it. Remember we are two intelligent, accomplished adults. We did what we wanted and we hurt nobody. We don't have to do it again, and it would be awkward if we even tried. But let's not regret it."


"What little girl?"

"Every time I start to think I'm the smartest woman in the world, all I need to come down from that lofty perch is remember that both my Mom and Dad were smarter and I could ever be. I do love you and I am so happy we did that just now, but I know it's time to put it behind us. Honest."

Not long after that the Jody Freeman called and asked her old friend and sorority sister to be her bride's maid when she married her dad.

MaryAnn proudly and very gladly accepted.

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