tagFirst TimeMary's Delightful Charms

Mary's Delightful Charms


I recently celebrated my forty ninth birthday and for some reason, I started reminiscing about the women who were a meaningful and pleasurable part of my life. My thoughts immediately turned to a very kind, compassionate and extremely sexy woman that I had the good fortune to be introduced to when I was young man of eighteen.

You see, when I was eighteen, I was a bit of a geek and a loner and I was particularly shy around females. However, during the summer immediately proceeding my eighteenth birthday that began to change.

My social life immediately began to change when I was formally introduced to a neighbor of my parents. This neighbor happened to be a very attractive thirty two-year-old woman. Her name was Mary and she was married to a much older man and they had two boys.

Mary and I clicked right away, as it turned out, she was a very intelligent woman and we shared a lot of the same interests. Mary also loved to read and we both admired many of the same authors and our political views were even similar. Mary's Husband was gone from home quite a bit when he wasn't working full time as a meat cutter. Her husband was also a professional coin dealer and had his own shop that he and Mary worked part time. As a result of his business, her husband was out of town quite a bit participating in coin exhibits.

My relation ship with Mary started out purely platonic, even though I was charmed by her subtle sensuality from the moment I met her. You see, Mary needed someone to assist her around the house while her husband was working. I performed many tasks for her such as mowing the yard, landscaping and even helping with some cabinet refinishing inside the home.

I was compensated quite well for my efforts but I would have gladly done these chores for free just to have the opportunity to be near her.

Even though Mary was almost twice my age, she was an extremely sexy and well-kept woman. She had a terrific body for having given birth to two children. Mary was always well groomed, her make up was outstanding and when she wore lipstick it enhanced her sexuality tremendously. Mary had a wonderful figure, her hips were flared just slightly and there was not an ounce of fat on her. She was about five feet -four inches tall and weighed approx. 110 pounds and she had the most loveable ass I had ever seen.

I may have been a geek, but my libido was in overdrive whenever I was around Mary.

Mary always seemed to wear the tightest blouses and sexiest shorts or pants that I had ever seen. She never consciously flaunted her body; she just wore the clothes that she felt comfortable in. Mary wore contact lenses most of the time, but even when she wore regular glasses she looked very hot to me. Her hair was always groomed impeccably and any man would be proud of her as a wife.

I think Mary's best physical attributes were her eyes, smile and those sensuous hips and buttocks. I loved to watch her bend over, oh how tempting that was for me to tell her how tortuous that was. I particularly loved the long talks that we had over coffee and I was just mesmerized by her beautiful face and slender neck. I fantasized quite often about kissing her neck and face and sucking ravenously at her breasts,

Another of Mary's traits that was so endearing to me was her voice; it was a little deep and slightly raspy from years of cigarette smoking. She had one of those sexy voices that you might hear on a phone sex line. I had so many fantasies as to the many positions that Mary and I would have sex in and the most pleasurable things that I could do for her. I wanted so badly to be intimate with her, she was that sexy and attractive to me.

One summer day, Mary asked me if I wouldn't mind babysitting her two boys while she went out for the evening with her friends. After all, her husband was gone for the weekend and she needed to have some time of her own as well. Of course I agreed and Mary gave me a huge kiss and for a moment, I was tempted to grab her sexy ass and pull her tight against me.

When Mary pulled back after kissing me, I sensed that she too suddenly thought about more than just a friendly kiss, because she let her hand linger across my crotch and I am sure she felt my cock starting to harden.

Mary could have asked me to do anything right then and I would have fulfilled her every wish. She was so damn sexy and I had to have her at all costs. On that particular evening that I watched Mary's boys, I arrived early at her home and she seemed pleased that I was early. As it turned out, the pleasure was all mine because Mary was still in her robe and not much else when I arrived. Mary answered the door and her smile was radiant, her perfume smelled expensive and her makeup was flawless as usual.

As Mary moved about the house preparing dinner for the children, I was able to glimpse some very nice shots of her sweet ass and her beautiful legs. Oh how I wanted her so badly and I suspected that she knew it .On several occasions, Mary bent over right in front of me pretending to pick something up off of the floor. As she stood up, she looked right at me and smiled sweetly.

When Mary was finally ready to go out, she looked very hot and I told her so. She blushed and said that she had not been complimented like that in along time. I told her that if she were my wife, I would not let her out of the house looking so sexy unless I was with her. She just laughed and said that I was so sweet. Mary then told me that she would not be too late.

Shortly after Mary left, the boys fell asleep watching their favorite movies and I tucked them in. My curiosity got the better of me and I was horny as hell, so I went to Mary's bedroom and found her robe and the clothing she wore earlier on her bed. I could still smell her perfume and I longed to embrace her. On impulse I picked up her robe and inhaled deeply as her scent permeated my senses. I found her previously worn panties nearby and held them to my nose and then sucked the crotch until I had tasted her lovely secretions.

I was so tempted to masturbate on her panties, but I thought better of it and returned to the living room and just sat down in front of the television and fantasized about how I could pleasure her in every way. In fact, I kept Mary's used panties with me and held them to my face as I fantasized about how I would love to ravish her. After several hours, I decided to keep Mary's panties and I put them in my pocket to take home.

I must have dozed off after that, because someone rubbing my leg awaked me and when I opened my eyes, I saw Mary's beautiful face staring at me. She smiled and told me that she was sorry that she was so late.

I assured her that it was no problem and Mary offered to let me spend the night because of the late hour and I declined.

I wanted so badly to spend the night, but I was afraid that I might just be too horny to act appropriately and control myself. Mary told me that she had a wonderful time and offered to pay me for watching her boys but I politely declined and said that maybe she can do favor for me someday. Little did she know what I had in mind.

When I got my coat to leave, Mary saw me to the door and I could still smell her tantalizing perfume and her makeup was still as perfect as when she had put it on earlier. She was a stunning woman and I was glad that I took her panties home with me. I held them tightly as I relieved myself in the shower after I arrived back home. That was the longest cold shower that I have ever taken.

The next day was Saturday and as usual I did not have a date that night, so I really did not plan on doing anything special. However, about 10:00 A.M. that morning I received a phone call from Mary and I sensed an urgent tone to her voice and she asked if I could possibly stop by that after noon? Of course I said yes and she sounded pleased that I agreed. I was anxious the rest of the morning and I showered, put on my best jeans and button down shirt and discretely applied some cologne.

I kept telling myself that I was expecting way too much from this visit, after all I was the one that had a major crush on her and she was the prime source of all of my erotic fantasies. I was almost certain that she had no interest in me other than being a good friend. Still, I could not help but imagine how I could please her in every way imaginable if only given the opportunity. I lusted after her so badly I ached.

As I pulled up to Mary's house, I could hardly contain myself, I was as giddy as a schoolboy with anticipation knocked on the door and Mary greeted me with a huge smile and she smelled wonderful. Her hair appeared to be just washed and she was wearing a thin blue sweater and form fitting slacks. She gave me a big hug and I was beside myself when I felt her firm breasts pressing into my chest. I was almost certain that she was not wearing a bra because when I put my arms around her to hug her back, I felt no straps.

I thought to myself that this was encouraging. Mary thanked me for coming over again on short notice and as we made our way to the kitchen, I could not help but focus on her sexy ass and sensuous hips displayed in front of me. I was so aroused that I could feel my cock was half-erect before we sat down at the kitchen table. I was hoping that Mary had not noticed.

Mary invited me to sit down and offered me a cup of coffee and I accepted. As she was preparing the coffee, I could not take my eyes off of her; she was absolutely gorgeous for a woman with two children. There were young girls half her age that wished that they had a body like hers. As Mary gave me my coffee and sat down, her smile, her cute little nose and her lovely lips mesmerized me.

Mary started off her conversation by telling me that she really enjoyed her evening out with her friends and told me that one of her best friends had offered to take her boys until Sunday evening to give her a much needed break. I agreed that that was a marvelous gesture. Mary then told me that she needed to confide in someone that she admired greatly about a personal problem. I put my hand on hers and assured her that I was a great listener and she replied that she knew that I was a compassionate person.

I asked Mary what was wrong and she just blurted out that she and her husband were not intimate anymore and she still had needs and desires to be fulfilled.

I almost fell out of the chair, she went on to say that she needed to be romanced and remain sexually active and that a young man like myself could understand those desires. I told her that I understood completely and I took the opportunity to tell her how beautiful and desirable she was. Mary blushed and took my hand and said that was so nice of me to say. I told her that I was just being truthful and I had lusted after her almost since I first met her. Mary said that were so flattering and that she too felt a special spark between us.

I asked Mary when her husband was going to return from his trip and she replied that he would not be home until Monday evening and I just smiled broadly. I stood up and cupped her face in my hands and kissed her softly on the lips and to my surprise, she returned my kiss. Mary stood up and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me fiercely and I probed her open mouth with my tongue and she responded in kind. We kissed passionately for what seemed to be an eternity when Mary pulled away gasping and said she had not been kissed like that for years.

I told her that girls my age never kissed that long before either and we embraced again and this time I reached behind her and gripped her beautiful tight ass with both hands and hugged her tightly to me. Mary moaned with pleasure as I kneaded her ass cheeks with my palms. While firmly gripping her ass, I hungrily kissed her neck and gently bit at her ear lobes and sucked on her lips ever so gingerly and Mary made an almost inaudible whimper as I moved my finger tips closer together toward the crack of her beautiful ass.

I continued maneuvering my hands to where I could give Mary the most pleasure an, while continuing my oral crusade down her slender neck.

The harder I kissed and sucked at her neck, the hotter Mary became, in fact I could feel her beginning to slightly swivel her hips as I held that sexy ass of hers so tightly. Suddenly, Mary took her petite hands from around my neck and swiftly removed her sweater and the combination of her perfume and perspiration was delightful. When she dropped her sweater, she grabbed me by my ears and forcefully pulled my hungry mouth to her breasts.

Mary had not removed her bra yet, but he material was so thin that I nibbled and sucked right through it and Mary was purring now with her approval. She was slowly raising and lowering her hips now under my hands as if to entice me to make more direct contact with her pussy. I asked Mary if she would be more comfortable in the living room and she stood up, letting my hands fall and grabbed me by my crotch and come with me lover.

Before Mary was out of my reach, I stood up and grasped her shoulders and pulled her tightly and removed her bra and greedily pawed at her firm perky titties. Mary squealed with the delight of a young girl and crushed my lips with hers and we frenched one another madly. I sucked her tongue so hard; she was struggling for a breath of air. When our lips parted, Mary was gasping and squeezing my cock with an iron fist. I deftly unfastened her slacks and slid my hands down the front of her slacks and to my carnal delight, she was soaking wet. Her panties were dripping with her juices and I lusted for her desperately.

I walked Mary into the living room and pushed her gently into the huge easy chair by the wall and then I proceeded to quietly remove her slacks one beautiful leg at a time. When I removed the other leg, I held her feet close to my face and I was in awe of her perfectly shaped feet and toes. Her toes were impeccably manicured and nails painted to match her fingers. Her arches were very high and sexy also. It was no wonder that Mary looked so sinfully sexy in her high heels.

Her gorgeous feet mesmerized me and I took her left foot and sucked each toe lovingly and kissed her arch, then I deliberately kissed a trail to the leg band of her panties. As I delicately kissed and licked her sweet pussy mound, Mary moaned loudly that this was the most exquisite sensation that she has ever felt. I tugged gently on her labia through her satin bikini panties and she purred ohhh lover, ohhh baby, that feels so nice.

I took time out to tell her that she looked so absolutely delicious right now. Mary could only sigh with pleasure. I then sucked gently at her lovely drenched panties and ran my tongue up and down her slit until she began to shudder. As Mary was enjoying her first orgasm of the evening, I continued kissing and caressing her other leg from her crotch to her ankle and paused briefly to kiss her softly behind her knee and massage her foot. Before I let her foot rest on the carpet, I kissed her toes and paid them the same homage as I did the other foot.

Mary was still deep into the throes of passion when I knelt down between her lovely legs and parted her thighs delicately and tugged gently on the waistband of her panties. I managed to lift her sweet bottom slightly without too much effort and rolled her wet juicy pan ties down her glistening thighs. Her sweet, pungent aroma was driving me wild with desire for her.

As I pulled her panties from her ankles, I held them to my face and inhaled deeply as I chewed on them and sucked the juices from the cotton crotch. Mary was weakly calling my name now and I grasped her by her hips and buried my face as far into her pussy as I could get. She went crazy with lust, flailing her legs about and pulling my hair and all the while screaming for me to tear it up baby, ohh god teddy eat me baby eat me!

Of course I obliged her and indulged myself until my tongue was numb.

Mary must have had several wrenching orgasms, because when I had finished indulging myself, my face was soaked and Mary just lay there trying to catch her breath. She was shaking uncontrollably and smiling, while calling my name in a raspy voice. I asked her if she was OK and she motioned for me to come closer and she whispered to me that that was the hottest sex without intercourse that she had ever imagined was possible.

I assured Mary that the evening was just beginning and I wanted it to be a night for her to remember forever. I also told her that that is how all women should be treated and pleased.

Mary reached out and unfastened my pants and pulled out my cock and devoured it instantly and the only sound she made was mmmm, mmmm.

She gave me the most fantastic blowjob I have ever had. Mary had a wonderful technique and she sucked like an eighteen-year-old. I grabbed Mary by her hair and held her tightly as I emptied my love juice down her velvet throat. Mary sucked every last drop and smiled sexily at me when she was finished.

After that wonderful event, I told Mary that she could give head like a girl twice as young as herself and that was amazing. She told me that she still enjoyed giving head, especially if her partner was enjoying it as much as she was. I told Mary that I wish I had been old enough to date her when she was a young woman. If she was so talented now, she must have been a wonderful seductress when she was a younger woman.

Mary insisted on making me dinner and I accepted and as she slipped her slacks on without her panties I suggested that she make dinner topless.

Mary said with a slight giggle that I was delightfully naughty and I replied that she was a very sexy woman and I wanted to enjoy every moment that I could with her.

In fact, I asked her what her plans were after dinner and she coyly replied that she was all mine. However, Mary did insist upon taking a shower after dinner and surprising me with a sexy new outfit that she had purchased for tonight. She had taken preliminary measures to insure that I would want her. Mary confessed that she had not planned for us to jump into sex as fast as we did. However, she said she was also so eternally grateful for such a wonderful welcome. I told her that I had lusted for her for a long time and this was a fantasy of mine that became a reality.

Mary asked if I would be interested in becoming her lover when her husband was out of town. I accepted immediately and Mary hugged me tightly as I caressed her firm breasts and kissed her neck lovingly. I told her that I would do absolutely anything to be near her and I would make every effort to please her like no other. She said that we would have an evening ahead of us to remember for all time.

To be continued...

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