tagMatureMary's Evolution: Book 11

Mary's Evolution: Book 11


With Mary now completely involved with the Heath family, breaking the news to own her family about her educational plans changing was necessary. To her surprise, while her mother seemed wary of her taking this internship, it didn't seem her father minded all that much. It was almost like he was preoccupied with other things, Mary thought, and as it turned out she was correct.


Chapter 1: Stalking the enemy.

Gerald Koutusis sat in his Land Rover, watching the car piloted by Greg pull out of the driveway and drive down the road past him. Gerald sat hidden behind a newspaper until the Town Car was safely past him, and only then did he drive down to the house that his insurance man had just left.

Parking out on the road, Gerald checked out his reflection in the rear-view mirror before taking a deep breath and hopping out of the vehicle and striding up the driveway.

The burly Greek had planned this day out for quite a time, and his mission was clear. Ever since he had figured out that Greg Mullin was fucking his daughter, Gerald had decided that he was going to get his revenge in the best way possible, by screwing Tracy, his hot little wife.

Gerald had lusted after that little blonde for years but had never acted on his desires, but with his sex life at home becoming so horrible, his hormones had overwhelmed his common sense. He was going to ring that doorbell, and when Mullin's wife answered the door he was going to make his move.

The word around town was that she was fond of giving out that sweet pussy of hers, and Gerald was going to get his today. He was going to pretend to be there about a business deal, and if everything worked out right, he would be finding out whether Tracy's rug matched the curtains.


Chapter Two: Answering the door.

Brianna Mullin had just finished dressing when the doorbell rang, and since she was running late for school this was the last thing she needed was a Jehovah's Witness to slow her down even more. When the bell rang again, Brianna rolled her eyes and ran down the stairs to get rid of the pest before heading to class.

"Oh!" Brianna said after opening the door and seeing Mary's father out on the porch. "Mr. Koutusis - long time no see."

Gerald was shocked to see his daughter's friend answer the door, and he smiled as he worked his mental Rolodex for the kid's name. Although his daughter spent half of her life with this girl, for the life of him he couldn't remember the girl's name, because they rarely came over to the Koutusis' house.

"Hi!" Gerald said as he looked through the screen at the little girl. "Brianna."

Whew, thought Gerald as the name came to him at the last minute.

"I was trying to catch your father," Gerald lied. "I've got something here for him."

"C'mon in," Brianna offered, stepping aside and holding the door open, and Gerald slid inside, following the tiny blonde up the stairs to the kitchen.

What Gerald had was only his check for the insurance policies his company had through Mullin's firm, and while he usually mailed them, it was his reason for being here.

"Your Mom home?" Gerald asked, tapping the envelope in his hand as he looked over Mary's friend.

"No," Brianna replied, not mentioning that her Mom rarely came home these days, and from what she had figured out, probably was filing for divorce soon.

"Oh, well I can just leave this then," Gerald said, setting the envelope on the table, and while his plans had just crashed and burned, looking at Mullin's daughter was giving him other ideas. "I don't want to hold you up. Probably trying to get off to school."

Too bad she was so young, because the girl was a spitting image of her mother Tracy, just in a tinier package. How old was she? Gerald tried to figure out that as his eyes scanned the lithe blonde.

"It's just gym class," Brianna said, noticing the way that Mary's father was eyeing her, and the more he looked the better Brianna liked it.

Mary's father had always scared her. He looked almost like a caveman, all hairy and ape-like in the way he moved, but the way Brianna's sex life had deteriorated lately, she was not particular.

The relationship with her father, which had shown so much promise, had fizzled. Her Dad couldn't even get it up anymore, and after the last time she had tried and failed to get him aroused, she gave up. All that nonsense about letting her pussy hair grow out, and in the end she still didn't turn him on.

She wasn't Mary. That was what her sobbing and sniveling old man had said that last time while she had valiantly tried to kick some life into that limp dick. Not Mary? What kind of bullshit was that? Compared to her, Mary was kennel material. Guys thought she was hot, or at least they used to before lately.

The way Mary's father was looking at her - now that was proof of that, and when his eyes latched on to her tits Brianna thrust the little cones out as far as she could, trying to make her nipples poke out into the skimpy lime green belly shirt she was wearing.

"Want a cup of coffee?" Brianna offered, gesturing over to the pot that was still warm, and although Gerald really didn't want any, he happily accepted the offer.

Following Brianna over to the counter, he inhaled her sweet aroma as she moved. So soft and so innocent looking she was, Gerald thought. How old was she? 15? 16?

Wait - she was Mary's age. How old was Mary? Damn. 18. Almost 19 now. Time was flying, and even though she didn't look old enough, she had to be.

"How's Mary doing?" Brianna asked, leaning back against the counter and watching Mr. Koutusis stir in a spoon of sugar to the black coffee.

His arms were really muscular, and the hair on his forearms was so thick that she almost looked like a bear. There was hair sprouting out of the neck of his shirt, and there was even hair on his back peeking up from the collar.

Dad was hairy, Brianna thought as she looked at Mary's father who was pretending to be looking at his coffee but was checking her out instead, but Mr. Koutusis was way hairier. What would that be like - wrapping her arms around somebody like this? Hair was usually yucky, but there was something so animal-like about this guy that she felt herself getting wet despite it all.

"She's fine," Gerald guessed, his eyes taking in the flat tummy and the barely visible down on the blonde's arms. "You two have a falling out?"

"Yeah. We had a fight."

"Too bad."

"Uh... Mary has some stuff here," Brianna said. "You want to bring it home to her?"

"Sure," Gerald said, and when Brianna went down the hall he followed her, exhaling as he looked at the pert little butt and the shapely legs ahead of him, and when the blonde went into the bedroom, he went right in behind her.


Chapter Three: Brianna's bedroom.

"So this is where you and Mary sleep when she comes over?" Gerald asked, watching the girl rummage through a drawer and pull out a couple of things - Cd's and a book, along with some clothing.


"Separate beds?" Gerald said with a lecherous grin.

"What do you mean?" Brianna giggled, turning around and smiling at the older man.

"I just thought that maybe - you know," Gerald said, realizing that the girls knew what he was inferring.

"Is that all boys think about?" Brianna giggled.

"I'm not a boy," Gerald reminded her. "Haven't been for quite a while. I was just curious."

"About whether Mary and me fooled around together?" Brianna asked. "Why don't you ask her?"

"I don't think she would tell me," Gerald said. " Thought maybe you would. I know if I was sleeping in the bed next to somebody that looked like you, we'd only need one bed."

"Really?" Brianna said, biting her lower lip. "Maybe you should sleep over sometime then."

"I don't think your folks would like that much."

"I don't much care what they think," Brianna declared. "I'm old enough to do what I want."

"That's good to know," Gerald answered, breathing a sigh of relief. "You know, Mary probably doesn't even know she left that stuff here, so if you want to leave it here - you know - play the music and stuff?"

"I don't see myself getting much use out of something like this, do you?" Brianna said, holding up the ivory bra of Mary's that she had abandoned that final night here, and the sight of the tiny blonde holding up the harness that had cups big enough to cradle the girl's head made him smile.

"I suppose not."

"A lot of guys seem to like that kind of girl," Brianna mused, looking at the garment before setting it down on the dresser.

"I'm not a lot of guys," Gerald said, leaning against the door and trying not to drool, the perfect plan for revenge now becoming even greater in his eyes. "I'm more of the 'more than a handful is a waste' kind of man."

"What if a girl didn't even have a handful?" Brianna said shyly.

"Better yet," Gerald said, sweat trickling down his spine and beading on his forehead. "Warm in here."

"I know."

"Did you know that your father was fucking Mary?" Gerald suddenly asked, and although Brianna was initially taken aback at his bluntness, she quickly recovered.

"Not until recently," Brianna replied.

"That bother you?"

"A little at first," Brianna said. "But then I found out that men were a lot hotter than boys. I've had enough boys. I'm way more interested in men."

"That so?" Gerald asked. "Maybe when you get a little older I'll look you up."

"What's wrong with right now?" Brianna asked. "The way you've been looking at me - I kinda thought that you liked what you saw."

"Oh, I like what I'm seeing a lot," Gerald said. "It's just that I don't think you're ready for somebody like me just yet. I might be a bit too much for you."

"I was thinking the other way around,": Brianna suggested. "I was afraid that I might make you have a heart attack."

"Not likely," Gerald chuckled, and watched while the blonde crossed her hands in front of her and effortlessly pulled the brief blouse over her head, exposing the cutest little titties he had seen since that girl in Thailand years ago.

"You like what you see?" Brianna asked coyly, bringing her hands up and tweaking the pink caps on her perky titties.

"Oh yeah," Gerald growled, inching a little closer to his prey.

"Aren't you going to show me yours?"

"Me? Sure," Gerald replied, and pulled off his t-shirt under Brianna's careful observation.


"What?" Gerald asked.

"You're really crazy looking," Brianna said as she bit her lower lip. "Not bad crazy, it's just that you're so hairy. It's like you're Sasquatch or something."

"Is that a bad thing?"

"No. Looks good on you," Brianna offered, her eyes checking out the broad chest and muscular arms on Mary's father. "I think that's why my Dad was hung up on Mary, because' she's hairy too."

"Enough talk about Mary," Gerald said as he took another step closer to Brianna. "Let's talk about you and me."

"What if I don't wanna talk?" Brianna suggested, and a second later when Gerald made that final step towards the girl, Brianna was already jumping into his arms.


Chapter Four: Animals attract.

Brianna hadn't felt this aroused in a long time. Maybe it was just the timing, or the way that Mary's Dad had been staring at her. Who knows? Maybe this would be the perfect revenge for everything Mary had done to ruin her life. Had Mary ever had sex with her father?

All of this went through Brianna's mind as she found herself leaping into the arms of Mr. Koutusis, wrapping herself around the him and kissing him with all the passion that had been stored up inside of her.

Brianna's hands clawed at the man, her fingernails raking all over his hairy back, and when her felt his tongue forcing it's way into her mouth she eagerly accepted it and gave him some in return

Gerald propped his thigh between Brianna's legs as she slammed her into the bedroom wall, all guilt disappearing as he felt the girl respond like an animal. His hands tried to squeeze up between their two bodies to get at her titties while he felt Brianna's hand snake down and start to paw at his crotch.

"Where's your dick?" Brianna asked as she pulled her flushed face away from Gerald's and kept moving her hand around the front of the man's pants.

"Oh, it's there alright," Gerald said smugly, enjoying the look on the blonde's face as she felt around for his stuff, which was safely tucked up between his legs. "Why don't you get down and try to find it?"

Brianna dropped to her knees on her bedroom rug, and began to undo Gerald's belt while the burly Greek ran her hands through the mop-top blonde's golden locks, reveling in the anticipation about what was going to come.

As his trousers came down, he saw the confusion on Brianna's face as she saw the snug black boxer shorts and the bulge that stretched them out before disappearing below. The girl's tiny hand came up and ran down the fabric, looking up at Gerald with eyes that seemed a little less sure of what was going on.

"Damn," Brianna whispered as she felt the warmth of the bulge.

"Don't stop now," Gerald said, and when the girl's hands came up to the elastic of the briefs, Gerald moved his thighs apart and watched Brianna as she inched the snug boxers down off his hips, exposing more and more of the base of his flaccid hose until she finally got the garment free of his manhood.

The sound of surprise that came from the blonde was as stimulating as the double-take Brianna did, looking up at Gerald and then back down at the cock that swayed in front of her as Gerald stepped out of his underwear.

"Big enough for you little girl?" Gerald snickered.


Chapter Five: Not a little girl.

Brianna couldn't believe what was happening. There she was on her knees in front of the father of her life-long friend, trying to keep her balance as she helped him get his shorts off while trying not to get clubbed by the swinging cock dangling in front of her.

"Fuck," Brianna hissed as she stared at the monstrous organ inches from her face, and even the mocking tone of Mary's father at her reaction didn't faze her.

He was starting to ask her whether all she was going to do was look, but her hands were already in motion as they reached up towards his manhood. A dusky brown in color, an even richer dark love than the rest of his skin buried under his coat of fur, his cock sprouted out of the jungle of hair like a snake and hung down between his bowed thighs halfway to his knees. Behind that, an equally over-sized pair of balls hung in a droopy sac.

Clearly, the guy was a freak, Brianna concluded as her hands grasped the rubbery hose half way down the shaft. Mr. Koutusis was like one of those freaky looking dudes on the Internet, except most of those guys were black and more importantly none of those guys were here in her bedroom.

"That's it," Gerald sighed as he watched the pale hands cradling his cock, and then pulling it upright before letting her tongue slide down the meandering vein that rippled down the length of the shaft before disappearing under the fluted ridge of the crown.

"Ooh!" Gerald moaned, shivering as the little blonde flicked her tongue around the tip of the glans, toying with the tender opening before licking the ridge on the underside. "You know your way around a cock, don't you. You're a nasty little girl aren't you?"

"I'm not a little girl," Brianna pouted, letting the flat of her tongue rub the pee-hole while her hands began to pull on the shaft of the rapidly stiffening member.

"You are to me," Gerald said.

"Your cock is fucking huge," Brianna whispered, figuring out what Mary's father wanted to hear, and judging by his reaction, she knew she had guessed right.

"You don't seem too scared," Gerald said.

"I am, a little," Brianna said with a giggle.

"I wanna fuck you," Gerald said bluntly, sighing as Brianna lifted his cock and nibbled along the underside of it, her face disappearing for a second before she came back out from under it.

"I don't know if my pussy can take this," Brianna said, leaning back and letting her hands slide up and down the length of the enormous organ that was now erect and pointing straight at her. "I never had one this big before."

"Then you've got a treat in store for you," Gerald said as he reached down for Brianna, her hands gripping her by her smooth, moist armpits and pulling her upright. "Let me see if you're a real blonde or not."

"I am," Brianna gasped as she felt Mr. Koutusis reaching under the waistband of her shorts. "But I don't have any hair down there."

As Brianna spoke, Gerald's hand was already finding that out, as his hand slid over the girl's smooth mound, and when his fingers rubbed around the soft, hairless delta he let out a groan that sounded almost tortured.

"You like that?" Brianna said, her body contorting as she felt Mary's father begin to probe her with a stubby finger. "Feel how wet I am?"

"Omigod, you're so fucking tight!" Gerald grunted, his index finger forcing into Brianna's pussy.

"Want your cock in me," Brianna snapped, her hands clawing at Gerald's cock, but he moved her hands away and tossed her on the bed.

Brianna landed halfway across the bed on her back, her legs spread wide as Gerald climbed on the mattress on all fours and crept up between those tender thighs like the predator he felt like.


Chapter Six: Sweet innocence.

So sweet, Gerald thought as his head went down between Brianna's legs. Her mound was so creamy white and smooth that Gerald couldn't tell whether she had been waxed or simply had no pussy hair at all.

Her pussy was like a fold; a tiny crevice that his tongue moved along from top to bottom, and although the view was sweet and innocent, the aroma that flew out of that tender opening was rip and pungent, and kept his cock as hard as blue steel.

"Ooh," Brianna cooed as his tongue found her clit, and as she wrapped her legs around Gerald's head she kept begging, "Fuck me... fuck me."

Oh, I'm going to fuck you alright, Gerald thought as he moved his hand up between her legs and explored the tiny puckered ring of her anus before moving up to to her pussy. I'm gonna fuck you until you beg for mercy.

She was different though, Gerald mused as he pushed his thumb into the girl's pussy and found it even tighter than he had imagined. For whatever reason, Gerald didn't think Brianna wasn't going to be begging for mercy. Whether it was because she was trying to prove something to herself or to somebody else, whether it was out of spite, or just because she was horny, Gerald had a good feeling about this.

No whimpering or crying like at home. This girl was going to take it like the woman she was, Gerald thought to himself while forcing a second digit into the steaming hot fold and listening to Brianna moan in response.

Easy to picture this as being Brianna's first time with a man, although judging by the way she gamely sucked on his cock before, he was far from the first, but those perky little breasts on this tiny and hairless torso made it easy to imagine it.

That was what he was doing a second later as he got up on his knees with his throbbing cock in his hand, sliding the bulbous crown of his member along the dripping channel. Imagining it was her first time, just like that time in Thailand, only the lithe torso beneath him wasn't an anonymous Asian that he never seen before and would never see again, it was Brianna Mullin. Daughter of the man who had been fucking his own daughter for who knows how long, and had taken pictures of her sucking his cock for all to see.

As Gerald poised the head of his cock at the entrance of that sweet pussy, he smiled at the sight of the plum-sized crown trying to wedge into that narrow opening and pictured in his mind that Greg Mullin was sitting there beside the bed helplessly watching his daughter as she got impaled by him.

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