tagIncest/TabooMary's Evolution: Book 09

Mary's Evolution: Book 09


In this new book of Mary's Evolution, the chubby teenager leaves a trail of broken hearts in her wake, and unknown to her, has changed the lives of several of those people forever.

Once again, please note the subject category of this particular book.


Chapter One: No introduction needed.

Mary Koutusis looked at the list of phone calls she had missed, crinkling her nose as she scanned the list of names. Greg Mullin led the hit parade with a brace of calls, but Brianna was on there once too, and even Tracy Mullin had given her a ring.

Her old teacher Lloyd Anderson had called as well, but there were no calls from the two people she most wanted to hear from; Johanna and Colin Heath.

Mary had gotten up the courage to call Johanna a few days after their rendezvous at the cabin, but the silver-haired lesbian had been strangely aloof during the call, almost as if she was under orders not to stay involved with her anymore.

"Not the way to treat somebody," Mary opined as she looked at the mirror, pushing her glasses back up the bridge of her nose. "Especially after you've fisted her."

The aching in all of her orifices had finally gone away, and now she was ready for action again. Mary still made time for her studies, but her first semester of college had proven to be just as easy for her so far as high school had been, so she had more than enough time for thinking about what had become her favorite past-time; sex.

How had she gone without it so long? That was the way Mary felt now, because after doggedly holding on to her chastity for 18 years, she was determined to make up for lost time, and there was so much that she didn't understand or didn't know about.


Chapter Two: Movie time.

Looking over his shoulder every few seconds like a cornered rat, the sweat poured out of every pore of Lloyd Anderson's body as the video tape played on the television in the basement of his house, while upstairs his wife puttered around the kitchen.

On the screen, Mary was being undressed by her old teacher and the politician, and the two of them looked just like predators attacking a defenseless prey as they stripped the voluptuous teenager and slobbered all over her body.

He himself looked particularly disgusting, Lloyd noted, his eyes bugging out at the sight of those colossal breasts of hers. So full and so huge, they were the stuff that had only existed in his fantasies until Mary came along, and while he sucked on those amazingly plump nipples on the screen, his hand was slowly stroking his dick.

And then there was Mary's hair, all of it still intact for his enjoyment; from the thick wavy locks on her head, to the wild untamed jungle that guarded the sweet thing's pussy and spilled over onto the insides of her thighs, the rich brown hair was exquisite to touch and delicious to taste.

Lloyd's groin started to tingle, as it always did when he reached this part of the tape, and while it would have been nice to have had the camera zoom in for a close-up while he had buried his mouth under Mary's arm and licked the abundant hair that surrounded his face, he was content to enjoy what he had as a remembrance.

Lloyd came inside the sock he had slipped onto his dick, containing the mess his ejaculation made, while the tape played on. He came just as hard as he had that very night, and at that very same time as well, cumming all over Mary's thigh from the excitement of being able what he wanted to do to the teen.

The rest of the tape was still enjoyable, but much less so. Too many times Lloyd would be reminded about how much less manly he was compared to Greg Mullin or Colin Heath. Especially Heath, who seemed to delight in waving his cock around close to his own, as if to accentuate his superior endowment to Mary.

That was probably why Mary hadn't called him back, and in reality Lloyd could understand why. Colin Heath was a mover and a shaker, with a lot of money, Robert Redford-like looks, and a big cock. And who was he? An aging teacher with little money, a bored and boring wife and a 5 inch dick.

Even he couldn't make a case for himself if he had the chance. End of story, Lloyd said as he turned off the tape. Colin Heath, the dirt-bag somehow always looked like the suave and sophisticated man about town, even when chewing on the frightened girl's tits as excitedly as everybody else. Guys like him always get the girl in the end.

At least I have the tape, Lloyd mumbled as he took it out of the VCR and hid it in his special place. Being a thief was appalling, but in this case he would give himself a pass, because he knew that swiping that surveillance tape would give him years of pleasure in the future.

Colin Heath's fault for having the place bugged in the first place, Lloyd thought in justifying his action. Besides, if Heath ever became somebody famous, who knows how much it could be worth?


Chapter Three: The Mullin family.

To say that the Mullin family was in disarray would be putting it mildly. Brianna was pouting around constantly, like she had lost her best friend forever. The vision of her father viciously fucking Mary in the ass down in the den would not leave her mind, and finding out that it had been consensual didn't make it easier to take either.

To think that her father had come into their bedroom and done things to Mary while she was in the next bed was unsettling, mostly because Brianna didn't understand it. Mary was her best bud and all, but she wasn't hot my any stretch of the imagination. Just a big pair of tits, Brianna thought, and hairy as a bear besides. Not smokin' looking like Mom, and not nearly as desirable.

If her Dad was going to start screwing around on Mom, he could have done much better. Brianna could think of several girls her own age that would probably do him in a heartbeat, especially since he was pretty cute and so well hung.

Brianna shuddered when she thought of that night, right after she and Mary had their fight. Dad had been around the house all day, acting really bummed out and all, and had started drinking late in the afternoon. Mom was out trying to close on a house with a client, so it was just the two of them.

When Brianna had seen how tipsy Dad was getting, she tried to get up the courage to ask him about his relationship with Mary, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. Besides, it wasn't like Mary had lied about it - she had seen the proof with her own eyes.

She also wanted to ask him why he never made a move on her. That, Brianna could understand. Being really good looking, and dressing around the house the way she always did, you would think that he would have made a move by now. Even though it would be yucky, it was almost insulting in a way that he never did.

Even today, Dad hardly blinked when she had walked around the house wearing that pink camisole and shorts outfit that did little to hide her goodies, and just did his own things, which were repairing the rail on the deck and drinking.

Brianna called Mary when night fell, but she didn't pick up. The bathroom door was closed, and the shower was running, and when Brianna went by the room she found herself standing by the door and trying to peek in through the space by the edge, not to avail.

How weird is this, Brianna thought as she went back to her room to wait for her father to get done, too lazy to go downstairs and use the one down there.

While flipping through her phone messages and texting Jeff, Brianna could hear her father stumbling around out in the hall. It was funny to hear him bouncing off the walls, but sad in a way too, because Dad was always the one in control.

"The only people that should be staggering around drunk in the Mullin house is - me," Brianna mumbled to herself, and giggling at that, continuing to laugh when she heard a loud thump from down the hall.

Needing to use the bathroom, Brianna left her room and went in the steamy room to tinkle, and when she came out she looked down toward her parents room. The door was not quite closed, and so Brianna went down there - just to check and make sure Dad hadn't broken his neck or something.

Her father had made it to bed, or just about. He was on his stomach with most of his body on the bed, but his right leg was hanging off. Brianna entered the room and walked over to the side of the bed, trying to think of a way to get him all the way on the mattress so he didn't fall off.

Weird seeing your father naked, Brianna thought as she looked down at her father sprawled on the bedding. Nice body for an old guy, Brianna thought. Just a little thick around the waist, and he had a cute butt too.

While trying to get herself to grab his leg and pull it onto the bed with the rest of him, her eyes went below his ass. His left leg was bent in a way that left his stuff visible, and Brianna could clearly see the underside of his nut sack and the end of his dick.

He had a nice pair of balls on him, but what caught Brianna's attention was seeing the underside of his dick. Dad wasn't circumcised, and it looked weird seeing that brownish tube with just the tip of the head peeking out.

Not believing her own actions, Brianna found herself grabbing her father's furry thigh and lifting the hanging limb with all her might. Dad mumbled something but Brianna kept lifting until he rolled onto his back.

Brianna jumped back as her father's body came to rest, all of him safely on the mattress. He mumbled something else, and Brianna didn't know what to do.

"Just helping you get into bed," Brianna said softly.

"Good," her father said in a heavily slurred voice. "You're so good Mary. Miss you."

Brianna's eyes had gone straight to his private parts, taking her first-ever look at her father naked. She had seen all the rest of him, like when he was wearing bathing trunks, so it was only natural for her to be curious.

At least that was the way Brianna justified standing by the side of her parents bed looking at her father's dick, and as she looked at the long cocoa-colored penis that hung limply on his hip, she had to admit that Mary had been right. The old guy Mary had been seeing did have a pretty big dick. Must be four or five inches long soft.

Brianna's hands were shaking, and she was dying to touch his cock - to see what it felt like. She had never seen an uncut cock before, except on the Internet, and she was dying to know what it was like to slide the foreskin down.

"You know what I want," Dad mumbled, or at least Brianna thought that was what he said.

"What?" Brianna asked.

"Know," he mumbled. "Suck."

His hand was reaching down, searching for his cock, and when he found it, he began to pull on it himself, giving it a few long slow pulls. Brianna stood there frozen, unable to move either way while back on the bed, Greg Mullin was in his own world, oblivious to his daughter's presence.

"C'mon baby," he said, letting go of his cock and letting his arm fall to his side. "Never hurt you for anything."

Brianna heard a loud breathing that resembled a locomotive engine, and realized that it was coming from her own chest. Her knees were shaking and she felt really lightheaded as well. She knew she should leave the room right that minute, but for some reason she couldn't. What was worse - her hand was moving down to her father's cock.

Her pale fingers were in stark contrast to the darker hue of her father's manhood, which was laying on his lower belly up near his belly button. For the longest time Brianna's hand hovered just above the roots of his cock, close enough to feel the heat radiating from his loins.

Greg Mullin's body twitched when his daughter's hand landed on the area between the base of his member and his balls, and Brianna jumped herself with that movement. When her father made no other movement she let her hand slide slowly along the underside of his flaccid cock, right up to the edge of his foreskin before moving it back down again.

Brianna eased herself onto the bed, sitting on the very edge next to her Dad's hip, and resumed the light stroking of his dick. It began to get a little longer and thicker as her gentle stroking continued, and when she finally got up the courage Brianna's hand picked up the rubbery hose and held it straight.

Brianna had a bit of trouble in keeping the floppy dick upright after lifting it off of the bed of pubic hair it had been resting in. She could see the outline of the head of his cock through the foreskin, and when she moved her grip downward, the tip of the head peeked out from under the hood.

The cock felt heavy in her hand, warm and moist and weighty, and when she began to move her hand up and down she could feel him start to get hard. He started to make sounds that resembled mooing as his daughter's little hand worked up and down the shaft.

Brianna had the foreskin down now, and was letting her hand rub over the flared rim of his glans, and when a pearl of cum appeared on the tip of his dick, she leaned over and licked it clean.

Her father was mumbling now, totally incomprehensible, and while keeping her eyes fixed on her father's face, she let her lips slide down the crown.

His dick was pretty big, Brianna thought as her mouth began to slide up and down the end of her father's member. To think that this had been in Mary's pussy - her mouth - even her ass, sent a shiver down her spine.

This was wrong. That thought became overwhelming, and finally Brianna took her father's cock out of her mouth and set it back on his stomach. What had she been doing?

"Mary... please," Greg Mullin groaned as the pleasant feeling suddenly stopped. "Close. So close. Please."

Brianna brought her hand down again - down to the very base of his cock, and began rubbing hard on the underside of the stump and the upper area of his scrotum. Her father's hips began moving into the pressure while he began breathing heavily while his legs wiggled around.

Then came a soft moan, followed by a series of milky white spurts that spouted from his cock, landing on his belly. In seconds it was over. His cock deflated quickly, and Brianna let go of his now-flaccid cock, letting it fall over onto his hip again. A long stringy rope of his seed was hanging from the opening of the head of his cock, which had retreated back under his foreskin.

Brianna got up from the edge of the bed, and while her father kept murmuring stuff that she couldn't decipher, she slipped out of the room and back down the hall.

"I'm going to hell," Brianna said to her empty room before slipping under the sheets, and when she noticed that she had left her bedroom door ajar, she wasn't sure whether she had done that intentionally or not, but she didn't get up to close it either.


Chapter Four: Revelations.

Gerald Koutusis had seen the limo pull up to the house; after all, while this was a very nice neighborhood it was still strange to see such a thing, and it got Gerald thinking.

Entering Mary's room, he poked around for something that might shed some light on the mysterious limo. Gerald didn't much care for invading his teen-aged daughter's private space, which is why he had done it rarely over the years.

The fact that Mary had been such a quiet and reserved girl up until the last few months made it easier to trust her, but things were definitely changing. Her manner of dress had become much like other girls her age, and that wasn't like her at all.

Casually, Gerald lifted a brassiere from the closet doorknob where it had been hanging, holding it up and shaking his head at the size of the massive cups of the harness.

The fancy tag at the back of the elastic caught Gerald's eye, and upon further inspection he noted that the garment came from a fancy shop in the city. Limos and $100 custom fitted bras? Where was Mary coming up with the money for clothing like this? The answer must be simple. The guy who sent the limo for her.

"42E," Gerald mumbled as he looked at the tag closer. The guy must be a tit man, whoever he is, and Gerald was surprised that he wasn't more upset about realizing that his little girl was probably no longer a virgin.

Had to happen sometime, Gerald reasoned, and the way guys were so obsessed with breasts it was no surprise that Mary would get snapped up. A 42 inch bust-line does gather attention, and it must have gotten the attention of somebody older than her. Kids don't hire limos to pick up girlfriends.

Sitting down at Mary's computer, Gerald lifted the mouse-pad and saw the password that Mary had conveniently written there. Seconds later Gerald was in Mary's world, and it was a far different world than Gerald would have suspected.

"Son of a bitch," Gerald muttered aloud when he came across the background picture.

The sight of a naked Greg Mullin, smiling with the dick hanging down, should have pissed Gerald off. It didn't, for some reason, although the other two pictures he came across did raise his blood pressure some.

There was a picture of Mary in what looked like a motel room, clad only in the briefest of tank tops and a pair of panties. The tiny white tank-top was overwhelmed by Mary's gigantic breasts, which were trying to make the fabric explode off of her.

Why wasn't he turned on by this? Gerald still feel a little stirring in his loins as he looked at the picture of his little girl all grown up, but the fact that she looked so similar to her mother must be the reason. Mary was just an even bustier version of Anna, and reminded Gerald just how little she excited him these days.

An even hairier version of Anna, Gerald noted as he saw the hair curling out from the elastic of Mary's panties. Guess that must be my genes responsible for that, Gerald surmised before clicking on to the next photo.

The next shot was more disturbing. Mary looking up at the camera with her lips wrapped around a cock, most likely Greg Mullin's. Those lush red lips were way down the shaft of his cock, so close to the base that his pubic hair was almost touching her nose.

That was the clincher, Gerald decided as he removed the evidence of his tampering and left the room. He was going to get his as well. Somehow, someway, Gerald made up his mind that he was going to fuck Tracy Mullin, just like he had always wanted to.

The thought of that willowy blonde underneath him, screaming as he pounded her into a mattress, made him start to get hard instantly.


Chapter Five: Daddy.

Brianna leaned on the back of her father's chair as he sat at the kitchen table, and when she leaned over and kissed him on the top of the head he looked up at his daughter and smiled.

"Not going out tonight, Bree?"

"No," Brianna answered, smelling the scotch on her father's breath.

"Oh," Greg Mullin said. "Uh - don't see much of Mary these days."

"No, we're kinda not speaking."

Not speaking since that night a few weeks ago when I saw you fucking her in the ass down at the den and we had that fight, was what Brianna wanted to say, but didn't.

Brianna didn't want to make her father mad. Far from it. She wanted to make him horny. That was why she told her boyfriend Jeff that she was sick. It was all part of the plan. Brianna wanted what her Dad had been giving Mary all these months.

Ever since that night when she had followed her father into his bedroom, she had wanted him. Brianna had replayed those few minutes in her mind over and over again, and she couldn't get the vision of her father's beautiful cock out of her mind.

Now all she had to do was make sure her father didn't get too drunk. He had been drunk that night, and he hadn't gotten really hard even when he came. Brianna wanted to see how big her Dad's dick got when he was stiff. She wanted to feel him inside of her. Even in her ass if that was what he wanted.

Problem was that her father didn't seem to be paying much attention to her, even though she was wearing the briefest shorts possible and her top left little to the imagination.

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