tagLoving WivesMary's Hotel Massage

Mary's Hotel Massage


Mary had been travelling all day and as she arrived at the hotel she realised how very tired she felt.

When she checked in she was grateful that a bellboy carried her suitcase up to her room.

It had been a long time since she had been in a hotel. In fact, she realised with some embarrassment, that the last time she had been in a hotel room was when Richard had persuaded her to have sex while being watched by the Stiff Club. Even now as she remembered the occasion she blushed at the thought of all those strangers watching her via their computers. As she recalled the wild events of that day she also remembered how horny she had felt. Plus, although she had never actually admitted it to Richard, she had really enjoyed the fact that all the men had wanked as they watched, because of her and, she assumed what they wanted to do with her!

Tomorrow she had a very busy day ahead, and as she unpacked her suitcase and settled into the room that would be home for the next few days, she decided to take a long hot bath to help her relax before going to bed.

The room was quite large and it reminded her of the rooms in the Hilton hotel back home in Taiwan, where she had enjoyed many wonderful hours with Richard.

Mary had already turned on the water in the bath and by the time she had undressed and returned to the bathroom the bath was ready. She dipped her toe in the water to check the temperature. It was hot but not too hot. She stepped into the bath and then lowered her self slowly into the hot steamy water. As she lay back she enjoyed the feeling of the hot water as it flowed around her breasts. She started to think how good it would be if Richard had been there with her. She imagined how he would wash her all over; every inch of her, rubbing her gently with soap covered hands.

As she lay in the bath daydreaming she realised how horny she was feeling. She started to move her thighs in the water and thought how good it felt. As she opened and closed them the water seemed to move back and forth over her pussy.

Although she did not want to admit it to herself, she knew that she would be masturbating, either in the bath or in the bed before the evening was finished!

Feeling relaxed and still horny she stepped out of the bath and wrapped a large towel around her wet and naked body. The bathroom was very hot and steamy and as Mary started to dry her self she looked around the bathroom noting the usual hotel gifts, little soap bars, shampoo, shower cap, etc.

Still naked except for the towel, Mary opened the bathroom door and went back into the bedroom. Although feeling tired she was not yet ready to go to sleep. As well as a large bed there was also a desk and on the desk was a thick leather folder with details of the hotel services inside. Mary sat at the desk and started to look through the folder. As she turned the pages she noted where to go for breakfast, what number to dial for laundry service, room service menu, etc. then she noticed a number to call for a room massage. The more she thought about it the more she convinced her self that a massage would be good and help her relax completely before going to bed. She picked up the phone and dialled the number. The phone rang for a long time and then, just as Mary was about to hang up a female voice answered, "hello, can I help?"

Mary asked if it was too late to have a room massage. The woman replied that it was no problem and someone would come to her room shortly.

Mary put the phone down and lay on the bed waiting for the person to arrive. A few minutes later there was a knock at her door. Mary made sure the towel was secure around her naked body and then went to the door. She looked through the security hole in the door to check who was there. Mary was very surprised to see a very handsome man standing outside with a towel over his arm and carrying a small bag. For some reason Mary never imagined that it would be a man and suddenly felt unsure and underdressed! She was still trying to decide whether to let him in or not when he knocked on the door again. Ignoring her doubts she opened the door. "Massage?" said the man, "yes, come in", replied Mary.

He must have sensed her unease and assured her that she should just relax and enjoy a good professional massage. He explained that most of his clients were ladies, many of them regular customers who always asked for him when they visited the hotel.

Mary was already feeling more at ease as this handsome man, smiling broadly at her, walked confidently into the room and toward the bed.

Mary embarrassed herself as she realised she was looking the man up and down, like men do to women, appraising his body! He looked strong and masculine as well as very handsome. As he spread the large towel onto the bed Mary watched him. Somehow he looked familiar but she was not sure why. Mary dismissed the thought and followed his instruction to lay face down on the bed. Making sure the towel was securely covering her nakedness; she lay down with her face resting against the soft luxurious pillows. He asked her if she wanted just a neck and shoulder or the full massage. Mary was sure that he emphasised the word 'FULL' but immediately dismissed the thought being a result of her tiredness and the fact that she was feeling horny.

This was certainly a new experience, she thought to herself. Here she was, naked except for a towel and about to be massaged by a handsome stranger. She replied that she would like the full massage. He then asked if she would like oil or not. "Oil please", she replied, already looking forward to be pampered.

As she lay on the bed the masseur opened the bag he had carried in and lifted out a large bottle of oil. He asked her if she would like the oil to be warm. Mary said she would so he explained that it would take a few minutes to warm the oil under some hot water in the bathroom. As he entered the bathroom Mary quickly re-checked the towel that was wrapped around her body to make certain she was covered.

She settled back onto the bed and from where she was laying she could see the bathroom door. She was a little startled when the masseur re-appeared wearing only a pair of tight fitting white silk boxer shorts. He noticed her reaction but explained that he always preferred to work in only his shorts to keep him cool. He asked her if she objected but Mary was satisfied with his explanation so she said it would be OK.

She watched him walk toward her and she embarrassed herself again as she realised she was looking at his muscular thighs. Because the shorts were a tight fit, she could not help notice the bulge in the front. The silk fabric and the tightness left nothing to the imagination! She could clearly see the outline of his big balls and his cock. As she lay there her thoughts started to drift toward sex. She started to try and imagine what the masseur would look like as he fucked someone! She wondered how his thighs would look as he tensed them to thrust his cock into his lover. As her mind drifted with wild thoughts she suddenly felt the warm oil being carefully dripped onto her back, just below her neck. This sensation was swiftly followed by the touch of two strong hands starting to massage the oil into her skin. The warm oil felt good as the masseur started his task on her neck and shoulders.

His hands worked around her shoulders, squeezing and pushing as his thumbs pushed firmly over her upper spine.

Mary was already starting to feel very relaxed and a warm sensuous feeling was starting to spread throughout her body.

The masseur continued to work on her shoulders and then moved to her upper arms. Until now Mary had been laying with her arms by her side. The masseur stopped momentarily and taking each arm in turn he moved them above her head. With her arms now raised each side of her head he concentrated his efforts on her upper arms. Every now and then he would pause to pour more oil onto his hands and then continue with the massage. He gradually moved along each arm until he reached her hands. After a short time working on her hands he returned to her shoulders. After applying more oil his hands started to move under her arms. Mary tensed a little as his hands moved there, very aware of how near he was to her breasts. Again he sensed her tension and said quietly, "relax, just relax and enjoy it". Mary immediately did as she was asked and relaxed. He then asked if she would mind if he pulled the towel down a little so that he could massage the rest of her back properly. Mary replied that she did not mind, but thought to her self "I wonder how much he will pull it down?" She did not have to wait long to find out. She felt his hand, grip the top of the towel and then he asked her to lift her self up a little so that he could pull the towel down!

On any other day Mary would not have gone through with this, but for some strange reason she just lifted her self up a little to allow the towel to be moved. In one movement, which he had obviously done before, the towel was pulled down to her waist! Mary immediately lowered herself back onto the bed, suddenly feeling naked but not particularly worried, as her breasts were not visible while she lay on her front.

She did ask him, if it was necessary to pull the towel down so far, but as she asked the question she realised that to pull it back up she would have to expose her breasts. Again he told her it was perfectly OK and that it was necessary so that he could massage her back.

Now he poured more oil onto her and she felt his strong hands again working all over her back. He seemed to repeat the same pattern, by starting at her neck and then moving slowly down to her waist. This was repeated up and down her spine and then he gradually worked outward, until he was massaging the oil from her armpits down to her waist. Mary was starting to enjoy his touch, especially as his hands worked down her sides. Each time he moved from her armpits she felt that the tips of his fingers were just a little closer to the soft flesh of her breasts. At first she felt alarmed that this stranger was so close to actually touching her breasts but as he continued moving his oily hands up and down her sides she was shocked to realise that she actually wanted him to touch her breasts!

Soon her whole back felt relaxed and he paused for a short while. She then sensed he had moved down the bed toward her feet. This was confirmed when she felt him first pour some oil onto the backs of her calf muscles and then his strong hands started to massage her lower legs and feet.

He massaged each toe individually and then the whole foot. Gradually he worked his way up each calf toward her knees.

Mary was really enjoying this massage and felt very warm and relaxed. However, she realised that her mind was now drifting more regularly onto the subject of sex. She also realised that if she was perhaps feeling a little horny earlier, she was definitely feeling very horny now! As the need for sex started to fill her mind she felt the strong hands now starting to massage her legs above the knee. She now felt more at ease as this strong handsome man poured some more oil onto the backs of her thighs. His large hands were now squeezing and pressing the muscles of her thighs. When he reached about half way up her thighs he stopped again as he reached the edge of the towel. Mary was shocked to realise that she felt suddenly disappointed that his hands had not moved higher! She felt him move again and opened her eyes a little and moved her head to see what he was doing. She saw that he was moving to her side again and as she watched his strong thighs move she noticed that the bulge in his shorts was larger! She was not sure whether to be flattered or alarmed. She decided very quickly that she should feel flattered that he was becoming erect. She also felt her self blush a little as she thought to herself, 'MMmmm, quite an impressive cock!' She felt his hands on her lower back as he started to massage her again. His thighs were actually quite close to her head as he leaned over, facing away from her head as he massaged her lower back. It felt good as his oily hands pushed toward her buttocks. He was pushing quite hard and Mary was enjoying watching his thighs tense each time he pushed into her back. Each time his hands moved down Mary was sure his fingers would run under the edge of the towel. Soon there was no doubt, on each downward movement his hands were now running under the towel and rubbing over the top of her buttocks. She realised that because the towel was so tightly wrapped around her it was hindering the movement of his hands. Although she knew that she should not encourage him, her self-control was becoming weak and, almost subconsciously, she lifted her self a little each time his hands pushed under the towel. By lifting her self up a little each time the towel became loser, enabling his hands to go further!

Of course, the masseur realised what was happening and was enjoying every moment wondering to him self how far she would allow him to go.

By now Mary was talking quietly to him as he rubbed the oil into her back and the tops of her buttocks. She told him how good it felt in between low sighs of pleasure. She also mentioned to him that she was sure she had seen him before somewhere but could not remember where. He said that she also looked familiar. As they talked about nothing in particular, he asked if he could lower the towel some more to continue his massage. Mary replied "OK" without really thinking. It wasn't until she felt him pull the towel down over her buttocks that she realised what he meant. Part of her wanted to object to this sudden exposure of her buttocks, but her wild side thought, "oh, what the hell, what does it matter, my legs are together and the towel is still covering the tops of my legs". She felt some more oil being poured over her buttocks and soon forgot about any objections when the two strong hands started to massage her bum cheeks. Again a little moan of pleasure escaped her lips as the strong hands squeezed and massaged her bum. Suddenly, without even asking she felt a strong hand slip under her thighs and lift her as the other hand pulled the towel out from under her. "You don't mind, do you", he said, more of a statement than a question, as he removed the towel completely leaving her completely naked. Without waiting for her answer his hands resumed their massage of her buttocks and now he moved his hands to where her buttocks met her thighs. Mary never did answer; she just sighed again as this handsome masseur massaged her now naked body.

A mixture of being naked, clenching her thighs together and having a stranger holding her buttocks in his hands had made Mary now feel very horny. She could feel the wetness of her pussy and each time the masseur squeezed and pushed her bum cheeks it indirectly stimulated her pussy. The thought was also occurring to Mary that sooner or later he would ask her to turn over! What would she do, she was now completely naked. For the moment he could not actually see anything improper but if she turned over she would expose her breasts and pussy hair. As these thoughts raced around her head she felt him pour more oil onto her. This time though, as he was pouring it over her lower back, some ran directly into the top of the crack of her bum! She felt it start to trickle down between her bum cheeks as his strong hands resumed the massage. The pattern of the massage changed again as she felt his hands move further over her buttocks and slowly down to the backs of her knees. She was shocked to realise that she felt disappointed as his hands left her buttocks, then even more shocked at how much she enjoyed the feeling as his hands started to move back up her thighs once more. Soon he was concentrating on just the tops of her thighs and buttocks. Every now and then she would feel a little tingle rush through her body as one of his fingers would brush tantalisingly close to her anus. The movement was so subtle that Mary convinced herself that she was imagining it.

Imagination or not, Mary felt her self blush as she realised that she actually WANTED him to touch her intimately. She also realised that as the tips of his fingers passed close to her anus she was actually moving her bum very slightly, subconsciously encouraging him!

Her wild daydreaming was interrupted as he said, in quiet but authoritative voice, "you did ask for the FULL massage, didn't you? Without even thinking Mary, sighed back in reply, yes please. She had not even thought what he meant, but in reality she didn't care.

She tensed as she felt one of his oily hands push between her thighs. She relaxed again as he said, "if I am going to massage your thighs you will have to relax and not push your legs so tightly together. Mary relaxed and let her thighs open a tiny amount. He gripped one of her thighs in both hands and started to firmly massage it. He started just above her knee, but was soon working his way up toward her pussy. It felt good as he massaged more oil into her thigh and soon he was swapping from one thigh to the other. He would massage each thigh in turn; always moving up toward her pussy and each time, as he neared it, Mary felt his fingertips tantalisingly close to her moist cunt or sometimes her arsehole.

With one of his hands always between her thighs and being so close to her pussy, Mary realised that he must surely be able to see glimpses of her between her legs. Instead of feeling embarrassed or annoyed that this stranger was almost certainly able to see her most private parts, it actually turned her on, to be exposed in this way.

She felt more oil being dripped onto her back and then trickling down the crack of her bum, over her anus and down to her wet minge. He was obviously using one hand to pour the oil as she could still feel the other hand high up the inside of her thigh, his fingers only an inch or so from her hungry moist minge.

Again he asked, "it was the full massage you wanted wasn't it?

As she began to reply "yes" she felt the tip of his finger definitely brush over her wet minge. The yes came out more like, "ye—e---sss please.

She felt his oily finger purposefully run from the front of her wet minge all the way back to her anus. The feelings that rushed through her body were wonderful. Mary just gave in completely and with her head still pressed against the soft pillows she just concentrated on the wonderful sexual sensations that ran through her aroused body. She allowed him to open her legs some more and enjoyed the wild feeling of showing her self to this handsome masseur. The tips of his fingers were now expertly brushing lightly over the wet entrance of her cunt. She could feel each finger individually as they started to touch not only her minge but her anus as well.

She lifted her head a little to look back at his strong muscular thighs and was pleased to notice that his erection was now bulging very obviously under his shorts.

She then sighed involuntarily as she felt one of his fingers slip easily into her.

This single, probing, finger started to explore her wetness and was soon joined by another as he started to finger fuck her wet cunt. As she enjoyed the feeling of these two fingers stretching her minge as he finger fucked her she also became aware of one of his remaining fingers moving in small circular motions over her anus. She already knew how her arse could also give her pleasure when Richard had shown her how some time ago. As his finger repeatedly passed over that tight entrance she pushed her self back onto it, encouraging him to explore her more thoroughly.

"You are a really sexy lady", he said, "I always hoped for this day, ever since I saw you in a hotel in Taiwan with your English man!

Mary was shocked by this sudden confession! She also now realised why he had looked so familiar! He was one of the members of the Stiff Club who had watched as Richard had encouraged her to give them a show and make them all wank!

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