tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMary's Evolution: Book 06

Mary's Evolution: Book 06


If this is your first visit to Mary's Evolution, please note that I have tried to write this story so that you do NOT have to have read the previous books in the series in order to enjoy this, although I hope that you have. If you haven't, hopefully you will enjoy this enough to check out the earlier volumes.

This is the latest installment in the story of Mary, the chubby and shy girl who became a woman after being seduced by her best friend's father. That relationship took a strange turn when that man, Greg Mullin, decided to introduce Mary to a couple of his associates, in part to satisfy his own fantasies but also to try to quench the insatiable teen who has gone from virgin to what seemed to be a nymphomaniac over the space of a couple of months.

The experiment was a success as far as the sex went, but it also brought Mary into contact with a couple of other men who seemed very attracted to her. Her former teacher, Lloyd Anderson, was obviously infatuated with Mary, and despite her initial misgivings, had in the end given herself to him completely.

as for the other man...

Colin Heath had certainly made an impression on Mary. He had wooed her and may very well have won Mary's heart in the same way he had been doing the voters in his district for years. A toothy smile and a smooth delivery went a long way in the world of this suave politician, and a naive and still innocent girl like Mary stood little chance of resisting his charms.

Now Mary is torn between many lovers, because while Kevin is out of the picture there are many others still quite involved. Greg is worried, former teacher Lloyd is obsessed and horny, store proprietor Johanna is waiting, Brianna's boyfriend Jeff is curious, while Colin Heath, politician extraordinaire, is busy making plans.


Chapter One: Report.

Out in the hallway of the Legislative Office Building, Colin Heath thanked the sleazy detective the only way that the weasel appreciated, with a wad of cash that he took and discretely stashed in his pocket without so much as a glance at how much was there. Before Colin had turned around, the detective was already on his way down the hall.

"Honesty and integrity really does count, apparently," Colin mumbled as he went into the private entrance of his office and sitting down with the thick manila envelope, mocking the slogan of his last election campaign.

"I'm not in," Colin said to the intercom, and opened the envelope and took out the contents, which consisted of reports and photos of the person the private dick had been trailing over the past few days, without knowing why Colin wanted the information.

MARY FRANCES KOUTUSIS was in bold type at the top of the first page, as well as a copy of her drivers license.

"Five foot tall," Colin said to himself. "Maybe, on her toes. 150 pounds? Not anymore. Closer to 130 maybe. Eyes brown, hair brown and turned 18 five months ago. So far so good."

The report told Colin a lot of things he neither wanted nor needed to know; who her dentist and gynecologist was, along with her church affiliation and other mundane things that at least proved that the scumbag detective was thorough and thus worth the money he got.

Colin didn't give a damn about her preferring Diet Coke over Diet Pepsi, and he shook his head when he saw that his Dick Tracy must have gone through the garbage to find out that Mary used Tampax Super tampons.

"At least he didn't include the evidence," Colin said to himself as he waded through the dossier.

Going to be salutatorian at her school too, Colin noted with a degree of interest, before heading into the juicier stuff in his report.

"Mary seems like a regular kid," the report read. "A little butterball who's a real brain at school. Big nose, thick eyebrows and the biggest jugs you've ever seen. Shy, and doesn't seem to have a lot of friends, but seems to hang out mostly with a little hottie named Brianna Mullin, whose old man is the Mullin of the insurance company of the same name, and whose mother is the Queen of real estate as well as the biggest slut in the city.

Back to Mary - she doesn't have a boyfriend - was going with a little twerp named Kevin Knickerbocker but she broke it off recently. I get the impression that old man Mullin might have a thing for her but that's just a hunch.

Mary might not have a boyfriend but that doesn't mean she's not busy. Followed her when she got picked up by the guy from Bryant Driving School, where she had been getting lessons apparently, and the guy took her to the drivers license road test.

She passed, by the way, and after the test she must have been happy because she drove into this deserted parking lot and thanked the old coot in a special way (see photo). Look at the expression on the geezer's face. It took her forever to get him off, apparently, and the way he's staring at the ceiling of the car made me think he was dead or something."

"Mary, Mary," Colin muttered as he looked at the 2 photos; one a crystal clear shot of Mary behind the wheel of the driving school car with a guy that looked like Grandpa Simpson riding shotgun, and the other a shot taken from a distance, showing Mary kneeling on the driver's seat while her head was buried in the old guy's lap, his seat reclined a bit and him staring up with his mouth open, looking very happy indeed.

Going back to the written report, Colin shifted his genitals around in his trousers, with the sight of Mary going down on that guy bringing back memories of a stimulating nature.

"Mary went to this club with her friend Brianna and her boyfriend, a doofus named Jeff Kirk who has an bunch of outstanding traffic tickets. Mary went alone but seemed to be quite popular once she got there. I can see why - check out the rack on her!"

The photo showed Mary dancing, her tits flying around while a guy dancing with somebody else stared at her jugs.

"Can't blame you for that, pal," Colin admitted before returning to the report.

"Mary apparently liked the band, or at least the guy that played bass. Tall skinny dude who hit on her during a break between sets. As you can see, Mary is very open minded. An Equal Opportunity Cocksucker, you might say (see photos).

The one photo showed Mary pinned against the wall of what might have been a room backstage at the club, with this black dude practically lifting her off of her feet, his hand up her skirt while fingering her.

The other photo was of Mary on her knees, preparing to give the guy one of her patented blow jobs while the guy leaned back against the wall with a joint in his mouth too, although his was the herbal kind.

"I thought all you homeboys had big ones," Colin asked the photo while looking at the normal sized ebony dick Mary's mouth was about to gobble up when the photo was taken. "No wonder Mary doesn't look too happy."

"Her friend Brianna interrupted this scene, believe it or not, and eventually Mary left the club with her two friends. They went out to the guy's van, and just like the saying goes, the van was rocking so I didn't bother knocking. Took a photo of Mary, but as you can see, she was in the front seat, just watching her friends fuck I assume.

The girls got dropped off at Mullin's house, and they went upstairs. I think they slept in the same room, but there's twin beds. Got a picture of the two of them undressing before they killed the light and ruined my fun.

Check out the little blonde - I would do her any time. Mary - that's one hell of a set of tits she's got on her, but somebody should buy that girl a razor! Check out the jungle between her legs (see photo!), and those pits look like she's got Don King in a headlock!"

"Very amusing, asshole," Colin whispered as he looked at the picture of Mary either taking off or putting on a top, her enormous tits swaying as she lifted her arms with her garment obscuring her face.

The guy did have a point, though, and Colin decided that the armpit hair would have to go. The bush definitely has to stay, as that made a nice pillow for a guy's face. Shape those eyebrows a little bit. Maybe contact lenses too, although there was something about those big specs that made her look a little innocent when you had your dick in her mouth.

"All in all" the report concluded, "she seems alright. No real security risk I could see, and she is smart. Would probably make a dandy intern, especially with her oral skills heh-heh."

"And here's a little extra for you. No charge. I was trying to get a picture of Mary at her own house, but got this instead (see photo). Wrong bedroom. It's her old man, Gerald Koutusis. We did a report on him a few years ago - construction company - he's clean. Check out the photo though. He's a freaking tripod. That thing should have wheels on it."

Colin winced when he saw the photo of an unaware Gerald Koutusis in his bedroom naked. The guy was hung like a damn horse though, no doubt about that, Colin admitted as he took a last glance at the photo before sending it through the shredder.

The other stuff he would keep, locked safely away at the cabin along with the film of that evening. Insurance for the future, Colin reasoned as he got ready to back to his real job of serving the good people who had elected him.


Chapter Two: Mary's on the road.

Mary was still euphoric as she jumped out of the driving instructor's car and ran into the house after returning from her road test, which she had passed with flying colors. Yelling the news as she ran up the stairs, she was expecting to find her mother in the kitchen, but she was apparently out shopping.

Daddy was home, however, having stopped to pick up some papers he had left behind that morning, and the two of them were startled to see each other as Mary flew into the kitchen with the news.

"I passed! I passed I passed!" screamed Mary, who was jumping up and down with unrestrained glee, joy that drew a chuckle out of Gerald Koutusis at first. "I got my license Daddy!"

"Great, baby!" Gerald said supportively, but his smile soon turned to a look of confusion as he saw Mary and the way she was dressed, and after his initial shock wore off only one thought went through his mind. Who was this girl?

The girl in the tight yellow short-sleeved blouse with the scoop neck bore no resemblance to his baby, his little girl who was his pride and joy. Where was the solemn and reserved studious girl who was always so modest? Not that the outfit she was wearing was all that revealing by today's standards, but that blouse was so tight that it left little to the imagination.

Mary had lost weight as well, Gerald noticed in the few seconds it took for these thoughts to race through his mind. Those few seconds were as long as it took for Mary to realize that the windbreaker she had worn over her blouse had been left back in the driver instructor's car. She had taken it off so he could play with her tits easier while she went down on him in gratitude for his help in passing the test.

"Mom out?" Mary said, spinning around out of the room and down the hall to escape her father's baffled stare.

"Uh, yeah. I guess so," Gerald said to Mary, who was already halfway to her room, and as he leaned back against the counter for a brief second before departing, he tried but couldn't get the sight of Mary from his mind.

Her mother needed to have a talk with her, Gerald concluded, grabbing his papers and heading out the door. It wouldn't do to have his only daughter running around looking like that in public, that much was certain. Not with all the sickos out there today.

Back in her room, Mary called Brianna to tell her the good news, and then relaxed on the bed for a while. Her jaws ached from giving that driving instructor Mr. Trent head for what seemed like forever. It had taken him forever to get hard despite her best efforts, and he never actually got an real erection, although he did manage to cum after she had sucked on his dick for about 20 minutes.

"72 years old," Mary mumbled to the ceiling. "My oldest man yet."

It had seemed like a good idea at the time, Mary recalled. She had worn a tight fitting top to her road test, at Brianna's suggestion, and it had gotten noticed by the guy giving her the exam, even distracting him enough for him not to notice when she was late changing lanes to make a left turn.

As for the old guy, he seemed like a nice guy, and after he had helped her pass the test Mary felt like thanking him in a special way. After all, he had been staring at her as well, and that really did something to Mary when guys did that.


Chapter Three: More congratulations.



"Speaking," Mary replied, not recognizing the phone number displayed, although the voice was vaguely familiar. "Who is this?"

"This is Colin," the deep voice answered. "From last weekend? I hope you remember me."

"Remember you?" Mary sputtered. "Uh - of course I do. How did you get my number?"

"I have my ways. Hope you aren't upset."

"Uh no - gee no," Mary said, her heart racing as she thought about the stunningly handsome man that she had been thinking about quite often, even spending a morning Googling him to find out all she could about him. "Flattered is more like it."

"Glad to hear that," Colin said. "I just wanted to congratulate you on getting your license."

"Thanks," Mary replied quickly before thinking. "Uh - how did you know that?"

"Like I said, I have my ways," Colin reminded her. "Anyway, there was another reason for my calling. I was wondering if you would like to get together again this weekend."

"With you?" Mary said excitedly.

"With me," Colin answered calmly, enjoying the Mary had chomped at the bait. "And with a couple of my friends."

"Like last time?" Mary asked, a bit disappointed at not having a chance to be alone with Colin.

"Sort of. There will be Lloyd again," Colin informed her. "Wouldn't be a party without him."

Or his comic relief, Colin thought. Not only was it good to have someone there that would make him look even better by comparison, but what he had planned would probably break Lloyd's heart as well.

"Who else?" Mary asked. "Besides Lloyd and Greg?"

"I have another person in mind," Colin said. "Someone I've been told you will enjoy being with. As for Greg, why don't we leave him out of the equation for now?"

"No Greg?" Mary said softly. "But..."

"I thought the fellow seemed a bit down last time - maybe from watching other people enjoying you so much."

"I don't know."

"It's not like you belong to him," Colin said. "You don't think he's going to marry you or anything, do you?"

"Well," Mary said, suddenly realizing that she probably had no future with Greg, at least not like that. "It's just that - I dunno."

"Then it's settled," Colin informed her. "Friday night, I'll send a car by your place to pick you up. Seven o'clock sharp. Alright? Good. I'm looking forward to it."

The call ended, and Mary stared at the phone for a minute before clicking it closed.


Chapter Four: Mary follows.

"What's the matter, Bree?" Greg asked after noticing his daughter pouting around the house Friday morning.

"Mary," Brianna pouted. "She just cancelled out on me for Friday night. We were supposed to go out with us - me and Jeff - and I was going to set her up with this cool guy."

"Not coming over?" Greg asked in as calm a voice as he could manage, trying not to sound as upset as he was.

"Yeah. She's been acting weird lately."

"How so?" Greg asked.

"I dunno. She's lost weight, and all of a sudden guys are making runs at her all the time. Scum bags too, like this guy in the band at the club last week. The guy's a dope dealer and a real dirt bag, and she goes and... well, I got her away from him, but it's like she's not using her head. She's acting - I don't know."

Acting a lot like you, Greg thought to himself.

"You think she's doing drugs?"

"No, it's just that - I'm just hurt and mad she isn't coming over."

Not as mad as I am, Greg thought as he made up an excuse to get out of the room to call Mary.

"Had a change of plans," Mary told Greg after he called.

"Plans that include me?" Greg asked. "If you want, we can go to the motel again and we can try to destroy another bed."

"Sounds like fun, but I can't," Mary said. "I'll be going out with Bree Saturday night, so after we get back to your place we can have fun."


"Don't sound so excited," Mary answered.

"Well, I was hoping we could get together Friday too," Greg replied. "Brianna was looking forward to hooking you up with a guy she thought you would like."

"She'll get over it," Mary responded. "She's done it to me plenty of times in the past.

Funny how things seems to be changing, Mary thought as she tried to wrap up the conversation with Greg, as he was sounding whiny. She also didn't like the idea of lying to Greg about what she was doing, and dodged the question about what she was really doing Friday night.

Telling him that she was going to the cabin again, only without him, would not help the situation. Colin specifically said that he didn't want him there this time, and it was his cabin so it was his call.

Neat the way that everybody seemed to bow to Colin's wishes, almost as if the sea parted when he walked into it, Mary mused while sitting at her computer and bringing up her secret background images.

On the phone, Greg was still mentally jousting with her, and as Mary fended him off again she quickly changed the image from her old favorite - the one of Greg naked in the computer room - to her new fave.

"Too bad he's not naked," Mary mumbled as she looked at the image of Colin Heath she had pinched from the Internet, shaking hands with a supporter, his silver hair a bit longer then than it was now, but the same slightly weathered but undeniably ruggedly handsome face.

And under that blue suit - the trim and smooth body that could easily belong to a man twenty years younger than his fifty years. Between his legs, that long and sleek spear of a cock was probably tucked along the inside leg of his boxers.

"Too bad who isn't naked?"

The voice on the phone brought Mary back to reality, as she realized that she had been talking while mentally undressing Colin.

"What? Oh, I said I can't wait to get you naked," Mary managed to say. "I gotta go. See you Saturday night. Love ya!"

"Yeah," Greg said in response, only the connection had been broken.

Something was up. Greg could sense it, and he was determined to find out what it was.


Chapter Five: Another call.

Mary was surprised by the call she got later, from her old teacher Lloyd Anderson, who asked her if she would like to meet him for a drink after their school days had ended.

"I can't drink," Mary reminded Lloyd.

"Oh yeah," Lloyd answered. "Keep forgetting. You're so very... mature looking."

"I guess we're going to be getting together tomorrow night," Mary said.

"Can't wait," Lloyd said. "That's uh - tomorrow. I was hoping to see you before that."

"Really?" Mary asked, sensing what her old teacher must look like as he struggled for words.

Probably nervously pushing his glasses back up his nose as they slid down his sweaty bridge, Mary figured. His dick was probably hard too. It always seemed to be, and while it wasn't big, it was big enough, and his enthusiasm more than made up for any shortcomings.

"Yes," Lloyd said. " I mean, tomorrow will be great, but I was hoping to see you before then too. You know, just you and me."

Tomorrow, Mary would be a different woman, Lloyd thought. Changed, and while she would still be very erotic looking, she wouldn't be the same, and he longed to see her one more time before they changed her.

"I could stop by your house," Mary said coyly.

"Uh, that wouldn't be a good idea."

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