tagLoving WivesMaryGirl Ch. 03

MaryGirl Ch. 03


It was a Valentine's Day party. Most of the women at the party were dressed in red see-through outfits. Mary started off wearing my shirt, a bra, her sheer black panties, and socks again. After just a few minutes of wandering around Mary decided to take off the bra.

The dancing was slow and touchy-feely again. Mary did a lot of kissing, and got her tits felt up a lot on the dance floor. I think the guys felt it was just natural to feel up her tits since she wasn't wearing a bra.

I danced with several women, and did enjoy their benefits. At one point when I mentioned Mary got the lion's share of attention she asked if I was keeping score. I admit I probably was, even if I didn't really mean to.

After a couple hours of dancing, or foreplay on the dance floor, Mary was led off down the hall by the guy who owned the home. We had met him at the first party we went to, and he and his wife and given us a tour of his home when we got there that day. Mary seemed eager to follow him. We had not set any rules, so I couldn't expect anything. After I thought about it I would have preferred same room swapping, though.

A few songs later a beautiful lithe brunette in a see-through jumper danced with me. As I massaged her nipples she suggested we go somewhere and get better acquainted. Getting her naked on the huge couch was a matter of slipping her see-through barely there jumper off. She undressed me, which was a novelty for me since Mary never undresses me.

I was already hard but this beauty gave me a long slow blow job anyway, while she rubbed her wet pussy on my shin. She had one foot on the floor, off the edge of the couch, while she sucked on me. As she slid up my body to sit on my hard-on she kept one foot on the floor, and lowered herself onto me. She pumped herself up and down rhythmically, sitting up, while I massaged her breasts. She reached between us and massaged her clitoris. She was leaning down into my hands, moaning softly, while she pumped herself up and down faster and faster.

She stuttered, jerked some, opened her eyes, and put her hand on my hands to stop my massage on her tits. She leaned down towards me, and began pumping herself up and down. She asked me what she could do to make me come. She kissed me and slid her tongue into my mouth. She was a good kisser, that was for sure. I grabbed her butt and began pushing up into her each time she lowered herself down onto me.

Just then the sliding glass door opened and someone came into the room. It was Mary, followed by several men. Mary had my shirt on, and it was wet. Her hair was wet. She was holding a guys hand. She led the guy to the center of the room. He helped her take my shirt off so she was completely naked. Then he held her hand as she lay down on the floor. The guy stripped naked and laid down next to Mary and started kissing her while fingering her pussy.

Mary spread her legs wide and began moaning, even while being kissed. The girl I was fucking had slowed down and was watching Mary and the stranger in the middle of the room. We were still fucking.

Soon the guy was getting a hard-on. He reached down and put Mary's hand on his penis. Mary gave the guy's prick a few strokes, and then her hand dropped away. The guy stroked himself a few times, then climbed over Mary and pulled her knees up next to him. He slid his prick into Mary's vagina. We had a great view between their legs and could see the action very well. Mary wrapped her heels behind the guy's back, and she began moaning very loudly.

The girl I was fucking began speeding up her pace, and said, "Look at her toes curl!"

Sure enough, Mary's toes were curling and flexing, over and over. She was bucking up against the guy who was fucking her, and moaning and gasping loudly. I could just barely see that her face was turned toward the several men who had followed her into the room. They were gathered to the side, watching her.

The guy fucking her came in Mary. He got up and left. Mary just laid there. I could see come running out of her tight little-used cunt. She kept her legs spread wide. Mary looked over at me, and smiled. Then she looked back at the other men and smiled.

One of the guys who had been watching Mary get fucked crawled over to her and whispered something to Mary. The guy crawled between Mary's legs, and plunged his hard prick into Mary. Mary wrapped her lithe legs around the stranger fucking her. He pushed into her hard, lifting her tight butt off the floor as he pounded her.

Mary's moans were loud. She kept gasping as she was pushed forward. He pulled her back to him to keep her in the middle of the room. Sometimes her toes were curling behind his back as her heels were digging into his butt, and sometimes she was pushing her own feet into the floor to lift her butt up. She was writhing and moaning constantly, having orgasm after orgasm.

I came as I pumped up into the girl I was fucking. Having my cock impaled in such a hot tight pussy while watching Mary put me over the edge. After I was done pumping hard up into the beauty above me she asked if I was alright. I thought it was funny she should ask. I told her I was fine. I told her she was a really great fuck.

We kissed some more, then she got up and left.

Mary was still getting fucked in the middle of the room by the guy with curly hair. He came in her. They kissed for a while, then he got up and left. Mary stayed there, with her legs spread wide, and come dripping out of her well-used cunt.

Another guy who had been watching came over to her after a few seconds and whispered something to her. They talked for a while. He helped Mary up off the floor, and helped her get my shirt back on. As he led her out of the room she smiled at me.

I went back to the dance floor and danced some more. Mary soon arrived there. She said she just went to the bathroom because if the guy didn't want to fuck her in the middle of the room he wasn't going to get to fuck her. She wanted me to go back to the room and fuck her in the middle of the room. I'm not that much of an exhibitionist myself, though, so I said it was time to go home.

I did wonder how she got to that room. She said after the host fucked her in his bedroom they went to the hot tub to relax. Then for some reason they got to talking about exhibitionism. There were a bunch of people out on the deck. The host said if it was easy for someone to have an orgasm with a lot of people watching they were probably an exhibitionist. Mary admitted having an audience seemed to make it easier for her to come.

He said he was a little worn out, but he could use his tongue on her. He laid her back in the hot tub and began eating her pussy. Mary started coming right away. She was convulsing in orgasm over and over, as she looked at the guys watching her. She wanted them to fuck her right there, but the guy who came forward first wanted someplace comfortable. So they came into that room.

I could only laugh. When I married Mary she was a little virgin girl who insisted monogamy was the only way to live.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous07/18/18

swapping your wife

im not sure who are but you need to go away we love the stores!

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by Anonymous07/15/18

The story is good as a story but to think a guy would want his wife to be a pig is hard for me to wrap my brain around. As you read they went to the club a she just went out of control with no rule onmore...

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by WilliamMasters07/13/18


Yes, I should add a backstory pre-amble to each.

This was written as one story. Mary wanted me to chronicle those years when a friend asked her about us, and felt a story would be best as an introduction.more...

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by Anonymous07/12/18

Still odd.

But you know that. Let's stop wasting time.

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by Anonymous07/12/18

The only person posting multiple times is...

The sad pathetic little troll who can’t help himself and must post his negative bullshit to every story in LW. Justgr8, just8reading, wackdoodle, Impo-64, gmann57, dragomann72, gordo12, 26thNC, bigbob2406,more...

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