Mary's Evolution: Book 07


Johanna was wearing a bandage that covered her from just under her arms to down almost to her waist. Mary felt saddened for a moment, thinking that the older woman must have had a horrible accident, or even a double mastectomy since her chest was so flat, but Johanna's eyes met Mary's as she calmly unwound the wrapping until at last she was nude to the waist.

Johanna's breasts, at last free from their tight restraint, eased down to her waist. Johanna's hands came up to massage her own tits, kneading some feeling back into her bell-shaped breasts as she looked at Mary who was watching her playing with them. Mary was captivated by Johanna's eggplant-sized breasts, which looked quite large on her slender torso, and when Johanna leaned forward to mash her doughy teats against Mary's firm jugs it was as if a chorus had harmonized.

All four of them made some kind of sound as Johanna leaned forward and rubbed her breasts into Mary's. From Mary's sigh, to Colin's purr of contentment, and from Johanna's raspy exhale to Lloyd's mournful groan, they all savored the exquisite sight of the two women grinding into each other.

Mary, with her arms still raised high and her wrists chained to the back of her neck, tried desperately to lean forward and keep the contact with Johanna, but to Mary's dismay Johanna moved away suddenly, sidestepping and coming around behind Mary.

"Do you like my breasts?" Johanna whispered in Mary's ear, rubbing her tits into Mary's back. "Not many women make me look so small by comparison like you do."

"They're beautiful," Mary said. "Want to touch them so bad."

"Later," Johanna said, reaching around the shorter girl's waist and cupping Mary's breasts, her slender, weathered fingers plucking at Mary's swollen nipples.

From in front of Mary, Johanna looked at the two fully clothed men who were captivated by the display. Colin, looking stately as ever, was playing his role of overseer, nodding his approval to Johanna as she strained to lift the massive jugs in her over-matched palms.

And Lloyd, never one to be able to mask his feelings, was beet red and more flustered looking than ever, almost like he had just been caught looking at dirty pictures. In a gesture designed to inflame Lloyd even further, Johanna let go of Mary's tits and let her hands drift over to the teenager's underarms.

"Oh," Lloyd groaned as he watched Johanna's fingers slide through the thick tufts of hair, her fingernails raking the damp, dense growth so hard that Mary groaned and writhed back into Johanna in response.

Johanna chuckled as she watched Lloyd staring open-mouthed at them, and when she finally thought she had tortured him enough she came back around to face Mary, leaning back as Mary tried to kiss her and rub into her some more.

"It's been decided," Johanna announced, looking over her shoulder at Colin Heath for a last-second change of heart that wasn't coming before continuing. "Unfortunately, this has to go."

Johanna reached up to grab the hair under Mary's right arm between her fingers, and before Mary knew what was happening, had brought the scissors up and snipped off a considerable amount of the fur.

"But..." Mary started to say, but Johanna was already doing the same thing to her left armpit, flicking the hair to the tray before taking the shaving brush and rattling it around in the lather-filled little mug before pulling it out.

"You are a furry little thing," Johanna told Mary, smiling while taking the lathered brush and rubbing it through the cropped jungle of dark brown hairs.

Mary's breathing was loud as the coarse badger hair bristles of the brush worked the lather down to the skin, and Johanna enjoyed watching Mary wiggle around in response, obviously finding the feeling pleasurable.

"You like so far?" Johanna said before setting the brush back into the mug and taking the straight razor in hand, holding the brilliant Sheffield steel blade up for Mary to see.

Johanna brought the blade up to just above Mary's bicep, and with a smooth, firm stroke brought the blade through the jungle before wiping the result on a towel and proceeding the process. The blade was incredibly sharp, as it needed to be to get through all of the hair, but Johanna's hand was steady despite the lust that was burning inside of her.

Mary leaned toward Johanna while she shaved her underarms, and while she had done this to herself hundreds of times, there was something about the way Johanna did it that made it completely different. It was almost like an erotic act, reflected by Mary's breathing growing louder as she sucked in air through her teeth with each loving swipe of the sharp blade.

"There," Johanna said, stepping back and looking at the results of her labor. "Let's see how smooth it is."

Johanna leaned down and while looking over at Mary for her reaction, moved her tongue up and down the moist and now exquisitely smooth hollow, and when Mary gasped Johanna did it again.

"To be honest I liked you the other way better," Johanna said as she let the back of her weathered fingers slide lightly over the slick result of her labors. "You looked so free and untamed."

"I want to make love to you," Mary whispered just as Johanna was bringing the lathered brush towards her left armpit.

"You should have called," Johanna whispered back, rubbing the shaving cream into the moist thicket with tender circular motions.

"I'm sorry," Mary said. "I was scared."

"Too bad," Johanna said. "I would have enjoyed making love to you alone."

Johanna reached down between Mary's legs and felt the front of her panties, finding the cotton wet to the touch. Working her fingers under the elastic at the top, Johanna's hand worked through the damp bush before slipping her finger inside of the girl.

"Please," Mary said.

"Soon," Johanna answered, pulling her hand out of Mary's panties and bringing her wet finger to her mouth and sucking on the moist digit. "First we finish this."


Chapter Five: Still bound

As Johanna put the razor down and wiped the teenager's armpit clean with the damp cloth, Mary looked over at the result. The first thing that struck her was that she actually had armpits now. Not deep caverns like Cher or even Brianna, but with losing a little weight, Mary's underarms were now gently sloped hollows instead of merely folds.

"Hands," Mary said, wiggling her fingers in an effort to get some feeling back into them. "Getting numb."

"Bring her over to the bed and put my love down on her back," Johanna said. "Keep the collar and cuffs on her. I like that."

Colin and Lloyd brought Mary to the bed and eased her down while laying on opposite sides of her, both still fully dressed. Even with Mary on her back and with her arms stretched above her head, Mary's breasts still were as prominent as ever, and while they watched Johanna undo her slacks and step out of them, they were busy playing with Mary's tits.

Mary saw Johanna standing at the foot of the bed, and Mary spread her legs wide open to welcome her. She was now wearing only men's briefs, and there was a prominent bulge in them, a bulge that was explained when Johanna eased the underwear down her slender legs.

Johanna was wearing a harness with a strap-on cream colored dildo attached, and it wagged in front of her as she climbed onto the bed and worked her way up between Mary's spread thighs. Johanna hovered above Mary, letting her hangers rub against Mary's breasts for a moment before working the dildo through the damp jungle.

Lloyd turned away from between Mary's legs as Johanna slide her fake cock into Mary, and instead looked at his former student's reaction to being taken like this. Mary was in a zone similar to the one she had been in last night with him, totally lost in the moment as she tried to thrust her pelvis up toward Johanna.

Lloyd took his hand away from Mary's breasts and ran his fingers through Mary's smoothly shaved armpit, lamenting what he considered a desecration of her natural beauty, but he had to admit that Johanna had done a beautiful job. Mary's armpits were now as smooth as a baby's butt, just like most of the rest of the women these days.

At her other side, Colin watched the grey-haired dyke tease Mary, bringing her to the brink of orgasm several times before slowing down again. She was good, Colin could see that, and for a woman close to sixty she wasn't bad looking either. Sure, the tits drooped some, the hangers swaying around wildly whil she humped away but she was still well-preserved for a gal her age.

Mary was looking at Johanna quite differently than the others. She was trying to get herself off, and was becoming desperate in her efforts to cum. Thrusting herself up against Johanna so hard that the men had to hold her shoulders down, she was soon reduced to whimpering - begging for release.

"Make me cum - let me," Mary begged, her thighs shaking. "Please!"

Johanna responded by slowing down her thrusting, and then simply stopping, although this was as much for her to catch her own breath as anything else, since she had been fucking Mary for quite a while. Mary's face was distraught as she saw Johanna unstrapping the harness from herself, revealing a thick golden brown bush of her own.

With a grin bordering on evil, Johanna slipped her index finger into Mary's pussy, followed by a second digit and then a third. As Mary's pussy accepted the extra fingers Johanna suddenly upped the ante in a rather significant way.

Cackling madly, Johanna suddenly plunged her whole hand into Mary, right in to the wrist. Not all at once at first, but pretty close to it, and as the older woman's scrunched up fingers forced their way into Mary, the teenager howled like an animal.

"Cum!" Johanna shrieked like a banshee, her hand spinning in and out of Mary like a jackhammer as Mary's feet kicked frantically in the air, while her other hand rammed the dildo she had just been wearing deep into herself.

It was just as erotic a sight as Colin had figured it to be, Colin thought as he held down Mary, along with Lloyd. The little guy seemed to be having trouble looking at what Johanna was doing to Mary, content with just looking at Mary's face with what might have been puppy love.

The sight of Johanna fisting Mary, along with the sloppy sounds that accompanied that bony hand as it went in and out of Mary's hairy grotto, was one for the ages. Mary seemed to think so as well, judging by her extreme reaction to it all.

"OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD!" Mary screamed, her eyes wide open as she bucked up and down on the bed, and then after what could only be described as an inhuman wail came out of Mary's throat, Johanna's hand flew out of Mary's pussy just before a gusher of fluids erupted from the hairy fold, drenching Johanna from the waist down.

Johanna was in the middle of her own orgasm while Mary exploded all over her, only intensifying it as the spray splashed onto her, and as a few last gurgles of fluid dribbled out of Mary, Johanna spanked Mary's pussy with the flat of her hand until she finally begged her to stop.

The three older people just sat and watched Mary come down from her experience, crawling into a fetal position while her body was still shaking, finally going into a series of mild convulsions of sorts before her body finally went limp. Colin was the first to move, standing up and undressing himself before climbing back onto the bed with his erection bouncing.

"No," Mary whimpered, but it was a hollow protest, and she said nothing else as Colin knelt between her legs on the soaked bedding and slipped his cock into Mary.

Colin showed no mercy, plunging his instrument deep inside of Mary and thrusting long and hard into her. Mary had a little orgasm of sorts, but her pussy was so sore and Colin was so brutal that she finally had to ask him to stop.

"It hurts too much," Mary said, and Colin reluctantly nodded, pulling his cock out of Mary and climbing up on top of her stomach, placing his cock between her breasts and squeezing them together around his manhood.

Lloyd leaned back as Colin fucked Mary between the breasts, not wanting to look but nonetheless finding his eyes drawn to the sight of Mary, still defenseless with her hands pinned behind her head, having Colin grunting on top of her.

Colin finally came, spurting his cum onto Mary's neck and chin before climbing off of her. Lloyd watched a trickle of Colin's semen roll down Mary's neck and end up pooling in the bald hollow of her underarm, an insult to injury which was more than Lloyd could bear to see.

Johanna and Colin got up from the bed after a while, heading out to the den, and after they finally left Lloyd wiped the cum off of Mary with a towel and undid the handcuffs from the collar, which allowed Mary bring her aching arms down to her sides at last.

"I'm sorry," Mary said to Lloyd, who was trying to figure out how to unlock the cuffs from her chafed wrists. "I don't think I can - you know."

"It's okay," Lloyd said, finally getting the cuffs off of Mary's wrists, which bore the red marks from the strain of the binding. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah," Mary said while rubbing her sore hands and wrists.

"It seemed - was it good? For you I mean?" Lloyd asked.

"Amazing," Mary said, rolling over on her hip to face Lloyd. "I almost passed out when I came. Did you like it? Watching me?"

"Yes," Lloyd said, acutely aware of the mess that was in his underwear. "I did love watching. I love you."

"Oh," Mary said in a manner as slow as the two letters could possible be spoken. "I - you know."

"You don't have to say it," Lloyd answered. "You don't have to say anything. I just wanted you to know how I feel."

"You're sweet," Mary said, struggling to get to her knees, and without another word undid her old teacher's slacks and tugged them to his knees.

Lloyd's underwear were dripping with his semen, having cum twice during all of that, but Mary was undeterred, and simply pulled down the gooey briefs and extricated Lloyd's limp dick from the swirl of semen and pubic hair, enveloping his manhood with her mouth.

Lloyd was hard within a minute, and came soon after. When she was through, Mary smiled and got up and headed for the bathroom, leaving Lloyd all alone in the bed, staring at the ceiling with sadness.


Chapter Six: The observer.

Colin had been watching from the doorway when Mary had gone down on Lloyd, and found it amusing that Lloyd hadn't just taken her like he had after Johanna had worn the teenager out. He seemed content to just let Mary go down on him, and probably wouldn't have complained if she hadn't done anything.

"Can't show any mercy," Colin mumbled quietly as he watched. "Stiff dicks have no conscience."

Mary looked pretty inviting to Colin, kneeling over Lloyd while she gobbled his little dick. Her plump buttocks, which like her tits had been unaffected by her weight loss, were spread wide, probably because Mary's pussy was sore from Johanna's rough treatment of it.

Lloyd came quick, and Colin backed out of sight fast as well, joining Johanna out on the porch. Seeing Mary with her made it clear that not only wasn't she squeamish about being with another woman, she seemed to love the concept, which made the politician convinced that things were going to work out just like he had planned.

"You two looked good together in there," Colin told Johanna as they stood outside naked, with Johanna smoking a cigarette.

"I was too rough with her," Johanna said with a grimace. "I couldn't control myself. There's just something about the girl that makes me lose control. I don't like that. It isn't like me."

"You aren't alone," Colin advised her. "Little Lloyd just got his horn tooted by Mary and is now probably crying tears of joy. You know, the two of us could go down by the pond and have some fun as well."

Colin put her arm around the woman's bony shoulder and tried to give her a squeeze but Johanna showed no interest in that, just as Colin expected. That old Colin Heath magic hadn't worked on Johanna before, much to his chagrin, and it wasn't going to tonight either.

Too bad, Colin said as he looked down at the woman. Those low hanging tits of hers would look good wrapped around his cock, and just when he was going to make a last try, Mary appeared on the porch behind them.

Mary was walking like she had just gotten off a horse, Colin observed. Actually, a better description would be that she looked like she was still on a horse, as she waddled over to them in all her naked glory.

The sight of Mary's magnificent jugs reminded Colin that they had never gotten to use most of the other toys he had gotten for Johanna to use on them. The nipple suction device was nice, but the nipple clamps and ropes would have to wait for another time.

"Hello little lady," Colin said in greeting Mary, who smiled as Colin kissed her on the forehead.

"Thank you," Mary said to Johanna. "That was amazing."

"I hope I didn't hurt that sweet pussy of yours," Johanna said.

"Sore, but I'll survive," Mary said, giving the taller woman a hug, feeling the pressing of Johanna's plaint breasts against her own.

"You could show your appreciation to Johanna in a better way," Colin suggested, and then whispered into Mary's ear.

Mary nodded, and without hesitation knelt before Johanna and buried her face in the older woman's bush, her tongue seeking out the source of that musky aroma. Colin's hands were soon on Mary's shoulders, easing her down on her back on the cold wood, and then Johanna was kneeling above Mary, her sex fitting neatly onto the teenager's face.

Johanna rode Mary's face like it was a saddle, with Mary's inexperienced tongue getting the idea rather quickly, and Colin leaned against the rail of the porch and watched Johanna arching her back while pulling on her own rubbery tits for a few moments before turning herself around so that she was facing Mary's feet.

Johanna bent down and put her face right into the thick jungle of hair, licking Mary's clitoris just like Mary was doing to her. Johanna let out a surprised sound when she felt Mary's hands pulling her forward a little bit, and Colin knew what had caused that without even seeing it. Mary's tongue had slid from Johanna's pussy to her anus and she was now doing a number on that old puckered ring.

Perfect, Colin thought as he idly tugged on his flaccid cock and enjoyed the show. Things would work out perfectly.

Inside the cabin, Lloyd had finally come out to see where everybody went, and after seeing the three of them out there having their own little party, made himself a drink from the bar and walked around the little room.

Colin Heath sure had it all, Lloyd thought as he looked around the bookcase next to the giant screen television. Lloyd picked up a couple of the DVD's that were sitting on the shelves, and was just about to turn away when he saw a tape without a case.

The only marking on it was a date, and as Lloyd stared at the tape it occurred to him that the date on the box was the day they had brought Mary up here for the first time. Could it be?

Lloyd grabbed the tape and jammed it into the pocket of his jacket, feeling like a thief for the first time in his life but for some reason not really caring. The writing is on the wall, Lloyd mused. Colin Heath was likely done with him, and since he had gotten everything he needed from Lloyd, it wouldn't be long before he stopped getting invited up here.

Lloyd was familiar with being used, but he was determined that at least he would have a souvenir of his time with Mary, if the tape was what he thought it might be.

Knowing my luck, Lloyd thought with a chuckle, the tape would end up to be some rambling speech the politician had made about dairy subsidies or other mundane crap that Colin Heath was infamous for shoveling.

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