tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMary's Evolution: Book 12

Mary's Evolution: Book 12


Chapter One: Footsteps.

There was a Mullin standing in the doorway alright, but it wasn't Greg Mullin who was staring into Brianna's bedroom when Gerald Koutusis looked at the mirror.

Instead, it was Tracy Mullin, Greg's wife and Brianna's mother who was standing in the doorway with her mouth open, watching Gerald Koutusis on his knees methodically bringing the petite blonde beneath him to what was promising to be a wild orgasm, if Bree's screaming was any indication.

Tracy Mullin hadn't expected to run into anybody at home at 1:00, which was why she had waited until early afternoon to finally sneak in. She had seen the Land Rover parked out in front of the house but didn't recognize it.

Once Tracy had come inside, it was clear from all of the noise coming from upstairs that somebody was screwing, and it was more than likely that it would be Bree doing the fucking, so Tracy had come upstairs expecting to see Brianna's door closed with her and a fuck buddy doing the dirty deed. It wouldn't be the first time she had caught her daughter in action, Tracy recalled with amusement.

Tracy hadn't expected to find the door wide open though, and that surprise was compounded by seeing the remains of Bree's bed in pieces on the floor. The decorator part of Tracy Mullin was appalled at first at the destruction of an expensive piece of furniture, but the other part of her had to smile at what it must have taken to demolish that bed.

After Tracy's initial shock at the mess wore off, her next reaction was that of horror. That was Bree on the bed alright, but what was on top of her was nothing like the pimple faced skateboarders or hoodlum wannabees that Bree usually ended up with. In fact, Tracy didn't have the slightest idea who or what was mounting her daughter.

Tracy thought it was a black guy at first, but then quickly realized that it was possibly the most hirsute white guy on the planet. The bottoms of his feet were the only thing she could see that wasn't under a thick pelt of fur, and Tracy suddenly thought about that insurance commercial with the caveman running around town.

"So easy even a caveman can do me," Tracy mumbled, laughing inside at a possible yearbook quote for Brianna's picture while watching the view from behind the neanderthal.

The guy's balls were slamming into Bree's butt each time he thrust into her, and Tracy had to admit that this was kind of erotic, watching all of this going on in the middle of the day.

Then Tracy happened to look over the guy's shoulder, and seeing that face looking at her through the reflection in the mirror almost made her faint.

Gerry Koutusis. Son of a bitch. Mary's father? The guy was old enough to be - well, he was probably pushing 50. Strangely, he was one of the few men in town that hadn't made a run at her, Tracy recalled. He always seemed to be somewhat simian; certainly not good looking or anything and rather crude as well.

Still, Tracy thought as they looked at each other through the mirror, the guy was in good shape. Broad shoulders and a muscular body for a old guy, and while her first instinct would be to send him for a total body wax, there was something about the way he looked that was almost erotic. Like being taken away by King Kong or something, and while Tracy watched him fuck her daughter she almost wished that it was her underneath him.

Bree's wrists were tied to the headboard, Tracy noted, but the restraint was obviously voluntary because the cords were so loose that Bree was practically holding on to the bindings to keep them from slipping off.

And now Brianna was coming, her feet kicking around wildly while screaming at the top of her lungs, and as she came Gerry Koutusis kept staring back at her in the mirror. Arrogant son-of-a-bitch, Tracy thought to herself. Either that or the most confident man she had ever seen, as if he was driving little Bree crazy and was skilled enough so stand back and gloat about the power he had over the situation.

When she realized what she had been doing over the last minute or so, and even though she saw that Gerry had noticed her spectating as well, Tracy didn't stop, but just leaned against the door-jam while Bree came and came and came.


Chapter Two: Still watching.

When Gerald saw that the person who had come home in the middle of the day was Tracy instead of Greg, he was momentarily disappointed, because the thought of Greg getting to watch him pounding away on his precious little girl was something that appealed to him, but Tracy -well the fact was that she was the one that Gerald had come to see in the first place.

The woman that stood in the doorway with her mouth open had seen better days. Tracy looked like she had been out on a bender and was just coming home, which was probably correct. No make-up, and wearing a turquoise sweatsuit, she looked tired and a bit disheveled. Nothing like the Tracy Mullin that Gerald knew, and watching her red-faced daughter cum he knew he had made out like a bandit, but was now expecting to face the music.

No screams ensued though. Tracy just stared at the scene; the broken bed, him on top of Bree, and finally right at him. Her mouth was open still, but her hand was reaching into her sweatpants. A gun? That was Gerald's initial thought, but when the hand went under the elastic and didn't come out, and the facial expression became all dreamy looking, a chill went right down Gerald's spine.

She was playing with herself. Brianna's orgasm had faded and she was now just panting away with the blindfold still over her eyes, and trying to speak.

"What's that, Bree?" Gerald asked, continuing to look at Tracy in the doorway.

"Can't take," Brianna gasped. "Can't take anymore. Cum for me."

Bree had had enough, but Gerald didn't want this to end, not with Tracy Mullin standing there enjoying the show.

"You want me to cum in that tight little pussy of yours?" Gerald said loudly.

"Yes. Anywhere."

"I've got an idea," Gerald said, and after pulling his cock out of Brianna he waddled up to the head of the bed.

"Let's keep that on," Gerald decided, leaving Bree's eyes covered as he undid the cord on her wrists and moving her down the bed a little so that he could straddle Brianna's face while facing the doorway. Stick your tongue out for me, Bree."

The blond did as she was told, and as Gerald began to let the underside of his cock get licked by her pointy little tongue he looked for her mother's reaction.

Tracy stood dumbfounded as she watched Gerry's crotch hang over Bree's face. His balls were rubbing all over her forehead and his cock? His cock was gigantic. It wasn't just dirty talk coming out of the mouth of an inexperienced teenager, because the man was freakishly built.

Gerry Koutusis had a cock that had to be close to a foot long, and after impaling her little girl with it for who knows how long, he was now having her lick the underside of it. What a beautiful piece of meat, Tracy thought as she leaned forward to see better. Long and thick and uncircumcised, just the way she liked them, and hard as blue steel.

Now Gerald was motioning for her to come closer, and pointing at his cock, holding it up and stroking it, gesturing to her to come over, and Tracy had actually taken a step before stopping and shaking her head no violently and falling back against the wall.

Gerry shrugged his shoulders and brought Brianna's hands up to his cock while moving his nuts up to her mouth.

"Suck on my balls while you jerk me off," Gerald instructed Bree, and although it was awkward at first she soon got the hang of it.

Gerald sighed while Bree sucked on his hairy nut sac, taking the balls in her mouth back and forth while her hands stroked him as best she could. In front of him, Tracy Mullin had given up hiding what she was doing and was now feverishly working her hand down below while clutching her tits through the sweatshirt.

Gerald leaned down and ran his hands all over Brianna's sweaty chest. His fingers grabbed her tiny nipples and pulled them upwards, causing Bree to bite his nut playfully in response.

Tracy's body quaked as a mini-orgasm rippled through her. Five feet in front of her, Bree was milking that monstrous cock vigorously, and a long rope of cum dangled from the tip of his dick before dropping down on Bree's scrawny chest.

She was going to cum soon if she didn't stop right then and there, but she couldn't turn away. Instead, as Gerald motioned for her with her hands, she found herself following his instructions. With her free hand, she pulled the bottom of her sweatshirt up, exposing her tits to the brute just as he had directed her, and stuffed the bottom of the shirt in her mouth in an effort to stifle her noises.

Gerald came first, not long after Tracy had pulled her blouse up, exposing her breasts to him. Her tits were small and drooped a little, but seeing them after all those years was erotic enough. The fact that this woman was almost doubled over, squeezing her tits while fingering herself with half of her fist, sent Gerald out of control.

"ARRGH!" Gerald bellowed as his cock jerked up violently, and with so much power that it flew right out of Bree's sweaty little hands, but at this point it didn't matter because Gerald was about to have the most intense orgasm he could ever remember.

Tracy came right after Gerald did. The sight of his bronze cock lurching around wildly, spurting cum like a cannon all over her daughter's body, sent her to her knees as she came, chewing the sweatshirt so hard her gums bled while her body convulsed uncontrollably.

When Gerald finally stooped cumming, he leaned back and took his balls out of Bree's reach and looked for Tracy Mullin, who was nowhere in sight. With that, Gerald took the blindfold off of Brianna's eyes and stroked her sweaty red face.

"Wow, you really came that time," Brianna said as she sat up and looked at her cum-spattered body, wiping a big wad of cum all over her right breast. "Look, I've got titties again."

"And they're sensational," Gerald added.

"At least we didn't break the bed," Brianna said, and then announced that she had to take a shower.

As she left, her cute butt jiggling as she turned the corner, Gerald looked around to see if Tracy had ducked into the closet or under the bed, but she was nowhere in sight.


Chapter Three: In the other bedroom.

In the master bedroom, Tracy Mullin was leaning on her dresser, trying to catch her breath after slithering out of Bree's room in the nick of time. What if she had seen her in there, doing - that to herself?

The thought of it, masturbating like a pervert while some gorilla fucked her daughter. What came over her? Then again, what had come over her that night with Mary Koutusis?

Just then, there was a tap at the door and as it swung open, there was Gerry Koutusis. Grinning, and as naked as the day he was born, he stood in the doorway for a second before closing the door behind himself.

"Enjoy the show?" Gerald asked, grinning as he watched Tracy try like hell not to look at the cock dangling between his legs and failing miserably.

"Where's Bree?" Tracy asked.

"In the shower," Gerald said. "I enjoyed watching you too. You should have joined us."

"That's sick," Tracy said. " I - I've had a few drinks."

"Good excuse, alcohol," Gerald said.

"Kind of in a weak position to play the moral card, aren't you Gerry?" Tracy said. "You always prey on teenagers?"

"18 is the age of consent in this state," Gerry noted. "And she sure consented."

"Well, as a father you should have a different outlook on something like that," Tracy suggested.

"Oh really?" Gerald scoffed. "I think that considering what Mary experienced over here, nobody in this house has any right to judge me."

Omigod, Tracy thought. Mary had told her parents what she had tried to do to her that night in the driveway!

"Look," Tracy stuttered. "You don't understand. It was all a misunderstanding."

"Misunderstanding? Greg was fucking Mary right under this roof for who knows how long. How much of a misunderstanding can there be? And you let it go on!"

"Greg?" Tracy asked, and suddenly relieved that she wasn't the target of his scorn, caught up to him as he reached the door.

"I'm sorry," Tracy said. "I didn't know. Omigod! That explains a lot of things. I haven't been around much."

"Well, if I were you I'd spend more time around here," Gerald suggested. "Seems like quite a soap opera. Tell Greg I'll cut him a check for the bed if he wants. Have him stop by the office sometime."

"Wait!" Tracy said, grabbing him by the furry shoulder as he held the door knob. "Maybe sometime you and I could get together. You know. For drinks?"

"I've got a wife a home,' Gerald said. "And it looks like I might have a girlfriend on the side now too, so I don't think..."

"Hey, don't go," Tracy insisted, grabbing him by the shoulder and running her fingers through the coarse fur. "Look, what you were doing. It's fine with me. How come you never came on to me all these years, Gerry?"

"Must be because I'm so shy, I guess."

"You know, I've got a little more experience with men built like you," Tracy cooed, running her fingers down Gerald's chest. "More than a teenager, you know what I mean. I bet I could make you really happy."

"I'm happy now," Gerald said. "Hard for anybody to top what your little girl did with me today."

"Let me try," Tracy said, and with that she fell to her knees and stuffed his limp cock in her mouth.

Tracy forced her lips all the way down his flaccid, rubbery hose, not even letting the tip of the long snake hitting her throat make her gag as she began sucking on Gerald's cock feverishly.

Gerald looked down at Tracy gobbling his cock like an animal, and while the sight was spectacular, the shower had just turned off and he had to get back.

"Look," Gerald said, grabbing Tracy under the arms and lifting her up. "Maybe some other time."

With that, Gerald left the room, making it back into Brianna's room and closing the door just before Brianna skipped in dripping and naked.

"Better close the door," Gerald suggested. "I think your mother just got home."

Bree's eyes bulged as she bit her lip and started giggling, saying, "Boy, wouldn't it have been crazy if she got home a little earlier?"

"Yeah, that would have been something," Gerald said as he tried to find his clothes amidst the rubble of Brianna's room.


Chapter Four: Meanwhile.

"I must say, dear, that your performance was your finest yet," Colin Heath commented as he watched the action that had unfolded a couple of days ago at the cabin.

"It is spectacular, Colin, but it wasn't a performance," Whitney Collier-Heath said in reflection, her eyes also glued to the big screen as she watched herself undress in front of Mary. "There's something about that girl that brings out the animal in me."

"Not just you," Colin corrected, letting go of the erection he had been stroking to apply more lubricant before continuing. "She had me hooked right from the get go."

"Those breasts," Whitney sighed, the screen showing the voluptuous teen watching her disrobe. Her eyes wide and those breasts heaving wildly.

"Yours are looking good too," Colin added with a chuckle as they watched Whitney take her bra off and expose her flat chest to the startled teen.

"Mary didn't seem to mind them, did she?" Whitney mentioned.

"No, she didn't," Colin replied. "Damn, you do that unveiling so well. And now look at her."

"She was feral," Whitney said, a shiver running down her spine as she watched the girl climbing all over her, bringing back wonderful memories. "For once you chose one that I don't have to feign interest in."

"So she's a keeper for sure?"

"If you don't keep her, I will," Whitney informed her husband, glancing over at him stroking his cock.

"I was thinking of getting her a nose job," Colin remarked. "Lasix for her eyes, and maybe a little gardening. Nothing major; just some eyebrow shaping and something to get that bush under control."

"Get her eyes done, but leave the nose alone," Whitney said. "It's part of what makes her special, just like the hair. Damn. You find something unique and right away you try to mold her into being like every other bimbo in town."

"Okay," Colin conceded. "You're the boss. And you do look spectacular with her. Even after all these years, you're still looking good."

"You forgot to add the part about looking good for people who like that kind of woman," Whitney threw in.

"Hey, I still appreciate beauty," Colin said. "When does that part come up where Mary..."

"A few minutes," Whitney said. "I figured you had the tape memorized by now."

"It's so hot, even though I can't really see Mary at all," Colin said. "That expression on your face."

"I was shocked - pleasantly I might add," Whitney remarked.

"You know, Whitney," Colin said. inching a little closer to his wife. "It would make it really good for me if you would get me off while we're watching."


"Your hand will be fine," Colin suggested, since his wife was a dreadful cocksucker, and when the redhead slid over and grabbed his throbbing cock with her hand, wrapping those long slender fingers around his oiled member he sighed loudly.

Whitney began stroking her husband's organ while watching herself on the screen, the surveillance video showing remarkable clarity. Her hand worked effortlessly on the stiff cock, and well too if her husband's groans of approval were any indication.

"So much nicer than doing it yourself," Colin remarked, and while Whitney was bad with the lips she was quite good with the hand, having a lot of practice over the years. "What would be nicer? You giving a play-by-play. Adding a commentary track?

"Well, there I am finishing going down on Mary. Her bush is so thick and soft that it felt like clouds buffeting my cheeks," Whitney said, watching her husband squirm and smile with delight.

"We should add your commentary as the soundtrack," Colin said.

"Quiet. Now here I am climbing over her face, and she's lapping at my cunt like an animal. Hit and miss, but her energy makes up for any lack of skills."

"This is it."

"Yes. I hate the ridiculous face I make, but there I go. I'm leaning forward, ready to go down on her - hate the 69 position but seeing that pussy down there was too much to resist - and now I feel her hands on my hips. She's pushing me downward, and I didn't know what she was doing... until right there!"


"When her tongue slid into my asshole I just about died. She was so good at it that I thought she was reaming me out," Whitney said breathlessly, her hand pumping on Colin's cock like a jackhammer without her realizing it, because she was staring at the screen at the image of herself. Face twisted in some strange contortion, mouth open and eyes rolling in reaction to Mary's tongue burrowing deep into her ass.

"Her tongue was tunneling and spinning around," Whitney gasped, only marginally aware that her husband was crying out as his cock spurted crazily. "I was rubbing my pussy and cumming myself, and even after I stopped cumming eventually she still kept at it until I threw myself off of her."

Colin's cock was limp as a rag doll now, and seeing the cum on the back of her hand brought her back to reality. Colin sat dazed, slumped into the couch as Whitney dropped the dead dick and looked at the mess.

"Some Senator you're going to be," Whitney said with a smirk. "You've got a mess to clean up here."

"Gladly," Colin said, pulling himself up to a sitting position and taking his wife's arm in his hands.

"A towel would suffice," Whitney remarked as she watched her husband licking his semen off of the back of her freckled arm and hand. "You sure you aren't gay, Colin?"

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