tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMary's Evolution: Book 14

Mary's Evolution: Book 14


This is the final book in the story of Mary Koutusis, a chubby young woman who had turned 18 as a shy and innocent virgin and was about to become a 19 year old woman who was no longer plump or timid. As for the innocent part, those days ended months earlier as well.

Now an eager intern for her mentor and lover, State Assemblyman Colin Heath, Mary was on the verge of becoming an insider on the most inside game in the country, the United States Senate. As a trusted aide, she was working 16 hour days doing everything she could for her boss, and occasionally for his wife.

As for everyone else that had come and gone in Mary's life over the last year, their lives had already been changed forever.

This final episode in particular has a little something to offend nearly everyone, I suspect, much like a chapter or to may have bothered those who have read it all but the story of Mary's evolution would not be complete without this.


Chapter One: The insurance man calls.

Greg Mullin squinted at the clock on the night stand, dreading the thought of having to get up and go to work. The fact that he was in a bed these nights, instead of scrunched on the couch in the break room of his insurance office, was an improvement however.

Greg rolled over and looked at the woman resting beside him, wondering how he could have ended up in this bed with this woman. Was he so consumed with the thought of payback - of revenge - that he would have sunk to this level?

A stiff cock has no conscience, or so they say, but Greg was having trouble in that regard as well, despite all of the incentive for him to excel. He used to be great in bed. Mary used to tell him that all the time. Tracy used to... well, what the hell did she know?

The woman next to him in bed had told him he was good, at least the first time they had made love. Once the initial rush of adrenalin had worn off, Greg was finding it tougher and tougher to perform. What was the problem? Simple. They weren't Mary.

Brianna? Having a problem getting it up with her, that he could understand. She was a skinny girl who had none of the features that excited him. Small tits and no hair anywhere to speak of was a real turn-off, and besides, Greg thought with a smirk, after all she WAS his daughter.

The woman next to him in the bed, while she was a little closer to what he was looking for, was still not his ideal or even close. Still not Mary, but who else on earth would be closer? After all, Anna Koutusis was Mary's mother.

Same facial features as Mary, Greg mused as he looked over at the wife of the man he loathed. Anna's breasts were sure big enough too, but lacked the spectacular natural firmness of her daughter's, sagging badly when she stood and collapsing onto themselves when she was on her back, like she was now.

The rest of Anna had been a disappointment as well. Her belly was even softer than Mary's had been in the beginning, and between her legs the triangle of hair was sparse and not nearly as widespread as Mary's lush forest had been.

The only thing that interested Greg during the first time they made love were the wisps of hair Anna had under her arms. Nothing approaching her daughter's incredible armpits, but it was at least something.

When they made love the next time, Greg was stunned to see that she had shaved under her arms, and it was all he could do was get himself up and eventually off.

"Oh, I wanted to look nice for you this time," Anna explained when Greg questioned her about the sandpaper texture of her underarms. "The last time, well after I told Gerry to get out of the house I sort of let myself go for a while. Don't worry, Greg, I won't let that happen again."

So know he was stuck in a relationship with a woman that he did not love, screwing her only so he could have a roof over his head until he could get something out of the financial tangle his wife Tracy had made of their money.

And if he didn't start performing better, he might lose that. Anna had started to get frustrated last night as she tried to get him erect for the longest time. There was something more than Anna's relative lack of appeal to him. It was the way that he felt he had to outperform Gerald.

He couldn't outperform Colin Heath, and that was proved by Mary running off into his arms at the first opportunity. Then with Brianna, he had come up short too. The topper was the photos that Gerald Koutusis had sent to him. Pictures of him impaling little Bree with that huge cock of his, and of her with a mouthful of that gigantic organ looking like she was loving every inch of it.

"Here's what your little girl looks like when she's with a real man," Gerald had written. "A man who has what it takes to satisfy an 18 year old girl. They're funny that way. They like cocks hard, Greg my boy. Maybe that limp noodle of yours is also why my daughter dumped you too!"

That bastard, Greg mumbled. How could Brianna tell him about that? Besides, Mary didn't dump him because of not getting it up, you asshole. It was different stuff.

Greg was enraged when he looked at the pictures, but he didn't know what upset him more; the fact that this big ape was having sex with his daughter, or the fact that in the photos Bree seemed to be enjoying it so much.

It was when he got the photos that he started the process that ended up with Gerry Koutusis getting shown the door by his wife, and with Greg playing the role of grieving father and concerned friend well enough to seduce Anna Koutusis. To Greg's surprise, Gerry remained unaware that he was the one that had told Gerry's wife about his affair with Bree, and he was equally unaware that the informant had taken up residence at the Koutusis house.

Greg felt like sending Gerald a picture of him fucking his wife. Maybe that would shut him up, Gerald thought. Might be a good idea to send him a picture of his wife sucking on an erection though, instead of yanking away on his limp dick while those droopy tits of hers flopped all over the place.


Chapter Two: The campaign train starts rolling.

Mary hustled behind her boss, cradling folders of materials against her chest as she moved her short legs at top speed in an effort to keep up with Colin as he headed for the private plane.

They were headed for Buffalo for another speech, this time in front of some union officials, and Mary had the copy of the speech Colin was to deliver right on the top of the pile.

Focused on unemployment, which was a sore spot in the western part of the state, it was designed to raise the spirits of the loyal base of support, while hoping to send some money into the campaign coffers.

The union endorsement was a given, but they had other things to offer like phone banks, which they could be more or less generous with, depending on their enthusiasm.

It was just the three of them riding on the plane; Colin Heath, his chief of staff Elliot Markham, and Mary. Whitney was busy working New York City, where all of the money was, and her charm was supposed to woo her socialite friends to give the maximum allowed.

After taking off, Colin unbuckled his seat belt and motioned to Mary to follow him to the rear of the plane, while telling his chief aide that he was going back to work on his speech, which was true in part.

Elliot Markham nodded and sunk down into his seat, trying to get some rest before hitting Buffalo. After closing the curtain behind them, Colin Heath undid his tie and hung up his jacket while leafing through the speech. Kneeling in front of Colin, Mary unbuckled his pants and helped him off with them, carefully folding them before going back to Colin.

The boxers came down and off, and as Colin eased down into the chair, Mary took his flaccid member in her hand and let it slide down her throat.

"That's my girl," Colin said, and as Mary began sucking on his cock he started to mumble the speech.

Mary used to feel self-conscious about doing this with Mr. Markham out there on the other side of the curtain, but Colin had put her mind to rest.

"Elliot doesn't give jack shit about anything but politics," Colin had told him. "Besides, he's as queer as they come, and has had the same boyfriend for 18 years, so he isn't jealous of either of us."

"Don't worry about him wanting you to service him even though he's technically your boss," Colin added with a laugh. "Even you aren't that charming, my dear."

So Mary sucked his cock just like she always did, wet and loudly, while Colin kept practicing the delivery of his speech.

"Jack Kemp," he said. "Good to put that in there. He's a Republican, but he's popular out there, and besides he's dead. Did Whitney call?"

"Yes," Mary said, stroking Colin's swelling cock as she took a breath. "She said she got 140K from the luncheon and a promise from Bloomberg to stay out of it.

"Good for you Whitney, you lovable lezzie," Colin chirped, and Mary dutifully went back to work, hardly noticing the tip of his cock graze the back of her throat as the plane bounced in the turbulence. "Slow down babe. I want to last a bit."

"Colin?" came Elliot Markham's voice from the other side of the curtain.

"Come," Colin announced, and Mary heard the rustle of the fabric as the aide ducked his head in.

He had seen Mary servicing Colin several times before, so many times that Mary hardly missed a beat as she dutifully worked over his manhood with her mouth and spinning hand. Even the time he had barged in while giving the candidate a rimming failed to dampen Mary's enthusiasm, although Colin teased her that Mr. Markham might have been taking notes while she tongued him.

"Half hour to Buffalo," Elliot said. "You remember the mayor's name this time?"

"Absolutely," Colin said. "I never make the same mistake twice."

"No, you'll fuck up something else," Elliot Markham sighed, closing the curtain and returning to his seat.

"Ah Elliot!" Colin sighed. "What an upbeat guy. That's it Mary, almost time to bring me to that happy place. Did I ever tell you that you suck cock better than anybody in the world?"

Mary gargled a yes while nodding, churning Colin's balls as she deep-throated him.

"Hear it comes, my love," Colin grunted as he erupted into Mary's mouth and down her accepting throat, not missing a drop as she sucked him until he went completely limp in her mouth.

"How was that, United States Senator Heath?" Mary asked as she wiped off his cock with some wipes.

"Not yet! No jinxing us," Colin warned. "A lot can happen before November."

"Siena poll says you're up by 19. Zogby says 22 today," Mary announced while swabbing his balls with the moist towelette.

"Still a lot to do," Colin said, getting dressed under Mary's careful supervision. "Got to kill them in Buffalo. Kiss Mayor Jackson's ass."

"The mayor's name isn't Jackson, it's..."

"Just kidding Mary, Colin said as he opened the curtain as went back to his seat. "You're getting as bad as jumpy old Elliot here. Loosen up."

"Just confirmed it," Elliot said gleefully as he clicked his phone off. "He's coming."

"Hot damn!" Colin howled as he buckled up.

"Who's coming?" Mary asked excitedly.

"The man," Elliot said proudly.

"NOT the chosen one," Colin explained as Mary's head swiveled between the two men while trying to keep up with the conversation. "I'm afraid he's busy flying around putting out other fires in closer races. We're getting the next best thing."

"Slick Willy," Elliot said with a laugh.

"The ex-President?"

"In the flesh. Thursday on the State Capitol steps at lunch time, so that all the state workers can go out and get a long lunch," Elliot chirped.

"How about that?" Colin remarked. "Call Whitney first chance you get, Mary. That news will get even her motor running."


Chapter Three: Finding out.

Greg Mullin tried to imagine the woman who was patiently working over his cock, trying everything possible to get him hard, was Mary Koutusis instead of her mother Anna. It wasn't for lack of her effort, because she had been energetically sucking on him for about ten minutes.

It wasn't for lack of skills either, because Anna was a very skilled cocksucker, able to take him deep in addition to her having shown considerable skills with her tongue, and had not only managed to adapt quickly to dealing with an uncut cock, but was doing wonderful things with his foreskin. Things that should have had him as hard as blue steel right away.

"I'm sorry, Anna," Greg said while Anna ran her tongue down the underside of his limp dick and all over his balls. "I just can't get those photos out of my mind."

"You need to forget about them," Anna said.

"It's just that seeing how incredibly big he is, and seeing how crazed Bree looked in those photos, I just can't help feeling that you - you know - you're used to so much better," Greg whined.

"I already told you that you're fine," Anna said, pinching his foreskin at the end between her teeth, rubbing them against the retracted head of his member. "The first time we made love was especially great."

"But still, I'm sure that it wasn't like it was for you with your husband."

"I already told you that I really don't want to discuss Gerald."

"But it must have been so much better with him," Greg said. "I looked at the expression on little Bree's face when he's putting that thing inside of her. I mean, I used to see him in the locker room at the club and shake my head, but seeing him hard makes me feel so..."

"You guys think too much about that kind of thing," Anna told him, her pussy so wet with desire that she was getting frustrated by Greg's babbling. She wanted to get laid.

"But after having him inside of you all those years, you probably can't even feel mine."

"Look, the fact is that Gerry and I hadn't had real sex in years. It was alright in the beginning, but as I got older my body changed. I don't know exactly why. I guess I became less flexible or something, but the fact is that I couldn't take him for more than a couple of minutes before it hurt too much and I had to stop," Anna said testily. "There. Satisfied?"

"Really?" Greg said. "But Brianna looked so..."

"I can't tell you about your daughter, Greg. She's very young and her body probably can accommodate him better than I could. I'm very satisfied with you. Why can't you believe that?"

"I don't know," Greg said. "You've been great."

"Then why don't you just relax then," Anna said, continuing to pull on Greg's cock, stretching it out slowly and licking the tip. "You've got a beautiful cock, honey. There's surely nothing small about yours. It felt so nice inside of me that first time."

"It did?"

"Oh yes," Anna said, feeling him get a little firmer in her grasp. "It felt so nice to be able to take your cock in me almost all the way. Not quite all of it, because you're so big yourself."

"I can feel you getting harder now," Anna remarked. "You like me talking like this? You like me talking about your big, beautiful cock, don't you?"

"Yes," Greg grunted, looking up at the ceiling fan that slowly whirled above the bed.

"I can tell. I can feel the blood surging through the shaft. Getting so nice and big for me. Let me suck it for a while."

Anna bowed her head and took Greg's semi-turgid organ in her mouth, sucking while squeezing his balls roughly.

"That's it, big boy," Anna gasped as she came up for air. "You're getting so big and hard now. Such a nice big cock on such a handsome man. So nice to be able to run my hands over a really hot body. So slender and smooth."

"Oh!" Greg groaned, his cock surging.

"I want your big cock inside of me honey," Anna said. "I need it so bad. How do you want me? On top?"

"No," Greg said, getting out from under Anna and moving her onto her hands and knees.

"That's it baby," Anna said. "Do me any way you want to, be as rough as you want. Take me from behind. Stick that big cock deep inside me until I cum."

"You like it?" Greg snarled as he clutched Anna's meaty hips and sank in cock into Anna's wet pussy. "You like my cock?"

"Yes," Anna gasped. "You're so big, honey. Harder."

The sounds of their bodies slapping together sounded like thunder in the room as Greg thrust into Anna with all of his might.

"Gonna cum!" Anna cried out, and Greg grabbed her by the back of her scalp and slammed her head down into the bedding as he felt her pussy clench his member.

"Oh baby," Anna mumbled after her body stopped quivering. "So good. You're the best."

With Anna's ass high up in the air, Greg parted her ass cheeks and looked at the brown ring, wondering if Gerry had ever sampled that.

"You ever have it up the ass, Anna?" Greg asked as he leaned over her back, reaching around and squeezing her doughy udders. "Gerald ever try that?"

"Oh my no. No, Greg," Anna protested. "Please don't. You're way too big for me. I couldn't. Just like you're doing now is great. Feels so good. Gonna cum again if you keep going."

"You want to cum again, don't you?"

"Yes, baby," Anna said, thrusting herself back into Greg. "You're so good. You fill my pussy up so good with that big cock of yours. Cum with me, baby. Fill my pussy with your seed."

They did cum together a minute later, and after Greg came he pulled his cock out of Anna and slapped his deflated dick into the crevice of Anna's plump ass.

Still got it, Greg said with a sigh of relief, but the more he looked at Anna's puckered asshole, the more he thought about how nice of picture that would make. Him sticking his cock into Gerry's wife's ass right in his old bed. How would you like that, pal?


Chapter Four: Hail to the chief.

Mary couldn't stop shaking, even though she was at least 10 feet away from the former president. It was like being close to Justin Timberlake or Jay Z, and as she watched him shaking hands with the local politicians, she was afraid she was going to faint at any second.

Mary was stuck in the back, well behind the podium, and as she looked out over Colin's shoulder, she saw the thousands of people spread out on the sloping hill staring up at the dignitaries. How somebody could get up in front of all these people and speak was amazing, but as the former president went to the microphone it was clear that he wasn't phased in the least by the crowd, and he seemed to become even larger in stature as he soaked up every drop of the adulation from the crowd before speaking.

He didn't say anything profound, pretty much sticking to the same old "vote for Colin Heath because he's one of us" mantra that the campaign had run on all summer. There were a couple of Secret Service guys on the stage near Mary, and one even smiled at Mary when she nodded to him.

It was tough for Colin to follow such a charismatic man to the podium, but he did pretty well, not making any major gaffes and sticking to the script that he had been given. In the end, the crowd, fueled by the free wieners and the prospect of getting to take a long lunch, ate it up along with the free food, and when Colin wrapped up with a plea to give the upstate region a voice in Washington, he left to a rousing ovation.

Then it was over, and Mary shuffled in behind the entourage as they filed into the State Capitol Building for photos and more schmoozing. Mr. Markham was at Colin's side, ready to rescue Colin should he run into any tough questions, but the majority of the people wanted to see the former president.

So did Mary, having really only gotten to see him from the back and side during the rally. Now a little more able to move with the major crush of people departed, Mary jockeyed for a better look.

Tall, Mary thought. Just as tall at Colin, which made him well over a foot taller than herself. Good looking too, even better looking in person, and it was as if he had an aura around him, because the guy positively oozed authority and power, despite him being just an ordinary citizen now.

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