tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMary's Naked Camp Adventure Ch. 05

Mary's Naked Camp Adventure Ch. 05


Mary was all alone on her walk back. She was worried she spent more time. She of course had a mixture of relief too; happy no one would see her shirt clinging to the black undergarments. Her panic about her form of dress was actually being outdone by her worry about being late.

She arrived at the cabins, and found the area empty. She knew this meant she was late for something. She banged on her cabin door hoping Jenny and Julie hadn't left her behind.

The door open and the two girls emerged. "Took your time didn't you?" Jenny asked.

"Looks like someone had gone for a swim," Julie assumed. "Although aren't you suppose to shower and change out of a swimsuit after being in the lake?"

"You guys know I have nothing to change into!" Mary argued, the other two only laughing.

"Oh we forgot," Julie apologized.

"Now I need something new to wear, quick! I'm already as late as it is!" Mary begged.

"Late, for what?" Jenny questioned.

"Is there another activity we have to be at?" Mary asked.

"This is a surprise. Normally you're on top of everything that's going on. Right now there is only a gathering for some animal show at the main lodge. We aren't required to be there. We figured since it was getting dark and everyone would be gone till after dinner, we'd have our own fun," Jenny informed.

They closed the door and walked down to the nearby window. Mary was shocked to see that the two began to undress right in front of her.

"What is going on guys?" Mary asked, watching as Jenny took off her shirt.

"As I said, some fun of our own. Now how about you join us?" Jenny said as her shorts now were around her ankles. Julie was already out of her shirt and pants also, yet without underwear she was the first one naked. Jenny caught up though and for once Mary felt overdressed that entire day.

"Well, get that stuff off now before the lake water soaks into your skin!" Julie said as she got to going on tugging off Mary's shirt.

"Whoa, what are you?" Mary began to ask but got her voice cut off when her shirt got wrapped around her head. Everything was moving too fast. She was being stripped by her two friends, who were quite naked themselves.

"We'll make a deal Mary if you come along a little more compliantly. We promise to go easy on you and that after this It will be all done. Now everyone is off busy, so this is the perfect time to do this." Of course before Jenny could be given the OK, she was over getting Mary's panties pulled down. Mary was able to see again when she wasn't able to continue struggling with Julie, now losing her shirt. Her hands shot to between her legs, which was a mistake since it allowed Julie to get at the bra.

Mary was left standing naked, bra straps still on her arms, hands between her legs. She wasn't about to loosen her arms, so Julie gave up on trying to take the bra. "Just hand it over. You might as well. Being caught with or without it at this point wouldn't make much of a difference." When Mary didn't stop frowning, Julie tried giving puppy dog eyes and added, "Oh come on. We'll be super nice. We promise this is all after this last thing. We will make sure to keep you safe."

Mary wasn't about to fight it anymore. She knew the two could overpower her. She removed the bra and held it out for Jenny to take. She was happy to add it into the pile of the clothes from all three. She then threw them into the open window of their cabin, now out of reach. Mary was regretting giving up her clothes, but was more concerned with being seen naked at that moment out in the open.

"Now what guys, can we at least go find some cover?" Mary pleaded.

"Sure, let's go." Julie said as Jenny and Julie followed her around to the back of the cabin. Mary didn't fully fathom the situation yet. She was now walking naked with two of her best friends through the woods. She also wasn't the only one, but Jenny and Julie were too. They were three naked girls walking through the woods. The thought just gave Mary chills. She knew it sounded pretty wrong, and she wasn't even sure if it was or wasn't.

With so many twists and turns, Mary wasn't sure where they were going. She admitted though for a good amount of the day she wasn't sure what was going on. She was surprised that she had allowed herself to be late, and late for something that she didn't even have to go to. She was making the most sound of decisions that day.

"Guys... what are we doing?" Mary asked.

"Why walking through the woods naked of course," Julie said, as if it needed to be explained.

"No like, where are we going and why?" Mary corrected herself.

Jenny and Julie just looked back and stop. "There really isn't much of a plan tonight. We have a bit of a route. We have a destination, but for the most part it's just to one end of the path and back," Jenny explained.

"We also wanted you a chance to experience this in a more peaceful setting. It was probably crazy in camp, but out here there is a little more freedom," Julie said.

"I don't know why you guys want to do this. Aren't you scared someone might see?" Mary wanted to have some answers. Jenny and Julie didn't seem to be shaking or blushing, even though they were standing naked outside as if they were clothed. Mary on the other hand was shaking and blushing.

"We admit we're more use to being in these kinds of situations. This isn't even the first time we've been naked on this path. As for someone seeing, that risk we've learned to enjoy." Mary just gave Julie a weird look as she explained this. "You'll understand better as time goes on, trust us."

"There's going to be more? You can't do this to me my whole life!"

"We aren't going to force you anymore Mary. Yet we've already proven you do enjoy this. We also would really love if you did join us more often. We think it would be really good for you." Mary could tell Jenny was sincere, but she had a hard time accepting it all.

"Look, we've been too pushy on you. We want to make that up. We want to make it up to you. We aren't going to tonight, but in the future when you better understand what this all about, we'll let you be the one pushing us into a few uncomfortable situations," Julie promised.

"I don't know guys. I mean I want to get you back, but that doesn't make this all ok," Mary argued.

"No, but it will make it even. Although you can't be too mad, you are enjoying it," Mary blushed remembering what happened earlier. Her hands again covered up between her legs. She couldn't believe that she was again growing pretty wet.

"You're so cute when you do that. Really takes me back to the earlier days of this," Jenny said as she imitated a similar posed. Jenny and Julie shared a look and began giggling. Mary was completely in the dark. She was starting to put the pieces together in her head that the two must have some secret life she had never known about.

"Time to keep moving. We do have our own personal stop we want to make. You don't need to worry since you don't have to be involved," Julie said with a look of joy in her eye.

The three continued their trek till Mary began to occasionally hear traffic. They were beginning to get closer and closer to some form of road. Before long, down the path there was an opening that leads right into a roadway.

Mary followed Jenny and Julie close by, but since a car or two passed, she didn't get close to the exit.

"Just watch and see how the pros do it," Julie bragged as the two skipped out to the road. Mary watched as they stood with hands on the back of their heads, legs spread, and facing down the road. They stayed near the side. Mary watched wide eyed as she heard a car coming. The car zoomed by at about 55 mph, not seeming to notice the two naked girls. Mary only snuck closer to get a better look.

Chances were that due to how dark it had gotten, and the fact that the cars were moving so fast, Jenny and Julie were actually sort of safe. She still couldn't believe that the two would just stand exposed like that.

By the time the two turned to check back on Mary, Mary was right near the path exit, hiding behind a tree.

"Want to try it?" Julie offered.

Mary responded with silence at first. Yet when she didn't hear anyone coming she decided to venture out a bit. Jenny took her hand and they walked to the edge of the road. Mary looked down both ways to see if anyone was coming or not.

"How could you stand here without moving when someone comes?" Mary asked, unsure if she could even stand there even if no one was coming.

"Well it isn't easy at first," Jenny said trying to explain.

It didn't take long though for the sound of a car coming to spook Mary. She didn't really know what to do, so she hid herself behind Jenny. The yelp she made as she did only brought smiles to Jenny's and Julie's faces.

"You can come out now," Jenny told Mary, who slowly returned to standing next to Jenny. Mary was so on nerves right now, she never even let go of Jenny's hand. "Man I think you left some scratches though as you had those pointy things pressed against my back. Mary blushed realizing just how much Jenny probably felt when she had her chest pressed against her back.

"I want to..." Mary began to mumble. Jenny and Julie looked at her, waiting to see what she'd say. "I want to try and stand out here for the next one." Mary finally let out.

"Well don't let us stop you." Jenny said as she let go of Mary's hand and again posed like she had before. Julie was also doing to too. Mary with hands at side, not really wanting to expose herself like they did.

When a car did come though, Mary wasn't able to stand still. She covered herself and turned to the side as it went by. Its honks scaring her more. She couldn't believe she had just been seen naked, even if the driver couldn't have seen any details.

"Here, let us help," Jenny offered before Mary could object, Jenny and Julie each held one of Mary's hands. They were nice to leave them at her sides, but Mary was now unable to cover. However as the next car came, she didn't struggle. She closed her eyes and just trusted her friends to hold onto her. If her body didn't feel like it was buzzing, she would have said it was a dream. She just stood naked for a total stranger out on the side of the road.

When the car was gone, Jenny and Julie had let go. Mary though still stood standing. All day her arousal had grown, and she felt so on edge at that moment. She wanted to cool down, but Jenny and Julie began to talk.

"Congrats Mary. So glad you just did that. I bet yesterday you didn't think you'd be naked outside flashing cars and wearing almost nothing around camp all day," Julie cooed.

"Don't you feel that fluttering in your stomach? I mean this thrill is fun, right?" Jenny asked.

"You're going to love this stuff, just watch. You'll be begging us to strip you in no time."

Mary just stood and listened. Her mouth was becoming so dry. She didn't know how to speak. She was so tempted to move her hands to bring herself off at this point. The shame she felt for even thinking about it only pushed the idea further though.

Another car came whizzing by. She felt completely vulnerable without the hands of Julie and Jenny to hold, yet she felt she couldn't move. The car went right by as it honked suddenly at her site and went on by. When Mary heard the honk she could feel her whole body ripple. She didn't know what was going on, but it was like almost the sound of the honk had started a pulsing right on her clit. Although stronger than she ever felt it, she could tell she was starting to orgasm. Before Jenny and Julie could ask what was wrong, Mary placed a hand between her legs and fell to her knees in a moan.

Mary was left kneeling at the side of the road experiencing an orgasm like none other she had. She was lost to the day's event or even how the orgasm was set off without a touch. Now the only thought through her mind was how she now was outside climaxing. Her hand had just enough energy to rub her clitoris. She rolled through probably two or three orgasms, but to Mary it felt like one.

Jenny and Julie helped Mary up when she had finally slowed down and her body had relaxed. Mary was shocked to be suddenly pulled to her feet. The two helped her walk out of the way of the road. Mary mumbled a thanks for that, but she couldn't look at them.

"Ok, that was probably pretty crazy. I guess we should have figured you wouldn't have released any pressure all day. That must have been one huge relief just now," Julie tried saying to make Mary feel a bit better about it.

"I can remember my first time outside. Impressive and lucky for you to have it on your first day. It also looked really powerful," Jenny said hoping it would be enough.

"Oh guys... but it was soo... I can't believe I just..." Mary tried saying. She didn't know how to feel now. She just basically masturbated outside in front of her friends. She had just somehow topped that day's worth of embarrassment in that one moment.

"Now don't worry. We've both do it, and we both do it outside or even in public places. Don't feel too ashamed. Let's get back to camp and you can finally get dressed. You've had one heck of a day, "Jenny said as she slowly let go of Mary. Julie did the same and Mary began to walk on her own.

The rest of the walk was spent silently. Mary was too embarrassed to say any more, and Jenny and Julie didn't know what to say. They snuck into the cabin successfully, and all three girls dressed. As they were leaving to get something to eat for dinner though, Mary was finally able to say something, "Thanks guys.... Today was... fun." The two didn't respond to it, only smiled and gave Mary a hug. They happily went off to dinner.

True to their word, Jenny and Julie didn't try any more stunts. They even left Mary alone for all of the rest of camp. Mary of course had the whole thing on her mind for the rest of the job. In the remaining week Mary couldn't bring herself to believe just what she had done.

On the last day, Mary had been packed the night before. All she had to do was take her usual early morning shower. Getting out from it she began to remember how she hadn't any that one day. She'd been almost hoping as she showered they'd been gone again. She tried to dismiss the thought the whole time. Yet when she saw the clothes lying on the bench, something convinced her to leave them there.

She knew that no one was ever up at this time. She also knew Jenny and Julie were probably sleeping. She checked out the door and saw no one. She told herself she could get her clothes back later. Moments later, in the morning light, had someone been up they would have seen Mary running and sneaking along the campsite with nothing on. Her clothes had been left back in the showers. She was nervous as all sin, but at the same time she giggled to herself. She couldn't believe her friends had been right about this stuff, how she was going to get hooked.

The End

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